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  • When we discover Alleria and Turalyon in Legion, the way you view WoW will change. Amazing things in store.
  • It is important to sell the fantasy behind races and classes in the game. Then they will support and customize races. They want to do sub-races, just not sure how to do it right yet. Going to continue to work on it.
  • There are more and more groups that are cross servers, so the current guild structure doesn't meet their needs. A solution won't make it for launch, but some way to communicate with a cross-server group is something they are working on.
  • The flying achievement will exist at launch, but you won't be able to complete it at launch. You can start progressing on it though.
  • In Legion, there will be a short appearance by Bolvar Fordragon, likely at the Frozen Throne.
  • The team has a wide array of class quests with the Artifacts, one for every spec. The team is focusing on class content in this expansion, but it will likely be artifact related rather than green fire quest.
  • The team is looking at how tapping works in the outdoor world. Rather than one person hitting a mob and getting it, it would be nice if several people could tap it to get credit for quests and loot. No need to group with people you come across when questing. Open tapping will remain for larger NPCs like quest and world bosses.
  • Launching expansions more quickly is still a goal. Not sure when they would get to one per year. Quality is more important than release dates.
  • Tomb of Sargeras is just a monument.
  • Guilds are very important to the social structure of the game. It would be ideal if you could be in multiple guilds at some point, one for PvP, one for Raids. Maybe a secondary guild system? Still in progress.
  • No new battleground, focus is on the new PvP progression system.
  • No plans to update old starting zones for Legion. There will be Legion invasions in the world, maybe one will take place there. Legion wants to invade Azeroth, aren't going to start with the Exodar.
  • The Broken Isles version of Dalaran is upgraded, you will find out the secrets that are protecting it, they are big.
  • The team wants to get around to resolving old stories from Cataclysm at some point.
  • Keystone affixes are standardized globally for the week, so no need to try and find someone with one that is slightly easier.
  • The new transmog system should help with the inventory space problem.
  • Titan's Grip for Fury warriors is not dead. Artifact is too small, will be sized up. Holding 2 x 2H is a cool distinctive thing.
  • Legion will get into the details of multi Legion vs singular Legion.
  • One more character slot is coming in Legion.
  • No new scenarios in Legion that you queue for, but lessons learned from MoP scenarios used to create scenarios that are part of the leveling and questing experience.
  • You can pre-order, buy the collector's edition, and contact customer service to get the difference.
  • The team doesn't want the Artifact to be a blocker for playing multiple specs. There are lots of catch-up mechanisms in place to help you bring 2nd or 3rd weapons up to speed with your main one, as well as people who took a break from the game. You will have to decide what weapon you will use your Relics on though.
  • Legion will allow you to use all the specs, no longer limited to dual spec, each spec remembers your action bars and such. No such thing as no spec anymore, there is a default spec.
  • Multistrike is just another form of crit, doesn't appear in many of the class fantasies.
  • Versatility has a defensive component, useful for PvP, tanks, not a fantasy problem. Each stat should have a special identity and purpose. Do people hate Versatility because it is not strong enough or because of how it works?
  • The team doesn't like account wide things, because the point of having an alt is playing the alt, but things should be a bit faster the second or third time you do it. More and more people want to play and maintain alts, so the team is aware of the need to make things faster when you play it again.
  • Nothing like the AQ gate opening is coming. There will be the invasions around the world, taking server level participation. A large event would be nice, but it needs to be the right time and place.
  • Karazhan will be relevant in Legion. The secrets we need to beat the Burning Legion are in Karazhan. Karazhan could be a 5 player dungeon in Patch 7.1.
  • One of the Artifact quests will shed some light on what is going on in Tirisfal Glades.
  • Wrathion may have some interest in Highmountain and Neltharion's lair. Don't expect him to look the way he did before.
  • The team could make old world materials relevant again, but Legion is going to focus on new materials. Not sure you would enjoy old materials being relevant again.
  • New lore is coming for Tauren, Forsaken, Worgen, maybe even something for Gnomes.
  • Old Gods will play a role in Legion.
  • Some of the huge raids the team made in the past were awesome, but they might be better if they were broken up. More smaller raids, different environments, part of the same tier.
  • The team has tried to use non-linear layouts to make things faster for guilds that only raid a couple of nights a week that still want to progress.
  • Reforging isn't coming back. It isn't needed anymore.
  • You won't be using Artifacts forever, maybe display them on your mantle in a future expansion.
  • Part of the coolness of older rewards is how rare and cool they are. If you were guaranteed to get something it wouldn't be as cool. There is a difference between mounts / pets and power items.
  • Dance Studio - Still don't have the animation time for it.
  • No plans for Vanilla realms. Lots of emotional desire for it, but when other MMOs tried it, it didn't work out. Lots of complexity, old code, old hardware, old data, old bugs. Players would expect things to be fixed.
  • You can't transmog other things to look like Artifacts, but you can transmog Artifacts to look like other things if you really don't like it.
  • Alliance and Horde are coming together in your Class Hall to confront a common enemy.
  • You will still have the language barrier in the Class Hall. You can see the other faction, but doesn't mean you can speak their language.
  • Demon Hunters of either faction can speak Demonic to each other!
  • OpenRaid is a great site, group finder has worked out well so far, team wants to continue to expand on it and social tools.
  • No AU heroes at the start, after that TBD.
  • Genn Greymane and some Gilneans will appear.
  • Gear from strongboxes will be similar to gear you get out in the world, what you get based on ratings.
  • We will see Gul'dan before the boss encounter, it is a big part of the storytelling.
  • Mythic flex would be too hard to balance. It is challenging in lower difficulties now, would be much harder with Mythic and people trying to optimize group sizes.
  • Mythic being 20 players is the right number, especially with another class on the way. It allows for certain designs that require a decent number of players. Maintaining a guild roster is a struggle no matter what the raid size is. Ideally they will make it easier to find players and for players to find guilds, rather than changing the raid size again.
  • No new roles (tanking Warlock) for existing classes are planned in Legion. Legion is about enhancing the fantasy of the existing classes and roles.
  • Legion Challenge Dungeons won't be part of the random matchmaking system. One person is putting their Keystone at risk. Guilds, social circles, and group finder will be where you find players. Having an unused keystone is a desired commodity. People will be lining up to use your Keystone on a Sunday, shouldn't be hard to find people.
  • The team hates split raiding, high end guilds hate split raiding, but there isn't a good way to solve it yet. Forcing personal loot would solve it, but that isn't something that some players would enjoy. Open to suggestions.
  • Nefarian will get an update for a Demon Hunter class call, maybe using double jumps.
  • Melee got some new effects and animations in Legion, hopefully people will enjoy them.
  • The team built some of the class accessory models, but now there are Artifact weapons. There was a lot of overlap between the systems. Class accessories are still on the list, what is left beyond Artifacts to add to class fantasy.
  • The Talking Heads that appear during questing are cool. Legion has the most VO of all of the expansions. Every world group has different lines, so you will hear a lot more VO when out in the world.
  • Jaina is not a Dreadlord.
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  1. Freedom's Avatar
    "dumb question"

    How prophetic.
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    Made me laugh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
    "dumb question"

    How prophetic.
    "will there be bacon in legion?"
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    is anyone streaming it?
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    Yesssss - Great question that I have no idea was asked??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Riptor View Post
    "will there be bacon in legion?"
    We cook up the old boars in Warlords. You'll sacrifice a few mounts, but it'll be damn worth it.
    This is how we get to know the meaning of sacrifice.
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    Red Shirt Guy off first...
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    That redshirt guy...
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    Oh thank god it looks like they are filtering out stupid questions. *knock on wood*
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    Well there's the "realm shoutout" on the BINGO card. Only 3 in-person questions in.
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    No flying at start! :-( FU Blizz

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    Quote Originally Posted by jk1895 View Post
    No flying at start! :-( FU Blizz


    I really hope you're joking.
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    "Quality is more important than release dates." #WoD
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    "Quality is more important than release dates."

    "No new battleground"
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    One person introduced themselves and now we're suddenly in the guild recruitment forums. Come on, nobody cares!
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    The team wants to get around to resolving old stories from Cataclysm.

    Neptulon confirmed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jk1895 View Post
    No flying at start! :-( FU Blizz

    Fool me once...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jk1895 View Post
    No flying at start! :-( FU Blizz

    Good. Nobody will miss you. People like you are what killed WoD. Instead of crying about no flying, all that effort could have gone into forcing Blizz to focus on the content drought.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greathoudini View Post
    People like you are what killed WoD.
    Blizzard making a garbage expansion killed WoD. This trainwreck was dead long before flying was added.

    They want another exodus they can flip flop over again? I guess they never learn.

    Quote Originally Posted by Greathoudini View Post
    Instead of crying about no flying, all that effort could have gone into forcing Blizz to focus on the content drought.
    Take Blizzards cock out of your mouth for a second and use what little brain you have. We had this content drought in Cata and MoP even without a flying fiasco. Your imaginary cause and effect is all your little delusion and nothing more.
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    •Titan's Grip for Fury warriors is not dead. Artifact is too small, will be sized up. Holding 2 x 2H is a cool distinctive thing.


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