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Warlords of Draenor - Raid Finder Armor Sets
Today we are taking a look at the Raid Finder armor sets. Keep in mind that this is an early preview, so there can be bugs or changes to the sets in the future!





Warlords of Draenor - Draenei Guard Armor Set
It seems that players may not be able to get this set, as it appears to be intended for NPCs.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Noticing undead racials only ones useless to healers, any plans to change that? Touch of grave restore mana on heal cast etc?
Yeah, Undead for Healers is on our list to look at. (Celestalon)

do races still have bonuses to professions or has that been removed?
They still have them. (Celestalon)

What's the logic behind making Arcane Torrent give pally's 1 HP, but priests & monks 3% mana?
It's 1 Chi for Monks, and Priests have no secondary resource. (Celestalon)

with all this changes its safe to say that encounters will be tunned for low burst/low inevitable damage?
LowER damage, yes. We'll tune around healers' potential. There's still room for scary burst moments, with time to recover after. (WatcherDev)

Sorry if you answered, but what is the reason for less crit on int users, but more on agi?
Fits their theme better, and is consistent with how they have been for 9+ years. (Celestalon)

Bigger change: Active mitigation for tanks in Cata/MoP, or coming healer changes in WoD?
Active Mitigation for tanks. That fundamentally changed how you tank; healing changes are more about pace. (WatcherDev)

small question , if I may - on Garrosh kills, often tank contributes a /huge/ amnt of dmg, certainly in phase one.. how (1/2)
Tank damage will still be significant, as described in the paragraph above Resolve. We're increasing their base damage. (Celestalon)

Death Knight (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
More! Frost DK, Perks improve Razorice/Cinderglacier, 2h currently uses neither (favoring Fallen Crusader). Changing that?
Yeah, we're going to try mixing up which runeforges Frost uses. Realize that that's a big change, and what you see isn't enough. (Celestalon)
Interesting. Going to be a playstyle thing, or more "x rune required for x type of fight"?
Current plan is Cinderglacier for 2H, Cinderglacier+Razorice for DW. Definitely not set in stone. (Celestalon)

Druid (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Will ravage (feral) still need facing requirement? Nice change for ambush, backstab, and shred BTW.
I believe it is the same for ravage. (holinka)
Yes, same for Ravage. I'll get that added to the notes. (Celestalon)

Hunter (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Any chance of survival becoming a multi-dot spec?
You can apply Serpent Sting on multiple mobs, so it is in a way. (Celestalon)

Disarm Trap. Just the spell is being removed? Or the entire ability to disarm traps (e.g., by right-clicking on them)?
Disarm Trap completely removed. Detect Trap is staying for now. Reasoning is because of the PvP disarmament. (Celestalon)

skimmed hunter sections of notes, can't help but feel gutted. Lots of utility gone; just another dps in the crowd.
You are the only ranged DPS class who can do everything on the move, for starters. What are the main abilities you'll miss? (WatcherDev)
Scatter S & Distracting S are big, Widow Venom less so. Silence S gone include Counter S? HMark nice flavor but not critical.
What is the everyday use of Distracting Shot that you're going to miss most? (WatcherDev)

Distracting shot is the only thing I'll miss... so nice on Heroic LK 25 solo to get the adds on me so I won't be dropped off
That's something we can (and will) fix on the encounter logic side. (WatcherDev)

Scatter S & Distracting S are big, Widow Venom less so. Silence S gone include Counter S? HMark nice flavor but not critical.
No, you keep Counter Shot. Scatter/Silence were removed as part of overall CC disarmament. Nearly everyone lost something. (WatcherDev)

Mage (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Will the new Mirror Images mimic mage's spell casting or just cast filter spells? If mimic, big DPS CD; if not, very weak.
It's a big DPS CD. They cast spec-appropriate spells, and hit hard. (Celestalon)
So they have a set rotation but won't mimic your own spell casting?
Correct. (Celestalon)

Flameglow also feels like something we'd never use, not sure if you have any plans to modify it, or just leave it as is.
Flameglow shines in the case where you're taking frequent little hits of damage. (Celestalon)

PoM... what will we use it with? AB? Maybe we could make it give us some kind of buff, or do something different?
Mostly Arcane Blast. Occasionally a couple other things. (Celestalon)
You didn't consider changing it, or just cutting it? High-haste AB... it'll be useless, not sure why we're keeping it.
It's definitely not useless... Faster, and usable while moving. (Celestalon)

Sad that evo is arcane-only now. I liked the glyph as fire.
Glyph boils down to a cooldown-heal, which is cool (and I liked too). Doesn't necessarily need to be tied to evoc. (Muffinus)
How do fire/frost regen mana?
Do you find yourself low on mana at any point nowadays? Making mana more interesting would be great, big change tho (Muffinus)
I like the evo-heal as a PvP mage, too. But hey I'll get over it
We turned the Glyph of Evocation heal into Glyph of Ice Block, which attaches that same heal to Ice Block. (Celestalon)
Is that Ice Block heal an HOT (cancel Ice Block early, no full heal), or instant?
Same HoT as Glyph of Evo had. (Celestalon)
any way to counter that? At least on live, we can kick/cc the evo. Maybe allow MD to remove block and heal?
Mass Dispel does break Ice Block in 6.0. (Celestalon)

Do Frost bomb pulses triggered by Ice Lance still snare targets?
No. (Celestalon)

really hoping for some clarification on what brain freeze is getting turned into
Still going to make it treat the target as frozen, and increase damage. (Celestalon)

Incanter's Flow is: 5-10-15-20-25-20-15-10-5 and back up, or does it go down to 0?
5-10-15-20-25-25-20-15-10-5-repeat. Yes, that may be OP compared to Rune at current tuning. Tuning process comes later. (Celestalon)

Is Water Jets inteded usage for PvE when the nova can't trigger FoF on Bosses?
Yes. (Celestalon)

brain freeze going to be hitting harder relevant to other mage spells to make up for added cast time?
Yes. (Celestalon)

Very happy to see deepfreeze gone from fire, but I won't be able to have knockback blastwave+ living bomb? :/
Correct. One or the other. (Celestalon)
Will there be a knockback version of blastwave? Liked it much better than the daze effect one.
Supernova does a knock up, but no knockback. (Celestalon)

I never liked running and casting, but yeah it's only the filler. What about scorch? Won't be useable on the move right?
Scorch will. Mages are fairly light on ability to cast while moving (well, Fire/Arcane anyway). Scorch's damage is low. (Celestalon)

Are Dragon's Breath/Cone of Cold going to be AoE DPS increases in Warlords? Or just utility spells?
Yes, significant DPS value. (Celestalon)

Monk (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Question about Mistweaver monks: How high is the DPS going to be in another stance? Can I fulfill DD role in raid permanently?
Exact numbers TBD, but no - someone equal to a pure DPS who could stance swap to be a full healer would be too good. (WatcherDev)

If you keep that up people can't do anything when taking damage and can do it all when taking little. No counterplay.
We did add countering gameplay to Fists of Fury. If you break the stun, it will not restun you. (Celestalon)

Brewmaster monks have found a niche in raiding as the "high dps tanks". Will we still bring that utility in WoD?
They had that niche briefly, especially around 5.2, but that hasn't really been the case since then. All tank dmg will be equal. (Celestalon)

Paladin (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Prot paladin losing Aven Wrath - does this also mean no more wings? As its symbolic of the paladin in my view
We hear ya on the feedback about the Wings visual. (Celestalon)

Please don't forget the rets, taking 30% of your damage and GoAKis going to ruining our dps that is not already so good
Rest easy, we haven't done a damage tuning pass yet. Those are design changes, not balance changes. (Celestalon)

Empowered Seals paladin talent. Seal juggling viable again? And can we get more than one buff from this active at same time?
Yes. That is explicitly a talent to opt into seal twisting. (Celestalon)
I thought it was still just called stance dancing
"Dancing" refers to swapping states to use an ability you can only use in that state. "Twisting" refers to mixing states... (Celestalon)
... back and forth, frequently, in order to gain the benefit of both. #gaminglingo (Celestalon)

Crit/multistrike still useless for Prot Paladins in terms of mitigation? and any changes to Holy Wrath?
No, not useless. Very useful. Stay tuned for next patch notes update. Still considering Holy Wrath changes. (Celestalon)
will this include ret stuff?!? Seems very light. Changes to talents? Less cd dependent? Glyphs? Divine storm in ST?
Ret's in a fairly good place right now, design-wise. We think simple number tuning can solve their problems (hasn't happened yet) (Celestalon)
Removing Inquisition negates a lot of our Holy Damage unless compensated elsewhere. Tuning needs to be done soon.
Relax. We will do a damage tuning pass. The sky is not falling. Removing Inquisition is done as a design change, not balance change (Celestalon)

Would I be right in assuming that seraphim is designed to be a "mini burst" cd? Playing into the CD orientated ret gameplay?...
Yes. It's a small frequent CD, that also makes your other CDs more frequent. (Celestalon)
other CDs more frequent? How so? Didn't read that anywhere
With Seraphim, you should typically hit your other cooldowns while Seraphim is active (and so you have more Readiness). (Celestalon)
readiness reduces my cooldown on my major burst CDs???
That's... exactly what Readiness does, yes. (Celestalon)
oh wow! Ok, well if it's going to be temp, how will that effect calculations of CD timers? Seems complicated
While Seraphim is up, your CDs are shorter; ideal to hit them then. (Celestalon)
when seraphim goes off, the CD goes back up again? What happens if the CD was only 10 secs away with sera, then falls?
At the time that you use a CD, its remaining cooldown is locked it; it doesn't change further. It's pretty intuitive. (Celestalon)

A Paladin without Holy Light is no longer a Warcraft Paladin. Uther did not heal people with "Word Of Glory".
We removed the "cheap, weak heal" -- names will be reassigned to keep the most iconic ones. I agree with you. (WatcherDev)

Priest (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Clarity of power will make both Solace and insanity and Divine insight completely useless for singlet target fight. Thoughts?
It definitely will not affect Solace and Insanity. Divine Insight is being changed to proc from something else instead. (Celestalon)
Sorry, meant for From Darkness, comes light instead of Solace and Insanity. Is this one also getting changed?
Yes. Don't recall the exact change. (Celestalon)

is it worth to use holy word:sanctuary in wod? It is almost useless without 4 piece bonus.
Yes. It was massively buffed. (Celestalon)

SW: D removed from disc/holy? Skill-cap of priests reduced by a LARGE amount. This makes no sense
There's a glyph to get back the gameplay you're talking about for Holy/Disc. (Celestalon)

with aoe capping for lvl 90 priest talents, what they place in rotation? It will cost much, with not so big heals.
They're still high priority, rotationally. (Celestalon)

And is that new mastery for Shadow supposed to be the big 'wow, damage!' factor from losing all this utility? No mana hymn?
We cut a ton of abilities from all classes, not just Shadow. Shadow's new Mastery is immensely powerful in choosing ST vs AoE. (Celestalon)
Have to say, I was looking forward to a ST *talent*, but having to choose AE/ST in gearing DO NOT WANT
Curious, why? (Celestalon)
Didn't see Mind Sear on that list. Still, would be better through a talent rather than gear. Gear locks you in. Talent doesnt
Gear most certainly does *not* lock you in. (Celestalon)

Hello, why was Shadow Word: Death removed from healing priests? It's a skillful mechanic in PvP
That mechanic is still there via Glyph of Holy Fire, which gives Holy Fire the self-damage skillshot for Holy/Disc in PvP. (Celestalon)
wow... That's not in the patch notes yet I guess (or I might be blind). Thanks.
Nope, we don't have a full list of new/removed glyphs in the patch notes yet. (Celestalon)

Rogue (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Is there a chance that Enhanced Premeditation will be scrapped? Being able to control Premeditation is fairly important...
We realize that it has some downside to it, but believe that the power of Enhanced Premeditation, combined with CP being... (Celestalon)
...on the rogue, instead of target specific, make it a significant net gain. (Celestalon)

With backstab not getting changed will hemo be more like cata? Diff in mop hemo & stab 64% cata 16%...
Not sure what you're asking... (Celestalon)
when you are forced to use hemo the difference in mop from backstab is massive in cata is was a small loss.
Somewhere in between. (Celestalon)
Could we at least get an explanation on why backstab is now the only positional move in the game? Pls don't say its the name
Because it's a small DPS difference that you can opt into. Fits Subtlety's theme. Shouldn't be usable on something attacking you. (Celestalon)
Shred mangle had this same difference you could opt into and yet. I was really looking forward to sub not being held back..
That wasn't something you could opt into or out of. Backstab is not something that will 'hold back' Subtlety. (Celestalon)
So in PvP, is it now possible to be able to Backstab somebody and be dodged or parried?
Not if you stay behind the target, as you have been. (Celestalon)

Shaman (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Ele takes huge hit to single target with no compensation?Also, no one will use EQ even with the buff.Maybe if it's instant cast.
Don't look for 'compensation' like that; we haven't done a damage tuning pass yet. (Celestalon)
And I think you may have missed the Draenor Perk that affects Earthquake. It's gigantic. (Celestalon)

Another clarifying question: Shocking Lava, is that on casts or hits (ie: will LvB overloads add a charge)?
Cast. Overloads don't generate additional charges. (Celestalon)

Mobile LB must stay for Ele. Can't use ES while moving since we need to build stacks. Unleash's damage is bad / being removed.
Actually, you can use Earth Shock for movement; it's good for that, no loss of Fulmination DPS. And perhaps you misread... (Celestalon)
...the Unleash Elements changes? It's better than before, still very valuable while moving. (Celestalon)

Ascendance is too good to not use Spiritwalker's with, too. Options would be nice! Maybe revise the lvl45 tier?
You only say that because you're used to Ascendance being the only time SwG has much value to you. You won't pair them in Warlords. (Celestalon)

any chance we could get a minor glyph that makes Lighting Bolt look like b4? When it was actually a bolt... Thx!
Technically it was really more of a ball.... Always looking for cool cosmetic glyphs, though. (WatcherDev)

Warlock (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Of all the "button Bloat" for locks why not get rid of unending breath?
It's a possibility, but our concern was more with combat abilities. Is Unending Breath something you give a prominent keybind? (WatcherDev)

Any reason of Soulshatter removal? Just ability bloat?
Largely. It's mostly seen as a relic from days when DPS needed active threat management tools (Feint, Cower, etc.). (WatcherDev)

Worried Affliction rot will be simple: Keep dots/haunt up spam Mal grasp all fight?
Then you'd be missing out on timing Haunt well. (Celestalon)

Warrior (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Thanks for the answer! Also, could you confirm that current goal for Gladiator instance is making prot a viable DPS spec?
Confirmed, but you will NOT be able to viably tank in Gladiator Stance. Really. (Celestalon)

removing berseker stance was something I never thought I was gonna see. We're the stances so hard to balance for WoD? pvp
.It isn't a question of balance but rather finding an interesting niche for both DPS stances. (holinka)

How will Resolve help warrior tanks with their limited self heals and absorbs?
The same way Vengeance helps them now -- it lets Shield Barrier scale with incoming damage (Shield Block naturally does). (WatcherDev)

Blizzard Art Update
Blizzard has added more pieces to the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Art gallery.

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  1. moveth's Avatar
    I really like those new sets.
  1. Adoxe's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure Leather and Mail should be the other way around, perhaps they didn't name them correctly in the data files?
  1. Prince Oberyn Martell's Avatar
    It'll be great to be able to seperate the LFR people from the more dedicated players.
  1. Shampro's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Adoxe View Post
    I'm pretty sure Leather and Mail should be the other way around, perhaps they didn't name them correctly in the data files?
    Yeah, I think something is backwards there. Regardless, the current Mail one fits Hunters really well, with the hood and all.
  1. Awbee's Avatar
    I would love to get that Draenei Guard armor much prettier than the LFR Plate set. Better colors, too!
  1. Immitis's Avatar
    lfr is dead. flex is the new lfr.
  1. Chrotesque's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Anarch the Conqueror View Post
    It'll be great to be able to seperate the LFR people from the more dedicated players.
    And why will that be great?
  1. Adoxe's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shampro View Post
    Yeah, I think something is backwards there. Regardless, the current Mail one fits Hunters really well, with the hood and all.
    Yeah it sure does but I really doubt it's intended to be mail, unless it's mail from another source and Leather wasn't added yet. But comparing the sets right now, it fits Leather more than Mail.
  1. Ishamaell's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Anarch the Conqueror View Post
    It'll be great to be able to seperate the LFR people from the more dedicated players.
    I must be missing something. How will you be able to separate LFR heroes from the "more dedicated players"?
  1. Aeluron Lightsong's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ishamaell View Post
    I must be missing something. How will you be able to separate LFR heroes from the "more dedicated players"?
    The said LFR Gear stuff. Even though...I see no point other then to calm those down that worry too much about what people are getting gear wise. "Oh he has Tier X"
  1. Desareon's Avatar
    Cloth looks pretty ugly. There's to much of a gap between the neck, and the top of the shoulders. All the other sets looks extremely boring as well.
  1. Zoaric's Avatar
    I'm liking all of the sets using the new belt stuff.
  1. Majestian's Avatar
    So Blizzard's plan is to push people toward Normal+ raiding by making LFR armor as ugly as possible?
  1. Aeluron Lightsong's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Majestian View Post
    So Blizzard's plan is to push people toward Normal+ raiding by making LFR armor as ugly as possible?
    Wrong. They just want the armor to differ between LFR and Normal(I don't think that's necessary but whatever floats their boat).
  1. MikeBogina's Avatar
    Shaman theme'd cloth
    Monk theme'd leather
    Rogue theme'd mail??

    only one that looks correct is the plate/warrior but even that has a pandaren feel to it.

    I don't think these sets were made with WoD in mind.
  1. Revak's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Aeluron Lightsong View Post
    Wrong. They just want the armor to differ between LFR and Normal(I don't think that's necessary but whatever floats their boat).
    That's what it seems like b/c those sets are awful. Some of the worst sets I've ever seen in the game regardless of where they come from. If I ran LFR and had a full set I'd rather piece together old bright colored TBC random quest green armor than run with this stuff. My main will be fine but my alts will most likely be mog'n this stuff away
  1. caninepawprints's Avatar
    The oversized shoulder for Leather users makes me VERY glad we can transmog it off!
  1. KCguy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Chrotesque View Post
    And why will that be great?
    I guess to differentiate between LFR and normal? Who knows. I don't care personally because of transmog. Most people will just switch sets and you won't be able to tell who is who unless you have an addon that tells you their ilvl or inspect them.
  1. Dezx's Avatar
    Basically Norma Flex in WOD will become what LFR is NOW. Blizzard wants to push Flex raiding as the primary way to experience the raid encounters. People can still use LFR in WOD to see the content but its gonna more of a tourist mode as they have said, and at the end you'll get this LFR gear.
  1. JCBeastie's Avatar
    Still annoys me that Blizz completely forgot what materials look like; everything looks like chunky foam rubber cosplay these days.

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