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Hellfire Citadel - Archimonde Defeat Cinematic
Archimonde isn't dead just yet, but the cinematic is already here!

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  1. mmocfd328e0b6e's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Draculla View Post
    So basically this time expansion ends like a fairy tail, everyone will live in harmony....
    This whole story is fu**d up... I still cannot understand how mage portals work between the two parallel universe where the time is not in the same state...
    But the Chinese exp. was far worse. pandas.... of course...
  1. roahn the warlock's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dragoncurry View Post
    I usually defend Blizz too, but man, the lore indeed has taken a downward spiral from the wonderful days of Warcraft 3 and TFT. What the fuck is going on with Deathwing's downfall and Mists and oh god, Warlords now, idk man. They had so many options but they jus failed. 6.2 could've made it perfect, it was so easy to do so and they failed.
    They are afraid to make any complex storylines. I don't know why though. I suppose they need idiots to follow along
  1. Unholyground's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by darkest4 View Post
    Yea, them charging you $50 on top of $15 a month for poorer quality expansions with only two tiers in them and apparently 1 tier of 5 mans, super exciting. How gullible are you people? The only reason for faster expansions to get $50 out of your pocket more often, you're not getting the same amount of content for the same price (lol they even charged $10 more than every other expansion for this one), you're paying the same price more often for less.
    Personally WoW saves me ass loads of money in the run of a year that I don't have to spend on other games, so to me more expansions quicker is better, also they stated they do not like making major class changes during expansions anymore which sucks for me because that is the funnest part of the game when they heavily modify a class to make it play different and that will only happen with new expansions now.
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Faroth View Post
    Guldan made a pact, so he was teleported to the Twisting Nether where he can be torn apart and put together a hundred times, then turned into a new "pure" Lich King forcing us to reveal MU Lich King still remains and Bolvar commands the MU undead against the new Scourge on our behalf?

    Retread storylines HOOOOOOOOO!

    It sure seems like they set up for AU Guldan to get all Lich King'd again.
    It was MU Ner'zhul that became the original Lich King, not MU Gul'dan. (Grr, I really dislike having to make a distinction now between MU and AU...)
  1. mmoc6771814438's Avatar
    wasn't archimonde killed in TBC mount hyjal raid?
  1. mmocc995a68fd3's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bazyk View Post
    wasn't archimonde killed in TBC mount hyjal raid?
    No, he was killed in Warcraft 3.
  1. Bulliwyfthetank's Avatar
    Confirmed! Guldan is AU LK!!!


    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by ddd View Post
    No, he was killed in Warcraft 3.
    He was killed in both since the TBC raid was a "flashback". We were sent back in time to make sure history occurred like it should have.
  1. bison91's Avatar
    these cinematics are sooo...CHEAAPPP...wtf?! its archimonde summoning and defeat...guldan got threw to the portal and gromash is on our side...wtf?! so much happened and all we hear is some damn bla bla bla this is just the beginning and so on..wtf?! fuck you blizzard.ruining your own empire is a bad idea.
  1. Beet's Avatar
    Well I'm sad. I thought guldan would survive for the next expac but this seems to me they're just throwing him out but not outright killing him so the option to bring him back is there. Which means he may come back someday but not for the next expac. I'm glad Grom didn't die though. Everyone expected him to die fighting Archimonde originally.
  1. Darkhallows's Avatar
    I actually thought it was fine. It was worlds better than the piece of shit we got at the end of Cataclysm. But Cataclysm will probably always be my least favorite expansion, so there's that. The only thing that left a bad taste in my mouth was Grom's "Draenor is free!" spiel and the fact that there were Draneei cheering for him. Like what? What the fuck? He started all this nonsense, or at the very least led it. Aren't there going to be any repercussions or are Durotan and Grom just going to be buddies now?

    And Yrel? Blackhand basically killed Maraad, and he was acting under Grom's orders. The "great man" in your speech is dead because of the guy you're standing next to. Are you just going to let him go?!

    Surprised we're done so quickly; hopefully we'll hear about 7.0 sooner than later?

    Oh well, at least Gul'dan isn't dead, and we have a Durotan and Grom to look forward to seeing in future expansions. And Yrel. I like Yrel, just question her decisions in this cinematic... Eh, maybe it was a "heat of the moment" thing.
  1. Orkwuzhere's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheRevenantHero View Post
    Grommash was announced to be the last boss of the expac. they also haven't said this is the last content patch. They easily could have Grommash get inadvertently corrupted as the Legion finds a way back. I dunno. Just spitballing. I doubt they would say Grommash was the last boss then suddenly just end it like this.
    Blizzard said Illidan would return in MoP, and he didn't.
  1. Turaska's Avatar
    Based on the cinematic there will likely be a 6.3 and it'll bring a new raid, entirely legion focussed/build up for the next expac.
  1. theexiledprince's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mendal View Post
    lol.. expecting another raid tier.. don't get your hopes to much up mate
    My, bad, though. I said, "Garrosh," not "Grommash," and I meant "Grommash." Chris Metzen said, "Grom Hellscream," back in BlizzCon 2014.
  1. War30's Avatar
    So Archimonde did a soul transfer and fled back to the nether in his new orc body, while Gul'dan dies in Archimonde body. Great more Orc bad guys next expansion. This is a cop out. Grommash should have been killed also as well as Gul'dan.
  1. Micronetic's Avatar
    where is "Red Shirt Guy"?
  1. Zebuthecow's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mystery8 View Post
    Wait, I thought they said this wasn't the last raid patch?
    They said it was not the last patch of this expansion. There easily could be another raid as well- ala Ruby Sanctum. The new story will be unfolding in the next patch(es)- which they stated would be the case.

    Look for at least one more, but most likely 3 new hardcore dungeons in the next patch.

    So Archimonde did a soul transfer and fled back to the nether in his new orc body, while Gul'dan dies in Archimonde body. Great more Orc bad guys next expansion. This is a cop out. Grommash should have been killed also as well as Gul'dan.

    Are you just complaining to be complaining? There is zero indication the next expansion will be Orc heavy. Stating that any orc in any new expansion is somehow a cop out is childish.

    Please explain just why Grommash "should" have died? Good God.

    The amount of just chronic, kneejerk insults that so many on THIS website partake in makes this site now feel like a commune for hopelessly codependent Romper Room adults.

    Headache inducing.

    You gotta love people who have zero art talent who love to call other's art work cheap.

    Good riddance with this site.
  1. Abigail1509's Avatar
    We KNOW that Grom will be the last boss(go find the blue)!
  1. bison91's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Abigail1509 View Post
    We KNOW that Grom will be the last boss(go find the blue)!
    yeah right..and what army he will have behind him? iron horde is no more...gul'dan gone to argus probably...even archimonde failed. and khadgar already said words of goodbye. what is funny...that we didnt get farahlon land opened and thrall gone missing.

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