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Warlords of Draenor - Tier 17 Rogue Armor Sets
Today we are taking a look at the Rogue Tier 17 armor sets. Unfortunately the Mythic set is missing shoulders, but the other two sets are complete.

Free Faction Changes for Select Realms
It looks like Blizzard is ready to try something new to address long battleground queues, starting with a test on US-Barthilas.

As it stands, Barthilas has roughly 18.6k players with a Level 90 character on the realm. Around 14.7k of those characters are Horde and 3.9k are Alliance, resulting in a population that is 21% Alliance and 79% Horde.

Looking at characters rather than players, there are ~41.7k Level 90 characters on Barthilas now, with 34.3k Horde and 7.4k Alliance, for a 17.8% Alliance and 82.2% Horde population.

Holinka also answered some common questions about the transfers on Twitter, noting that this isn't intended to solve the faction imbalance problem on many realms.

Originally Posted by Holinka
Something to keep in mind about free faction transfers: The primary objective is to balance faction populations at the region level. (holinka)
Nice little attempt to give players corrective abilities to balance their own realms. Good luck on Mal'Ganis...
Again, the intention isn't to correct realm imbalances, but region imbalance. It's unlikely Tichondrius would become 50/50. (holinka)
Do you think starting with smaller realms to balance the regional overflow (not wanting ques) would work?
We're starting with one server to ensure we can be responsive if anything unexpected occurs. (holinka)
What if you don't get good results? Will you try another server? And thank you for listening to us
if things go well we will expand to other realms and regions. (holinka)
My question was if they don't go as expected on that one server, will you still try another?
We started with one server to evaluate the process not player response. If the process works properly we will expand it. (holinka)

what is the incentive though? why would anyone at this time choose to go to the side that lower pop, and lesser racial abilities?
We're trying to remove barriers first. People faction transfer all the time. They may not need added incentive. (holinka)

So horde->alliance is probably all we are going to see initially?
Yes (holinka)

but what about when all the alliance go horde like they've slowly been doing since faction change was implemented
We aren't offering alliance to horde transfers for free. (holinka)
how is that helping to solve the alliance dominance on my server then? Horde is dead on my server ..
it isn't meant to fix that problem (holinka)

I wonder why they started with Barth? are we the guinea pig server? but I am excited. Ashran!!
It was a good size and had a horde/alliance ratio we thought might attract faction changes. (holinka)

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We consistently watch queue times for all areas of the game to try to identify problem areas where we can step in and make an improvement. Battleground queue times specifically tend to be a direct result of how many people are entering the queue at any given time from both the Horde and Alliance, within an entire region. While a number of factors can lead to longer queue times, faction interest in queuing for PvP tends to be the primary influence. For that reason we're going to be trying something new. For a limited time, and only for select realms (for this first test just a single realm), we'll be opening faction changes for Horde characters to change to Alliance for free.

These changes will be provided on a limited basis to realms where we see the greatest potential for changes to occur. Guild leaders who want to Faction Change their guild for free will first need to pay for the initial transaction, but will be granted a refund* if they change to the eligible faction within the free change time frame.

This first test of free faction changes will only initially be available to players on Barthilas. Eligible characters will be able to faction change from Horde to Alliance for approximately** one week beginning on Tuesday, May 27. If you're looking to faction change--and especially for any Guild leaders looking to initiate a Guild Master Faction Change--we highly recommend taking advantage of this offer as soon as possible to avoid leaving anyone behind. For more information on Faction Change eligibility and limitations, please visit the support site here.

We'll be providing updates on availability--as well as if this offer is extended to additional realms--here on the front page, so keep checking back. We look forward to your feedback on these faction changes, and ensuring you spend less time in a queue and more time slaughtering your enemies in glorious team-combat.

* Eligible Guild Master Faction Change refunds will be automatically processed within 72 hours.
**Faction Change availability may either be shortened or extended depending on ongoing evaluation during the faction change period.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Isn't a talent that denies another talent bad design?
The problem is when one talent mandates another. It's OK if *occasionally* two talents are incompatible. Still a choice. (Celestalon)
How is that a choice? I have the choice to pick a incompatible talent? ... not a choice at all
I think you may have misread. The point is that you do still have a choice, between the other two talents. (Celestalon)
what if 2 or all 3 talents are penalized/incompatible/defeat the purpose? You have only 1 remaining.. or none
Then that's a problem, as I said. We try to never do that. (Celestalon)
and 75 talents, if you are not a BM hunter, you dont want any of that as its tuned around BM mastery.
That's... not actually true, you realize? It doesn't matter if a row is stronger for one spec; row is still balanced. (Celestalon)

Death Knight (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
So Army is losing its Defensive properties then with it being instant or will blood gain a small defensive boost for short time?
No; the 4sec of damage reduction is remaining. Yes, that's a buff, since it's no longer in lieu of being able to dodge/parry. (Celestalon)

BT Is the only option now in that tier and that is also passive as most people just macro it. That tier is illusion of choice.
Are you a PvP-oriented Unholy DK? For every other combo that tier has some of the most talent diversity. (WatcherDev)
I'm a PvE raider. Every DW DK runs BT, 2H runs RE and so on. No choice there for PvE. Sorry I'm just not seeing choice there
Of Frost DKs who killed a boss in N/H SoO last week, here is the T5 talent breakdown: 43.93%, 29.81%, 26.26%. Guess which is which? (WatcherDev)
The point here is that different people can view choice differently. Sometimes each might think theirs is the only "right" answer. (WatcherDev)
I agree. The 43% is obviously BT, the other two are way low meaning they need help. Just spice them up so aren't so boring.
The 43.93% is actually Runic Empowerment. Go figure, right? (BT pulls ahead if you look at Heroic exclusively, but it's still close.) (WatcherDev)
Can you see whats chose for raids or just "who killed a boss" & "what they have now" independently? I switch for raids
The former - can look at it boss-by-boss, or for BGs, or arenas, etc. As you say, it wouldn't be accurate otherwise. (WatcherDev)

Will AMZ stay a talent for dks, when all other minor raid cooldowns are given to classes baseline?
There are many talented forms of raid utility. It's actually a benefit to the class to be able to trade it for something... (Celestalon)
...else in the situation that it's not particularly useful. There are several talented raid utility abilities. Examples: ... (Celestalon)
Nature's Vigil, Heart of the Wild, Ancestral Guidance, Hand of Purity, Clemency, Sacred Shield, Safeguard, Vigilance, etc. (Celestalon)
But then blood gets it, I thought you were removing all raid cds from tanks.
A very fair question. We've not reduced tanks to zero, just as much as we can without hitting talents. (Celestalon)
AMZ is more a raid CD than those types of utility though
It's no more of a raid CD than Nature's Vigil or Chi Burst or Ancestral Guidance, etc. (Celestalon)
Er, you might not have intended it that way but it's very much viewed (and assessed) as a raid CD by DKs today.
Er, I'm agreeing that it's a raid CD. And pointing out that there are many talented raid CDs; it's not unique in that regard. (Celestalon)

...Blood DKs feel that Purgatory is a must since it acts as a cheat death. That's huge for a spec like Blood.
And AMZ isn't valuable during progression? It depends upon the fight; in many cases AMZ is better. Lichborne too (Celestalon)
If you're seeing any DPS/Tank DKs take Lichborne widely in PvE, I'd be very interested in hearing about it.
I was referring to the 6.0 version of Lichborne. (Celestalon)
One quick question- is 6.0 Lichborne still a CD, or does the Leech have a passive component?
Still 2min CD. I believe it's 15% Leech, offhand. (Celestalon)

Druid (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
As a feral druid, I don't want to have to be healing people. I want to do damage. Not every druid wants to be a hybrid healer.
That's totally fine; we're providing options to do just that playstyle. (Celestalon)

Hunter (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Hunters also have no stackable raid utility, will we be getting one in WoD?
Yes. We're working on solving that problem. (Celestalon)

Would it ever be possible for hunters to have a version of Xuen to tame? Have pined for one since model reveal...
Feels like it would be taking away from monk's summon. (Muffinus)

Can you make Bombardment dmg modifier baked in and not a proc? sometimes you don't have time for another Multi-Shot
That's the challenge and skill-check involved in doing well at AoE with Marksmanship. (Celestalon)

Mage (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Thanks for forcing RoP on us for some progression fights. I'm so excited to hate playing my class.
No idea where this is suddenly coming from, but you can help spread the word that it's not the case. (Celestalon)
If RoP is superior to MI or IF, we have to use it. Just like LB > NT for single target now, even if I hate LB I have to use it.
Extremely different situations. LB was fully intended to be better than NT for single target. RoP is not in that situation. (Celestalon)

Monk (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Will Crane Stance see new/unique attack animations, or just use Serpent Stance's?
Crane Stance will use the same animations as Tiger Stance. (Celestalon)

Chi Explotion replaces Blackout Kick? Do Chi Explotion do damage in crane stance then? Worried about my solo abilities.
Yes. (Celestalon)

would it be possible to have Storm, Earth, and Fire, put a debuff on the mobs they are focused to prevent attacking the same one
Yep. (Celestalon)

Priest (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Can Glyph of Holy Nova become Shadow Nova for Spriests? Shadow has no AoE before 75 while leveling, it would help a lot!
I believe we're removing the glyph. We may rebuild the levels you get spells at; Mind Sear could prolly be lower level. (Celestalon)

Rogue (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Hello. For Assassination it's seemingly better to spread Rupture around than using Crimson Tempest. Will this change in WoD?
Yeah, this is a problem we're working on solving. Not sure if we've gone far enough yet, but already significant buff via Perks. (Celestalon)
Will "Death from Above" profit from Sub Mastery and Revealing Strike? How will it be balanced for Mut against Envenom?
We're working on a tweak to it to solve that concern, actually. Looking like we'll have it do an Envenom/Eviscerate on land. (Celestalon)
(instead of the weapon strike) (Celestalon)

Shaman (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
any plans to add a ranged component to lava lash during ascendance? It's a serious quality of life issue for enhancement shamans
No; it's intentional that you do "nearly 100%" of your damage from ranged, not "fully 100%", with Ascendance. That's so... (Celestalon)
...that you care more about how it fits into your rotation, and more importantly, so that you still prefer to be in melee. (Celestalon)

Warrior (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
whats the reasoning for the warrior talent change: Storm Bolt replacing Blade Storm in the line up? is it just for pvp balance?
We feel the talent grouping makes more sense. It puts DPS cooldowns together and CC abilities together. (holinka)

Glyph of Unending Rage is very powerful for all War Specs and near mandatory. Happy with req Glyph or chance of making baseline?
Worth considering, but how mandatory it is may significantly change in WoD; waiting to see. Regardless "Mandatory->Baseline"... (Celestalon) generally a thought process that glosses over the fact that that's a net buff to the class. Easy mistake to make. (Celestalon)
Wtb hints on arms changes
Hint: Less complexity. More depth. (Celestalon)
I call foul, you gave us that hint already a few days ago. Give us a new hint!
Wouldn't it be cool if you had a Mastery that accentuated your spec's flavor, instead of fought against it? (Celestalon)

Will prot mastery benefit gladiator stance at all?
Yes; mastery grants +%AP for tanks. (Celestalon)
About this, will Mastery's AP scaling for tanks be tuned differently for each tank?
If needbe. So far, no, but we haven't fine-tuned performance yet. (Celestalon)

Do you think we can have full spell effects out in the world and only diminish them in raid environments?
That's the plan (other than in large concentrations of players even outdoors, such as Ashran). (Celestalon)

Character / Items
What was the reasoning behind necks, rings, and cloaks not changing stats in 6.0? I get how weapons and trinkets have a ...
It's good for loot distribution, competition, variety, and interest, for different items to be valuable to different people. (Celestalon)
Had they changed stats, a given ring would be useful to everyone of a role. Rings that 2/3 of the raid rolls on... CC: @olandgren (Celestalon)

Is there any intention to help alts with upgrades? Will take 4 months to upgrade a full gearset with a weekly 1k valor cap.
The increase is mainly to let already-capped players continue progressing. If your gear is unupgraded you don't have that issue. (WatcherDev)

Warlords of Draenor Stats
With the upcoming stat squish, will we feel weaker when soloing old raid content compared to how it is now?
No, not at all. (Celestalon)

You mentioned that necks, ring etc with spirit will be useless for dps in 6.0. Same for mail gear? Will be super annoying as ele
Nope. Mail gear will not have Spirit on it. (Celestalon)

will secondary stats weigh equally for each spec so we can stack what we think is more fun, not which is "more dps"?
We don't aim for perfect equality (and that that's not even feasible most of the time). But, we are aiming for much closer. (Celestalon)

Can trinket procs or weapon enchants multi-strike? Or is multi-strike focused on player abilties.
If you're referring to ones that do damage, such as Elemental Force, yes, the damage can Multistrike. (Celestalon)
However something like Jade Spirit cannot. (Celestalon)

Is the new recharging rez system for flexible difficulties only or mythic too?
For all difficulties - a Mythic raid will be treated the same as a 20-player Normal/Heroic raid. (WatcherDev)

Kind of puzzled at the LFR Garrosh timer increase as opposed to a health reduction. 18+ minute LFR fight is a little long, no?
Vast majority of LFR Garrosh kills are well short of that, but if you made it that far, a sub-10% zerk wipe is the worst thing. (WatcherDev)

Thoughts about honor from bgs after the buff? It still feels like it's WAY too little honor for how much you need on a new toon.
Dunno, just geared up a toon and felt really fast (holinka)
Sounds like you have alot of toons Holinka, trying all classes?
yup (holinka)

Are there any plans to change fear in WoD? I'm tired of it not breaking and I die in it
they're 2 seconds shorter (holinka)

Thoughts on Flex RBGs? Would help my guild, but I can understand balance concerns.
Flex is a great idea for PvE content. Fixed size is pretty necessary for PvP. (holinka)

What's your opinion on "Prideful Conquest" being account-wide. The catch up is brutal for most people.
I've done the catchup myself through pugs several times. I think it works great. (holinka)
And then you're still behind on gear.
The intention isn't to catch all the way up. Playing consistently should have an advantage. (holinka)
I guess you're right. I guess I'm just the minority that feels rated PvP shouldn't be an uneven playing field.
there others with that opinion. I think WoW strikes a good balance. There is progression but fairly easy to get to full gear. (holinka)

UI / Addons
Random question, but is there a particular reason that there is no cooldown text on action bar buttons by default?
It's an option in 6.0. (Celestalon)

Warlords of Draenor
Will we ever see better in game testing tools? Even better/more target dummy options would be REALLY nice.
We're working on some options for alpha/beta, but nothing I can promise. (Celestalon)

Fan Art Update
Blizzard featured some new fan art by AJ Nazzaro recently.

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  1. moveth's Avatar
    I really like some of these armor sets.
  1. Kryos's Avatar
    T17 Mythic rogues ride in single file to hide their numbers!
  1. Mazzic518's Avatar
    I just really don't see this balancing out populations.
  1. Tehterokkar's Avatar
    Free Faction changes? Cool.
  1. Lovestar's Avatar
    Even the MMOC crew thinks Storm Earth & Fire is a Shaman ability.
  1. Gendou's Avatar
    T17 Mythic Rogues: Return of the Royal Apothecary Society, now that the Korkron will be out of Undercity?
  1. arcaneshot's Avatar
    The Tauren Druid fanart looks fantastic; the shoulders are Tier 5 and the hat is Savager's Mask; I wonder what the rest of it is.
  1. Malon the Mage's Avatar
    Thanks for forcing RoP on us for some progression fights. I'm so excited to hate playing my class.
    No idea where this is suddenly coming from, but you can help spread the word that it's not the case.
    The community sentiment against RoP isn't "suddenly" coming from anywhere. The majority of Mages (on the forums and Twitter, which I'll admit is small compared to the number of players but does tend to be the more progression-oriented base) dislike the talent - but, more importantly, have realised that the lvl 90 talents HAVE to be balanced around the flat damage buff. Incanter's Flow and Mirror Image have to average out to a 15% damage increase, or perhaps slightly worse if played poorly.
    The idea of the tier as one that focuses on a constant damage increase should be scrapped. It's never been fun, just maintenancy.
  1. ghostblade's Avatar
    so basicly.. the difference between mythic and normal t17 + is shoulders and helmet?
  1. Dug's Avatar
    I'm so happy Blizzard is doing the free Horde to Alliance transfers. I'm optimistic that the community can correct the faction imbalances on their own.
  1. marmol's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ghostblade View Post
    so basicly.. the difference between mythic and normal t17 + is shoulders and helmet?
    Not really, the pattern on chest is different and the gloves are different pretty much everything except boots

    Also i really dig the mythic helmet

    Edit: okay, the belt is the same
  1. iamwolfthing's Avatar
    Another expansion, another generic rogue tier.
  1. Jinxz's Avatar
    rofl@ that rogue tier, looks hideous
  1. Korrah's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ghostblade View Post
    so basicly.. the difference between mythic and normal t17 + is shoulders and helmet?
    Well im happy that it is more then just a recolour like previous expansions.
  1. Tabartank's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by iamwolfthing View Post
    Another expansion, another generic rogue tier.
    And what exactly did you expect to look like? A warrior? A paladin? Other then the first set that looks like its from LFR, I find it rather nice looking, especially with the old races getting the beauty treatment
  1. sizzlinsauce's Avatar
    why do they still deny everything so hard?
    "I'm a PvE raider. Every DW DK runs BT, 2H runs RE and so on. No choice there for PvE. Sorry I'm just not seeing choice there
    Of Frost DKs who killed a boss in N/H SoO last week, here is the T5 talent breakdown: 43.93%, 29.81%, 26.26%. Guess which is which? (WatcherDev)
    The point here is that different people can view choice differently. Sometimes each might think theirs is the only "right" answer. (WatcherDev)
    I agree. The 43% is obviously BT, the other two are way low meaning they need help. Just spice them up so aren't so boring.
    The 43.93% is actually Runic Empowerment. Go figure, right? (BT pulls ahead if you look at Heroic exclusively, but it's still close.)"

    if he pruned the logs down to just characters who achieves 8/14H he would notice a huge number of people going for BT.
  1. Kuthe's Avatar
    I really have no hope the Horde of Barthilas will change on their own accord.
    The population is full of arrogent dudes, who think 20man camping 5.2 and 5.4's daily quest and gear finding areas to kill Alliance is a fun time.
  1. Hardkorr's Avatar
    I'm so confused about the rogue armor sets. I get what aesthetic they were trying to accomplish here, a kind of master poisoner, but I feel like they shoehorned "savage" into the armor set. What is up with the Blades and spikes on the helmet/shoulderpads? Why are there metal links on the pants? Those elements seem like they belong on a warrior armor set, not a rogue. Really, the only blades I like on the set are the blades dripping with poison. Although I would have rather preferred they put that effect back on weapons when the player put on their poisons rather than put it on a single armor set. Regardless, they could have implemented the "savage" feel in other ways instead of just putting spikes on armor. Maybe some bloodstains on the armor, have the little daggers made of bone or stone, shrink the armor to show a little more skin because the rogue isn't afraid of taking a few hits (they're remodeling the character models anyways), or anything other than just slapping spikes on the damn thing. As for the mythic set, it reminds me more of the iteration Bane from Batman when he used Venom than a poisoner. Really, an alchemist/poisoner should strive to pump the enemy with poison, not him/herself. The belt should have poison vials/bottles on it, maybe have the assets from the other tier sets to get the armor dripping with poison, throwback to old crafting poisons by having some Deathweed stuffed in a pouch, or really a multitude of other things that are not what is currently there. Disappointed....
  1. Halanad's Avatar
    Mythic rogue set looks like if Issac Clarke from Dead Space and Grobbulus from Naxxramas where fused together.
  1. Granda's Avatar
    The rogue set reminds me of the nazi guy from either the first or second hellboy movie whom had to wind his own heart up to keep himself alive.

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