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  1. mmocfd328e0b6e's Avatar
    The vote will be around 50-50% so they put both of those into the game. I could put my account on this...
    Just think about it... what could happen if one of these miss the game -- > massieve faction player drop... The game is far unbalanced nowadays, they can not allow that to get deeper...
  1. Sigo's Avatar
    I wanted to vote then I had to make a twitter account wtf. Anyway the Horde is guna win and when BOTH of these bikes come out on the blizzard store you will wonder why did you bother to vote when we are guna get both bikes in game anyway....
  1. Heldamon's Avatar
    They both look different. I'd vote for the Alliance one cause it looks more like Alliance while the Horde one just screams Orcs and Garrosh.

    I believe the winning bike will be given for free while the 2nd one will be on the store.

    Also the idea behind the Alliance bike is an armored horse. The fact that the chopper (because that's a chopper, the Horde have a trike) is lower, cause of the treads, makes it look like an insect.
  1. Tisane's Avatar
    I thought Chris was nuts at times, but Sam is nuts 24/7 Also, looks like we'll get to see the PJD logo on the in-game mount(s) as well, extra advertisement for PJD
  1. Heldamon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Laylriana View Post
    I couldn't help but notice he didn't turn the wheel of the Alliance bike and balanced with his feet on the ground.
    Yes because he's not moving with enough speed, so since he rides a chopper he has to balance it with his feet. The Horde one is a trike, even Drek'Thar can ride it. You don't have to balance anything.
  1. Immitis's Avatar
    im pretty sure alliance is gonna win
  1. mmoc162401e915's Avatar
    Horde will totally own this... Alliance looks so squishy lol
  1. Canyouweed's Avatar
    Who else thinks, that there is absolutely no chance that they will put only one of these two mounts in game?

    Whats the point of building two?

    If there was really a vote on which of the two will be in the game, they wouldn't be making alliance/horde bikes, they would have built two "neutral" bikes, which can be used on both factions...

    What happens now?

    If one of the bikes gets voted for, it goes in game, and it can be used by horde/ally, or it goes in game, and it can be used by the faction that got the bike?
  1. mmocc0bbe3a34e's Avatar
    The tank treads ruined the Alliance bike. Additionally to not fitting the alliance (Tank treads just feels like horde) it makes the rear of the bike look like nerubians and the form just glues the bike to the ground. It should've captured the feel of riding a war steed into battle rather than a chitin plated worm.
    Also the swords in the front don't fit. The Alliance uses strait swords and no curved blades.
  1. Dirke's Avatar
    Alliance bike look like a bees xD
    i vote for Horde
  1. Makman's Avatar
    Alliance bike ^_^
  1. Lycanitus's Avatar
    Horde all the way. Ally bike looks like a squished beetle with a saddle!
  1. Cakeboss's Avatar
    The horde bike is better than the Alliance snow-mobile but I voted Alliance anyway.
  1. mmoc3514689de5's Avatar
    I was undecided until hearing all those "best number 2 I even seen" brain damage announcements.
  1. Lycanitus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cakeboss View Post
    The horde bike is better than the Alliance snow-mobile but I voted Alliance anyway.
    People like you are the reason democracy doesn't work
  1. Demoncrash's Avatar
    Both bikes look great but i prefer the Alliance one to the Horde.
  1. mmoceab75b5bda's Avatar
    As an Alliance player, the Alliance bike looks like horse shit. Horde bike looks pretty good.
  1. Tricksterjim's Avatar
    While I watched these episodes and found them mildly entertaining because I was a big OCC fan when I was a bit younger, I am 95% sure both bikes are going to be placed in the game and your vote counts for absolutely nothing.
  1. Omanley's Avatar
    Horde wins, imo. Why?
    1) Tank treads: Tank treads annoyed me a lot, but having two at the back give an actual tank feeling, and accompanied with those awesome shoulderpad fenders they managed to make it actually look really good for horde and it has grown on me after seeing this seventh episode. The alliance bike meanwhile looks just weird with treads on both ends, and as others said, alliance is more about grace and stuff, where horde are the tough and rough ones. On the front treads dont match in any case, I would've doubted it even for horde. And in the back it looks weird unless it's a trike, I believe.
    2) Faction-feeling: If you look at the alliance bike, it overall looks like a wasp, or cocoon. They definately screwed up there and made it look nerubian. It's not just those scale layers on the tank, but the form of both the tank and the back tread cover. They tried to merge the elegant and noble alliance feeling with a fierce and intimidating horde-esque feeling, and that simply doesn't work. Tank treads, multiple blades, arrows, pointy ends everywhere, it looks like a rolling weapon. And weaponizing something like that is a metal/rock thing attributed with the horde. The alliance have more a classy/classic feel, and should've gone with the basics. An oldscool, elegant chopper, that would've been it (with the alliance plates/shields obv), imo.
    Horde meanwhile looks 95% how I would've wanted it. I'd have maybe put a huge tractor wheel at the back, instead of treads, and made the tusks a darker brown/red/black wood, maybe with some pointy rough nails hewn into it. Aside from that, spot on. Horde was 100% orcs, alliance also incorporated elven and a little gnome feel (arrow and cogwheel), that's why it feels less like one matching thing, but more a potpourri of different stuff.
    3) Lacquer: The polished metal parts of the alliance bike should've been duller, imo. Riding a mirror into a battlefield feels like it would be to precious, and you'd see every scratch. Plus the blue is to "metallic", I'd say. Metallic lacquer looks futuristic, and this is about a medieval/fantasy setting. Having non metallic-paint would be natural.

    So, from my POV, clear horde win. Horde managed to do a turnaround from an originally unappealing base towards an accomplished result. Alliance got stuck at the unappealing base, and additionally lost identity as well with the nerubian and racial potpourri parts. I am 100% horde player, and wether you believe it or not, I tried looking at this with as much a fair eye as possible.

    I think though that they will be both avaiable, as others pointed out. Looking at how they made such a big publicity stunt out of it, with the videos and the actual rl creation of the bike, I cant see anything other than them being avaiable in the blizz store. Why would blizz put so much advertising into this, if not for money? And why would they implement only one of two bikes clearly designed for only one faction each? What? Do they expext hundreds of thousands of alliance players driving around on horde trikes or vice versa? Unlikely. Or do they plan to only make it avaiable for one side? Even more unlikely.
    The whole voting part serves the same purpose as the drama crap: Advertisement. They want people to get involved and excited over this, so that they'll buy those bikes ingame later.
  1. mmoc3f25629bd0's Avatar
    wow, those as possibly the shittiest looking custombikes I've ever seen.....esp the alliance one, it looks like crap.

    Also, I'm assuming that none of them have ever actually rode a motor cycle? Not watched the show as it looked shit, but I'm not convinced you could even ride the alliance one other than in a straight line without putting yourself in danger, and the horde one.....fucking hate trikes...whats the point of a bike if you cant lean it into corners? no fun otherwise.

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