Warlords of Draenor - Molten Corgi Pet
Jonathan LeCraft just shared what may turn out to be the best pet in Warlords of Draenor, a Molten Corgi!

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  1. Tierbook's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Maoli View Post
    Good lord, some of the people on here.... who cares if you have to pay for it or not. It's just a pet. It's not like they aren't working on a whole expansion you'll get to enjoy shortly.
    A whole expansion that costs as much as a stand alone game rather than being as much as an expansion.
  1. Zantos's Avatar
    Great, more fire themed dungeons, zones, or raids inc. Most pets are a reflection of an in game model somehow I have seen. Its neat looking, but really, another blizz store pet? Of course people will just buy it blindly because "look at the cute!!". Now, it being blizz store is just speculation, but that is how they usually do with pets such as this when they are announced.

    I just wish people would stop buying them. I mean really people, if you stop paying like some mindless drone long enough guess what? The new future pets that are really cute and awesome will be released In game for free!

    Its not that I don't have the money for one, its that I know my interest in WoW is loosening. It wont be around forever, that's just a fact. I would regret buying all these net pets when wow is gone. I mean, 10, 15, 20 or more for a pet or mount, that in the end you don't get to keep? At least with a sub I am paying for the entertainment it brings me. With this, in the end I have nothing to show for it. Paying for one doesn't even get me at least a month of time. Im unsubbed, and the money I have spent on the pets I have and the mount or two I got already means nothing to them. I don't get to keep playing to keep enjoying them.

    Just my thoughts.
  1. TheJewishMerp's Avatar
    I have never bought a store pet in my life, I have to replace my screen now though because I through rolls of twenties at it :/
  1. Stormykitten's Avatar
    I really wish the corgi would be a part of a really exciting quest or event. Not really bashing pricing ethics this time (it needs to be), I just miss actually doing fun little event things/quests like so many special pets in the past.
  1. Calamari's Avatar
    *hushed whispers* Corgi of hell.. omen of apocalypse..

    Quote Originally Posted by TheJewishMerp View Post
    I have never bought a store pet in my life, I have to replace my screen now though because I through rolls of twenties at it :/
    That happened to me with the Grinning Reaver mount, I threw money at screen long before it's even available on store. :/

    "Of course the Molten Corgi is going to be a real pet! Joking about something like that is a great way to get assassinated."

    Hope Crafticus will take his own advice to heart. *heavy mouth breathing*
  1. Elf Boots's Avatar
    So excited for all the new pets
  1. MakeMeLaugh's Avatar
    This awesome new pet will cost $30, but everyone on your party can click on a "corgi cage" to summon one! AREN'T YOU GLAD?!
  1. Fenixdown's Avatar
    Oh, look. More Blizzard Store stuff. At least it's a pet, though, so if I'm still playing I'll probably buy it. They're pretty cheap.
  1. Demotrius's Avatar
    Frozen Grumpy Cat please.
  1. Mazzic518's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Arlee View Post
    I think I had it changed within 5 minutes of finding out
    Now my doggy can have a friend in WoW
  1. ryanmahaffe's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nindoriel View Post
    Maybe you'd be able to finish those missing Karabor and Bladespire art assets in time if you didn't concentrate on things like this too much.
    You know those arent the same teams right...

    ofc you dont...
  1. Chaosweaver's Avatar
    Why would anyone care about those pets? NOBODY IS FORCING ANYONE TO BUY THEM. They are just useless non-combat pets, why would you care if some perfect stranger bought a useless pet from Blizzard store?
    Why is there so much whining and bitching on this site about irrelevant things like Blizzard store? It sells things for people who want to spend money on mounts/pets. It in no way shape or form affects anyone. If they added 50 mounts today on Blizz store I would still not care, why would I?
  1. Serissa's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Snes View Post
    Rob Pardo left at just the right time. :P
    You mean wrong time, don't you? He's not getting his share now.
  1. shadycharacter1's Avatar
    Finally, something worth re-subbing for...
  1. Triggered Fridgekin's Avatar
    Definitely in the minority here but I think Corgis are the most overrated dogs followed closely by Pugs. I just hate them.
  1. Torched's Avatar
    o look another micro transaction pet... great....
  1. Mush's Avatar
    It's great but ...

    Blizz store CHARITY pet, $58, $0.13 going to charity.
  1. Mazzic518's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rustweaver View Post
    Definitely in the minority here but I think Corgis are the most overrated dogs followed closely by Pugs. I just hate them.

    /agree on the pugs though
    //walking genetic defects
  1. Achaman's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Amirila View Post
    This is just the first step in their master plan

    Next we will get the Submerged Corgi
    The Frozen Corgi
    The Terra Corgi
    The Leaf Corgi
    and so on

    soon they shall take over Azeroth
    and we will be too busy cuddling them to notice that slowly one by one our numbers are reduced, UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE
    drown one
    shove one into a freezer
    bury one alive
    repeatedly hit one with a stick?
  1. Higgit's Avatar
    You will gief dat corgi naow! Naow I say!

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