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WoW Down to 7.1 Million Subscribers
Blizzard had their Q1 2015 earnings call today, announcing that WoW is down to 7.1 million subscribers at the end of Q1 2015. This is down 2.9 million from the Q4 2014 call that listed WoW at 10 million subscribers. This appears to be the largest drop in subscriber count in the history of the game.

  • Tokens are not included in this timeframe, as they launched in Q2.
  • World of Warcraft’s revenue performance at constant FX has been more stable, driven by continued strong uptake on value added services, and price increases in select regions, which partially offset subscriber declines, particularly in the East.
  • Heroes of the Storm had over 11 million beta sign-ups.
  • Hearthstone is now at 30 million players, up from 25 million last quarter.

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Patch 6.2 PTR Notes Update - May 6
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
General Changes

Garrisons, Followers, and Outposts
Garrison Buildings
  • Mine
    • Mineral nodes should now only be displayed on the mini-map when a character is inside the mine. Characters with Track Minerals active will continue to see mineral nodes from outside the Mine.

Raids and Dungeons
  • Bonus Roll Changes
    • Seal of Tempered Fate can now be purchased from the Fate-Twisters for gold and no longer has a cap on how many can be obtained per week. Additionally, characters can now hold up to a maximum of 20 Seals of Tempered Fate (up from 10).


Death Knight (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Mastery: Blood Shield's Physical damage absorption shield from Death Strike now also counts as having an active mitigation effect active.
  • Breath of Sindragosa now costs 20 Runic Power per second for Blood Death Knights.

Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Tranquilizing Shot has switched functionality with Glyph of Tranquilizing Shot. Tranquilizing Shot no longer costs Focus but has a 10-second cooldown.
  • Glyph of Tranquilizing Shot has switched functionality with Tranquilizing Shot. Glyph of Tranquilizing Shot causes Tranquilizing Shot to cost 40 Focus instead of a 10-second cooldown.

Mage (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Flameglow now absorbs up to a maximum of 20% damage from each attack (down from 30%).
Armor Sets
  • Tier-17 2-piece set bonus for Fire Mages has been redesigned. It now reduces the cooldown of Inferno Blast by 2 seconds.

Rogue (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
  • Cloak of Shadows now has a 90-second cooldown (up from 60 seconds).

Shaman (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Armor Sets
  • Tier 17 4-piece set bonus for Restoration Shaman now reduces the mana cost of Chain Heal by 50% for 8 seconds (down from 75% reduction for 10 seconds).

Warlock (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Armor Sets
  • PvP 4-piece set bonus for Destruction Warlocks has been redesigned. It now causes Incinerate to deal 25% more damage on targets affected by the Warlock's Immolate.

Warrior (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Armor Sets
  • Tier-17 4-piece set bonus for Arms Warrior has been redesigned. It now reduces the cost of Mortal Strike by 5 Rage.
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  1. Kryos's Avatar
    Garrisson is the main reason IMO. No reason to leave the Garrisson. No reason to meet other people outside. Hell no more reason to even trade goods with others since you get all you need in the Garrisson and the few things you don't get there you buy in the auction house with alle the money you also get from the garrisson:

    You also get your alts up to itemlevel 655 without ever leaving the garrisson, if you have patience.

    The result are bored, overfed players that feel lonely in their garrisson. If you don't have a nice raid group, there is not much reason to play the game. And the Garrisson is just a Facebook/HTML game where you click requesters and then just wait. The only "action" is to see how your followers leave to have some adventure.

    The whole Garrisson is also done the wrong way. You followers go out and fight cool monsters. You stay at home and pick flowers and mine ore or open chests? Shouldn't it be the other way round? You go out and kill monsters and your peons do the boring work at home?
  1. Frozen Death Knight's Avatar
    I'm not really surprised about the drop. While I've enjoyed WoD a lot, the content just doesn't last for a very long period of time without some content patches backing it up. I've done most of what I wanted to do and the first major content patch of the expansion has yet to drop. It also doesn't help that Garrisons became the center of attention of the expansion, since the outdoor content is very small compared to how other expansions handled it with dailies.

    Still, I don't really blame the quality/quantity of the expansion. Subscription numbers are much more unstable than they ever were back in the early days of WoW and subcription MMOs have been on a decline for a long time. Hopefully WoW Tokens will help making the numbers more stable.
  1. mmocd11f44e211's Avatar
    Only guessing, but it seems the devolpement team on WoW is getting smaller and smaller. Had high hopes for WoD but its just worse than almost any Xpack before. Not only the garrisons getting to just a chore, i think 4 Raid difficulties are making raiding a chore to. I have been raiding HM and BRF with my guild and im just not pumped about mythic after doing all the normal and heroic stuff. None of the stuff i used to do is around anymore. Doing Dungeons with friends for valor on mains and alts and farming are just gone to be honest. Maybe doing some dailies like ogrilaa in TBC or som eof the faction dailies in Wotlk even on an alt, not there any more.

    Dont get me wrong there is stuff to do, challenge modes, apexis grind, achievments and so on. But nothing of that appeals to me.

    And the most important thing my "friends list" is not existant anymore. Doing stuff together outside of raiding is long gone by.
  1. Frozen Death Knight's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Enkyulol View Post
    Only guessing, but it seems the devolpement team on WoW is getting smaller and smaller.
    No, it hasn't. It in fact got even bigger before WoD after Blizzard cancelled project Titan and moved the people developing the game to their other teams. They however seemed to have had a lot of issues with putting all of these new people into the regular workflow, which delayed the expansion, from what I've heard.
  1. mmoc6cc9359bff's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Chameleon View Post
    Well, I did. I came back for the next raid which is on PTR atm. So are some of my former guildmates. Guess you're wrong here.

    I doubt it will be that much, though.
    Most of the people don't even raid. You are the minority.
  1. Quickquick's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    Good, this game deserved that loss.
    Yes, it does!
  1. RuneDK's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Frozen Death Knight View Post
    No, it hasn't. It in fact got even bigger before WoD after Blizzard cancelled project Titan and moved the people developing the game to their other teams. They however seemed to have had a lot of issues with putting all of these new people into the regular workflow, which delayed the expansion, from what I've heard.
    What's worse is, the expansion feels rushed despite how long it took them to get it out. I am one of those 3M people that quit...I got one of those Blizz HQ mini statues too...I think that says enough about the state of the game currently.
  1. Gen4Glock21's Avatar
    I have had an account with wow for nearly all of the 10 years its been out and I have finally quit about 2 months ago. I quit for a lot of reasons.

    1. FLYING!! I mean WTF, at feature added to the game in BC is suddenly taken from the game after 4 expansions, I don't get it.
    2. Professions might as well be removed it's totally crap now.
    3. Garrisons worst idea EVER!! Destroyed any sense of community in the game.
    4. Reforging another great feature suddenly removed. I get that they got rid of useless stats like hit and exp. Reforging still has a purpose for less desirable stats.
    5. Raiding, I preferred 10 and 25man and flex was a great feature also. The new looking for raid tool also sucks the big one. I preferred the Mist looking for raid tool.
    6. LFR, another great feature for those of us who have had all or most of our friends quit the game. However no tier gear, and even the weapons are no longer recolored versions of the regular items they look cheezy and just plain.
    7. Classes, have been so blended together they no longer feel unique.
    8. I have a lot more reasons to list but I do not feel like typing all day.

    Number 1 and LFR was the final nail in the coffin for me. With no friend left, and LFR being stripped of any motivation at all to que up and deal with some of the retards who run LFR, I felt it was time to move on.

    My hope is WOW is finally scrapped and they start over with WOW2. I know that is wishful thinking but one can dream.
  1. woofpup's Avatar
    Let's see why,

    1. They destroyed professions which in their previous form were unique to mmos (catch up mechanisms added, CDs instead of item creation).
    2. Essentially no dailies at all just a room, a table, and sims to do all the game activity
    3. Removed valor/justice creating long queues for dungeons/LFR because no reason to run them without it. The gear in them is less than what missions bring.
    4. Gathering professions were killed with mining and garden. This tied to catch up mentality in professions that make older mats near useless.
    5. LFR was a joke it was so easy with rewards that were less useful than mission rewards
    6. Proving grounds didn't prove anything except that it was useless waste of time
    7. Pet collection is a pain since you can't just kill wild pets you don't want. Makes rare hunting not worth the time.
    8. Garrison isolates players so much. We liked hanging out in Stormwind and other cities.
    9. No Draenor flying further encouraged sitting in the garrison.
    10. Killed the transmog market with salvage drops.
    11. Damaged the auction economy by combining faction auction houses.
    12. Garrisons...if we wanted to play games like this we wouldn't be playing wow.
    13. Where's the Faction Rep daily quests?
    14. Where's the cooking quests?
    15. Destroyed the look of my NE female. Now no matter what I do she looks like Bruce Jenner.
    16. 6.2 isn't promising any game saving content just more garrison garbage. Stop with the garrison development it should be removed, move that team to creating new content.
    17. No VoA-Wintergrasp or TB type battleground.
    18. Killed old zones with the professions catch up garbage. No need to ever go back to them now.
    19. Gosh, I haven't even gotten to raids yet.
  1. slippyfistjohnson's Avatar
    Look at the lack of response from the development team about this announcement. Perhaps some of the changes like with TimeWalker dungeons was a last minute stab at trying to entice players back in, but all in all, there appears to be ZERO response to this from the devs. While I can't say I am huge fans of the like of Holinka or WatcherDev, their apparent apathy tells us that their hands are tied. As suspected, all those people that were hired are working on the next two xpacs and they have very little resources to do midcourse corrections during the expansion. They threw in the kitchen sink since the TimeWalker crap has been lying around for a while, but they have no room to adjust. The game is on its course to try to become CoD. We will get our yearly release and new boring content and we will see people come back at launch and that'll be it. Really, Chilton seemed so freaked out in those interviews last year. The devs know this won't work. So they are milking the people with cash for gold, etc. They have to make up those sub losses somehow.
  1. Demoncrash's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kryos View Post
    The whole Garrisson is also done the wrong way. You followers go out and fight cool monsters. You stay at home and pick flowers and mine ore or open chests? Shouldn't it be the other way round? You go out and kill monsters and your peons do the boring work at home?
    Totally agree on this point. They need to make the collection of ores, herbs, fish in the garrison automated, through follower missions if they have to.

    And give some of the follower kill missions(with rewards) to the player. Give people an incentive to get out of the baseme...err...i mean garrison
  1. Perfectionlol's Avatar
    Well, I mean.. Wow is a great game and has broken many gaming boundaries.... but they need to put more effort in.
    How hard is it to grab a team of like 5 devs to go back and review past times like BC/WotLK? Find out what is different from current times, as those expansions actually added subscribers.

    Gear looked better. Content was more impressive (don't know about you guys but for me, the original Illidan 25 minute fights were fucking amazing). we could fly (minor imo).
    again, gear looked better. I look at all the new "Mythic" sets, and there isn't one of them where I go "Wow, that looks incredible, I cant wait". I remember back in Black Temple, I was just as excited to get T6 for the tier bonuses and stats as I was to equip and see the set.

    With the upcoming T18 sets, I'm just gonna keep wearing my transmog. Seriously feels like just basic WoD leveling gear, and the mythic shit just has a few extra garbage additions.
    Each BC/WotLK had progressively better looking sets (excluding TotGC) and most importantly, good lore. Believe it or not, Illidan and Arthas brought in a ton of cool fights and a lot of awesome WC3 lore. I have yet to forget any of the lore or raid progression lore of BC/WLK, yet I have already forgot wtf MoP was about. And now, WoD. orcs. everywhere. I really don't give a shit about what I am killing anymore, as long as Mythic is challenging and rewarding I am happy. I could watch a cinematic of MoP or WoD and simply say.. Cool. Yet If I watch Deathwing or Arthas opening Cinematic, my jaw is dropped and I am stoked (even though they completely FUCKED up deathwing, god damnit.)... And to this day, I'll still go back and watch the Burning Crusade cinematic and have shivers go down my spine when he yells "You are not prepared".

    However, a major source of subscription cancellations in my opinion is a result of the 20 man requirement for Mythic. It is far too difficult to get a group of 20 ready and interested on the same schedule. Had I not left my previous guild struggling to recruit 13 let alone 20 (10/10H), I would have surely quit this game. Mythic is challenging in it's own right, what's the point in flex raids if you cant flex raid the highest content. It's so stupid.
  1. Synbaby's Avatar
    They need to add something like ZA/ZG to go along with new raid tiers, instead of just being lazy and making the current dungeons "mythic". I think overall, players want more content other than the usual new raid tier, and NOT more crap to farm for for gems that will be useless in a couple months anyways.
    *I unsubbed once in 10 years(for swtor, cuz Star Wars), and I am getting close to unsubbing again.

    6.2 should have(imo):
    1) FLYING!
    2) 1 new raid tier
    3) 2 or more new dungeons OR
    4) 1 new dungeon and a smaller raid(or a Onyxia/twilight sanctum type raid)
    5) an actual daily hub?(might be too late to add this in)
  1. zrankfappa's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Arrclyde-79 View Post
    But i would like to ask Tom Chilton one question: These 7.1 Mio are the sub-numbers of the end of march, right? that was before you released the patchnotes for 6.2, right? Call me curious, but have those number beeb increasing since back then, or are they even more leaning towards "below 7 mio"?
    These numbers were end of March, the subs have almost certainly dropped in April and now into May. There is absolutely nothing compelling in 6.2 to bring people back.

    I'd wager they are bleeding subs right now. Which explains why 6.2 is lackluster, and nothing about 6.3+ is mentioned. I think they are just moving ahead to another expansion, and cutting their losses. The die hard customer base seems to be in the 6M area, so rather than try to add recruit new players, why not release/sell more expansions.

    The bottom line is that they could still lose another 4M subs and still have a wildly successful game on their hands.
  1. Tak3nSupr4's Avatar
    im surprised nobody has mentioned that all the tier sets looks shit aswell still...like there not even trying anymore

    so many people were pissed off with the cuts to this expansion before it even came out.... faralohn....factions hubs at frostfire and black temple, no flying, killing professions

    they completely fucked up the alunch for like 5 days....i had to transfer all my toons of the server just to play on a low pop one

    they need to go back to wrath of the lick king and BT...see what they did right there and find out WHY there were so POPULAR

    however on the plus side

    the zones were fucking amazing, all the pathing and hidden paths etc...artctecture was awesome, art department is always on top of that shit
    i loved the story lines
    and the fact that leveling didnt feel like a absolute grind

    and honestly...ffs.....bring us a new story..or finish the other ones that u started and still need to be finished/explained .....and stop bringing old bosses back to the game

    i unsubbed like 4 months ago from memory...like 8 weeks into highmaul.............fuck that place felt shit
  1. markos82's Avatar
    yeah flying coming in 6.2 !!!!
  1. Coronius's Avatar
    WoD isn't quite as bad as Cataclysm, but it's not far from it.

    At this point I'd rather just have MoP back instead. What a disaster of an expansion.
  1. Drukqs's Avatar
    even Cataclysm was better than WoD and this expansion is not over yet.
  1. RuneDK's Avatar
    Cataclysm was good until 4.2. Then it went to shit. I can't speak for the raid content of WoD as not being able to raid is one of the many reasons I quit but..Cata's T11 content was awesome.
  1. reemi's Avatar
    I still think MOP was the worst, and Cata wasnt bad at all.

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