Paragon - Mythic Highmaul World First
Highmaul has been cleared on Mythic difficulty by Paragon. Congratulations!

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  1. Mister K's Avatar
    Well done lads, now this is WF.
  1. dickbutt's Avatar
  1. linyucobet's Avatar
    A paragon is an ideal
  1. Faladrath's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by dickbutt View Post
    So very wrong

    OT: Grats to them, the longer it takes for 2nd to come in the bigger the feat this was
  1. Nienor's Avatar
    In my opinion, beta and ptr is a HUGE blizzard fail. The way they contact the beta tests shows pure greed and incompetence . Instead of hiring a decent beta testing team they ruin the game experience by making extensive and detailed beta versions of the game. And then people are talking about world firsts and other misguided nonsense... not convincing or interesting enough for me
  1. holaadios's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sionus View Post
    Analogies like that only work when the person you're talking to finds value in the comparative subject. Sports are equally as ridiculous and serve no real purpose except for the entertainment of others.
    You still have no idea how profoundly ignorant this comment of yours is
  1. Stacie's Avatar
    And... only a few care but gz anyway i guess lol. Man the US/KR and other places who get the raids first must suck so bad just look at that leader board. It's like a 12h lead and they still cant win.
  1. Daedelus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ketsis View Post
    Oh that explains a lot why they seemed to fall behind on progress anyway 5hours on butcher is pretty insane too
    They spent 8 hours on Thursday wiping on Butcher before moving on.
  1. Caribald's Avatar
    Was there ever really any doubt they'd be first? lol
  1. mmocb9d7de49a1's Avatar
    Just chiming in with a congratulations to Paragon, job well done!
  1. mmoc1eaa33a361's Avatar
    no rogues...
  1. Rixis's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Trihara View Post
    Yes they did, look at the item level details in the giant picture above...herp derp.

    - - - Updated - - -

    World firsts are always monitored.
    You read that post but couldn't be bothered reading any further down then eh?
  1. ztn's Avatar
    why you post on main page this shit about 668ivl? it was 673ilvl...
  1. Arvandor's Avatar
    welcome back guys! nice to see here again
  1. Karry's Avatar
    Lol at the over-representation of the rogue class in a world first kill! Those combo points are way too hard mang!
  1. Lil's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Karry View Post
    Lol at the over-representation of the rogue class in a world first kill! Those combo points are way too hard mang!
    When asked "why didn't you bring class X?", their shaman said: "Our roster consists of 21 players, we can't swap around much, we work with what we have."
  1. det's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sionus View Post
    Anyone else find this more sad than impressive?
    Why is that more sad than people playing loads of pvp / garrisons / pet battles or WoW...hell..any videogame? In fact I find it less sad than watching TV series like "Two and a half" man or reality soaps....
  1. Nest's Avatar
    Congrats guys, well deserved world first yet again.
  1. det's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by morfraen View Post
    How can they have an average ilvl of ~670 when heroic has only been out for 2 weeks?

    It's ridiculous that the hardest content can be cleared the 1st week its open, even if it is by the best players the game has.
    Thy started the race in ilv 655 or so gear...less than other guilds. The bump obviously came from the gear that dropped?

    As for your other point: They can clear that content, because those guilds are indeed THE BEST. And because beating these bosses needs insane skill over gear. Is that not how it should be?

    Everything else would involve some kind of gating, including gating it behind a dps requirement that can only be achieved in full BiS. (like Lich King, who also had a 50 attempt limit)

    Which offers the next problem: Nobody except the best 10-20 guilds could clear mythic if involves both: Insane skill and mythic BiS gear. I am sure some people would like this concept, others would be so frustrated that they drop raiding when they cleared heroics.
  1. mmoc6765cb3ae1's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sionus View Post
    You've hit on exactly my point. I enjoy playing WoW and other games but I find it sad how much time these top guilds spend getting world first kills. Imagine what they could accomplish if they spent that time doing productive things, instead of playing video games.
    I know, right? The first thing I do when I get home from work is go into my bedroom and work on my cure for cancer. After my dinner I go out in the streets and help old ladies cross the road. When the sun sets I put on my cape and tights and go out and fight crime. I only have three hours of sleep before it's back into work.
    The actual temerity of these guys of not only playing a video game but being better than most others at it in their leisure time astounds me.

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