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Warlords of Draenor - Alliance and Horde Choppers
The latest beta build added the chopper mount models, so we are taking a look at them today. Keep in mind that this is beta and nothing here is final! The final version will use the correct mount pose.

FEEDBACK: Highmaul - Walled City (LFR)
This first wing of LFR Highmaul is open for the weekend!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We've opened the first wing of Highmaul Raid Finder (Kargath, Butcher, and Brackenspore) for the weekend. It's quite likely that these encounters are overtuned for the intended audience, but we'll be watching closely to make the required tweaks to get the experience to where it needs to be. In general, Raid Finder should be no more challenging than it was in Mists, so please tailor your feedback regarding tuning accordingly.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Warlords Currency Changes
Honor and Conquest definitely are not going away, just to clarify a misconception - you'll still be earning those currencies through PvP and using them to buy your PvP gear.

What will be going away is Justice and Valor. Over time, they've moved away from their original purpose, and given how widely available they'd become (awarded from quests, scenarios, dungeons, raids, etc.), we'd rather return to the original universal currency: gold. The final values aren't hooked up yet, but the old Valor rewards for completing your daily random dungeon or an LFR wing will be replaced with a hefty sum of gold, which should make something like the gold turn-in for a bonus roll seem far more attainable even for players who currently don't have much gold.

That said, the feedback/suggestion of allowing repeat turn-ins definitely has merit, and it's something we'll discuss and consider. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Importance of Garrisons
Do you think Blizzard is putting too much emphasis on garrisons? Feels like they're heavily tied in with leveling and overall game play to the point you simple cant not do them. I feel Blizzard would do so much better just focusing on epic raids and heaps of dungeons, that's our bread and butter. Trying to reinvent the wheel every expansion will always bring about hits and misses.
We're putting together (at long last) more information on the Garrisons that will hopefully assuage a lot of concerns people have and share more about the gameplay that goes with it. It will take us a little longer to put that information together for you all, but I think it will shed some light on the depth of Garrisons while also making it clear how much or how little you can interact with them (based on what you want from it). They definitely have something to offer pretty much everyone (save the rare person).

We'll do our best to try to address as many concerns and questions as people have in those blogs and in the forums here as we go along.

Finally! It has been nearly three months since part one of the supposed four-part water cooler on Garrisons. I figured it was because they've gone through heavy iteration.
It's a great addition to the game and yes, it's gone through a lot of iteration (for the better) that we hope everyone will be able to enjoy. We just didn't want to put out blogs that weren't as accurate as possible since it is such a big addition. We wanted to do it some justice (and the developers too) when we presented it. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Read Hellscream, the prelude to Warlords of Draenor
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
"We will never be slaves! But we will be conquerors…"

The pit lord Mannoroth is dead.

Gul'dan and his followers are in chains.

In one night, Grommash Hellscream exposed and thwarted the forces that meant to subjugate the orcs. In one night, Hellscream proved himself a worthy warchief to the Iron Horde and set his people on a violent collision course with another world in another time.

But this was not meant to be. Who warned Hellscream of Gul'dan's treachery? Who convinced him that Azeroth was a foe worth defeating at all costs?

Before Gul'dan's dramatic fall, two strangers arrived on Draenor: Garrosh Hellscream, the deposed warchief of the Horde on Azeroth, and Kairozdormu, a bronze dragon whose motivations were clouded in mystery. The newest World of Warcraft short story, "Hellscream," reveals how their actions on Draenor have placed all living beings on Azeroth in mortal peril. Read the short story here, and then delve deeper into the events surrounding the Iron Horde invasion in our lore archives:

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Hopefully this question makes sense: Does Haste affect the resource regeneration of multiple classes in some uniform fashion?
Yes. It's completely uniform. 1% is 1%. (Celestalon)
Being able to adjust that number might very well solve many problems. I see no downside here. Am I missing something?
The "rate haste affects resource gen" isn't an arbitrary thing. 1% is 1%. That's what haste is. It'd be bizarre otherwise. (Celestalon)

Mage (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
so why do mages with timewarp get a healing cd as well. Rough call there, sorry.
Time Warp is a raid buff, not stackable raid utility. Same as Crit buff or Mastery buff, etc. (Celestalon)

Monk (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Prior to healing tuning, can we get confirmation on Chi Explosion and Breath of the Serpent splitting?
Both are currently intended to split, yes. (Celestalon)

I'm sure everyone knows how ANNOYING it is to try and get raids together during the holidays.
Yes, we do. (WatcherDev)

I cant imagine rushing through #Warlords to do molten core at 100.
.Anniversary content will be open for a while, don't rush through Warlords! Lots to see! (Muffinus)

Sorry if I missed it but will level 90 UBRS be tuned for fresh 90s or will it be tuned for players who have a decent item level?
For existing 90s who've done at least some Timeless Isle, Siege LFR, etc. New 90s will find rewarding content in Blasted Lands. (WatcherDev)

Grom is the final boss of WoD? Please don't let this be true. SOO 2.0
There's a lot of ground and a lot of story to cover before the book closes on Warlords. Trust me, it won't feel like SoO 2.0. (WatcherDev)

Skirmishes might be better if they'd take player skill into account (like an MMR?), or you feel randomness is part of the flavour?
You have a skirmish MMR, its just hidden. (holinka)

So, will the TM vs SS be level 100 or level 90? The release date being so close to the anniversary makes it confusing.
We'll have a bunch of different brackets for the anniversary battleground (holinka)

I'll say it. I'm sick of Orcs.
That's feedback that we are very conscious of, and are taking big steps to make sure it doesn't end up being the case. (Celestalon)
There are a ton of different races and creatures in Draenor. Lots to fight besides Orcs. (Celestalon)

Are the dates for the 10th Anniversary on the in-game calendar correct? 4 days to level to 100 to get into the LFR?
The dates are not correct. That is a recurring calendar event that was set up a while back. This year's will be different. (WatcherDev)

Good to hear. Release date on a Thursday seems unusual though, lockout-reset day changing to Thursday or just a one time thing?
Expansion releases haven't always been Tues - no general change to lockout timing (WatcherDev)
does this give you the ability to patch on Tues/Wed, and unlock midnight Thursday without a patch on release date?
we generally do not patch at all during the week of an expansion release - you'll have all the data needed in 6.0 (WatcherDev)

EU Connected Realms Update - 22/08
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
The following realms are due to be connected on 27 August:

German Realms
  • (PvE) Proudmoore and Madmortem
  • (PvP) Frostmourne and Nazjatar/Dalvengyr
  • (PvP) Gorgonnash and Nefarian/Nera'thor/Mannoroth/Destromath
  • (RP) Der Mithrilorden and Der Rat von Dalaran
  • (RP PvP) Kult der Verdammten and Die Arguswacht/Die Todeskrallen/Das Syndikat/Der Abyssische Rat

The following realms are due to be connected after the realms above:

English Realms
  • (RP PVP) Defias Brotherhood and Scarshield Legion/Ravenholdt/The Venture Co/Sporeggar

German Realms
  • (PvP) Zuluhed and Nazjatar/Dalvengyr/Frostmourne
  • (PvP) Kil'Jaeden and Anetheron/Festung der Stürme/Rajaxx/Gul'dan/Nathrezim
  • (RP) Forscherliga and Die Nachtwache

We do not have a date for the following realm connections, but will update this post when we do:

English Realms
  • (PvE) Bronzebeard and Aerie Peak
  • (PvE) Doomhammer and Turalyon
  • (PvE) Emerald Dream and Terenas
  • (RP) Steamwheedle Cartel and Moonglade/The Sha'tar

Plans for these connections may change at any time. We’ll provide additional updates for future connections here as soon as we can.

US Connected Realms - Update 8/20
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
As previously announced, we’ve been working toward connecting realms to increase the number of players on low-population realms. Here's a continuously updated list that contains currently planned connections, future plans, and completed realm connections, all in one convenient location.

*Please note this list does not encompass all potential future connections. Please check back for further updates.

Next Connections
We will be connecting the realms listed below on Thursday, August 21 during a scheduled maintenance beginning at 5 a.m. PDT through approximately 1:00 p.m. PDT. Once maintenance is finished, these realm connections will be complete.

  • Lightninghoof and Maelstrom, The Venture Co
  • Shattered Hand and Coilfang, Dark Iron, Dalvengyr, and Demon Soul
  • Sisters of Elune and Cenarion Circle

Future Connections
  • TBD

*Plans for these connections may change at any time, but we’ll provide additional updates on specific dates for future connections here as we can. Please note that as a part of the connection process realm times may change to match each other.

Wowcraft Episode 10 - Warsong Gulch (Part 4)
Another episode of Wowcraft has been released.

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