Warlords of Draenor - Molten Corgi Pet
Jonathan LeCraft just shared what may turn out to be the best pet in Warlords of Draenor, a Molten Corgi!

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  1. JainaIsAMan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ColbaneX View Post
    I feel so bad for you, you had to work with Morello *shudders*
    Not directly.
  1. ColbaneX's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by JainaIsAMan View Post
    Not directly.
    Thank god. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I not so secretly wish he gets fired from Riot and Ghostcrawler takes his spot completely.(they are both occupying the same position at Riot right now I believe.)
  1. Triadx's Avatar
    It's the fiery embodiment of FrankerZ!
  1. billielecter's Avatar
    So far the only thing Blizzard can keep schedule (release on time, even surprisingly before time) is their product in in-game store. Does that ring a bell?

    One has to admit that the end-game of Mop is burnt out as crap, it really is the worst end-game in the history of WoW ever, however, all kinds of in-game merchandise have the most frequent updating cycle and their prices are raising all the time, is that just a coincidence?
  1. FiveGuys's Avatar
    Too much cuteness
  1. Desareon's Avatar
    Coming to a Blizzard Store near you...
  1. yoda608's Avatar
    I'm praying to all gods that this isn't the thing they have been working on that they hadn't told us about!
  1. Evermoon's Avatar
    funny thing is... I don't think they said if it's a companion pet or a hunter pet
    if it's a hunter pet.. well, I guess it's time to level mine
    and if it's companion... PLEASE...praise the sunwell, don't make it ANOTHER store item...
  1. wimbo125's Avatar
    Best pun ever! Molten Corgi, I love it!
  1. Pokiedot's Avatar
    So cute <3
  1. WillFeral's Avatar
    Molten Corgi... I wonder if a lil' Ragnaros lives in his tummy.
  1. Astralite's Avatar
    This needs to be the 10th year Anniversary gift

    do it, Blizz! Make it so!
  1. Foxyy's Avatar
    Must... Have... (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  1. Santoryu's Avatar
    Of course for no less than 25$ from the store.
  1. Amazad's Avatar
    I demand a giveaway !
  1. broods's Avatar
    wow such Corgi much molten
  1. Valaphar's Avatar
    So pretty ^_^.
  1. det's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Astralite View Post
    This needs to be the 10th year Anniversary gift

    do it, Blizz! Make it so!
    Hogger is the 10th anniversary gift
  1. Codegen's Avatar
    Such an ugly pet, not worth money if put in blizzard store :/

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