WoW Down to 7.6 Million Subscribers
Blizzard had their Q1 2014 earnings call today, announcing that WoW is down to 7.6 million subscribers. This is down 200k from the Q4 2013 call that listed WoW at 7.8 million subscribers.

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  1. The Yeti's Avatar
    Small loss right before an expansion is released? Not a huge shock.
  1. Zka's Avatar
    What the hell are these 7.6M people doing? Content is old and irrelevant.
  1. Sodia's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bolehlav View Post
    I think that Blizz cant ignore 25% fall of subscribers or can they?

    Sad, sad Panda
    hmmm 200k from 7.6 mil is not 25% no mether how you look at it
  1. Collected's Avatar
    7.6 million subs at arguably the quietest point in the game in terms of content and subs.. Blizzard will take that any day. They always said the gap between expansions sees a leak of subscribers.. losing a couple of hundred thousand is a good result for them.
  1. Marema's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bolehlav View Post
    I think that Blizz cant ignore 25% fall of subscribers or can they?

    Sad, sad Panda
    Going from 7,8 to 7,6 is a ~2.5% drop.
  1. Skalm's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zeverin View Post
    Just a small drop of subs. I guess the boost to 90 served its purpose well.
    I would say that definitely played a part in it. I think that also, what really played a large role in this 'minimal' sub loss is the fact that so many people expected WoD to drop a lot sooner than it is going to. This caused many people to either re-sub or pre-pay more time to their accounts. This would also give a boost to their number of subscribers.

    I would like to see an actual graph showing how many are pre-paid time, active sub, in-active subs with time remaining, etc....
  1. mmoceeceb76e25's Avatar
    Q4 a loss just as SoO came out.

    I'd bet my nutsack on there being way less than 7m subs now.
  1. Mush's Avatar
    Not bad at all, I expected more. Grats Blizz, keep it up.
  1. Farora's Avatar
    When 0 people are actually playing Wow the PR number will be around 4 million subscriptions I bet.
  1. mistahwilshire's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Iseeyou View Post
    WoW losing 2 000 subs per day with Wod pre-order active.

    lol this is a hilariously petty little attempt to try and make a 200k loss quarter (completely negligible and tiny) seem worse than it is. You are such a sad little person.
  1. mmoc0d8e6c2903's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nahmee View Post
    Small loss right before an expansion is released? Not a huge shock.
    HAHAHAHAHA......he said.........he said.....RIGHT BEFORE AN EXPANSION.......right before.....HAHAHAAHAHHA

    Man that joke was brilliant. But you do realize the expansion is a long way off right? You also realize that a lot more people will unsub right?
  1. Mush's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bolehlav View Post
    I think that Blizz cant ignore 25% fall of subscribers or can they?

    Sad, sad Panda
    25%? WHAT? More like 2.6%
  1. thoruga's Avatar
    I wouldn't call 200k a loss really it might be monthly fluctuation of sub numbers anyway. So it seems game has stabilized at those numbers. There will probably be more loss until the next expansion but after these number I expect numbers will go well over 8m for a while when next expansion is released.
  1. oathy's Avatar
    Was expecting nearer 6.8 Million that loss no wonder they are pleased.
  1. mmoc3dde1cb131's Avatar
    Am I right that it has been a loss of 100k in a year?

    That is actually quite stable.

    I expected it to be far more tbh.

    I wonder if they can get 6.0 out before end of June? (Very doubtful I know)
  1. mmoca123b20796's Avatar
    Wow will be down at least a million more in the next quarter as so many people are already bored with SoO and plan to quit and may be come back a few weeks before the new expansion.
  1. Caerdwyn's Avatar
    I'm surprised at how few people have left over that time. I'd say a fair number of people have already come back for WoD, it's just that more have got bored with content than have come back already. Chances are we will see an influx of players - albeit a small return - closer to the expansion's release.
  1. Renchard's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nerraw View Post
    5.4 must have done something right.
    Maybe, just maybe, gearing up through exploratory, cooperative, open world content with no flying will work out.
  1. Azrile's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DAV_76 View Post
    We live to fight another day.

    A bigger dip in Q2 perhaps, but that can be ridden out on our glorious march to expansion.
    next quarter will be about the same. Remember, the snapshot will be taken on June 30th, which means beta will be in full swing and 6.0 will be right around the corner. Players come back for the .0 patch before the actual expansion.

    Also, people need to remember that ´we´ are not the average player. Because of the availability of Flex, the average player is now making progress into the real SoO. I am the GM of one of those 1k ´everyone´ guilds and we still have groups of players killing different aspects of SoO flex every week. People on the forums are hardcore, and don´t realize how huge of a difference Flex makes to giving normal players content at the end of an expansion... it is a bit difference to the 10 months without content we saw in Cata.
  1. Soulzar's Avatar
    People who get so emotional about some aspect of the game that they threaten to quit.... lolol

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