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Introducing Azeroth Choppers

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Earlier today, we announced the Azeroth Choppers head-to-head match-up between the Horde and Alliance, and we’re very excited to share the upcoming episodes and final bike creations with you. We saw a few questions following the announcement and wanted to take a moment to clarify things.

First, we want to make it clear that players globally will be able to vote for their favorite faction bike—either Alliance or Horde. Second, the bike that receives the most votes will then be made into a faction-specific-only mount and be available FREE to all players (usable when playing characters of the winning faction, of course). Your vote will be very important and could just be the one that lands your favorite faction a shiny new mount. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, check it out here and stay tuned to Azerothchoppers.com for more details!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Led by legendary chopper builder Paul Jr., Team Horde will face off against Team Alliance to determine which epic custom-built bike will come out on top in the ultimate showdown. When the dust settles and the final designs are revealed it will be YOUR vote that decides which of these mechanical marvels will be recreated as an in-game mount.

Meet the Blizzard Teams

  • Sam Didier
  • Jason Hutchins
  • Gary Platner

  • Chris Metzen
  • Terran Gregory
  • Monte Krol

Don’t miss out on all of the action! Azeroth Choppers premieres 4.17.14 on http://www.AzerothChoppers.com
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  1. Celista's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jevlin View Post
    I believe it when I see it. And even if it is "free" it's not really free since you still pay for the game + monthly sub to gain access to the mount. But what do I know, the concept of free has apparently changed to most people. The domestication of the gamer/customer is complete.
    Well I meant free as in, besides the monthly sub and game cost...I mean, we could argue whether or not Blizzard should consider a f2p model but I had sortof considered that as beyond the scope of what we're talking about here...
  1. Overthinking's Avatar
    wow can we trade this for one of the april fools' jokes?
  1. sykoex's Avatar
    They should consider having both teams work on horde bikes and the horde just gets to choose which one they prefer.
  1. Clockwork Pinkie's Avatar
    So either way both faction gets a mount cause...balance.
  1. Huntrod's Avatar
    Hate how they split it for each faction. It is obvious that whatever has a bigger player base will get the mount. I highly doubt a person will vote for a bike on the opposing faction no matter how cool it is, because they won't get it in that case.
  1. Dzudzadzo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kryos View Post
    Can we make the "will cost us a raid" meme just stop? It's not funny anymore.
    It wasnt funny when blizz started to use it as well but that didnt stopped them to use it anyway.
  1. Soeroah's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dzudzadzo View Post
    It wasnt funny when blizz started to use it as well but that didnt stopped them to use it anyway.
    I'd expect they only used it in situations where it was actually applicable, such as people wanting hundreds of unique building designs, but I'm interested in any links you have to them using it for more trivial matters.
  1. giovannileanza's Avatar
    Anybody know what kind of phone Chris & Sam are using in the beginning of the video? Looks pretty cool.
  1. Misthunter8's Avatar
    I wrote a post about Azeroth Choppers on my blog http://thetuskedsquires.wordpress.com/, if anyone's interested - it's rather silly :3
  1. Trinora's Avatar
    Making it faction dependent is a really bad idea.
  1. mc9's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by quikbunny View Post
    Why are you still here then? On some pathetic Blizzard hate mission is my guess.
    Voice of truth and opened minded speech. Please continue being a sheep if you choose to.
  1. Slirith's Avatar
    I hope the alliance bike wins since I'll have a reason to switch factions then(new draenei models :P)
  1. Musserbavo's Avatar
    What a load of crap. Id rather have a mini filler raid for the same time n money this probably cost
  1. Onatopp's Avatar
    Am I the only one that feels that since WoW's 10th anniversary is coming up, These are going to be the free mount/prize for logging in during the celebration? Make no mistake, they will add BOTH bikes. There isn't a snowball's chance in hell that they would only put ONE bike in the game. They would piss off half their player base.


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