Update (Wednesday 12:15 PM EDT): The Token price is going back up.
Update (Wednesday 11:15 PM EDT): The Token price has started to go back up for the first time since the decline started.

Patch 2.2 Key Features and Item Changes Guide

Deck Spotlight: Midrange Hunter, Card Design Competition #11, Sylvanas Lore Spotlight

Heroes of the Storm PTR, Shop Sales - Insectoid Zagara & Lumberjack Uther

Noblegarden 2015
Noblegarden is back once again and this year brings a few updates to the event. Check the guide on Icy Veins for the full details!

  • The Mystical Spring Bouquet is a new non-combat pet that will follow you around. You can purchase it for 100 x Noblegarden Chocolate.
  • New eggs such as Magnificently-Painted Egg have been added. These allow anyone who can see them to loot an item that sells for 90% of the gold of the original, making them another way to transfer gold between realms.

WoW Token Prices - Day 1
WoW Tokens came out today and had a slight spike in prices in the afternoon before the price started going down. Prices were initially adjusted hourly and now appear to be adjusted every 15 minutes. For the most part, prices are changing by 1% in either direction when they do change.

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Changes to Conquest Catch-Up Cap
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
As of this week’s reset, we’ve made a change to how the Conquest catch-up cap is calculated that should result in a 50% increase to the catch-up portion of the cap. We’re making this change because, while we still want there to be an incentive to play early and often, the amount of Conquest that a player could earn via that catch-up cap didn’t feel like enough once the PvP season had been active for a while.

To elaborate, the formula used to calculate a player’s catch-up cap is now:
Number of weeks passed in the season × 1500 - Total amount of Conquest earned this season

That number is then added to the weekly total cap of 1700. Note that, as of this post, Warlords Season 1 has been active for 18 weeks, which means the maximum possible catch-up cap for a player that has not earned any Conquest points this season is 28,700 Conquest.

We're looking into the reports that some players haven't had their catch-up cap increased. I'll update when I can.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Game Mechanics Arguments
Why is that? What makes mechanics in the game create feelings of injustice rather than just distaste?
I think it's mostly to do with ownership. You see the same thing with some movies, especially with popular movie franchises, that the dynamic of product creator and product consumer changes--and this is compounded when you factor in age and nostalgic factors. It's not just about making something to entertain for a couple hours anymore and a 'We hope you had fun!' and everyone moves on, it's had an impact on who they are, and it's something they've invested some portion of their life toward. In most cases you'll also find these things have a human element, where relationships are formed, experiences with friends are had, and memories made. When you're involved in creating the entertainment that defines a part of who someone is, and this is especially true of games and gamers, you're not just making something they can choose to buy or not, you're continually trying to deliver on a promise. It's usually not a promise anyone wrote down, or put on a website, but it's an expectation that this piece of their life won't betray them by becoming something else. All of this is sometimes explained or downplayed as entitlement, and I think that word is often used as a way to belittle people who rightfully have expectations--who have a deep and emotional connection to a life experience that just happens to be based around a piece of entertainment.

It's no small part of our job to ensure that when you see one of our game logos, or just the Blizzard logo, you know that when you pick up that box, or click on a link, it's going to be something that delivers on all those promises, and that those expectations are not only met but exceeded. It's a really difficult, and scary, and exciting, and wondrous obligation we have. And one that we really enjoy challenging ourselves with. Every day. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
I have to ask: Will vanilla armor/weapons have HD model? It's a lot of art work but we can use them fot the next 5-10 years.
Re-vamping the human/orc armor in WoD made sense for garrisons, but yeah, it's expensive, art-wise. Often rather make new stuff. (Muffinus)

Do you think ability and skill trumps the need for a college degree as a game designer, assuming you can produce very impressive
My *personal* opinion, speaking for myself, not on behalf of Blizzard, is 'generally, yes'. (Celestalon)

Warlords of Draenor Art
Today we have some of the art done for Warlords of Draenor by Vergne Fanny, one of Blizzard's Senior 3D Environment Artist. There are also lots of environment shots from popular places in Draenor that she worked on.

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  1. carlos5577's Avatar
    I did say that gold would either be very cheap or very expensive. Now that gold is very expensive (and might be getting even more expensive). You could actually save on WoW game time on the back of the legit buyers if gold sellers undercut blizzard with this bubble.

    Edit: Just went to a gold seller site 40,000 gold for $25. So you'd save $4 dollars on gametime. Blizzard needs to address this.
  1. shazzan925's Avatar
    I make a minimum of $125 an hour; That's about a token every 10 minutes. It takes longer to grind my garrison. I believe that the price of the coins will ultimately be what ever blizz wants it to be. Its guaranteed after all. They can adjust the economy based on drops or just buy it out. Its a game a couple of keystrokes and everyone gets bought out their is no audit... Now if they base it on btc that would be interesting. I could buy anything with in game currency. Only time will tell if people will trust it
  1. Vraul Jawrip's Avatar
    Aaaaaaand this is why I, as a casual player, sold a token on the AH right when the damn thing first came out. The 30k felt gold... er, good.
  1. Total Crica's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by g01851 View Post
    When you sell your token on the AH, you get exactly how much it says you'll get when you post it. The price it sells for is irrelevant.
    they know that - they are saying that they dont GET any gold UNLESS another player gives them gold for it, blizzard just gives them a token for 20bucks and says GOOD LUCK!
  1. Bathory's Avatar
    uh oh! It's going up!
  1. Pacster's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bathory View Post
    uh oh! It's going up!
    Guess cause it was close to the 20k line. Such lines work as a trigger. A lot said they would buy at 20k on the forums. So when it came close to 20k people may have started buying cause they have been afraid that the price will raise soon. We'll see how long that will last and if it will be the same as on the first day with the 30k line.

    Wouldn't surprise me if buyers of tokens for real money won't buy anymore cause they want to see how high the price rises...while the gold buyers want to buy now as long as it's cheap. So we may actually see it go up all the way to 30k before it goes down to 20k again...;-)
  1. Williamgood's Avatar
    Can whoever handles the website just make a tracker (current value 20### increase +8% etc... for example) on the top? Or it's own separate tab page for updates on the price lol
  1. tuesday the paladin's Avatar
    Wouldn't surprise me if buyers of tokens for real money won't buy anymore cause they want to see how high the price rises...while the gold buyers want to buy now as long as it's cheap. So we may actually see it go up all the way to 30k before it goes down to 20k again...;-)
    I'm kind of expecting that to happen now. Right now there are none available for 20.7k. Once it gets back up to upper 26-30k people will post more tokens, then it will fall back down to 20-22k and people will buy them all. Then the cycle repeats. Buyers only willing to pay ~21k, but sellers only wanting to get 27-30k, with each auction another 6-10k will appear out of thin air.
  1. Bathory's Avatar
    blah, of course it says "error" when I try to buy while it's low -.-
  1. sionus's Avatar
    You guys must be really bored to be posting token updates this late...
  1. Bathory's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sionus View Post
    You guys must be really bored to be posting token updates this late...
    Us? Na we're not bored, we're talking about the topic this thread was meant to discuss. You on the other hand, came here to complain about it. If anyone is bored, it must be you.

    Also, you do know not everyone is in the same time zone right?
  1. Aliidra's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Williamgood View Post
    Can whoever handles the website just make a tracker (current value 20### increase +8% etc... for example) on the top? Or it's own separate tab page for updates on the price lol
    It's being tracked on a website... Google wow token . Info seeing as I can't post links yet
  1. Insofin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Pacster View Post
    They do not have to. To have the price dropping it doesn't need people to buy tokens for real money...it's enough if those that want to buy tokens for gold just don't buy. Then the price will keep dropping. Those that want to buy tokens for gold would be stupid to buy now...they wait till they see that the bottom line is reached. So the current situation is likely that hardly anyone buys tokens for gold or real money...but because there are still tokens on the market and nobody buys them, the price keeps dropping.
    You're just saying the same thing I said. Offer >>> demand due to very low demand. If you said people started buying tokens non-stop, that would be a different thing (we're saying there is almost no demand, and by saying people bought tons of tokens we would mean a huge offer, which ends up being the same but on a different basis Offer >>> demand due to offer excess).

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