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Warlords Cardback Changes Incoming, Mekkatorque's Workshop #1

BlizzCon Heroes Exhibition Teams, Auth Maintenance: Nov 5th

The End Game Tournament - Round 2: Day 1

Warlords of Draenor - Stormwind Repairs
It looks like the previously mentioned Stormwind Repairs won't make it in this expansion after all.

Warlords of Draenor - Garrisons: Stables
The Stables takes up a Large plot which can also be used for a Mage Tower / Spirit Lodge, Gnomish Gearworks / Goblin Workshop, Dwarven Bunker / War Mill, or Barracks. Once upgraded to Tier 3, your garrison will have two Large plots available.

This building is good for collecting additional mounts, moving faster in Draenor, and gathering faster in Draenor. Some of the mounts that you have marked as favorites will walk around your Stables, allowing you to show them off.

  • Level 1 - Enables the capture and training of special mounts on Draenor. Also allows you remain mounted while interacting with objects in outdoor Draenor zones.
  • Level 2 - You will no longer get dazed by enemies while riding mounts in outdoor Draenor zones.
  • Level 3 - Increases mount speed in Draenor by 20%.

Level 3 Unlock
The Level 3 version of this building is unlocked by completing the Master of Mounts achievement, which requires you to unlock all six mounts that the Stables provides.

Trained Mounts
The Stables allow you to complete a series of quests to collect six different mounts. Initially you must capture a mount, which will open access to other quests that require you to train with it. After a sufficient amount of training has been done, you are ready to learn the mount. These mounts will remain yours to use even if you replace the building with another.

Name Description
Trained Icehoof Summons and dismisses your Trained Icehoof.
Trained Meadowstomper Summons and dismisses your Trained Meadowstomper.
Trained Rocktusk Summons and dismisses your Trained Rocktusk.
Trained Riverwallow Summons and dismisses your Trained Riverwallow.
Trained Silverpelt Summons and dismisses your Trained Silverpelt.
Trained Snarler Summons and dismisses your Trained Snarler.

Achievement Mounts
These mounts are rewarded from the Advanced Husbandry and Stable Master achievements (according to the Mount Journal). The achievements do not list them as a reward currently.

Name Description
Armored Frostboar Summons and dismisses your Armored Frostboar.
Armored Frostwolf Summons and dismisses your Armored Frostwolf.


Name Side Points Reward
Intro to Husbandry Complete all of the capture quests at the Stables.
Master of Mounts Fully train all six mounts at your Stables.
The Stable Master Defeat all mount-in-training targets in Nagrand while carrying the Garn-Tooth Necklace.
Alliance 10
Title Reward: Stable Master <Name>
The Stable Master Defeat all mount-in-training targets in Nagrand while carrying the Garn-Tooth Necklace.
Horde 10
Title Reward: Stable Master

Interface Art

Level 1 Alliance Screenshots

Level 1 Horde Screenshots

Level 2 Alliance Screenshots

Level 2 Horde Screenshots

Blazing Wings and Shapeshift Forms
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
There were some issues with certain cosmetic effects, such as Blazing Wings, attaching to shapeshift forms incorrectly (e.g. backwards, upside-down, etc). We had to disable them temporarily, but we've isolated the issues causing the bug, and should have it fixed for the next major patch. We think a feral Druid with fiery wings is going to look pretty sweet too.

Longer-term, we're working on a way to allow cosmetic toys that completely take over your character (such as Smite's Brass Compass or Krastinov's Bag of Horrors) to work with shapeshift forms as well. I don't have details to share on exactly how that's going to work yet, but we're working on a solution that will allow everyone to enjoy their toys, without hurting gameplay for other players (such as being able to recognize when a Druid is in Cat form and thus unable to be Polymorphed).

Blizzard Activision Q3 2014 Earnings Call
There wasn't much of note in this call, as the subscriber increase was announced before the call.

Warlords of Draenor - Garrisons: Dwarven Bunker / War Mill
Our Dwarven Bunker / War Mill guide has been updated.

Warlords of Draenor - Garrisons: Town Hall
Our Town Hall guide has been updated.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Shaman (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Any chance we could make it so friendly Earthquake doesn't show up or looks different? It's annoying as a melee.
We'll likely hide Earthquake for allies of the caster (hotfix), and work on a chilled-out visual for a later patch. (WatcherDev)

Where Dota-like games an inspiration for some concepts of ashran? (like respawning at your base to balance the lane push)
It was more based on Alterac Valley (holinka)

you said you would maybe revisit it, would you consider moving the horde event to Orgrimmar since its the main capital like SW?
It's a Forsaken holiday, so no. (_DonAdams)

We added more hardware to the Australian instance server pools this morning. Players there should find themselves on US much less often. (Source)

BlizzCon 2014 Live Raid - Method vs. Midwinter
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The ongoing battle between two raiding behemoths continues! This year’s BlizzCon World of Warcraft Live Raid will once again pit Horde guild Method (EU-Twisting Nether) against Alliance guild Midwinter (US-Sargeras) in a battle for PvE supremacy.

These two teams of exceptionally skilled raiders will be testing their mettle in the unreleased of Warlords of Draenor Raid dungeon Highmaul on Heroic difficulty. What could possibly go wrong?

Each Raid team will have a trio of representatives on stage—and when the battle begins, they’ll need every ounce of your support wherever you’re watching BlizzCon from.

Representing Midwinter on stage will be:
  • Gondlem – Windwalker Monk
  • Slootbag – Protection Paladin
  • Kaowa – Assassination Rogue

Representing Method on stage will be:
  • Blatty – Arcane Mage
  • Rogerbrown – Marksmanship Hunter
  • Treckie – Protection Paladin

World of Warcraft lead game designer Ion “Watcher” Hazzikostas will be joined on stage by community manager Josh “Lore” Allen to provide commentary on the Live Raid.

If you’re attending BlizzCon 2014 in person, join us Saturday morning at 10 a.m. PST in Hall D to witness the epic battle—otherwise, you can tune in to watch the race live from the comfort of your home with the Virtual Ticket.

Curse - The End Game Tournament and Giveaway
Curse is running a WoW Boss Battle Tournament with new lineups every day until Warlords of Draenor release. Along with the tournament they are giving away a SteelSeries mouse and mousepad every day. Be sure to vote every day from noon EST to 10 AM EST on the following day for your chance to win.

Dark Legacy Comics - #464
DLC #464 looks at new facial expressions.

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  1. mmoc9a1114f95d's Avatar
    same shit, different day, another year. Useless blizzcon this year. cmon blizzard seriously is this the best you can offer? fix you're games omg!.
  1. mmoca4255e0c3a's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Heldamon View Post
    Well do you remember these leaked infos we had before WoD announcement? That Stormwind will be sieged and raided?
    Maybe that's why they don't fix it. Why fix something that's gonna get wasted...
    <Siege of Stormwind>... Sounds so much fun after more than a year with the siege of Orgrimmar.
  1. tgrhwke's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Laylriana View Post
    Did any horde town or city get destroyed in Cata or MoP with the exception of Taurajo, a small village in The Barrens? Alliance has lost Theramore, the Park in SW, Auberdine, and Silverwind Refuge. So, yeah, we will complain about our Capital City not being repaired.
    The Alliance also lost Southshore and the Stonewrought Dam in Loch Modan.
  1. tangers58's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Charliesheep View Post
    <Siege of Stormwind>... Sounds so much fun after more than a year with the siege of Orgrimmar.
    ... that was heroic Garrosh's 4th phase...

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