Legion Dev Talk
There was a 45 minute stream with the developers today which included a few questions and lots of Gamescom recap.

Some players were upset about the number of questions that were answered:
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
So disappointing. Waste of my time.
Sorry you felt that way - we probably should have promoted it differently, but it was more of a gc recap with some new info. (WatcherDev)
We were promised a decent Q/A with new info. You answered none of our questions.
Genuinely curious where that promise was made, because clearly we did a terrible job of setting expectations. (WatcherDev)
"Devs will be jumping back onto a stream to dive further into the exp features and content."
Yeah, communication fail on our end. :/ Not much I can do at this point but apologize. I definitely understand the disappointment. (WatcherDev)

Re: amount of Legion info at gamescom: we made the mistake with Warlords of talking about too much too early, and some stuff didn't make it.
That's something we're trying very hard to avoid as much as possible with Legion, which means being a little tighter-lipped about our plans.
The info will come, we just want to limit the risk of going back on what we share as much as possible. (CM_Lore)

Re: the gamescom Q&A/dev talk, I think that was an internal miscommunication. Many of us (myself included) also thought it was to be a Q&A.
Can't do anything but apologize for that. We'll circle back and do better next time. (CM_Lore)

Any chance we could get a proper Q&A in the near future?
Almost certainly. (CM_Lore)

  • The team has known Legion would be the next expansion back when they started coming up of the Warlords of Draenor concepts.
  • We are back in the normal Azeroth, no alternative universe.
  • Why does the Legion keep trying to take over Azeroth? The expansion will reveal this over time.
  • Illidan is a really important part of Gul'dan's plans.
  • Illidan is not pleased with us after Black Temple. Who knows how he will react if and when we come across him to ask for help.
  • 12,000 years ago there was a festering wound in The Broken Isles. The Pillars of Creation were used to seal the wound. The Temple of Elune was built on top. The wound was opened again and an infinite number of demons is coming through.
  • The Dalaran in Broken Isles has been updated, with a few changes and texture updates.
  • Eventually you will be able to fly in Legion, but not right away, similar to Warlords. Starting in Patch 7.0 the first steps towards the flying achievement will be available.
  • The DPS and item level are determined by the Relics, as well as modifiers to traits. (This was covered in a little more detail in interviews)
  • The team wants to make sure it isn't 2x the work to maintain 2x artifacts. You will need to earn separate relics for your other Artifacts though.
  • There will be a quest line for each profession.
  • There will be some system changes to professions as a whole to improve the UI and add new functionality.
  • One more character slot will be added.
  • People that are playing Demon Hunters would likely be playing a melee spec anyway, so it shouldn't add too many more melee.
  • Alex Afrasiabi apparently does an amazing female Gnome dance, but didn't share it with the stream.

Dev Interviews
BlizzPlanet had the chance to talk to the developers about Legion. New information that wasn't in other interviews is below:

  • There won't be another filler patch between Warlords and the Legion invasion, other than the flying patch.
  • Ruby Sanctum didn't work out well. It was entertaining for a week or so, as there was one boss to kill and then you were done.
  • In Warlords, the team didn't do enough to express the story through in-game content. The garrison campaign wasn't enough.
  • One more character slot is being added.
  • Having one artifact per spec will help to focus the specs. Right now Frost Death Knights can use a two-hand weapon or dual wield, but their artifact is two runeblades, so they will focus on dual-wielding in Legion and Unholy will focus on two-hand weapons.
  • The new Honor system allows for some new abilities to be added that would have been cut in the past, as they were PvP only.
  • Draenor's forces are busy rebuilding Draenor, so they are not going to come and help with the Burning Legion.
  • Illidan's storyline will span the entire expansion.
  • Only allowing elves to be Demon Hunters fits the lore and is the right choice for Legion.
  • One of the social features under development is notifying you when friends join a queue and allowing you to queue with them.
  • The team would also like to improve communication across groups. If you have a group of friends you raid with or PvP with there should be a better way to communicate with them.
  • Older time limited legendary items, such as the Mists of Pandaria cape, may become transmogable.
  • The sewers of Dalaran were mentioned as an Order Hall for Rogues again.
  • Champions will unlock or complement content rather than doing content for you.
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