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Warlords of Draenor - Quest Reward Armor Sets
Today we are taking a look at the two sets of quest reward armor. Keep in mind that this is an early preview, so there can be bugs or changes to the sets in the future!





Save 50% on World of Warcraft and Mists of Pandaria
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Join the adventure now and save 50% on World of Warcraft and Mists of Pandaria. It’s the perfect time to expand your horizons and unlock tons of exciting new content. Hurry, though, because this sale ends May 6.

Flying in Warlords of Draenor
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Will flight be available at some point in warlords.
Ok, ok, being perfectly honest... we don't know. In the same way we have no idea what the gearing model for the final tier of the expansion could be, because it's going to be based on testing, and playing, and seeing how the expansion plays out up to that point. We're open and willing to change the game as we go to make it the best it can be.

We don't know because we're open to feedback, and making changes based on that feedback.

Our current focus is to get the expansion into a state where you guys can help us start testing it. That testing will inform many, many decisions, and how the game plays when it's launched will inform how the first content patch is designed, and how that patch plays out will inform the second content patch, etc. etc. We'd rather be unsure and make the correct decisions when they need to be made, than make the wrong decisions and be too stubborn to change them.

Warlords of Draenor PvE Changes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
It's important not to skip over the Group Finder section! It'll help everyone, regardless of their current focus, be able to find and create groups for content:

Another central innovation in Warlords is our Group Finder feature, which will allow players to easily form and search for raid groups (among other activities) with players from their entire region. While this series of blogs has mostly focused on pre-existing social structures, pick-up groups continue to be tremendously important. Chance meetings in such groups have formed the basis for many a friendship, and recurring weekly pickup groups have given rise to more than a few guilds over the years. For players who want to take the next step beyond Raid Finder, or who want to find a weekend run for their alt, or who just need a last-minute tenth member for their raid, Group Finder will make that process easier than ever before.

To your concern: It took me a very long time to even be able to be considered for flex runs and whatnot on my server due to the super high standards every group leader seems to have.

One pretty cool factor of the Group Finder tool will be that people won't be able to start groups and require things of others they themselves have not achieved. Such as requiring an ilvl higher than what they themselves currently have.

The new Group Finder will be something everyone has access to, it'll allow all players within an entire region to easily find each other, which will make it a very active place to find groups, and we hope through some smart options and rules, getting into organized group content much, much easier for everyone.

Have you ever seen people this upset BEFORE AN EXPANSION WAS ACTUALLY RELEASED? Usually players are happy and excited for a new expansion!
I've been in Community for every World of Warcraft expansion, and yes, it's the same every single time.

People are always concerned with changes, and concern is fine, and we'll communicate our intent, and you'll tell us how well you think it'll work out, or if it seems like a good or bad idea for you and how you play the game, and we'll have a beta test where we figure all these things out, and we'll make adjustments, and decisions, and etc. etc.

It does tend to be a bit more upsetting before actual live testing begins. We announce changes, we put info out there, it's confusing, it's out of context a lot of the time, and it just is generally when our least productive feedback comes in. When testing actually begins and people can play the game and see how it's working, that's generally when things calm down, people see the results of these changes, there's context, and we can get into the nitty gritty testing and balancing.

But yes, I've seen people upset before every single expansion for the last 10 years. Mainly because saying "I'm so excited!" isn't much of a conversation starter. "This will ruin the game forever." tends to create more responses and threads.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Will you address things like blood presence and defensive stance in pvp. Having to sit in them to live is no fun in pvp
Those stances provide an interesting interaction between going offensive/defensive. (holinka)

Hunter (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
"Camouflage no longer breaks from dealing or taking damage."How can this possibly be a thing?
It can be! As with many other changes we're making, it's somewhat experimental, and we'll adjust if it's too strong. (Celestalon)
The 6 second in combat duration makes sense, but if you use it once before entering combat. 60 seconds of ranged immunity?
No, it'll drop to 6sec on entering combat. (Celestalon)

How many new hunter pets are there going to be in WoD? How many of them will be exotic?
3 new families, 1 of which is exotic, and many new models/skins for existing families. (Celestalon)

hey, any word on Careful Aim become a passive or active talent? http://t.co/HNYH9mNuKX
Sounds like some sort of misinterpretation. There's a couple Draenor Perks that massively increase the power of Careful Aim. (Celestalon)
It's stronger than many other classes' cooldowns. But it's staying a Passive, no intention to make it an Active. (Celestalon)

Monk (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
FoF glyph will be mandatory for raiding like RsK minor is now. Disagree w/fixing design flaws by restricting choice
My prediction: Some encounter will make 3 other glyphs particularly strong, and someone will begrudgingly try going without... (Celestalon)
...Floating Butterfly. And after learning that fight thoroughly, they'll start to recognize when they can FoF without having... (Celestalon)
...moving, and realize that "Huh... It's harder, but maybe we CAN do without this..." And it'll start to be used ~half the time. (Celestalon)

Will Path of Mist talent drop orbs when using Chi Torpedo? Can those orbs be used with detonate chi?
Yes. Yes. (Celestalon)

which class do you personally feel have had/needed the biggest rewamp, and why? Hard to decipher from a long list
Mistweavers, definitely. Talked about a lot in their section. (Celestalon)

Warrior (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Any thoughts on the idea of making Colossus Smash a talent? There's so many of us that hate how it changes our rotation -_-
To make sure I understand, the concern is with feeling like you always need to pool resources and then unload during CSmash? (WatcherDev)

Without Recklessness and Execute Perk (50%) are Gladiator Stance Warriors going to be tuned to keep up with Arms/Fury?
Yes. (Celestalon)

How come we haven't seen 3D armor like that(like boots) for players yet?What was the reason?Is it possible for WoD?
Items for players are different, and need to fit on every race. With NPC armor, it's literally part of his geometry. (WatcherDev)
I see, thanks for that. Was wondering if it's possible to add more geosets, or even see anchored armor cheers
It's something out art team (and engine team) are working towards, since we agree it'd be awesome. Not yet, though. (WatcherDev)

Character / Items
what about timeless coins? i seem to have a ton but have bought everything i wanted from vendors
Coins are staying island-fresh. Spend them on gliders, masks, and pug hats! (Muffinus)
How about rep? No chance of it going the way of the troll rep when raid was converted ?
Staying around, you can always go back and kill more Ordon (or kill FOR the Ordon) (Muffinus)

Just to make sure, all four CM Phoenixes can't be obtained on a single character, right? I'd need to do silver on 3 alts?
Incorrect -- in 6.0 if any character has earned one, your entire account will get all 4. (WatcherDev)

any word on what the reforge mount will become? Thanks
The leading contender is transmog. (WatcherDev)

Warlords of Draenor Stats
Hey, you might not be the right person, but I was curious - for the stat squish, how much of it is a manual process for Blizz?
Most of it was done programatically. We do need to manually adjust a number of creature spells, though - that work is ongoing. (WatcherDev)

Will there be any stepping nerfs to SoO like in previous final tiers?
Not planned in light of multiple difficulties, item upgrades, and a smooth tuning curve. Is there a boss you think needs a nerf? (WatcherDev)

Cool. Have you figured out a way to add dungeons in patches? You spoke about it at Blizzcon but didn't have any set plans yet.
Still something we want to do. Focused on making 6.0 awesome first, then we'll turn to patch content. (WatcherDev)

hey long ago there was pic of dota1 map for BG can you say if it will come in WoD?
It will not come in Warlords. (holinka)

Is there any plans to give voices there own slider in audio.1/2 the time i can't here what the npcs r saying over the spell spam
It's something we'd like to do, hopefully for 6.0 but if not, then soon after. (WatcherDev)

Warcraft Movie Filming Nearly Complete
There are only 3 more weeks left of filming for the Warcraft movie!

Flying in Ashran
It looks like priests will be doing a little bit of flying in Ashran if they are lucky!

Fan Concept - Mount System Revamp
Mojo Risin posted a fun mount system concept on the forum this week!

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  1. Cwins's Avatar
    I actually really like these sets. I think its nice that even on the male model they are showing a bit more skin (which makes since to me in a more tribal setting.) I was getting bored of typical model sets. I will agree however the shoulder pad on the first cloth set is a bit strange. over all though 7.5/10 great set for a questing reward.

    As far as the no flying thing goes, I'm all for it, but the forums are going to be a nightmare today. I can't wait!
  1. Mehrunes's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lightfist View Post
    I can't speak for everyone, but I certainly had a clown suit while leveling, in every expansion. The pieces are there, sure, but between dungeon drops and different quest rewards, you're not likely to end up with a complete set. Even if you do, do people transmog while leveling? I don't see the point.

    And while you can disagree with Blizzard's aesthetics to your heart's content - I do more often than I don't - I don't see how that translates into laziness. The Cloth armor does seem to be bordering on leather, but why would it be easier to design leather armor than cloth? That's not laziness, it's just a conscious design decision.

    As for Leather and Mail, I don't see the arguments. You can plainly see the scale armor on the mail sets.
    Then the same could be argued about raid gear. Until you get a full set, you still have the previous tier's one. Or in case of first tier, dungeon/quest reward/reputation/crafted gear. Moreover, the off pieces you may get can be lookalikes of different spec. In your case, since as far as I'm aware you play a Paladin, you may end with some gear that completes DK/Warrior set instead of paladin one. TBC questing gear was dubbed clown gear because even if you wore quest rewards only, you were hard pressed to find two items that at least had the same colour, let alone matching theme.

    And it's not about transmoging during leveling, but after leveling. If the quest set is nice, why the hell not? I used Cata crafted set as my PvP transmog for a very long time.

    Also, it's not that leather is easier to design on it's own. It's SAVAGE leather that's easier to design than SAVAGE cloth. Think about it, this whole SAVAGE theme stems from focus on Orc society before the start of Warcraft. A society of hunters and warriors. When they don't wear heavier armor for combat, they chill around in leather and fur clothes. With bones and tusks. Bonus points to SAVAGERY if it's from Draenor's SAVAGE wolves. Makes slightly less sense when you realize there's only one cold area on the continent, but Blizzard doesn't let such details phase them.

    So instead of trying to make cloth armor look remotely savage in any way, they just made it leather and fur. On both quest sets and LFRaid set. But as I said, crafted gear looks great. Only the helm is off in my opinion, but there are alternatives. And I saw dungeon sets on WoWHead today, also nice. Also made of cloth.

    I'll give you that the second mail set has some scale armor visible on legs, sides and arms beneath all that leather and fur. But it's still tons of leather and fur. LFR set and the first quest set have even worse mail/scale armor to leather/fur ratio. Same goes to leather. The second quest set has more leather, but the first one and LFR set are covered in metal from head to toe. The proportions are off.
  1. Vermicious's Avatar
    Quest reward sets are ugly... all of them.

    Of course, it would be nice if they showed them on another race/gender, derp face human models are not great for showing how they look.

    Edit: looks better on other races... like 200% better.
  1. Xinkir's Avatar
    If they're done shooting for the warcraft film in a measly 3 weeks, how the hell does editing take over a year and a half?
  1. RaenavenBlacksun's Avatar
    I actually like the cloth sets on the female human model (I didn't feel like testing it on all of them). I only hope there's a set of pants in my future, because Rae doesn't do kilts.
  1. Tenjen's Avatar
    "Have you ever seen people this upset BEFORE AN EXPANSION WAS ACTUALLY RELEASED? Usually players are happy and excited for a new expansion!"

    i laughed out loud when i read that question.

    People have been consistently upset to ridiculous degree's for every expansion and major patch for the last 10 years.

    Infact WoD has had less than usual. there's no real Venom yet but the expansion has plenty of time to arrive. in the oncoming months, we'll be seeing some reactions that finally match up with all the QQ and complaining that went on before all the other expansions released
  1. xact4's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzo View Post
    If they're done shooting for the warcraft film in a measly 3 weeks, how the hell does editing take over a year and a half?
    Not %100 clear on the whole process. But I imagine by shooting they mean camera work. May not be counting CGI, music/sound production and all the editing it takes to overlay that, piecing everything together, all the advertising and hype build up, etc etc. All the real work.

    And those quest sets are.. meh idk. Can't help but feel this Panda expansion has polluted WoWs art style permanently now when i look at them and that saddens me. The tier previews from awhile back look incredible at least, so that gives me hope.
  1. Ayperos's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzo View Post
    If they're done shooting for the warcraft film in a measly 3 weeks, how the hell does editing take over a year and a half?
    Star Wars. They are afraid that it will come inbetween their ticket sales, lol.
  1. Rayndorn's Avatar
    More skin on males? Naturedrake approves +15.

    Fits the more tribal theme of the Orcs IMO. And even though Draenei haven't been on Draenor for nearly as long as Orcs, I think it would be cool if we had a few pieces of armour fitting Draenic culture.
  1. Designer's Avatar
    Ok, lets recap:

    - What was good and what was not good in Warlords of Draenor?
    - Was Warlords of Draenor your favorite expansion and why?
    - Describe your feelings about raiding in WoD?
    - What expansion do you wish for the next one after WoD?
    - Do you still play WoD or are you waiting for the next expansion?
  1. Duridi's Avatar
    I am very pleased to hear they aren't currently planning any nerfs to SoO. Shame such a decision came too late for me, unless it can actually pull me back in if they continue down that route, avoiding nerfs also on future content.
  1. Vargas's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzo View Post
    If they're done shooting for the warcraft film in a measly 3 weeks, how the hell does editing take over a year and a half?
    There is most likely a LOT of visual effects work that needs to be done; they also give themselves time to do reshoots if necessary and then its up to the studio to pick when to release the film (as far as I know it doesn't have a set release date yet).

    As far as the quest armor goes, its really sad that it looks a lot better than the LFR gear. Shit on LFR all you want, but the guys who created the LFR armor should be embarrased.
  1. BatteredSausage's Avatar
    Shooting done in 3 weeks hahahaha , say hi to a movie thats probably 85% CGI.
    If thats the case at the end product they May as well done a hour and half long cinematic in house and saved themselves a fuck load of money!!!
  1. markdall's Avatar
    No flying in WoD is lame, lazy, and a huge let down to those of us who've played since vanilla and been flying since TBC. Oh, they're making flying mounts work as ground mounts? HAHAHAHA. As someone whose mage has DW:TR, I know how stupid dragons running around on the ground look. I suppose they could fix that, but will they? No, they won't.

    This is lame. I haven't preordered, and am still teetering on the brink. Honestly, I don't need to fly that much. On the other hand, it's stupid and I hate rewarding stupidity. I do enjoy raiding, but don't remember the last time I actually enjoyed leveling in an expansion. Blah.
  1. badaku's Avatar
    That cloth set NSFW
  1. Kathranis's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by BatteredSausage View Post
    Shooting done in 3 weeks hahahaha , say hi to a movie thats probably 85% CGI.
    If thats the case at the end product they May as well done a hour and half long cinematic in house and saved themselves a fuck load of money!!!
    They started shooting in January. 5 months is actually a pretty long shoot... the entire LotR trilogy (all three films) only spent 9 months on principal photography.
  1. Poganin's Avatar
    Well, I have to disagree with some of the people who are saying that quest reward greens were always ugly. I'm actually using the Vashj'ir quest reward plate as my warrior's transmog. But what they have shown of the WoD armours so far is just hideous.
  1. SteveZombie's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by markdall View Post
    No flying in WoD is lame, lazy, and a huge let down to those of us who've played since vanilla and been flying since TBC.
    I like how any time Blizzard does something objectively wrong because your opinion is gospel these days it's due to 'laziness' and nothing else. Looks like yet another word losing its meaning, like 'troll' or 'rehash'.
    Nonetheless, flying is an inexorable part of WoW's gameplay and it'd be a crying shame to see the entirety of WoD go by without it, but I don't get most of the blind complaining seeing as how we know they're designing the environment and alternative forms of travel around that sort of limitation.
  1. Zephre's Avatar
    The warcraft movie will probably end up a flop like most video game movie adaptations.

    As for the armour it's alright not the best but not the worst either, something tells me all these people complaining about it are doing so for the sake of complaining.
  1. Kathranis's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzo View Post
    If they're done shooting for the warcraft film in a measly 3 weeks, how the hell does editing take over a year and a half?
    It's a five-month shoot (started filming in January) with a year and a half of post-production. That's a longer shoot than average for a big budget movie.

    Post = visual effects, editing, pickups and reshoots, ADR, foley, scoring, etc.

    It never ceases to amaze me just how little people know about what it takes to create the things they consume and complain about.

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