Warcraft Movie - Animated Logo and Teaser Description
Comic-Con visitors got another teaser for the Warcraft movie this year, but no footage has appeared as of yet. For now we have a short description thanks to comingsoon, SlashFilm, ScreenRant, IGN, and io9:

  • The movie focuses on the origin of conflict between Humans and Orcs in Azeroth.
  • The story should be accessible to everyone, not just Warcraft fans.
  • A human (Travis Fimmell) wearing Alliance themed armor is up first. He wonders if he is a fool for spending so much time protecting his king and so little protecting his son.
  • An orc was up next, noting that he had led thousands of warriors into battle but fears becoming a father, wondering if that makes him a leader or a coward.
  • A giant throne, armory, green sky, gryphon, and other Warcraft elements appear in the teaser.
  • Magic and melee fighting occur between the Orcs and Humans. Ben Foster appears as Medivh.
  • SlashFilm mentioned the Orcs are already Lord of the Rings quality, but ScreenRant mentions that they look far from finished.
  • Everyone seems to agree that the scenery looks great!

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