Update (Jun 4 Hotfix): Queuing for a non-random Normal Scenario now awards 30 Justice Points on completion (down from 70 Justice Points).

Warlords of Draenor Alpha Invites Going Out
It looks like the alpha is finally here!

  • As shown above, new character models can be disabled.
  • Currently only Frostfire Ridge is open for testing.
  • The Grinning Reaver and Warforged Nightmare have been added to in the game shop. Keep in mind that items can be added to the shop just for testing purposes.

Garrison Screenshots

UI Improvements

  • The Dungeon Journal now includes short overviews of the fight for each role, which should help players that don't know the fights.
  • The Key Binding UI has also been improved to a tabbed list rather than a very long list you have to scroll through.
  • You are now able to manage addons in game without having to log out. The Simple Addon Control or Addon Control Panel addons will do the same thing now.
  • The mount UI now supports marking mounts as favorites and summoning a random favorite mount. It also makes mounts red when they are unusable in the current area and shows a source.
  • The world map now becomes translucent while moving.
  • The Toybox UI has been added and a basic list of items is in place.
  • Bags now have an autosort and basic options to go along with it.

Object and NPC Outlines
Quest objects and NPCs now have outlines when selected or needed for a quest, making them easier to see. This replaces the old sparkles that were used for quest objects previously. Outlines can be disabled or only set on quest related entities.

Alpha Invite Email

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  1. Grush's Avatar
  1. Munjica's Avatar
    Sweet, I can't wait to see more info about WoD
  1. Unlimited Power's Avatar
    Still alpha yet invites going out to public? Well, can't complain about more coverage
  1. Yuuki Asuna's Avatar
  1. mmoc522dc42c8a's Avatar
    Am I missing something?
  1. Baracuda's Avatar
    It's about time!
  1. Iseeyou's Avatar
    Called it. Wildstar week release.
  1. Zoaric's Avatar
    /flails arms with joy
  1. Triggered Fridgekin's Avatar
    I wonder if my odds of getting a alpha/beta invite go from highly-unlikely to impossible when my processor is an unlocked Phenom X2 550 which is labeled as a B50 that could cause their processor classification to implode.
  1. XeroD's Avatar
    Oh boy here we go
  1. Ulgrim's Avatar
    Enjoy everyone (and by everyone, I mean the several dozen of you that got in)!
  1. Filed's Avatar
    Will not get a spot.
  1. Maconi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by chaud View Post
    Warlords of Draenor Alpha Invites Going Out
    Lots of HoTS invites have been going out as well for the "Technical Alpha".

    Quote Originally Posted by Iseeyou View Post
    Called it. Wildstar week release.
    Yeah, not really surprised. A lot of streamers have said that if Blizzard did it (like everyone thought they would) they wouldn't bother covering it for a couple weeks to give WildStar its due diligence.
  1. Noobslicer's Avatar
    I'm refreshing my mail like crazy
  1. Viradiance's Avatar
    Fingers crossed.
  1. lukeangel's Avatar
    Are they sending email invites or just flagging your account so you can log in?
  1. mmocc02219cc8b's Avatar
    Finally. Exciting weeks incoming.
  1. mmocf7e4d66c72's Avatar
    Guys you are not getting one

    Its for Internet Heros like twtich streamers, fansites and press.

    Not for the normal peoples.
  1. Bunzato's Avatar
    Stream pl0x
  1. Azgraal's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Iseeyou View Post
    Called it. Wildstar week release.
    Nonsense. Some blue just said they don't care about competition when planning their dates or shcedules.

    Blizzard wouldn't lie to you.

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