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Hearthstone World Championships: $250,000 Prize Pool - Qualifier Information

Alpha Patch 30414 - Murky, New Skins, Interface Updates, Shop Bundles, Hero Changes

Warlords of Draenor - Build 18297 Challenge Mode Items
Warlords of Draenor will reward players with nice animated challenge mode weapons and shields. Several new items were added in the latest Alpha build.

Warlords of Draenor - Build 18297 Tier 17 Armor Sets
The latest Alpha build added many new Tier 17 Armor sets. Higher quality previews are coming soon!

Paladin Tier 17 - Mythic

Warrior Tier 17

Rogue Tier 17

Shaman Tier 17

Monk Tier 17

Mage Tier 17

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Asking again b/c you said it's okay: Is the goal of Resolve to keep defensive & healing abilities exactly as strong as now?
I wouldn't say the same as 'now' (meaning live). Tank AM *gameplay* is awesome, but its *effectiveness* is too strong on live. (Celestalon)
And yes, those things are quite connected. We just want to skew toward tanks needing more external healing than they do today. (Celestalon)

Hunter (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Shame about no Dread Raven, because those are the coolest birds I've seen in WoW. At least we know Chimeras maybe? How come maybe?
Lots of new stuff in Draenor (ravager, bat, boar, etc.), some things might warrant a cool quest/drop (like dinomancy/rhok'delar) (Muffinus)

Since you're talking about hunter pets a bit, PLEASE tell me we can tame talbuks! You'll make my day! Week even!
Not at the moment, open to the idea but it's a snowball of ungulates. Ungulate is an awful name for a family too. (Muffinus)

Will MM Hunters be losing Master Marksman? If not, how will it interact with Focusing Shot?
No, Master Marksman stays, and does interact with Focusing Shot. (Celestalon)

Monk (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Second: Why not allow Surging Mist to generate 1 Chi for Windwalker? Serious question. I understand why not for Brewmaster.
It's definitely less clear for WW than BM, as you say. It's something we're considering, but not sure. Generating 1 may be OK, ... (Celestalon)
...because that's still a significant loss compared to the 2 chi from Jab. We're still evaluating that. (Celestalon)

Finally: Will Fists of Fury's AP snapshotting stay? It doesn't snapshot TeB, which makes it weird, so that's why I'm asking.
Don't think so; I think it's going to be totally dynamic. (Celestalon)

Why do Healing Spheres still exist as an object? Mobility is being tuned down in WoD making picking them up even more punitive.
You still get the healing even if they're not picked up, making them not punitive. (Celestalon)

Paladin (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Holy Shield Update? When i saw it in vanilla, as a d2 fan i was so happy! Can't wait for its glorious (and useful) return!
We actually were running the numbers and found that at 10%, it's not really that far off of our targets. (Celestalon)
So then is gladiator stance over tuned? 10% block=3% phys damage reduction. How does that compare vs 5% total damage reduction?
10% block is >3% damage reduction. (Not that we necessarily balance Pally talents vs Warrior talents, but these should be similar.) (Celestalon)

Character / Items
will 4/4 upgraded legendary cloaks proc more often?
Nope. Lots of stats though. (WatcherDev)

why was the choice made to display tooltips for CDR trinks as 'cooldown recovery rate'? very unintuitive for the players.
We actually show both forms of it in 6.0, for that reason. (Celestalon)

why not have multi gear equip slots for multi specs(resto/dps/tank) that is going to save a lot of bag space?
We're making changes to make most gear sharable between specs, including cross-primarystat. Check out the patch notes. (Celestalon)
I'm not sure if this was shared anywhere, but is it intended that tier gear still remains unique and spec specific?
No, tier gear is shared across specs too. (Celestalon)

Since valor is being removed. How is the system going to adjust so very unlucky people get gear? coins don't help very unlucky
Just because there's no "valor" doesn't mean there won't be alternate sources of gear, including vendors. (WatcherDev)

So much for Bigger Bag not being able to be account wide eh?No seriously. THANK YOU.
There were technical hurdles, but they were worth clearing to solve a major point of frustration for players. (WatcherDev)

Warlords of Draenor Stats
Will the MS stat work on bleeds the same way it works on dot ticks/ignite ticks, double the tick but not the whole dot debuff?
Yes. (Celestalon)

Patch 5.4.8 Hotfixes - May 21
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Battlegrounds and Arenas
  • Resolved an issue where the Rated Battleground flag carrier debuff functioned incorrectly. Characters in a Tanking specialization should now correctly take 50% additional damage while carrying a flag in a Rated Battleground.


Bug Fixes
  • Resolved an issue where Feats of Strength for Collector's Edition: Dread Raven and Collector’s Edition: Dread Hatchling were not being correctly awarded to players.
  • Resolved an issue where players transitioning from Eastern Plaguelands into Ghostlands while on certain flying mounts would be unable to resummon the mount until the they relog back in.

Rated Battleground Flag Carrier Hotfixes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We’ve recently identified an issue that was causing the Rated Battleground flag carrier debuff to function incorrectly. Under normal circumstances, non-tank flag carriers in Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks should take 20% additional damage, and tank-specced flag carriers should take 50% additional damage. Currently, that debuff is only increasing damage to tank-specced players by 20%. We’re in the process of applying a hotfix that will, once again, cause tank-specced players to take 50% increased damage when carrying the flag. This hotfix will be applied as soon as possible, and will not require realm restarts to activate.

In addition, we’re working on expanding that functionality to orb carriers in Rated Temple of Kotmogu, and cart carriers in Rated Deepwind Gorge. In Temple of Kotmogu, we’ll be increasing the extra damage taken while carrying the orb to 50% if the player has chosen a tank specialization. In Deepwind Gorge, we’ll be applying the same debuff used in Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks. Cart carriers who have chosen a DPS or healing specialization will take 20% increased damage, while cart carriers who have chosen a tank specialization will take 50% increased damage. These changes will not be applied until next week’s realm maintenance.

These mechanics and changes are exclusive to Rated Battlegrounds. They will not be applied to non-Rated BGs.

One addition: why not EOTS? We can still hold flags there with no debuff.
We don't think the same debuff is the best solution for Eye of the Storm, but we are considering some other potential options. We agree that turtling with the flag doesn't result in the best gameplay.

Azeroth Choppers Episode 6—Now Live!
Episode 6 of Azeroth Choppers has been released, and voting starts next week!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
This week on Azeroth Choppers, the Blizzard teams have seen their bikes, so it’s time for paint and finishing touches! Meanwhile, back at Blizzard HQ, the teams meet with the art department to see what it’ll take to put the winning bike into the world of Azeroth.

The polls open May 29, so prepare to cast your votes at www.AzerothChoppers.com, and let your faction’s war cry be heard with #AzerothChoppers.
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  1. finskee's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SpartanJet View Post
    I did some of the effects were cool (the flame on one of the weapons looked very nice) but minus the effects they are stupid looking imho.
    Minus the effects? That is the best part of all these? The gun firing animation, the 1h sword... it grows bigger and this like axe forms at the end... I mean, these are the type of weapon effects reserved for bosses and lore figures normally. I'm sure I cannot change your opinion, so instead I /facepalm.
  1. Goretex's Avatar
    I didn't like the gun, I won't do CM on my hunter for that gun lol. But the first shield the sword and the polearm looked really good.
  1. Mellrod's Avatar
    Omg, that staff, rifle, and 1h sword look amazing! I like the spell effects for all of these weapons. Pretty cool stuff. I love how they come apart of "upgrades" into an alternate attack mode like the 1h sword and the rifle for example. Sounds like something out of an anime on paper, looks badass in-game!
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    I'm surprised no one has already commented about the "Imperius" theme of the T17 mythic paladin set.

    Quote Originally Posted by JebJoya View Post
    Eh? Why's that then?
    I think it was because using the Burden of Eternity in those circumstances was triggering the "trade timer" flag, making it possible to trade item level 535 gear that were normally BoP. I could be wrong, though.
  1. Holymidget's Avatar
    Imo the Rogue looks like a Nurgle Cultist. That said its fucking awesome!

    Also dem weapons....
  1. ssjgohan4life's Avatar
    Well looks like Ill be doing some challenge modes then... Holy fuck that shit is sexy.
  1. Terminal Lance's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Exeris View Post
    Since you ask.

    Would be nice with a few weapons that actually looked like weapons, these look more like wall decorations that would break at the first sign of combat. (beef them up a little)

    Don't get me wrong though, some of these weapons looks good.
    Fair enough. Well, almost all weapons before raiding level (below Lv58) look like actual weapons, none of the floating, glowing shit. But I don't see any praise coming from them, nor do I see alot of transmogs.
  1. FloodSC's Avatar
    I feel sorry for the second generation Challengers. Get your real rewards now while you can, I'm glad I did.
  1. Entrophius's Avatar
    1h axe and caster staff looks amazing, 2h sword looks a bit boring tho
  1. Lisanna's Avatar
    That monk tier looks sexy, the 1h axe and rogue helmet= Mmhm! Can't wait to see druid set!
  1. Incandio's Avatar
    Well .... I want to know how much starch mages use on their cloth gear to make it look like plate.
  1. Mellrod's Avatar
    I noticed that the rogue tier helmet changed.



    Personally, I liked the Before. It gave more of a crazy alchemist/poison master vibe that has disappeared with the cool, but kinda bland batman mask thing in the After.
  1. charlesyes's Avatar
    Why did they change the rogue helm??? The one before was way better! Noooooo, change it back! The new one kinda looks zoidberg-esque.
  1. chaud's Avatar
    That helm was mythic only, so I corrected the image.
  1. Scashxor's Avatar
    Yeah I like the weapons, but there is one thing...Im missing a dagger and I also think that the weapon should fit to the MoP challengemodesets, thats my opinion plx no haterino :<

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