WoW Stable at 10+ Million Subscribers
Blizzard had their Q4 2014 earnings call today, announcing that WoW was still at 10+ million subscribers at the end of 2014. This is the same as the mid November announcement that listed WoW at 10+ million subscribers.

  • Subscriber numbers are expected to decline, just like after the release of every other expansion. Asia is expected to have a larger decline, as subscriber numbers there are more fluid.
  • Hearthstone has over 25 million registered players
  • Heroes of the Storm has 9 million users registered for beta

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Patch 6.0.3 Hotfixes - February 5
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios
  • Blackrock Foundry
    • Resolved an issue where Slagshop Brutes may sometimes not reset correctly if the raid wipes while they're casting Death Howl.
    • Hans'gar & Franzok
      • Hans’gar and Franzok’s Crippling Suplex now deals 30% less damage (200,000 damage on Raid Finder, 450,000 damage on Normal, 600,000 damage on Heroic, and 700,000 damage on Mythic).
    • Blackhand
      • Blackhand's Impaling Throw damage dealt to Siegemakers should now properly scale up based on the number of players in the Raid.
      • Visuals for Marked for Death and Slag Eruptions should now be easier to see.
      • Players should now only receive a single debuff that refreshes when running through Blazes created by Siegemaker Mortar attacks.
      • Resolved an issue that could cause some Hunters or Warlocks to suffer fatal falling damage during the transition to Stage Three: Iron Crucible.

Battlegrounds and Arenas
  • Faction flags should no longer appear for players in an Arena or Arena Skirmish match.
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  1. Einsz's Avatar
    now they could fix eu realms so you can actually play their game
  1. DarkArchon's Avatar
    This is the biggest sub rise spike since Vanilla...Was pretty much my prediction that WoD would bring a lot back and get above 10 million again. I think that number will get over 11 million before this expansion ends.
  1. Nerraw's Avatar
    I had expected a slight dip. Impressive.
  1. Sarodan's Avatar
    lovely such good pr team you guys have which zoo did you bought them about fixing your god dam servers first...
  1. Terahertz's Avatar
    Great, now if they could actually fix PvP and balance this game properly I'd say they actually deserved it.
  1. Ginkeltjes's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Einsz View Post
    now they could fix eu realms so you can actually play their game
    Nothing wrong with the EU Realms (Stormscale)..
  1. Grimalkin of Old's Avatar
    Didn't see that coming.
  1. DarkArchon's Avatar
    Guess i got here early...Here comes the ''bitchers'' The realms are fine.
  1. George Costanza's Avatar
    no suprise. Looking forward to the next one.
  1. Jester Joe's Avatar
    I can honestly say I did not see that coming either, I was expecting 8-9 million.
  1. McNeil's Avatar
    It was to be expected that the subs would stabilise. At this point I can only see it going down though.
  1. mmocedbf46d113's Avatar
    Well, that's a downer.
  1. Xilurm's Avatar
    I must say I am surprised.
  1. palaios's Avatar
    Couldn't raid tonight on Silvermoon because instance servers are down, raids and garrisons.

    Premade groups tab isn't loading either!
  1. Lundmark's Avatar
    It will go down soon
  1. Dundebuns's Avatar
    I wouldn't call a sudden surge to a value being 'Stable'. The next two quarters will decide if WoD can hold numbers.
  1. Tucci's Avatar
    Epic! Love it.
  1. Zabatakis's Avatar
    Huh I figured it would be higher than MoP. /shrug
  1. Socialhealer's Avatar
    for every person saying wow is dying

    please send a kiss to my ass, move along 10m people are enjoying the game, stop crying.
  1. tj119's Avatar
    i expected it to be higher seeing as these numbers are so close to launch.

    Q1 and Q2 numbers will be interesting, I expect at least to be back down near 6-8 million by Q2

    Lol@ people who think these are CURRENT numbers.

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