The Alliance Chopper is Now for Sale for 100,000 gold
It looks like the Alliance Chopper is now live, and can be bought for 100,000 gold in Stormwind.

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  1. Bathory's Avatar
    100k? Omg horde favoritism

    But seriously, that thing is horrendous.
  1. Niight9's Avatar
    there's gonna be so much rage & tear in this thread ...

    On the subject, even as a hord player i find the alliance version prettier, that being said both are bad looking
  1. fooliuscaesar13's Avatar
    I wouldn't even pay 1000 for Weaksauce on Wheels. Err, treads.
    Ok, maybe for mount collection but you'd never see any of my toons on it...especially now that I have a Core Hound.
  1. cwowtbang's Avatar
    I should have enough for it 5 expansions from now, if I start saving.
  1. link_991's Avatar
    100,000 gold for the mount that lost a popularity contest because it was poorly designed, yeah that makes sense.
  1. Headayke's Avatar
    Guess I have something to grind towards on my ally characters.
  1. Penguintamer's Avatar
    Holy crap I don't pay 180 dollars a year for this game just to have to log on and find out that the horde bicicle is free while the alliance one is 100,000 gold pieces. I've been playing this game for over 7 years and I cant just throw 100,000 big ones down on a bike, not with the bills that I have to pay. Thankfully I have saved up over 3000 true iron ore from my many alt's garrison mines so I will be able to craftily take control of the market and make millions of gold with my ore, no one will see it coming. Youre all in for a rude awakenign once I get my grip on the market b o y s
  1. Buildapanda's Avatar
    100k? no thanks ill spend that on stuff that actually does something in game, i've already been burned 25 dollars here 25 dollars there for flying mounts i cant even use anymor3
  1. Grym's Avatar
    Is it easier or harder to make gold on WoD compare to last expansions? Because up until MoP it is pretty easy to make a few millions.
  1. Bufond's Avatar
    Where do I get the horde bike?
  1. Chingylol's Avatar
    I usually buy all the expensive mounts for the hell of it, but won't buy this one.

    It's ugly, and the WOTLK engineering bike costs like 5 X's less and looks 5 X's better.
  1. Bathory's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Penguintamer View Post
    Holy crap I don't pay 180 dollars a year for this game just to have to log on and find out that the horde bicicle is free while the alliance one is 100,000
    Apparently you do
  1. subanark's Avatar
    The value of something is somewhat based on its rarity. Riding around in this will stand out much more than the horde version that most players have.
  1. Animist Primal's Avatar
    I don't even like the thing that much but I will never understand why Blizz would make this one of the most expensive mounts in the game. The Alliance lost the contest, so what?! I just don't get this.
  1. xskarma's Avatar
    Now if that mount actually GLEAMED like the actual bike, I might consider eventually buying it. This dull grey abomination on threads though? Doubt I ever will.
  1. Armbre's Avatar
    This is like a restaurant saying hey this pizza here it may look like crap but you can buy it for 100 dollars how does that sound, and your friends are at a different table with a less crappy looking pizza that they got on the house, would you buy the crappy 100 dollar pizza i think not(unless your a hoarder)
  1. Torgent's Avatar
    ITT: A whole lot of complaining that an item costs gold. Previously it was believed that this would be a cash shop item, so don't you prefer this? If you don't like it, don't buy it. If you're a mount collector, 100k is nothing new to you.
  1. mmocb3bae280f1's Avatar
    For its poor textures and bad design,100k is just too much.
  1. Thelxi's Avatar
    That is one seriously ugly mount. Very noisy too.
  1. Revak's Avatar
    Haha. We all knew it was coming but it's still just as funny. 100k for this mount. I wouldn't pay 100k for either or both combined as they are terrible. I logged my BE Monk on once and put him on the horde bike and that's it. These are terrible mounts and 100k for one of them is just laughable.

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