Azeroth Armory: Forging Gorehowl

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Watch legendary Hollywood blacksmith Tony Swatton (of Man at Arms) stoke the fires of his forge to bring the hellacious weapon Gorehowl to life — only to unleash its fearsome power on some unsuspecting foes. Ouch!

Do you have a favorite weapon you’d like to see emerge from the forge? Share yours with us in the comments below.
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  1. moveth's Avatar
    It's so beautiful T~T
  1. mmoce213c955fb's Avatar
    Badass, as expected of Swatton-sama.
  1. Gourmandise's Avatar
    I like it when they make weapons <3
  1. Schmeebs's Avatar
    This video obviously cost us a raid tier.
  1. Dawon's Avatar
    Sick talent some people got...
  1. huehuehue's Avatar
    there goes 6.2 funding
  1. geniebsmart's Avatar
    How pointless. Just like that chopper garbage.
  1. bryroo's Avatar
    Well at least someone is making Warcraft content.

    Kind of.
  1. mmocc55fd08526's Avatar
    It'd be nice if they focused their time and money more on making content for the game instead of these stupid programs.
  1. mmocf93185380c's Avatar
    Your sub dollars at work.

    Choppers, weapons, the movie...

    I just want more dungeons, more max-lvl quests, and a stunning raid or two. I think you'll find it works out much cheaper, blizz (shareholders).
  1. Sky High's Avatar
    I fail to see how a single production crew filming a guy who does this for a living can in ANY way take away from WoW development. IDK maybe I have too much experience in the real world.
  1. Teebone's Avatar
    I normally wouldn't bother to bash this, but WoW is in a shitty state right now. They need to focus on the product, not the fucking sales pitch.
  1. Mellrod's Avatar
    This is awesome! I wondered where Tony went to, I remember when he made Frostmourne ( on his own webseries Man At Arms. He and his team takes requests for any weapon from pop culture there in the youtube comments below his videos for those interested! Now I wish he would make the Warglaives of Azzinoth or Ashbringer!

    Also, I can't wait to see what kind of negative comments the Wow community will come up with about this video. *sits in front row seat and grabs some popcorn w/ a large soda*

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    Quote Originally Posted by geniebsmart View Post
    How pointless. Just like that chopper garbage.
    Oh, we got one!

    Is this sarcasm? If not, then how is it like the chopper? Tony has his own youtube series where he makes weapons from pop culture (videogames, media, etc) every few weeks or so. This wasn't a highly advertised week long thing where he makes gorehowl, and there certainly wasn't any contest for it. It was just a nice community video posted by Blizzard out of the blue.
  1. Sting's Avatar
    That thing looks badass! It does seem a bit small though?
  1. Igzorn's Avatar
    well i hope they will make Armageddon real someday
  1. Sky High's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sting View Post
    That thing looks badass! It does seem a bit small though?
    for an Orc? yes. for a human? any bigger and they would even be able to lift it.
  1. Teebone's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzo View Post
    I can't tell if people are being sarcastic or really think that a guy making a weapon for the company (who doesn't even work for the company) impedes with the development of the game.

    They literally just paid him to make a weapon, no development hours were spent on this short video. The money spent on the video I'm 100% sure didn't cut into development funds.

    But hey, it's better then Azeroth Choppers
    I don't think you understand the point. It's not the cost but the fact that they are promoting themselves when there is a sweeping negative feeling of the current state of game. It's not about sub dollars being spent, it's about a company GETTING ITS SHIT TOGETHER. The April Fool's thing is a tradition. This is just needless promo. Promo changes, new features or functions coming in the game... FUCK.. even the twitter bullshit was more conducive to the game than this. I hate even just saying that.
  1. Tenjen's Avatar
    amazing and gorgeous forge work on that weapon
  1. Schmilblick's Avatar
    Can he try to forge some content for 6.2 ?
  1. Tenjen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sting View Post
    That thing looks badass! It does seem a bit small though?
    small?! its MASSIVE for a weapon of its type.

    the thing about weapons is you have to actually be able to wield them. The thing about weapons in RTS games, is that they have to be visible from a high up camera

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