Update (8:00 PM EST): According to the official post, all US and EU emails have gone out.
Update: Added official information. EU emails are starting to go out. There are a few reports of players getting one with small lapses in their subscription.

Gift to Veteran Players: Orc Wolf Rider Mini-Statue
The first people have started receiving their veteran gifts! The statue is an orc riding a wolf; it is a miniature version of the one located outside the Blizzard HQ. Credit to @thebl4ckd0g for the picture of the statue itself and Smitti for the picture of the inscription on the base.

Anniversary Gift
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We've been secretly working on creating a one-time gift to celebrate the WoW Anniversary, and it's now on its way to players that have been with us since the beginning. Emails have been sent to North America and Oceanic players to their registered address, which will include shipment tracking info. Our players in Europe will receive a similar email, and their shipments are expected to begin in the next few weeks.

If you're an NA region player (US, Canada, Oceania, Latin America) the receipt of an email is confirmation that you met the criteria to receive an Anniversary celebration gift. Emails have not yet begun to be sent out to our European players, but we'll start sending them soon. Shipment of the gift to EU players will begin in the next few weeks.

Criteria required to receive the gift:
  • Started playing WoW within 60 days of the game launch in your region
  • A continuous subscription for all 10 years, from launch to the Anniversary

We're thankful for everyone that chooses to spend time in Azeroth with us, and hope that this small token of appreciation expresses our gratitude to those few of you that have achieved the incredible milestone of playing World of Warcraft for all these 10 years.

[Update] All notification emails have been sent to NA and EU region recipients.

Support Article
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
As a way to thank our most loyal World of Warcraft players, we are sending a physical gift to players that have stuck with us since the very beginning. Eligible players have received an email at their registered Battle.net email address. If you did not receive an email, your account does not qualify for this gift.

These gifts have been sent to the physical address associated with eligible Battle.net accounts. To be eligible for this gift, a player must have created a World of Warcraft account within 60 days of the game launching in the NA or EU regions, and maintained their subscription or game time for all ten years.

Eligible players in the North American region, along with eligible Oceanic players, have been sent tracking information for the gift. Eligible players in Europe will receive tracking information when their gift ships later this month. If the shipping address on that email is incorrect, you will need to contact us with your updated information.
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  1. tehdef's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Eroginous View Post
    Listing says that was given as a gift to employees 7 years ago. Nice to know Blizzard is giving the leftovers away to players...

    Only cheapens the entire thing for both the players and the employees who were around back then.

    I had one, it broke. I got it when I was there many many years ago. However, what your'e seeing is SIGNIFICANTLY smaller. Mine was between 12-16 inches tall, if I recall. This version is much smaller.

    In summation: Stop bitching without full info.
  1. Runeweaver's Avatar
    Wow, that looks cool :< I want one lol
  1. Zutroy's Avatar
    Was literally just looking at this post on MMO-Champ and my doorbell rings. Got my statue!
  1. Pterodactylus's Avatar
    9 years, 7 months - and almost $3,000 spent on Blizz products and subs over that time - but alas.
  1. Rotted's Avatar
    1 year here, I know people have missed by days but still pretty fucking posed about it, already mentioned in other threads why, but still I think it's pretty much a slap in the face to a lot of people
  1. artaxix's Avatar
    If people are genuinely upset that it's an Orc on a wolf, then realistically, they don't deserve to get one.

    Spare us the "OMG WHAT ABOUT ALLIANCE?!" Malarkey.
  1. Graeham's Avatar
    More orcs, eh? How dull.
  1. mmoc01ff4e4b52's Avatar
    Subbed April 15th 2005 EU, and not even mad... Don't like Horde anyway :P

    Enjoy your statues, guys Very sad to see they're already on Ebay though...
  1. Jeanclaude's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by HammondQ View Post
    Horde biased hunk of horseshit. Should have been something faction neutral like a hearthstone replica.

    Way to alienate half your player base. Why would an alliance player want a statue of some random orc!?
    Have you ever heard the saying "Dont look a gift horse in the mouth."? Grow up and stop acting like a 5yr old who didnt get what he wanted on Christmas.
  1. Roiids's Avatar
    Pretty lame to me.... subbed nov 27 2004.. didnt get squat.
  1. mmocf89c8b0f36's Avatar
    Poor Alliance players...
  1. ejpaints's Avatar
    Wow to all these complaints. I ain't gettin one. I was deployed to the desert when WoW came out. I was lucky to eat a real dinner much less play a video game till around TBC release. Am I whining I didn't get a statue? NOPE! Bunch of entitled brats. It's something to sit on a shelf & it was free. Stop whining about it.
  1. mmoc4d584552b2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zutroy View Post
    Was literally just looking at this post on MMO-Champ and my doorbell rings. Got my statue!

    Can you give us some more info about your account, non stop sub, or did you took breaks in between?
  1. Xeroz's Avatar
    Started on day 1 , Cant wait to see if i get one here in EU! 10 year hyyyppeee
  1. Jeanclaude's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bisso View Post
    It's just a game man...

    +19839828492 Thank you for this. So many cry babies.
  1. Sarasesarrow's Avatar
    pretty cool gift, still hoping Blizzard sent me one, but starting to doubt it guess only renewing a sub a few times each year doesn't count. Its got to be that full 12 months for the last 10 years I bet.
  1. frangeek's Avatar
    Complaining about a gift... very classy guys.
  1. mmoc64ace7a841's Avatar
    Lol. ORC. Disgusting.
  1. mmoc6d00db7716's Avatar
    ....'constant presence'

    I'm assuming you had to be subbed the whole 10 years then. I've had an account since vanilla open beta and been signed up to every blizz game since.....no statue, not a single beta invite (other than HS when everyone had an invite).

    Just give me HoTS and I'll be happy god damn it!
  1. Harthmut's Avatar
    Ok first I was jealous, now that I know what it is, I'm glad I didn't get one because I would've been really disappointed. I mean sure, It's a gift and all, but come on, it's pretty underwhelming and still unfair to those who started only a few days too late.

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