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Dev Watercooler – Stat Updates for Warlords of Draenor
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
In this Dev Watercooler, we’d like to give an update on secondary and minor stats in Warlords of Draenor. A lot has changed since we first revealed our plans at BlizzCon, so this blog will not only cover the latest developments related to what we’ve already discussed, but also go into detail on some new changes we’ve got in the pipe.

Secondary Stats

Existing Secondary Stats: Hit, Expertise, Dodge, Parry, Crit, Mastery, Haste, Spirit
As we announced at BlizzCon, we’re retiring Hit, Expertise, Dodge, and Parry. Hit and Expertise weren’t really providing very interesting gameplay, and Dodge and Parry are being replaced with Bonus Armor. Check out the Patch Notes for further discussion on why we removed these stats.

The other secondary stats—Crit, Mastery, Haste, and Spirit—work well and will be sticking around. One important note is that Spirit will only appear on items for specific slots (fingers, neck, back, and trinkets) and will give a much stronger benefit than it does today. Healers will prefer items with Spirit for those slots, but otherwise will use similar gear to everyone else.

New Stat: Multistrike
A new stat in Warlords of Draenor, Multistrike grants your spells, abilities, and auto-attacks additional chances to activate. If you’ve been following along since BlizzCon, you may remember that in our early plans, your Multistrike chance would split between two rolls and effectively have a 200% cap. We’ve since changed that to make it more clear and intuitive: the full chance is given to both rolls, with a 100% cap.

Now Multistrike grants your spells, abilities, and auto-attacks the chance to activate up to two extra times at 30% of normal effectiveness. For example, if you have 55% Multistrike and cast a Fireball that does 1000–1100 damage, you’ll have two separate 55% chances to automatically follow with another smaller Fireball that does 300–330 damage. That means every time you cast Fireball, you have a chance to see one big-damage Fireball, and then two smaller-damage Fireballs leave your hands in quick succession.

New Stat: Bonus Armor
Throughout the game’s history, some items have had bonus armor on them, which made them more attractive to tanks. After we removed Dodge and Parry, we wanted to replace these stats with a new tank-specific stat, and Bonus Armor fit the bill nicely. As with Spirit, it’ll only show up on rings, necklaces, cloaks, and trinkets. It’s clearly valuable to all tanks, and will be tuned to be much stronger than other secondary stats. Tanks will want to use items with Bonus Armor for those slots.

Retiring Stat: Amplify
We tried out Amplify on trinkets in Siege of Orgrimmar, and at BlizzCon we announced that it’d be a stat in Warlords of Draenor. The intent of Amplify was to multiply the effects of your other secondary stats. However, as we continued development, we found that Amplify had some design problems. In particular, we determined that it would quickly become the absolute best stat for everyone. On top of that, even if we were to apply heavy diminishing returns, the stat still wouldn’t have an interesting effect on your gameplay. For those reasons, it’s no longer going to be a stat in Warlords of Draenor.

Retiring Stat: Readiness
Readiness was another stat that we tried out on Siege of Orgrimmar trinkets. This one looked solid at first. Cooldown reduction is a great concept, the idea was well received, and although there were some balance issues, they seemed solvable. However, as we continued development, we hit a snag. Readiness works great in small quantities on the scale of a trinket or two, like in Siege of Orgrimmar. However, when we expand that to a point where you could potentially have Readiness on all of your character’s gear, problems arise.

Using a damage-dealing (DPS) class as an example, most of the stat’s value comes in letting you use your temporary burst-damage cooldowns (Arcane Power, Vendetta, Recklessness, Dark Soul, etc.) more often. Most of those cooldowns increase damage by 20%–30% while active, which is substantial for a temporary burst ability, but doesn’t compare well against secondary stats. If you stack a lot of Crit and can reach 30% Crit from gear, that’s more or less a 30% passive increase to damage. If secondary stats are equal, you should be able to stack Readiness instead, and get a damage increase that’s similar (or at least close). But how do we give you a 30% damage increase from letting you use a +20% damage cooldown more often? And once you get to 100% uptime, then what?

We experimented with many potential design changes but never found a version of Readiness that really felt good, so we’re going to shelve it for now, at least as a common secondary stat. You may still see it pop up occasionally in small quantities, such as on a trinket.

New Stat: Versatility
The removal of Readiness left some space in our itemization plans and room for another stat to take its place. It’s important to offer players plenty of different secondary stats so that you have a wide variety of interesting and compelling gear to choose from. To that end, we’ve been working on a new secondary stat called Versatility. Versatility is pretty simple: 1% Versatility grants a 1% increase to your damage, healing, and absorbs, and reduces the damage you take by 0.5%. It’s a straightforward, obvious upgrade to your primary role’s performance, but also gives significant boosts to secondary role performance and survivability. The healing increase it provides does work on self-heals, such as Recuperate, for example. We won’t be tuning it to be anyone’s highest throughput secondary stat, but it’ll be close, and it’ll give you a nice boost to how versatile your character is in the process. It’ll be especially attractive to hybrids who want to feel more “hybridy.”

Minor Stats
Most gear that drops in Warlords of Draenor has a chance to have a random bonus in addition to its normal stats. We call these “minor stats,” and they provide a small but useful bonus to your character.

New Minor Stat: Movement Speed
The first of our minor stats is Movement Speed, which, as you can probably guess, increases the speed that you move by a small amount. Previously, movement speed increases came from enchants and various class abilities, but otherwise never directly came from gear. The Movement Speed minor stat will stack with all other sources of movement speed, but we’ll be keeping the maximum benefit you can get from it fairly low—we want it to feel like a fun bonus when you get it, but not a large increase to character power.

New Minor Stat: Avoidance
Another minor stat, Avoidance, has previously only ever been used for a few prominent class pets. It reduces the damage you take from area-of-effect (AoE) attacks, though compared to the pet version, the Avoidance minor stat will come in much smaller quantities. The goal is to soften the blow of AoE attacks a bit, but not allow you to just stand in the fire.

New Minor Stat: Indestructible (previously Sturdiness)
We called this one Sturdiness when we announced it at BlizzCon, and its original effect reduced durability damage that you take by a small amount across your whole character. Since then, we’ve renamed it Indestructible, and changed it to cause that specific item to not take any durability damage. We think the change will make the stat more intuitive while providing a similar overall benefit.

New Minor Stat: Leech (previously Lifesteel)
Lifesteal is another minor stat that has been renamed and slightly redesigned since BlizzCon. Our original plan was for it to convert a percentage of your damage done to self-healing. We’ve extended it to work for healers as well, causing an extra percentage of all of the healing you do to heal you as well. With that change, the name was no longer fitting, so we’re renaming it Leech.

Proposed Minor Stat: Cleave
We announced Cleave as a minor stat at BlizzCon, but have since run into some problems with it. Most importantly, it was of situational value to DPS classes, always valuable to healers, and had very little value to tanks. As a result, we were concerned it would cause items that would otherwise be equally appropriate for a healer and a DPS class to be viewed as “healer gear,” which isn’t our intent. We’ve shelved it for now, though we have some ideas about how it might show up occasionally in specific cases.

The Complete List

In summary, here’s a complete list of our planned secondary and minor stats in Warlords of Draenor:

  • Secondary Stats
    • Haste: (Unchanged) Increases attack speed, spell casting speed, and some resource generation
    • Critical Strike: (Unchanged) Increases your chance to critically strike, dealing double damage
    • Mastery: (Unchanged) Increases the effectiveness of your specialization-specific Mastery
    • Multistrike: (New) Grants two chances for your damage and healing effects to fire an additional time, each at 30% effectiveness
    • Versatility: (New) Increases damage and healing, and reduces damage taken
    • Spirit: (Unchanged, healer-only) Increases mana regeneration rate
    • Bonus Armor: (New, tank-only) Increases your armor
  • Minor Stats
    • Movement Speed: (New) Increases your movement speed
    • Indestructible: (New) Causes the item to not take durability damage
    • Leech: (New) Causes you to be healed for a portion of all damage and healing done
    • Avoidance: (New) Reduces your damage taken from area-of-effect attacks.

As you can see, we have a lot of exciting changes and additions in the works designed to give you a variety of intuitive and interesting gearing options. We’ll be keeping a close eye on how these are playing out in our alpha and beta testing, and we’ll continue to refine and adjust as needed. As always, we look forward to hearing your constructive feedback!
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  1. MoanaLisa's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by YumYum View Post
    Seems like it will be a neutered version of the D3 itemization.
    I was thinking the same thing. A couple of them are right out of D3.
  1. Queen of Hamsters's Avatar
    To the people complaining about these being boring...do tell, what would you have wanted instead?

    I fail to see how they COULD make them more interesting without adding silly effects to attacks like unicorns damaging your targets for this and that much or crap like that.
    Either way, I'm not bothered. Would've been just as happy with the old stat system, but I bet it being revamped can give the "This game used to be HARD!!"-crowd something new to spout.
  1. thilicen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Eviscero View Post
    Wow... 4 minor stats? I find these new stats incredibly underwhelming.

    Also, look at these qualifiers:

    Movement Speed: - "we’ll be keeping the maximum benefit you can get from it fairly low—we want it to feel like a fun bonus when you get it, but not a large increase to character power."

    Avoidance - "soften the blow of AoE attacks a bit, but not allow you to just stand in the fire."

    So at least 2 of the 4 are going to be arbitrarily limited in their power. I read these as "they're on gear but it really won't make much difference to how you play, nor will you notice the benefit all that much."

    Why bother?
    They might just have been given the term "minor" for a reason. Imagine that.
  1. CasCrow's Avatar
    Wish they'd sell me even more on the garrisons.
  1. Dessan's Avatar
    Hmm.. Not sure how to feel about all this to be honest, Amplify feels like it could've been a stat akin to bonus armor and spirit to me i.e only on rings, necks and the like as opposed to just a trinket as a viable second choice for all 3 roles.

    Also sad to see readiness shelved for now. Think there's a bit too much class diversity to make it an easy to play with stat though. It's literally good for every spec and hard to put it somewhere in small enough quantities so it doesn't make you super overpowered. Maybe make it a consumable/enchant option instead would be ok? Flask of Readiness would be lurvly.
  1. kamuimac's Avatar
    i really honestly dont understand why they are so pushy about puting in 5th secondary stat - they had so much problems with readiness then they should just scrap it and leave it with hast/crit/mastery/multistrike intad pushingi n strange versatility which is just bland remake of amplify which seems to be failed -_- in previous builds amplify was stat to go now it iwll be versatility with bland % increase -_- andi n 2 month they will say ye versatility is failed and we introduce new "wonder-stat-of-awesomness" - what would be so bad about having only 3 or 4 secondary stats on gear i dont get it -_-
  1. the9tail's Avatar
    apart from multistrike they shelved everything cool.
  1. Tradu's Avatar
    Versatility sounds incredibly boring. If it's the best DPS stat, you just get free damage reduction on top. If it's not, you take more damage than classes who do have it as their best stat. And of course a stat that's just a direct % damage increase isn't very fun. Same problem with mastery for lots of classes already, which is basically the same as what Versatility is going to do. Examples of masteries that are basically the same as Versatility without the damage mitigation:
    Master of Beasts(beast mastery)
    Essence of the Viper(survival)
    Frozen Heart(frost DK)
    Master Demonologist(demonology)
    Enhanced Elements(enhancement)
    Dreadblade(unholy DK)
    Potent Afflictions(affliction)
    Hand of Light(retribution)
    Granted, most of those only affect a major part of the specs damage and not all of it, but they're all boring % damage increases(there's other ones as well) to some/most of the stuff the spec does.

    I really hope the minor stats are VERY minor in terms of numbers, because otherwise they won't feel like bonuses but just like thunder/warforged on live, like the BiS and anything other than a trifecta of combat-infuencing(so not Indestructible) minor stats sort of sucks. And no, they're not "just bonuses" when they influence combat in a meaningful way, just like dailies at the start of MoP weren't "bonuses".

    ^^ same thing I posted on the official website. I really hope they just get rid of Versatility just like they did with Amplify.
  1. Pr0ev0lution's Avatar
    versatility seems like it will be kind of op for a dk tank stacking it along side mastery. lets say you have 25% versatility you'll have 12.5% damage reduction, 25% bigger heals on death strike and a 50% bigger absorb shield from mastery assuming it would double dip
  1. Moradim's Avatar
    stack versatility to win at heroics
  1. Caerule's Avatar
    It sounds pretty cool to me.

    Indestructible must be my favourite one.
  1. Gallahadd's Avatar
    I like them, glad that Readiness died the death we were all expecting, but it's been replaced with Versatility, which seems to be just as problematic, but for the exact OPPOSITE reason... Readiness was just a little to niche, Versatility on the other hand is just TOO freaking strong.

    But I'm guessing it'll be far easier to control without reforging or gemming allowing people to just stack Versatility, so they can make sure that there isn't enough of it available on gear to become a problem.
  1. Pacster's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Pr0ev0lution View Post
    versatility seems like it will be kind of op for a dk tank stacking it along side mastery. lets say you have 25% versatility you'll have 12.5% damage reduction, 25% bigger heals on death strike and a 50% bigger absorb shield from mastery assuming it would double dip

    Yeah, I would not be surprised at all if they will run into huge problems with the additional stats in the beta. The entire class balance is way too fragile...
  1. mmoc8d1cdfc3c0's Avatar
    It’ll be especially attractive to hybrids who want to feel more “hybridy.”
    Really, Blizzard? Super. Let's have all classes do everything! This will not be unbalanced in PvP, at all. Nope. *shakes head*

    Imagine a Boomkin that already heals for a lot - and stacking Versatility. Yay. We might as well just delete all classes and stick to one, no?
  1. Lionor's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by femur68 View Post
    Versatility sounds terribly boring. Honestly what they should do instead is let versatility be converted into any secondary stat you choose. So if you have 500 versatility and your class likes crit, you can turn it into crit to bolster yourself. Kind of like reforging, but in a stat instead of a vendor. It's not too much more exciting than blizzs idea of versatility, but it's still better than a flat % increase across the board imo.

    This is actually a brilliant idea! Wish they would do that instead!
  1. longevity's Avatar
    1/2 to 2/3 of these new stats range from boring to "everyone will hate when this is on their gear"

    it woulda been better if they just retired hit/exp/dodge/parry and left it at that.
  1. Wilderness's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Moradim View Post
    stack versatility to win at heroics
    I think most people are forgetting that you won't be able to reforge in WoD, and sockets are going to be rarer, so the ability to stack a specific stat is going to be a lot less than it is now. How much we all get to stack will depend mostly on what is on the gear we have available, so they can limit how much each class has access to by controlling how many different pieces in a tier have that.

    I agree with the people who say versatility should be removed though, I don't really see the point to it. Everything they've said about secondary stats and why they are removing things like hit/expertise is because they are boring and then they add in versatility which is literally just a passive bonus. Of course you get passive bonuses from other stats but at least with things like haste and crit you have breakpoints to aim for or whatever. There is some interaction with those stats and how you play, while there is none with versatility. Just seems to go against everything they've said and seems likely to be there just because they are set on having 5 secondary stats (probably because they've already budgeted and started balancing with that in mind).
  1. mmoc9ad7219eee's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dundebuns View Post
    Hate the way they've ripped off Overload from Shaman and given it to everyone :<
    My first thought exactly!
  1. Xjev's Avatar
    Can someone explain how Versatility will not end up having same problems mentioned for Amplify?
  1. Dreyen's Avatar
    Really glad they got rid of readiness.. it was really an awkward stat, especially for tanks. I wish it would've stayed as a tertiary stat.

    Among tertiary stats though, indestructible is stupid, it has no combat benefit unlike other stats, nobody will be happy about getitng an indestructible item..

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