The Nighthold – Raid Boss Strategy Guide and Loot List

As your raid group descends into the Nighthold this week, the boss guides below can assist with fight strategies, raid positioning, boss abilities, and the difficult mechanics you’ll be sure to encounter. We’ve also included loot lists for each Nighthold boss, arranged conveniently by item slot. Want to know which boss drops your tier helm? We’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re trying to survive the bridge Krosus is smashing or consume pieces of cake with Trilliax, these boss guides include all the information you need to conquer the Nighthold once and for all.

Skorpyron Boss Guide


Background and Initial Positioning
  • Skorpyron is the Nightwell-infused guardian of the back entry to the Nighthold.
  • This encounter is a relatively straightforward fight with add management and burn phases.
  • This fight can optionally be attempted with a third tank to simplify add management at the expense of damage on the boss.
  • Face boss away from raid.

Abilities and Mechanics
  • Call of the Scorpid
    • Approximately every 20 seconds, Skorpyron will summon 5-6 Scorpids from the edge of the room.
    • Scorpids patrol the outside of the encounter area, and will only attack when summoned by this ability or if a raid member gets too close.
    • Scorpids are weak adds, but they become much more dangerous over time. AoE them down quickly.
    • If you're going with the 3rd tank option, separate the Red Scorpids from the others, as it provides an AoE haste buff.
  • Chitinous Exoskeleton
    • This mechanic is phase-like in function and works as a enrage timer that punishes poor dps during his burn phase, Exoskeletal Vulnerability.
    • While stacks of this ability are active, Skorpyron will take decreased damage. Damaging him will remove stacks.
    • When all stacks are removed, he goes into his burn phase, taking extra damage for 15 seconds before gaining Exoskeleton again. Use DPS cooldowns here.
  • Crystalline Fragments
    • This ability does raid-wide damage and spawns near a player.
    • Position yourself in close proximity to the shards, as they shield you from Skorpyron’s next ability.
  • Shockwave
    • Approximately every minute, Skorpyron will cast this ability, dealing damage and knocking players back precariously close to shrouded Scorpids.
    • Players can avoid this ability by standing behind a shard. A buff will be placed on each player to confirm that they are safe.
  • Focused Blast
    • Approximately every 30 seconds, Skorpyron will face a random target and cast this ability after a 3 second delay, dealing damage and stunning them.
    • Avoid this by moving away when he faces your direction.
  • Arcanoslash
    • This ability targets the main tank with heavy damage in an AoE behind the target. After a set of 3 attacks, the target is inflicted with Arcane Tether.
    • The main tank must run 10 yards away from the boss when affected with Tether.


Chronomatic Anomaly

Background and Initial Positioning
  • The Chronomatic Anomaly is an embodiment of the power of the Eye of Aman'thul. This is a unique encounter with time-altering effects.
  • This fight features heavy movement, quick bursts of damage, and interrupts.
  • Pull the boss where he stands and have DPS spread evenly. Initial positioning isn’t too important.

Abilities and Mechanics
  • Passage of Time
    • The Anomaly uses this ability to either speed up, slow down, or normalize the flow of time.
    • The Anomaly uses a different set of abilities depending on the current rate of time.
  • Waning Time Particle
    • The Anomaly will spawn an elemental add that must be dealt with quickly.
    • The add will cast Warp Nightwell. The frequency of the cast is determined by the current speed of time.
      • This ability does stacking raid-wide damage, but it is interruptible.
      • During Speed:Fast, the add will cast Warp Nightwell every 1.5 seconds, so CCs and AoE heals must be on point. Use CDs if necessary.
    • Killing the elemental add spawns 4 Fragmented Time Particles.
    • These adds also cast a (less dangerous) Warp Nightwell, so use AoE to disable and kill them quickly.
  • Temporal Rift & Power Overwhelming
    • Killing a Waning Time Particle spawns a Temporal Rift on the ground.
      • Activating the rift causes an effect called Temporal Charge.
      • Only this ability can interrupt the Anomaly’s Power Overwhelming.
        • Power Overwhelming is a stacking raid-wide damage spell.
        • The player with Temporal Charge will interrupt the boss automatically if he is channeling Power Overwhelming.
        • Tanks are suggested Charge carriers, as the effect does a DoT until the interrupt occurs.
      • After interrupting, the boss takes 30% increased damage for 15 seconds. This is your burn phase.
      • The Anomaly can start casting Power Overwhelming before the Waning Time Particle has died, so kill it quickly and have healers ready to heal off the first couple AoE bursts if you’re a bit slow.
  • Temporal Orbs
    • The Nightwell will occasionally spill out a bombard of Temporal Orbs.
    • These orbs deal moderate damage, but move with the current speed of time, making Speed:Fast particularly dangerous.
  • Burst of Time
    • A simple ability where the Anomaly marks a location and fires a projectile.
    • DPS should stay spread; don’t stand in the impact area.
    • Travel time of projectiles is affected by current speed of time.
  • Chronometric Particles
    • This is the tank-swap mechanic of the encounter. Don’t get to 10 stacks.
    • This ability is also affected by the speed of time, increasing debuff duration and application frequency.
      • During normal and fast speeds, feel free to have tanks swap off before reaching 9 stacks to limit damage.
      • During the slow speed, tanks will most likely need to reach the full 9 stacks before swapping.
  • Time Bomb
    • Non-tank debuff that explodes after some time. This debuff is affected by current speed.
    • Non-tanks should stay spread and run out of the raid when affected.
  • Time Release
    • This is a randomly targeted healing absorption shield.
    • If not healed away, the shield will explode and deal AoE damage equal to heal absorb remaining.
    • The speed of time affects the number of applications during a phase, the number of players targeted, the strength of the shield, and its duration before exploding.
      • Speed:Slow - 2 applications, and all players but 1 tank is targeted. Low shield strength, long duration. Strong AoE healing is needed. Prioritize players with the most heal absorb left. This is denoted by red or orange coloring.
      • Speed:Normal - 2/3 applications, 4 targets, and moderate shield strength and time. Spot heal targets up.
      • Speed:Fast - ~4 applications, 2 targets, strong shield strength, and short time. Heavily spot heal targets up.



Background and Initial Positioning
  • Trilliax is an obsolete, older model construct discarded to the aqueducts of the Nighthold.
  • This is a 3 phase fight that is time (not health) dependent. Trilliax will cycle through all 3 phases multiple times during the encounter.
  • Pull the boss to the edge of the room and kite him in a circle around the perimeter. Ranged classes should stay behind the boss.

Abilities and Mechanics
Persistent Abilities
  • Arcane Seepage
    • As Trilliax takes damage, he will target a non-tank player and spawn a damaging pool underneath them. It’s important to stay on the edge of the room in order to keep the center clear of pools.
  • Arcane Slash
    • Trilliax will attack 2 targets in front of him, dealing large damage and debuffing the target who currently holds threat with Arcane Slash for 30 seconds.
      • Tanks should swap after 2 slashes.

Personality: The Cleaner
  • This is the first of Trilliax’s 3 personalities, which constitute phases.
  • This initial phase is very simple, especially at the start of the fight. Its simplicity makes it the ideal burn phase for DPS CDs.

Phase Abilities
  • Toxic Slice
    • Trilliax will spawn decrepit pieces of cake.
    • Run through the cake to “eat” it.
    • Eating a cake will debuff the player with a stacking DoT.
    • Have each player eat 1 cake. Those with defensive CDs can eat 2.
    • Be certain to clear all cake slices, as they cause damage later.
  • Sterilize
    • This ability doesn’t come into effect until the 2nd instance of The Cleaner phase, after The Caretaker.
    • This is a debuff that causes pulsing AoE damage after 5 seconds.
    • This is useful for assisting with adds that spawn in the previous phase.
  • Cleansing Rage
    • This ability doesn’t come into effect until the 2nd instance of The Cleaner phase, after The Caretaker.
    • Trilliax will do raid-wide damage for each remaining Toxic Slice from the previous The Cleaner phase.

Personality: The Maniac
  • Mana Rupture
    • Half the raid will be randomly targeted and take unavoidable damage.
  • Arcing Bonds
    • Two players will be linked together with a blue beam for 30 seconds.
    • When too far apart from each other, the beam will be blue and deal damage to both players.
    • When close enough to each other, the beam will turn red and no longer deal damage.
  • Annihilation
    • Trilliax will channel a beam of energy in front of him and behind him that causes high damage.
    • Trilliax will spin and occasionally change directions, so stay at his sides while avoiding Arcane Seepage pools.

Personality: The Caretaker
  • Succulent Feast
    • Trilliax will summon a feast table that players can eat to gain a protection shield worth 2 million damage.
    • Players cannot eat multiple feasts.
    • Leave these for high mobility non-tank classes.
  • Tidy Up
    • This ability summons 5 Scrubbers. Don’t attack these adds, as they are helpful if handled correctly.
    • Scrubbers will begin Scrubbing, cleaning Seepage pools as they move.
      • Each time they clear a pool, they gain 20 mana.
      • At 100 mana, they begin to cast Cleansing Destruction, which does heavy damage if not cancelled. This is indicated by a bomb icon above the Scrubber’s head.
      • Cancel the spell by right clicking on a Scrubber. This will destroy the add, but you’ll take heavy damage. The damage can be negated by the shield from Succulent Feast.
      • Scrubbers will prioritize going towards remaining Toxic Slices. Eating a slice will instantly push the Scrubber to full mana, causing it to begin casting Cleansing Destruction.
      • Ensure that all slices are eaten by players. Kill or stun Scrubbers that get close to any left behind slices.
      • Scrubbers that are still active during the next phase can be amplified and cleansed of mana by players affected by Sterilize. Hitting a Scrubber with a pulse of Sterilize will increase its movement speed and cleanse its mana, making it more efficient at cleansing pools.


Spellblade Aluriel

Background and Initial Positioning
  • Aluriel is a patrolling guard of the Nighthold gardens.
  • The fight requires a fair amount of movement and some add management. It rotates through 3 time-limited phases.
  • Tank the boss away from raid and in an area where ranged DPS have plenty of space.

Abilities and Mechanics
Persistent Abilities
  • Annihilate
    • This is a tank-swap mechanic that is a 4 second channel. It splits heavy damage between two targets in front of the boss.
    • The current target will additionally gain the Annihilate stack, causing them the take more damage. Swap at 2 stacks.

Phase 1: Icy Enchantment
  • Mark of Frost
    • This is a debuff that Aluriel will cast on 2 players.
    • After a short warning duration, the players will pulse damage every 1.5 seconds in an 8 yard AoE for 60 seconds.
    • Each pulse affects the target with Frostbitten.
    • Once stacks of Frostbitten get too high to sustain, the two targets affected must run together to cause the marks to explode. This causes raid-wide damage and transfers the debuff to 2 nearby players. The debuff retains its duration when transferred.
  • Replicate: Mark of Frost
    • Aluriel will cast this shortly into this phase, casting two more (shorter duration) marks.
    • It’s important to mark an area away from tanks and DPS for people with marks to run to, soak damage, and explode before moving back.
  • Detonate: Mark of Frost
    • 30 seconds after replicating marks, Aluriel will cause her marks to explode, dealing damage in a 10 yard AoE and creating a Pool of Frost.
    • Players affected with marks should spread out in the previously marked area to prevent excess damage, then move out of pools.
    • These pools don’t go away, so you may need to kite Aluriel.
  • Animate: Mark of Frost
    • Aluriel will summon Frost Enchantments from the frost pools. These deal raid-wide damage.
    • Have the off-tank group them up and AoE them down quickly.

Phase 2: Fiery Enchantment
  • Searing Brand
    • Aluriel will cast this ability on a non-tank target, drawing a line between herself and them.
    • After a short warning, the targeted player will be stunned. Aluriel will charge at them, doing damage and applying a DoT to the target and anyone caught in the charge.
  • Replicate: Searing Brand
    • After the charge, she will summon four more copies of herself, which will in turn cast Searing Brand with the same mechanics.
    • These targeted players should all move away from the group, being careful to not catch any allies in the charge line.
  • Detonate: Searing Brand
    • All players affected by the DoT from Searing Brand will explode, dealing damage in a 10 yard AoE and dropping Burning Ground.
    • Make certain to spread out after taking charges to limit damage.
  • Animate: Searing Brand
    • Aluriel will cast this last in the phase, consuming Burning Ground and summoning a Fiery Enchantment, which will deal raid-wide damage.
    • Have the off-tank group them up and AoE them down quickly.

Phase 3: Magic Enchantment
  • Arcane Orb
    • Aluriel will cast this ability to summon an orb near a player that deals fairly strong damage in an 8 yard AoE.
  • Replicate: Arcane Orb
    • The original Arcane Orb will fire 7 projectiles at players. The projectiles will spawn more Orbs when they land.
    • Players should move away from the Orbs and stack up.
  • Detonate: Arcane Orb
    • Aluriel will lift the Orbs into the air, target a player’s location with a rune, and fire the Orbs at the location, causing damage and leaving behind Arcane Fog. Stacking up the raid allows for concerted movements to avoid detonations.
    • The travel time on the orbs is slow, so the raid may only need to move a couple times.
  • Animate: Arcane Orb
    • Similar to the other summons, Arcane Enchantments will consume Arcane Fog and deal raid-wide damage. They will need to be AoE’d down quickly.


High Botanist Tel’arn

Background and Initial Positioning
  • This ascendant scientist has used the power of the Nightwell to harness the power of nature.
  • The fight is add heavy, mechanic heavy, and requires a fair amount of movement.
  • Pull Tel’arn to the center of the glass platform and keep ranged spread as much as possible throughout the fight.

Abilities and Mechanics
Phase 1
  • Solar Collapse
    • Tel’arn targets a player and forms 12 swirls in a wide radius around a player. These converge upon the player’s original location and deal a large amount of damage in a 4 yard AoE after 2 seconds. Another ring of swirls spawn afterwards and continues to converge and explode for damage.
    • Players should exit the targeted circle as quickly as possible.
  • Parasitic Fetter
    • Tel’arn will target a random player. This player will be rooted and take a stacking DoT. This ability can be dispelled, but will spawn a Parasitic Lasher, which will fixate on a nearby target and affect them with Parasitic Fetter if it reaches them.
    • In order to limit the amount of damage dealt in this phase, players close to the target should run away, and healers should dispel the target once the area is largely clear.
    • The target that the lasher fixates should kite as long as possible while ranged kill it.
  • Controlled Chaos
    • Tel’arn summons a series of telegraphed eruptions on a player, progressively larger in size. These deal exceptional damage in an area, as well as raid-wide damage.
    • Avoid the telegraphed locations and heal the raid-wide damage.
  • Recursive Strikes
    • This ability is activated when Tel’arn attacks a target. It causes you to take increased melee damage, regardless of Tel’arn’s target.
    • Tanks should swap at approximately 6/7 stacks. Use CDs at high stacks or to take more than 6/7 stacks.

Phase 2 - Activated at 75% HP
  • Nightosis
    • Tel’arn splits into a new body (Solarist Tel’arn) with shared HP pools.
    • You can tank both forms on top of each other, but tanks must still swap for Recursive Strikes.
    • The “High Botanist” form will retain all abilities from Phase 1, save for Solar Collapse, which is now used by his “Solarist” form.
  • Summon Plasma Spheres
    • In addition to Solar Collapse, “Solarist” Tel’arn will summon 3 Plasma Spheres that can be attacked.
    • When killed, they explode for raid-wide damage.
    • These spheres need to be swapped to and killed, but in a managed manner. When one explodes, it leaves a debuff on the raid, causing 100% more damage if another sphere dies within 5 seconds.
    • Plasma Spheres always spawn at the same points around the platform. Marking target priority is essential.
    • Kill the priority target ASAP (within 2.5 seconds), then kill the second sphere as soon as the debuff has worn off.
    • The spheres all naturally decay HP, so manually killing the 3rd isn’t necessary, but the 2nd sphere must be killed quickly enough to limit damage.
  • Flare
    • “Solarist” Tel’arn has this ability as an additional tank mechanic. It deals AoE damage, and players should not stack on him or the current off-tank.

Phase 3 - Activated at 50% HP
  • At this point, Tel’arn will have 3 forms: “Solarist,” “Naturalist,” and “Arcanist.”
    • He will retain all previous abilities spread out across forms (based on the elemental core of the ability), although Summon Plasma Spheres occurs less frequently.
  • Call of Night
    • “Arcanist” Tel’arn will cast this ability, targeting several players.
    • Each targeted player will cause raid-wide damage until another player who is not affected stands closely to them.
  • Grace of Nature
    • “Naturalist” Tel’arn will summon a healing green pool under one of the three forms of the boss.
    • Tanks should move the forms out of the pool.
  • Toxic Spores
    • “Naturalist” Tel’arn will target a player and spawn 2 Spores near their location. He casts this fairly often.
    • The spores will add a large DoT effect to any player who goes near them.
    • The spores last for a long time, so having a player with defensive cooldowns clear them is a good idea.


Star Augur Etraeus

Background and Initial Positioning
  • This Nightborne Astromancer has been using the power of the Nightwell to scout the worlds outside our sight. He’s not happy you plan to disrupt that power.
  • This fight has a lot of tank mechanics, but it has limited adds until the final phase. It consists of 4 phases that are triggered by remaining HP percentages.
  • Initial positioning isn’t terribly important. Simply pull the boss where he stands on the platform.

Abilities and Mechanics
Phase 1
  • Coronal Ejection
    • Etraeus will summon spheres near a player. The spheres will explode after a short time, applying a DoT to 4 targeted players. It is unavoidable.
  • Starburst
    • This is the tank-focused ability for this phase. It’s a simple magic-based attack that targets the enemy with the highest threat.

Phase 2 - Activated at 90% HP
  • Gravitational Pull
    • This ability affects a tank, telegraphing a Comet Impact. When this happens, the off-tank should taunt, and the tank should run to a clear location.
    • The impact will affect all players within a 5 yard radius.
    • Afterwards, the tank will be inflicted with Absolute Zero, a heavy DoT which can be removed by having 3 allies stand in the demarcated circle.
    • Players that help remove the debuff will be afflicted with Chilled. The debuff limits them from removing the DoT again for 12 seconds, under fear of being stunned for an extended duration.
    • For this phase, split your raid group into 2 or more groups and have your tanks alternate groups that they run to to remove the buff. Tanks should be careful to not get too close before the Comet Impact.
  • Icy Ejection
    • A variant of the original Coronal Ejection, this version spawns a sphere which inflicts nearby players with a debuff, causing them to Shatter after a time. This will cause them to dealing AoE damage.
    • Affected players must move from the raid so that Shatter doesn’t affect allies.
    • This sphere will always affect one of the Absolute Zero soak groups.
  • Iceburst
    • The unique tank ability for this phase, it’s a simple splash attack. Don’t stack with your off-tank or other players.

Phase 3 - Activated at 60% HP
  • Fel Impact
    • This is the phase-specific variant of Comet Impact. It’s very similar to the previous incarnation, except for applying another Gravitational Pull debuff and some interactions with the next mechanic.
  • Fel Ejection
    • This ability is similar in application to Icy Ejection, and players should run out of the raid when it is applied to them. Additionally, they will leave behind fel flame pools as they take damage.
    • Try and drop these pools in small, manageable stacks. Tanks can clear them by standing near them when Fel Impact hits.
  • Felburst
    • This phase-specific tank-focusing ability causes a stacking DoT.
    • Save CDs for higher stacks of this DoT, as your off-tank will be having to deal with other mechanics before switching.

Phase 4 - Activated at 30% HP
  • Void Impact
    • This is the phase-specific version of Comet Impact. This version does damage in a 5 yard AoE when landing, as well as spawning a Thing That Should Not Be.
    • The add will prevent most damage if tanked too close to the boss, so the tank should run far away before the impact lands.
    • This add is the highest priority target, as it deals raid-wide damage and fears those looking at it at the end of the Witness the Void cast.
  • Void Ejection
    • Similar to other ejections, Void Ejection will spawn on a player and deal AoE damage.
    • Unique to this phase, the sphere will summon Voidlings.
    • AoE disrupt and damage these ASAP, as they place a damaging debuff, Voidburst, on the target of their attacks.
  • Voidburst
    • The tank ability for this phase is a debuff gained from the boss as well as Voidling mobs.
    • This is a DoT that propagates when it expires, jumping to new targets. Therefore tanks should keep stacks as low as possible while managing adds and Void Impact.
    • This phase is particularly taxing on healers, as Voidburst causes substantial raid-wide damage that only increases as the fight continues. Try and be efficient in earlier phases to save CDs and mana for this one.



Background and Initial Positioning
  • Last seen during the Broken Isles scenario, this mighty foe has recovered from his injuries and stands at the end of the Shattered Walkway.
  • This fight is a relatively straight-forward yet demanding DPS check.
  • As the fight progresses, Krosus will destroy the bridge players are standing on, setting a hard enrage timer at 6 minutes. The fight has no phases.
  • Pull Krosus at the only place you can, with melee DPS and tanks taking care not to run off the front of the bridge.

Abilities and Mechanics
  • Searing Brand
    • This ability is the tank-swap mechanic of the encounter and a stacking DoT effect.
    • Tanks should swap between 9-11 stacks of the debuff, although more can be taken if one tank is engaged with other mechanics.
  • Isolated Rage
    • Krosus remains static at the end of the bridge and expects his enemies to come to him. If he has no possible target, he does raid-wide damage.
  • Slam
    • Krosus will telegraph slamming his hands down onto the bridge. Two indicators demarcate where his fists will land.
    • When he connects, raid-wide damage is dealt. Having the tanks soak the fists reduces this damage.
    • On the 3rd Slam, the entire fractured section falls away. Every 3rd Slam should not be soaked, as players will fall into the water below and die.
    • The 12th Slam destroys the entirety of the bridge, constituting the hard enrage timer.
  • Burning Pitch
    • Between the 1st and 2nd Slams and before a full segment of bridge falls away, Krosus will cast Burning Pitch, indicated by green swirls.
    • Players should stand in these indicators and soak the moderate damage.
    • Unsoaked Burning Pitch forms a Burning Ember on impact. The adds cast Felblast at random targets. These are high-priority adds that should be killed quickly if allowed to spawn.
  • Orb of Destruction
    • Krosus targets a player, denoted by a green indicator over their character.
    • After 5 seconds, the spell deals heavy raid damage. A player’s damage is reduced the farther they are from the Orb.
    • Targeted players should run as far from the raid as possible during the warning time. The damage becomes more and more punishing as the fight progresses and the bridge shortens.
  • Fel Beam
    • Similar to Helya’s breath from Maw of Souls, Krosus will telegraph a heavy beam attack that will target either the left or right half of the bridge.
    • He will indicate which side of the bridge he is attacking by lifting the corresponding hand.



Background and Initial Positioning
  • The once-mightiest dreadlord has been given a new duty after licking his wounds in the Twisting Nether. He now watches over Gul’dan and ensures his machinations come to pass.
  • This is a pretty complicated fight with a high DPS requirement.
  • Tank Tichondrius where he is. The raid should be decently spread and grouped to one side of the boss. This side of the boss will be called the “safe zone” for the guide.

Abilities and Mechanics
Phase 1 - Activates at :00, 2:00, and 4:00. It lasts for 1:30 during the first 2 activations and is indefinitely long during the last.
  • Vampiric Aura
    • Tichondrius will summon several adds throughout this encounter.
    • Any of his allies that are within 30 yards of him will gain a massive lifesteal effect on their attacks.
    • It is imperative that all adds are kited away from the boss immediately by the off-tank.
  • Feast of Blood
    • Tichondrius will cast this debuff on the current tank, causing him to take increased physical damage and summoning Tainted Bloods.
    • The tanks should swap, and the debuffed tank should kite the Bloods away from Tichondrius while staying inside the safe zone.
    • Players should DPS the adds down immediately, using CCs to simplify the kiting process if able.
    • This process gets more complicated when the phase repeats, as the off-tank will have the additional duty of managing new adds.
  • Carrion Plague
    • Tichondrius will target 2 non-tank players with this strong DoT debuff.
    • After 10 seconds, Tichondrius will cast Seeker Swarm at debuffed players.
      • Any player between the debuffed player and Tichondrius will take damage and be affected by the Plague.
    • Players affected by the Plague should run to the other side of the room away from the safe zone to avoid hitting other players (as well as the other target) with Seeker Swarm.
  • Echoes of the Void
    • 4 Fel Spires will rise at set locations at the beginning of this ability’s channel.
    • Tichondrius will channel this ability for 8 seconds, dealing heavy raid damage. This damage can be avoided by hiding behind a Fel Spire.
    • The ability damages the spires themselves however, so the raid must split evenly amongst the spires.
    • Dynamically divide into four groups based on whether you are melee or ranged and currently within the safe zone.
      • For example, ranged players affected by Carrion Plague and outside of the safe zone should share a spire.
      • Tanks should share a spire with melee plague carriers, as it will almost certainly be smaller than the safe melee group.
  • Felsworn Spellguards
    • These adds will spawn the second and third time this phase is entered. Three sets will be summoned each phase.
    • These adds buff themselves with Rapid Pursuit and debuff others with Volatile Wound, which in turn summons a Nether Zone when expiring.
      • Players affected by Volatile Wound should aim to avoid areas where players congregate when dropping pools, such as the Fel Spire locations or the Plague zone.
  • Sightless Watcher
    • These adds will spawn the third time this phase is entered. Three sets will be summoned each phase.
    • The adds cast Burning Soul on a random healer, dealing a DoT and draining mana until it is dispelled.
    • Dispelling the debuff causes AoE damage, so healers should pre-emptively spread out during the phase.
    • Because of their healer-centric debuffs, these adds should become priority.

Phase 2 - Activates at 1:30 and 3:30. Lasts 30 seconds.
  • Illusory Night
    • After Phase 1 ends, Tichondrius pulls the raid into a nightmare.
  • Carrion Nightmare
    • This is a stunning beam attack that is clearly telegraphed on the floor during this phase. Avoid it quickly.
  • Phantasmal Bloodfang
    • These are trivial bat adds that spawn throughout this phase.
    • Killing them drops Essence of Night, and moving into the area applies the buff.
    • Kill as many bats and collect as many buffs as possible during this phase. There should be plenty to go around.


Grand Magistrix Elisande

Background and Initial Positioning
  • A common player on the stage of Suramar, the leader of the Nightborne has gone to great lengths to “save” her people, including making deals with the Legion and harnessing the power of a Pillar of Creation.
  • This fight ramps up in difficulty and complexity as she progresses through her phases, making for a taxing fight.
  • When pulling Elisande, she’ll cast Leave the Nightwell, marking an area, landing there after a short period, and dealing damage. Spread out outside of the mark.

Abilities and Mechanics
Persistent Abilities
  • Time Elementals - two types of adds that will spawn throughout the fight.
    • Expedient Elemental
      • These are pink adds that must be grabbed by the off-tank.
      • The adds cast Exothermic Release, dealing stacking raid damage. It can and should be interrupted, and it leaves behind a Fast Time zone upon death. Standing in the zone shrinks it and applies a buff that causes a DPS/movement increase at the risk of faster ticking DoT effects.
    • Recursive Elemental
      • These are blue adds that cannot move and therefore do not need to be tanked.
      • These adds cast Shield on Elisande while alive, protecting her from damage.
      • They also cast Blast, dealing stacking single-target damage. This can and should be interrupted, and it leaves behind a Slow Time zone upon death. Standing in the zone shrinks it and applies a debuff causing a DPS/movement decrease at the benefit of slower ticking DoT effects.
      • This add should be priority due to the Shield effect.
      • When both adds spawn, have the off-tank drag the Expedient Elemental to the stationary Recursive Elemental for both cleave effects and benefits later.
  • Cascadent Star
    • Elisande will consistently cast this chaining spell, dealing average damage to several members of the raid.
    • This ability targets fewer members as the fight progresses.

Phase 1
  • Ablation
    • This is the tank-swap effect for this phase, and it's a stacking DoT.
    • Tanks should swap at relatively low stacks if possible (3/4), but the off-tank could be busy with Time Elementals.
      • Have the off-tank begin the fight on Elisande, as they’ll quickly be pulled away to deal with adds.
  • Arcanetic Ring
    • Shortly after summoning the first round of adds, Elisande will teleport to a seemingly random location and cast this ability, summoning several rings which will begin to converge on her location.
    • Standing in a ring deals strong damage, and overlapping rings inflict overlapping damage.
    • At first, it seems impossible to avoid a ring, as their circle is unbroken. However, passing over a time zone affects the projectiles, creating a gap to escape through to avoid damage.
    • Having Fast and Slow Time zones in close proximity causes the largest gaps in the ring wall. Aim for this when killing Time Elementals.
    • She will repeat this ability occasionally throughout the phase.
  • Echo of Elisande
    • After casting Arcanetic Ring, an echo will form in her location.
    • This echo will cast Arcanetic Ring in future phases.
    • Getting into Phase 2 quickly limits the number of times you have to deal with this mechanic in the future.
  • Spanning Singularity
    • Elisande will target a player and form a damaging pool.
    • Soaking the pool will cause it to shrink, so use defensives.
    • These pools will form at the same location and time into each subsequent phase.

Phase 2 - Activated when Elisande reaches 10% HP. Time Stops.
  • Leave the Nightwell
    • Like at the start of the encounter, Elisande will retreat to the Nightwell, regain strength, unfreeze time, then leap out.
  • Ablating Explosion
    • As the tank-swap mechanic for this phase, this ability inflicts the current tank with a debuff that explodes for heavy damage after 8 seconds.
    • The affected tank should swap off and run out of the raid.
    • The target will still take damage, so extra healing or a CD may be required.
  • Epocheric Orbs
    • Elisande will summon 3 orbs that descend towards the platform, demarcated by arcane swirls.
    • Soaking the impact of the orbs reduces the damage of the ability to a small AoE instead of raid-wide damage.
      • Only 1 player should soak each, and defensive CDs are encouraged.
    • This ability will be cast in the same location and time into the final phase.
  • Delphuric Beam
    • Immediately and 4 seconds later, Elisande will target a player (two targets total) with a warning debuff.
    • When the debuff expires, all players in a line between the target and Elisande take heavy damage.
    • Moving close to Elisande when targeted (while avoiding the melee group) will hopefully prevent catching any players in the beam.

Phase 3 - Activated when Elisande reaches 10% HP again. Time Stops.
  • Leave the Nightwell
    • Like at the start of the encounter, Elisande will retreat to the Nightwell, regain strength, unfreeze time, then leap out.
  • Ablative Pulse
    • As the tank ability for this phase, this affects the current tank with a stacking nuke and a debuff that persists for the rest of the fight.
    • This ability can be interrupted, so tanks as well as a designated backup DPS should interrupt as many as possible.
    • The tank with the least amount of stacks should be tanking Elisande.
  • Conflexive Burst
    • Elisande will target 2/3 players to receive a debuff, dealing raid-wide damage when it expires.
    • To avoid stacking this damage, have one target run into a Fast Time zone, one run into a Slow Time zone, and one (if targeted) stay outside of zones.
    • Remember that these zones shrink, so don’t be too greedy in earlier phases by trying to keep up the Fast Time zone’s DPS buff.
  • Permeliative Torment
    • This ability is a relatively simple, stacking DoT applied at random to 4 players. However, with all the mechanics flying around, this can be deadly.
    • If a target is close to dying, standing in a Slow Time zone will limit the rate of damage dealt and allow healers to catch up.



Background and Initial Positioning
  • Gul'dan is the final boss encounter.
  • Stack ranged DPS and healers so that healers' shields can be used during Liquid Hellfire.

Abilities and Mechanics
  • In Phase 1 and 2, every raid member will have an additional action button that is determined by the the player's role.
    • Tanks receive a barrier that makes them immune to damage for 6 seconds.
    • Healers receive a shield that reduces fire damage taken for anyone standing inside of it. Once 2 million damage is absorbed by the shield, it disappears.
    • DPS receive a 10 second buff that grants a 30% increase to attack speed, casting speed, DoT tick speed, and movement speed, in addition to reducing cooldowns by 30%. The buff has a 55 second cooldown, and it's instantly removed if you take fire damage while it's active.

Phase 1
  • Liquid Hellfire
    • A ranged player is targeted, and a projectile is thrown at their location. This deals raid-wide damage, but you take less damage the farther away you are from the impact area.
    • Healers can use their shield to reduce damage taken from the impact. Break healers into two groups, and alternate which group uses their shields for this ability.
  • Fel Efflux
    • Gul'dan faces a random direction and shoots a beam of fel energy. The beam will cause heavy damage to anyone in its path. You have a few moments between when he changes direction and when he actually casts the beam, so get out of the way while you can.
  • Mini-Boss Adds - Gul'dan will summon three adds during Phase 1.
    • Inquisitor Vethriz - Should be killed first because of his Gaze of Vethriz ability.
      • Shadowblink allows the Inquisitor to blink around the room during the encounter.
      • The Inquisitor will apply a DoT effect to raid members that heals him every time it deals damage. The DoT can be dispelled.
      • Gaze of Vethriz will summon eyes on the ground that have rotating beams. The beams do heavy damage, so avoid them at all cost.
      • Try to keep raid members in one half of the room while the Inquisitor is alive. This will keep the eyes he spawns in that half. Once he's killed, players can move to the other side of the room to take down the other two adds.
    • Fel Lord Kuraz'mal - Should be killed second.
      • Shatter Essence targets tanks, and will one hit them unless they use their immunity barrier ability. Tanks may need to swap after this to ensure that the immunity barrier will be available for the next cast.
      • The Fel Lord casts a circle on the ground that turns into a spike after a few moments. Players that do not move from the circle will receive heavy damage, a 7 second stun, and have a DoT applied to them.
    • D'zorykx the Trapper
      • Anguished Spirits marks an area on the ground that explodes after a few moments. Make sure to move out of the way.
      • With Soul Vortex, the Trapper throws a cage at the tank that pulls in players and causes damage to anyone nearby. If you get too close to the cage, you will take extra damage and receive a debuff, Torn Soul, that increases physical damage taken by 100% for 30 seconds.
      • Every time this ability is cast, the cage's pull effect increases by 100%. When cast, the targeted tank should move away from the group and place the cage away from other players. Tanks can't avoid the physical damage debuff from the cage, so you should swap tanks after this ability if possible.

Phase 2
  • At the beginning of Phase 2, Gul'dan knocks everyone back. If you're too close to the edge of the room, you may be knocked off.
  • Gul'dan continues to use Liquid Hellfire from Phase 1.
  • Bonds of Fel
    • This is a debuff applied to raid members that slows the player by 50% and causes ticking damage. To remove this debuff, move away from where you were standing when you received the debuff.
    • When you remove the debuff, heavy damage is split between you and all players within 5 yards. Players need to coordinate movement to share the damage.
    • If necessary, the healer's extra shield ability can be used.
  • Eye of Gul'dan
    • This ability spawns eyes that deal damage to targeted raid members and anyone within 8 yards of them. The damage becomes more powerful over time.
    • The eyes have an energy bar. When an eye's bar reaches 100, it will duplicate itself. Because of this, eyes should be taken down as quickly as possible.
  • Hand of Gul'dan
    • An area is marked on the ground, and damage is dealt to anyone standing inside.
    • This ability also spawns a dreadlord. The tank should pick-up the dreadlord, and everyone should take down the add quickly.
    • The dreadlord will cast Carrion Wave, which does damage and causes anyone hit by it to be stunned for 6 seconds. This can be interrupted, but each interrupt gives him a buff that grants a 20% damage increase and a 15% increase to his attack speed.
  • Fel Scythe
    • When a player is within 2 yards of the tank, Gul'dan will deal a large amount of fire damage to the tank and anyone within 2 yards of him. Gul'dan will also receive a buff for 15% attack speed for 10 seconds.
    • The energy in Gul'dan's energy bar is used up whenever he casts this ability. Every point of energy used increases the ability's damage by 5%.
    • Force Gul'dan to use this ability every 11 seconds to prevent his energy from getting too high and the attack speed buff from stacking. If his energy bar reaches 100, he will cast this ability immediately.
  • Empowered Abilities
    • As Gul'dan's health decreases, he will add additional powers and mechanics to his existing abilities.
    • 85% Health - Empowers Liquid Hellfire to do more damage and leave behind fire on the ground for 3 minutes. Try to keep the fire contained to one area.
    • 70% Health - Empowers Bonds of Fel so that players will be knocked back before receiving the debuff. Additionally, their speed is decreased even more and the explosion causes more damage.
    • 50% Health - Empowers Eye of Gul'dan, causing the ability to summon one large eye instead of multiple smaller ones. The large eye can target multiple people and has an aggro table.

Phase 3 - Begins at 40% HP
  • Gul'dan keeps his Empowered Eye of Gul'dan and Fel Scythe from Phase 2.
  • Flames of Sargeras
    • A debuff that causes a player to do AoE damage to anyone with 8 yards of them. Each pulse of AoE damage leaves a pool on the ground that will explode, dealing damage and leaving behind fire.
    • If targeted, run to the edge of the room away from other players to drop the pools.
  • Storm of the Destroyer
    • This ability deals a large amount of damage to anyone in a targeted area of the room.
  • Well of Souls
    • After summoning the Well of Souls, Gul'dan will cast Soul Siphon, which adds targeted players' souls to the well.
      You'll need to enter the Well of Souls to free players' souls. Every 3 seconds you stay inside the well, a soul is freed and you take damage.
    • If Gul'dan collects all players' souls, the raid wipes.


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