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Armory Stats - Battle Pet Collection
It's Pet Battle Bonus Weekend, so we are starting by taking a look at the battle pet ownership achievement completion rate of players. Today's data is from 2.1 million players (not characters) that were active after August 1st.

You can see some of the same data to compare to last time we looked at pet battle stats, two years ago.

Keep in mind that the Safari achievements require you to collect every pet on that continent. The Raiding with Leashes achievements require collection of every pet that drops from different raid bosses. Crazy for Cats and Celestial Family require collecting specific pets.

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Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Mythic Dungeons don't count as dungeons for guild challenges while in a guild group? Intended?
Not ideal, but a consequence of how the system was originally built. Challenges require queued dungeon activities (LFG) only. (WarcraftDevs)

Ghostcrawler Tweets
Ghostcrawler still occasionally talks about WoW. Remember that he no longer works for or speaks for Blizzard.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Except the "alternative" is always substantially less rewarding, so it will never be cared about. You can't just offer easy vs hard with the same rewards. Nobody will opt into hard "just because".

How can you be so sure? I always choose the hardest difficulty without knowing if I'll get better rewards
The comment was specifically about group PvE content. If you offer 5 difficulty levels, all with the same rewards, and don't provide easy ways for other players to see others' accomplishments, then my experience is most players will see no point in suffering through the harder difficulties. Some will, but my expectation is that group will be small. In general, if players do more challenging content, they expect rewards appropriate for their accomplishment. Those rewards could be power based rewards, or they could just be recognition from other players.

This doesn't mean players don't like difficult content. I like difficult content. But generally in multiplayer games, players want some recognition or outright rewards that they did it the hard way. I think the mindset is just different in single player games. I play Dark Souls because I gain satisfaction over beating it. It's harder to lean on personal satisfaction in a multiplayer game where players spend a lot of brain space comparing their accomplishments to others. In multiplayer games, the social element is typically pretty massive or it wouldn't be a multiplayer game. Recognition, in my experience, is an important part of that social element.

Poll - How Many Battle Pets Do You Have?
Please vote with the number of unique pets you have. You can get a fairly accurate count by checking the pets section of your armory profile.

Overwatch - Gameplay Footage
Some more Overwatch gameplay video has been released, this time by a player that was able to visit Blizzard and play.

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  1. Talby's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Glitch View Post
    Glad my forgetfulness could help Awesome collection by the way!
    Thanks! Your collection makes me want to log on and buy all the pets that are available but I'd rather earn them the hard way! Wish I could get every dragon pet but the ones I don't own are unavailable it's what made me start collecting in the first place I love the wittle whelps
  1. Wrathonia's Avatar
    I think having 473 unique pets and having quit before WoD I was doing pretty good.
  1. mmoc8557fc1bf9's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by tuesday the paladin View Post
    The poll data vs the armory data shows an interesting difference between the MMO-C viewers that vote in a poll, and the community at large. At the time of this post almost 29% of votes have 600+ pets, while in the greater community less than 3% have 600+ pets. Quite interesting.
    Because many people click on the link, to see how many pets they have and they see: 7xx
    "oh i got more than i thought"

    We have many people here, who are not that intelligent
  1. Jodmos's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Soeroah View Post
    698 pets, but somehow my "total pets" number changes depending on which character I'm on, going from 999 to 1002.

    I have some more new pets in my bags I can't learn because I'm at the cap, so I probably have closer to 705 unique pets.
    That would be normal. Some pets (Squire, Guild Page/Herald) are character specific rather than account wide.
  1. Tartys's Avatar
    Im part of 2,7% with more than 600 unique pets! My 698 pet's collection :P

    Maybe some players dont khow the difference beetween Unique pets and the total amount of pets. That why there is such difference with data from Armory and the Poll!
  1. Rioo's Avatar
    Was a pretty avid collector before the whole battle system was introduced, but now I'm not really going out of my way to getting them. I'll do them when there's a nice reward, like the Crazy Cat title or the pet mirror.
  1. Alopex Major's Avatar
    692 uniques, nice to be in the 2% of something at least, lol.
  1. mmoc9a558117b7's Avatar
    I don't think people have read the poll properly. I have 577 unique pets and 864 pets in total. How can most people doing the poll have more than 600 pets? I don't believe it for a second.
  1. Wayne25uk's Avatar
    God that guy in the overwatch video cudnt sound more like a cunt if he tried.

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