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Skin Spotlight: Spectre Illidan

Warlords of Draenor - Darker Nights
Mumper recently let us know that some work related to darker nights is underway, so we took a look at what nights look like in several parts of Draenor. These screenshots show the areas with bigger differences between night and day, so keep in mind many areas currently don't change much at all.

Warlords of Draenor - New Character Model Faces
We got some more updates this weekend from Chris Robinson on plans for new character models and faces.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Druid (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
the new feral DoC... will we just receive healing from rejuv when put on someone else or will there be a buff gained when casted
You gain a Rejuv as well. (Celestalon)
Thanks and also will there be any snapshotting for feral bleeds with TF or bloodtalons, or is it entirely gone? Thanks
Those will explicitly snapshot. (Celestalon)
Ok, so pretty much just snapshotting bleeds from trinkets procs are gone?
Correct. (Celestalon)

This is a horrible change, please revert. There are loads of situations where I might choose "inappropriate one". How about RP?
Plan for travel form: one button does Aqua+Stag+Flight, baseline. Glyph splits it into Aqua+RideableStag and Flight. (Celestalon)
Seriously? I need to glyph out of that mess? ugh...
I'm guessing the 'mess' you're referring to is the bugs that there currently are with it. We'll fix those. (Celestalon)
in places where I can fly, I still don't always want flight form with no ground travel form available.
Then grats, your desire will be satisfied by this solution. (Celestalon)
I dont see why youre trying so hard to make it work as 1 button. Is it the end of the world if the forms are seperate?
Because constantly iterating and improving the game is what we strive to do. (Celestalon)
I'm not sure constantly iterating is something that's good to strive for, without the improvement part
Of course not. Change for change's sake is bad. However, it's sometimes hard for each individual to see improvement. (Celestalon)

Mage (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
clarification on pris crystal. manual target or auto redirect? concerns about clunkiness and/or movement fights?
It will automatically target it when you place it, but you can still swap targets off of it if you want. (Celestalon)

Ever thought about stacking pyroblasts, like arcane missiles or ice lances do already?
Yeah, but you kind of already get that with Heating Up, and stacking further would lose the gameplay of spending vs saving. (Celestalon)

Priest (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
while DP is active. Also, it forces us to pick Solace /Insanity so we don't feel gimped while we mindflay.
It doesn't force you into that at all. MSpike still removes DoTs to ensure rotational variety. (Celestalon)
Don't find it odd while our "burst" window is up (DP) we are forced to use a weaker spell - MindFlay- instead of MSpike w/ CoP?
In a playstyle that otherwise has higher burst? No, not really. (Celestalon)

Warrior (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Whirlwind as part of ST rotation just shows how little idea you have of what to do with warriors. No other class has AOE for ST.
Right, except for Arcane, Fire, Frost, Demo, DfA Rogues, Ferals, Enhance, Windwalkers, Frost DKs, T16 Rets, and all tanks. (Celestalon)
Fire? If you mean Ignite/Combustion spreads, I don't think splash dmg from ST spell = primarily AE spell.
Living Bomb / Unstable Fireball / Blast Wave. (Celestalon)
Ok, that's kinda my point: Fireball isn't primarily AE; Unstable is a bonus to it. Bomb, I'd agree. BW, worth using ST?
Absolutely. (Celestalon)

with the responsiveness change will we see more "twitch" mechanics in raids ie wrack, defile, interrupts on Maloriak?
I wouldn't say "more" - but dealing with the ones we do have will feel better. (WatcherDev)
I can't promise there won't still be that "but I was out of it on my screen, look at my corpse!" guy in your raid, though. (WatcherDev)

Agree with shared sets for pve and pvp but they should be different for the factions. I like glorious ones for ally
The plan is to color them different by faction (holinka)

So will there be lag problems with the Huge pvp zone and capital zones sharing the same area? We did shy from that in WOTLK
Ashran is on a different instance. The staging areas are on your home realm. (holinka)

Is Mekkatorque still going to be kind of "open beta" server, or you changed your mind?
We haven't changed our mind. It was always a second server for those with beta access. (holinka)
I mean, what about that PvP server, with broad access, for more precise testing purposes; still in plans?
that was never the plan. I think some people misinterpreted what we said about a separate PvP realm during beta. (holinka)

ever any talk about rated/queued 1v1s? Queue up just how you would 2s/3s/5s but you queue into just a duel?
.No plans for a 1v1 queue but one awesome change in Warlords for duelers is we can reset cooldowns at the start of a duel now! (holinka)

how will the new pvp toggle affect cross realm raid groups? I was thinking pvp player gets pulled to pve server how will that work?
it uses the host realms rules (holinka)

Will Skirmishes be available for lower levels aswell or just max?
the plan is lower level as well (holinka)

Reputation / Questing
I really feel the introductory Tanaan quest chain should be phased. Really breaks immersion, otherwise.
Phased, or instanced, where it's your own personal storyline? It's similar to the DK start experience, which had other players. (WatcherDev)

Weekly News Recap
It has been a busy week, so here is your chance to catch up on any news you may have missed!

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  1. Ealyssa's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ayperos View Post
    Final Fantasy 14 has the night time done right. Should be like that.
    Final fantasy has a way faster day/night cycle (it's one day every ~80 mi utes if a remember correctly). Wow is real time. And in a real time MMO darker night is harder to have (can only nolifers who play all day long be able to see to world clearly ?).

    Wow should switch to a faster cycle too imo. 3 to 6 hours for a full day would be good.
  1. Tygera's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Exploitbat View Post
    No, posts like yours are tiring. If people wouldn't let Blizzard know what they think about the change of the city hubs for example, Blizzard simply wouldn't know. By whining before it is done there is a change to still change Blizzards mind about something.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rorcanna View Post
    Yes, because people should just not voice their concerns about a game they CARE about because YOU don't care as much...?

    Blizzard, keep addressing these concerns please, it is time well spent keeping your subscribers happy and informed!
    I think you misunderstood my intent. I'm not referring to simple constructive feedback, it's directed at the unnecessary feedback that's already been addressed by blizzard. By whining before its done isn't generally the best way to voice a concern or your thoughts. Maybe that's just wording on your part, but I wouldn't consider "whining" legitimate feedback, but just someone who obviously isn't getting what "they" want. I think there's more respectful ways to let blizzard know how you feel, that honestly would have more of an impact.

    I do care. I just don't see the need to post about stuff that's still in the works and clearly being tweaked. Suggesting ideas or thoughts is a lot different than: 'Omg this face (yet totally not even finished - and it's been said multiple times they are not done with face options) doesn't even match my current model. When are you going to fix the same face issue, 10 years?' or 'Huh, no flying through the whole expansion? this is so stupid' or 'Blizzard just running out of time as usual, so they had to move the city hubs. Clearly forcing us to pvp, such crap having to sit in a city and have to worry about being flagged'

    So again, this wasn't directed at people giving constructive feedback. I'm all for that.
  1. Goretex's Avatar
    the screenshots of the new night look too dark imo. Heck I was happy when they made nigthtime to Silvermoon I had to go back through there to help a friend with ZA. Usually that place is way to fucking bright partially why I hated Silvermoon so much.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Akaihiryuu View Post
    Yes, going back to some old screenshots I made in vanilla...except for the water, the game looks WORSE now than it did then. It's scary. for the current "night" in-game, they shouldn't be anything less than extremely embarassed about it. I think they just screwed up the lighting and used the "artistic decision" BS to cover because their egos couldn't handle it. If it truly was an intentional artistic decision...then they need some artists that don't suck.
    I thinkt he current nighttime looks perfectly fine. The new screenshots look way too dark, like wtf?
  1. lordjust's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ayperos View Post
    They even said it was because lots of people only play at night, and they argue they can't see what they are doing, so the brightened the world up.
    I think the thing with people playing at night was just an excuse. Even in vanilla the nights weren't that dark but it was noticeable when you logged in if it was supposed to be daytime or nighttime. When they changed the lighting from global to spherical lighting per zone it just isn't as easy to make darker nights because you have to adjust a lot of spheres per zone to match each other and the zones next to it. The change gave them more artistic freedom so that the zones have exactly the lighting they want at day but at night it's just a different skybox and a blue tint filter. The biggest problem is that when you play you don't realize if it's supposed to be day or night. Only if you look up to the sky or at your minimap you actually know if it's day or night.

    The new screenshots look like the nights in-game with maybe a little bit heavier blue tint but still not really like it's night. More like a rainy day without rain. To get proper dark nights they have to redo the lighting again. They don't need to be pitch black but a little dimmer nights would be cool. Reduce the intensity of the spheres at nighttime and add to the blue tint a little bit of gray to give more of the washed out/ everything is gray at night feeling. When I look out my window I don't see green trees and grass. Everything is more gray and illuminated trees are green but still a little more washed out.
  1. Goretex's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Demontjuh View Post
    i'd prefer something like this:
    Not sure if trolling, but that is almost a completely black screen! Seriously?
  1. Shisui-kun's Avatar
    Sounds even more badass then batman.
  1. DeiviiDavy's Avatar
    Haha, that undead looks a lil funky, but i'm so glad for darker nights!
  1. Killyox's Avatar
    Not dark enough. Nights that is.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Goretex View Post
    Not sure if trolling, but that is almost a completely black screen! Seriously?
    How is that almost completely black screen ? Not even close. I got brightness set to 40% and I still see everything. I like it like this. +1 for the psoter of that pic.
  1. Ligence's Avatar
    As much as I'd like a truly dark night and the atmosphere that follows, it would be fairly problematic in several ways. Many people have TN-panel displays with glossy-surfaces, and that doesn't play very well at all with dark stuff. Graphics-wise, WoW has always been meant for everybody to enjoy, and I don't think that's going to change.

    Of course, if they'd make it possible to select the night darkness just like spell effect level in the client settings, I'd be all for it. However, that's extra work and...
  1. Valaphar's Avatar
    I am glad they are adressing the same face issue.

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