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Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Pandaria is a majestic land of mystery and intrigue. Long has it been shrouded in the mists and relatively untouched . . . until now. To get you better acquainted with this new continent, we’ve pulled out our cameras and snapped a few shots of some of the great points of interest and stunning vistas. We’ve also taken the time to speak to the zone’s designers to ask them questions about the best sites to see, the key storylines you may want to know about, and the creatures you’ll want to meet (or avoid).

Quest Designer: Helen Cheng

Q. Could you name three places you feel players shouldn’t miss on their first trip through the zone?
A. There’s a lot to see in Pandaria but one of the most significant locations is the Serpent’s Heart. This is an enormous statue in the middle of the zone in which pandaren stonemasons have toiled at building for nearly a hundred years. However, they are running out of jade, and the mines to the north are overwhelmed by monsters. Trouble is definitely afoot.

On the coast to the east lies the Temple of the Jade Serpent. This is the home to Yu’lon, the Jade Serpent, who is one of the celestial guardians of Pandaria. She’s the spirit of wisdom, but also represents spring, youth, growth, and nurturing. Players will get a chance to meet her in person.

Jade Forest is also the zone where the Alliance and Horde first make landfall on Pandaria. The Alliance will land in the southwest and will begin a search for Prince Anduin Wrynn, who has gone missing in a recent naval battle. Meanwhile, the Horde arrives on the northern shores. In both cases, the conflict in the rest of the world spills into Pandaria, and they’ll be fighting from the moment boots touch the ground. The tension between trying to explore a new land while simultaneously fighting a war drives a lot of the action in Jade Forest.

Q. So, from a story perspective, Jade Forest is a pretty important zone?
A. Absolutely! All this deep-seated tension and animosity is unleashed on the shores of what has been a relatively peaceful land for a long time. The consequences of the battle in Jade Forest reverberate across the entire continent.

Pandaria’s first dungeon is here: the Temple of the Jade Serpent that I mentioned earlier. If you play through the whole zone, you’ll get to visit the dungeon and interact with the inhabitants when things are peaceful. Once everything goes bad, you’ll have to go back in and try to undo a lot of the damage the fighting between the Alliance and Horde has caused. You’ll learn a lot about the Pandaren people and hopefully gain wisdom from the Jade Serpent herself.

Q. What factions or races will we be able to interact with?
Pandaria is host to several races that the Horde and Alliance have never encountered before. There are the forest hozen: semi-intelligent monkeys with a penchant for violence. They aren’t a very mature group and are in fact quite rowdy and crude. They eventually ally with the Horde. (Other tribes of hozen exist in other zones, but they aren’t the friendly sort and won’t ally with anyone.)

On the opposite end of the spectrum are the jinyu who are a wise and proud race of amphibious creatures. They have refinement and culture. Their “waterspeakers” can listen to the waters to foretell events of the future, although this is a rare occurrence. A subset of this race will end up allying with the Alliance.

Players will also encounter the mogu for the first time. This fearsome, brutish race is pillaging and destroying a few areas of the forest, giving us a hint as to their nature. But they’re really just a foreshadowing of what’s to come – the mogu play a huge part in pandaren history, and they’ll play a big role in this expansion as well.

Of course, the pandaren will be there as well for people to get to know. Imagine their surprise when the Horde and Alliance show up and turn things upside down.

As far as factions go, the Order of the Cloud Serpent is a faction and a daily hub that players can access at level 90. Members of The Order are sent out into the wild to find a cloud serpent egg, and then raise their serpent hatchling to adulthood. Serpent riders train and nurture their cloud serpents, then ride them into war. Players will also be able to choose their own egg and raise their own serpent, watch it grow to adulthood, and eventually keep their cloud serpent as their own flying mount. Exalted status with this faction also awards Cloud Serpent Riding, which is a tier of flying skill required to ride any cloud serpent mount from Pandaria.

There’s a lot more to be seen in this zone, but hopefully this will give you a taste of what’s to come in your adventures ahead.


Level Name Rewards Objective
86The Silkwood Road
Pick one:
Defeat 8 Silkwood Stalkers.
86The Threads that StickGather 7 Pristine Silk Strands.
86Sacred ScrollBring the Illegible Scroll to Lorewalker Cho.
86Seeking AnswersUse the candles to meditate at the Cairn of Blood.
86Cairn of BoneUse the Meditation Candle at the Cairn of Bone.
86Wisdom of the AgesSpeak to Lorewalker Cho at the Cairn of Stone to practice meditation.
86One Hand ClappingMeditate at the Cairn of Scales.
86Building a Better Hozen TrapCollect 8 Slickies and 8 Intact Pottery Jars from Lake Kittitata.
86Family TreeLight the Incense Bundle at the Circle of Stone.
86Swallowed WholeFree 5 hozen from the Engorged Crocolisks, and gather 5 Speckled Trout from Lake Kittitata.
86Catch and Release!
Pick one:
Use Hozen Traps in Camp Nooka-Nooka, then break them to free 5 trapped Hozen.
86Orders are OrdersBring the Alliance Orders to Chief Kah Kah at Grookin.
86Instant Messaging
Pick one:
Use the Skyshark Signal Flare near Chief Kah Kah at Grookin Hill.
86Beyond the HorizonSpeak to Shokia, Sergeant Gorrok, Shademaster Kiryn, and Chief Kah Kah
86The Perfect ColorGather 8 Freshly Fallen Petals.
86Quill of Stingers
Pick one:
Gather 6 Wasp Stingers from Orchard Wasps.
86The Pearlfin SituationSpeak to Elder Lusshan, Pearlkeeper Fujin, Instructor Sharpfin, and Ot-Temmdo at Pearlfin Village.
86Road Rations
Collect 6 Tortoise Flanks.
86Zen HealingCollect 6 Zen Lotus.
86The Elder's InstrumentsCollect the Waterspeaker's Staff, Ceremonial Robe, Jade Crown, and Rosewood Beads from Slingtail Stickypaws.
86Seek Out the LorewalkerSearch for Lorewalker Cho at the Dreamer's Pavilion in the Jade Forest.
86Borrowed BrewTaste the mouthwatering brew.
86A Visit with Lorewalker ChoBefriend Lorewalker Cho by assisting him around his house: Trim his tree, paint his wall, and feed his birds.
86Finding Your Center
Pick one:
Meditate with Lorewalker Cho at the pagoda at the Dreamer's Pavilion in the Jade Forest.
86PotencyKill Mist Creepers until a Mist Horror appears, then collect a Mist Horror Heart.
86BodyCollect 5 Pristine Crocolisk Eyes from Bog Crocolisks.
86HueCollect 8 Amberfly Wings.
86Spirits of the WaterSpeak to Elder Lusshan and witness the waterspeaking ceremony.
86Trail of the White PawnShow the cloak to Admiral Taylor at Pearlfin Village in the Jade Forest.
86Sacred WatersCollect healing waters from the four Sacred Bowls in the Den of Sorrow.
86Rest in PeaceKill 6 Tortured Spirits.
86An Ancient Legend
Pick one:
Retrieve the Song of the Vale from the Den of Sorrow.
86Anduin's DecisionTell Anduin that it is time to return home.
86A Perfect MatchSpeak to Pearlfin Aqualytes and arm them with the proper equipment.
86Bigger Fish to FryTrain the Pearlfin Adepts by killing 24 wildlife in the Bamboo Wilds.
86Let Them Burn
Kill 15 Grookin Reinforcements or Slingtail Recruits.
86Carp Diem
Pick one:
Kill Chief Gukgut.
86Find the BoySpeak with Inkmaster Wei.
86Shrine of the DawnSearch the Shrine of the Dawn for Syra Goldendraft.
86Getting Permission
Pick one:
Challenge and defeat Pandriarch Goldendraft, Pandriarch Windfur, and Pandriarch Bramblestaff.
86In Search of WisdomSpeak to Kitemaster Ut-Nam and get a ride to Dawn's Blossom.
86Kill Kher ShanKill Kher Shan in Tigers' Wood.
86All We Can SpareDeliver the Scavenged Jade to Lorewalker Cho at Emperor's Omen. Speak with Toya in Dawn's Blossom for a ride.
86Calamity JadeSlay 12 Greenstone Nibblers and 6 Greenstone Gorgers at the Greenstone Quarry.
86Mann's ManLocate Hao Mann at the Greenstone Quarry.
86Trapped!Free 8 Greenstone Miners in the Greenstone Quarry.
86What's Mined Is Yours
Pick one:
Board the jade cart and ride with Hao back to Emperor's Omen.
86I Have No Jade And I Must Scream
Recover 15 Chunks of Jade from Puckish Sprites around the Greenstone Mason's Quarter.
86The Serpent's HeartSpeak to Foreman Raike at the Serpent's Heart in the Jade Forest.
86Love's Labor
Pick one:
Deliver the jade to Historian Dinh, Surveyor Sawa, Kitemaster Shoku, and Taskmaster Emi.
86The Temple of the Jade SerpentSpeak to Elder Sage Wind-Yi outside the entrance to the Temple of the Jade Serpent. Speak to Kitemaster Shoku for a kite ride to the temple.
86The Scryer's DilemmaKill Water Fiends to recover Wise Mari's Staff.
86A New VisionSpeak to Elder Sage Rain-Zhu near the courtyard in the Temple of the Jade Serpent in the Jade Forest.
86The Bees' KneesCollect 30 Bug Legs from Tigerflies in Tigers' Wood.
86Furious FowlCollect 6 Fistfuls of Bird Guts from Bloodtalons in Dookin' Grounds.
86Boom BaitUse the Gut Bombs at Murky Bank and collect 5 Exploded Slickies.
86Friends and Foes
Kill 7 Riverstride Jinyu at the Slicky Stream.
86Silly Wikket, Slickies are for HozenCollect 4 Snapper Steaks from the Murky Bank
86Guerrillas in our Midst
Pick one:
Kill 8 Alliance Infiltrators near the Scenic Overlook.
86Burning Down the HouseUse Nazgrim's Grog to destroy the Alliance Camp atop the Scenic Overlook.
86Dawn's BlossomSpeak with Lorewalker Cho in Dawn's Blossom.

Speak to the flightmaster in Grookin Hill for passage.
86Green-ish EnergyGather 7 Green Branches in the Dookin' Grounds
86Boom Goes the Doonamite!
Pick one:
Speak to Rivett east of Grookin Hill. Use his Methane Grenades to fend off the Jinyu attack.
86The Scouts ReturnSpeak with Shokia in Grookin Hill.
86The Librarian's QuandarySpeak to Lorewalker Stonestep in the temple library.
86Moth-RiddenKill 8 Dappled Moths.
86Pages of History
Pick one:
Search through the library books for infestations, then squash 12 Bookworms.
86Everything In Its PlaceSpeak to Elder Sage Rain-Zhu at the Temple of the Jade Serpent in Jade Forest.
86The Rider's BindFind 4 Playful Serpents.
86Lighting Up the SkySet off 8 fireworks.
86The Jade Serpent
Pick one:
Listen to the Jade Serpent.
86A Book By Its Cover
86No Plan Survives Contact with the EnemyKill 6 Garrosh'ar Grunts and 6 Garrosh'ar Gear-Greasers.
86The Fall of Ga'trul
Pick one:
Slay Ga'trul.
86Onward and InwardReport to Admiral Rogers at Paw'don Village in the Jade Forest.
90Wild ThingsFind Instructor Tong at Windward Isle in the Jade Forest.
90Beating the OddsKill 8 Slitherscale Rippers or Slitherscale Eggdrinkers.
90Empty NestsLeash and return 6 Windward Hatchlings to their nests.
90Egg CollectionCollect 6 Serpent Eggs.
90Choosing the OneSpeak to Instructor Tong at Windward Isle in the Jade Forest.
90The Rider's JourneyReturn to Instructor Skythorn at the Arboretum in the Jade Forest.
90The Rider's JourneyReturn to Instructor Skythorn at the Arboretum in the Jade Forest.
90The Rider's JourneyReturn to Instructor Skythorn at the Arboretum in the Jade Forest.
90It's A...Watch your egg hatch.
90They Grow Like WeedsSpeak to Instructor Windblade at The Arboretum.
90Flight Training: Ring Round-UpFly through 6 cloud rings while riding your cloud serpent.
90Flight Training: Full Speed AheadFollow Instructor Windblade.
90Flight Training: In Due CourseFly through 10 Race Flags at the Checkpoints floating above the Mistveil Sea.
90Sweet as Honey
Collect 30 Honeycomb from Angry Honeykeepers in The Arboretum.
Use the Bouncy Ball. Then, catch and return the ball to your hatchling 8 times.
90The Sky Race
Complete the Sky Race by flying through 10 checkpoints, then passing underneath the Finish Line at The Arboretum.
90The Easiest Way To A Serpent's Heart
Collect 5 Tiger Flanks.
90Restoring the Balance
Kill 8 Slitherscale Rippers or Slitherscale Eggdrinkers.
90Feeding Time
Collect 3 Saltback Meat and feed them to your hatchling companion.
90Emptier Nests
Leash and return 6 Windward Hatchlings to their nests.
90Disarming the Enemy
Collect 5 Slitherscale Harpoons.
Collect 8 Stolen Eggs.
90Riding the Skies
Join the Order of the Cloud Serpent.
86Missed Me By... That Much!Find the missing supply crate at Serenity Falls.
86They're So Thorny!Collect 5 Emergency Supplies from the Water Sprites.
86Lay of the LandVisit the Shrine of the Sun, the Shrine of the Moon, and Kill Dook Ookem.
86Stay a While, and ListenDrink from Cho's Teapot.
86A Mile in My ShoesSpeak to Lorewalker Cho at the Circle of Bone.
86If These Stones Could SpeakUse the Stone Monoliths at the Circle of Bone.
86Peering Into the PastSpeak to Lorewalker Cho at the Circle of Stone.
90Slitherscale Suppression
Kill the Slitherscale Lizard-Lord.
86Welcome to Dawn's BlossomSpeak with Kai Wanderbrew, Master Windfur, and Peiji Goldendraft in Dawn's Blossom.
86What's in a Name Name?
Kill 7 Riverstride Jinyu
86Wicked Wikkets
Pick one:
Collect 6 Alliance Service Medallions from Battleworn Paratroopers
86Captain Jack's DeadBring Captain Jack's head to Chief Kah Kah at Grookin Hill.
86Unleash Hell
Pick one:
Use a Skyfire Gyrocopter to slay 60 of the Garrosh'ar troops and destroy 8 Garrosh'ar Shredders, and then sink the Bladefist Reaper and Stygian Scar.
86Touching GroundUse a Skyfire Parachute to touch ground in Garrosh'ar Point, then speak to Sully "The Pickle" McLeary.
86Critical Condition
Pick one:
Revive 6 Wounded Pilots in Paw'don Glade. You can also use healing spells or bandages to revive them.
86The White Pawn
Search the Wreck of the Vanguard in Jade Forest for clues about its cargo, and recover the Encoded Captain's Log.
86The Missing AdmiralFind Admiral Taylor.
86Explosive EvidencePlant 4 Makeshift Dynamite near the sunken ship at Sapphire's End. Makeshift Dynamite must be placed at least 10 yards apart.
86Without a Trace
Pick one:
Press the detonator to erase the remaining evidence.
86Hozen Aren't Your Friends, Hozen Are Your EnemiesKill 14 Hozen at the Wreck of the Vanguard.
86The Path of WarKill 12 Slingtail Treeleapers or Slingtail Mudseers.
86Freeing Our Brothers
Pick one:
Free 6 Jinyu Prisoners or Alliance Prisoners.
86Ancient PowerCollect 8 Ancient Hozen Skulls.
86Kung Din
Pick one:
Obtain the Slingtail Key by slaying Kung Din.
86JailbreakKill 10 Slingtail Fishrippers
86Last Piece of the PuzzleUse Cho's Heirloom at Cho's Family Shrine on Serpent's Overlook.

Speak with Mishi for transportation.
86Last Piece of the PuzzleUse Cho's Heirloom at Cho's Family Shrine on Serpent's Overlook.

Speak with Mishi for transportation.
86The Seal is BrokenSeal 12 Sha Fissures to banish the Sha of Doubt.
86Residual FalloutDestroy 10 Sha Echoes
86Emergency ResponseUse Cho's Fireworks near Admiral Taylor, Mishka and Sully.
86An Air of WorrySpeak with Shao the Defiant at Nectarbreeze Orchard.
86DefianceKill 8 Gormali Raiders and 8 Gormali Incinerators in Nectarbreeze Orchard.
86Rally the SurvivorsSpeak with 6 Nectarbreeze Farmers around Nectarbreeze Orchard and send them to the safehouse.
86Orchard-Supplied HardwareRetrieve 6 Orchard Tools from Nectarbreeze Orchard.
86The Splintered PathFollow the path of fallen trees from the northwest corner of Nectarbreeze Orchard and find the mogu raiders camp.
86UnboundSet 10 Captured Nectarbreeze Farmers free in Camp Gormal.
Pick one:
Use the Nectarbreeze Cider to put out 12 fires around Nectarbreeze Orchard.
90The Order of the Cloud SerpentSpeak to Instructor Skythorn at The Arboretum in The Jade Forest.
90The Order of the Cloud SerpentSpeak to Instructor Skythorn at The Arboretum in The Jade Forest.
90Attack At The Temple of the Jade Serpent
Speak to Elder Sage Tai-Feng at the Jade Temple Grounds in The Jade Forest.
90Attack At The Temple of the Jade Serpent
Speak to Elder Sage Tai-Feng at the Jade Temple Grounds in The Jade Forest.
86Paint it Red!
Pick one:
Use a Gunship Turret to kill 80 Thunder Hold troops and destroy 9 Thunder Hold cannons.
86Touching GroundUse a Rappelling Rope to reach the ground.
86Finish Them!Slay 15 Thunder Hold troops.
86Fire Is Always the AnswerDestroy 10 Stacks of Thunder Hold Munitions.
86The Final Blow!Slay Captain Doren in Thunder Hold.
85Tian MonasterySpeak with Lin Tenderpaw at the Tian Monastery in the Jade Forest.
86The High ElderSpeak with High Elder Cloudfall at the Tian Monastery in the Jade Forest.
86A Courteous GuestGather 8 Ripe Oranges from the orange groves south of Tian Monastery.
86The Great BanquetSpeak with High Elder Cloudfall at the banquet grounds in the Tian Monastery.
86Your Training Starts NowReport to Instructor Xann at the Tian Monastery in the Jade Forest.
Perform 12 practice strikes in the Monastery Training Arena by following the leader's example.
Pick one:
Destroy 2 Training Bags. Follow Instructor Xann's instructions to determine which bags to attack.
86Flying Colors
Pick one:
Report to High Elder Cloudfall at the Tian Monastery in the Jade Forest.
86Groundskeeper WuReport to Groundskeeper Wu at the Tian Monastery in the Jade Forest.
86A Proper WeaponObtain 6 Rattan Switches from the area around the market in the Tian Monastery.

Purchase a vial of Black Walnut Extract from June Whiteblossom.

Purchase 3 Triple-Bittered Ales from Brewmaster Lei Kanglei.
86A Strong BackObtain a Boiling Cauldron from Mother Wu in the Waxwood Forest, then return to Groundskeeper Wu in the Tian Monastery.
86A Steady HandObtain 80 vials of Blushleaf Extract from Blushleaf Clusters in the Waxwood Forest.
86And a Heavy Fist
Pick one:
Slay 10 Greenwood Tricksters in the Waxwood Forest.
86Flying Colors
Pick one:
Report to High Elder Cloudfall at the Banquet Grounds in the Jade Forest.
86Burning BrightSlay 6 Waxwood tigers.
86Becoming Battle-ReadyDefeat 8 Tian Pupils in sparring matches at the Tian Monastery.
86Zhi-Zhi, the DextrousDefeat Zhi-Zhi at the Tian Monastery.
86Husshun, the WizenedChallenge and defeat Husshun at the Tian Monastery.
86Xiao, the Eater
Pick one:
Challenge and defeat Xiao at the Tian Monastery.
86A Test of EnduranceReport to Instructor Myang on the western side of the Tian Monastery.
86The Rumpus
Pick one:
Set off the Monastery Fireworks in the Ring of Inner Focus, then survive the Rumpus for two minutes.
86Flying Colors
Pick one:
Report to High Elder Cloudfall at the Banquet Grounds in the Jade Forest.
90Blanche's Boomer Brew
Help create the Boomer Brew. If the Brewkegs catch on fire, fix them!
86The Scouts ReturnSpeak to Rell Nightwind at the Glassfin Village in the Jade Forest.
86SI:7 Report: Lost in the WoodsListen to Rell's report.
86Some "Pupil of Nature"Investigate the Woods of the Lost, northeast of the Greenstone Quarry.
86The Sprites' PlightSlay 10 Stonebound Destroyer the Woods of the Lost and discover their source.
86Break the CycleKill 8 Shan'ze Spiritbinders in the Terrace of Ten Thunders.
86SimulacrumbleKick 6 Vacant Destroyers in the Terrace of Ten Thunders.
86An Urgent Plea
Pick one:
Recover the Staff of Pei-Zhi and interrupt the mogu ritual in the center of the Terrace of Ten Thunders.
86Ritual ArtifactsBring Pei-Zhi a Chipped Ritual Bowl, a Pungent Ritual Candle, and a Jade Cong from the Terrace of Ten Thunders.
86Sufficient MotivationMotivate 10 Lazy Hozen.
86Maul Gormal
Pick one:
Kill Subjugator Gormal in Camp Gormal.
86Get Back Here!Return to General Nazgrim at Grookin Hill.
86Gauging Our ProgressCheck in with Shademaster Kiryn, Rivett Clutchpop, Shokia, and Riko.
86The General's EdgeBring Nazgrim's axe to General Nazgrim.
Pick one:
Rescue Shademaster Kiryn, Rivett Clutchpop, Shokia, and Sergeant Gorrok from Honeydew Glade.
86Seeking Zin'jun
Pick one:
Locate Zin'jun somewhere in the Ascent of the Swirling Winds.
86Cryin' My Eyes OutCollect Zin'Jun's belongings from the Hozen Groundpounders.

If you lose Zin'Jun, speak to him at the Ascent of Swirling Winds.
86Seein' Red
Pick one:
Kill Konk.
86My Stars!Collect 100 of Kiryn's Throwing Stars from Devious Wood Sprites.
86Forensic ScienceCollect 8 Viscous Chlorophyll.
86Acid Rain
Pick one:
Using the Recovered Gyrocopter, kill 25 Hozen Gutrippers and 25 Hozen Nibstabbers.
86Get Back Here!Report to Admiral Taylor in Pearlfin Village.
86Jaded HeartUse Celestial Jade Chunks to defeat 6 Sha Remnants.
86Emergency ResponseUse Cho's Fireworks near General Nazgrim, Shademaster Kiryn, Shokia, and Rivett Clutchpop.
86Horde JusticeKill 15 Hozu at the Wreck of the Sky Shark.
86Standard ProtocolGather 8 Unstable Solenoids.
86Wet Work!Collect 5 Water Globules from Spiritsong Lake and combine them with the Horde Barrel.
86Sixteen Fluid Ounces of PreventionUse the Spirit-Touched Water Barrel to extinguish the four fires near the Zeppelin Wreckage.
85The Witch in the WoodsFind An Windfur on the road north of the Jade Witch Hut.
85A Lesson in BraveryDefeat 8 Leafy Tricksters south of the Jade Witch Hut.
86The Double Hozen DareRescue 6 Scared Pandaren cubs.
85The Jade WitchSpeak with the Widow Greenpaw at the Jade Witch Hut.
86The Jade Witch
Defeat the Jade Witch.
86Down Kitty!
Pick one:
Destroy 8 Jade Guardians.
86Burial at SeaBring the 3 Vanguard Corpses to the Immobile Catapult at the Wreck of the Sky Shark.
86SI:7 Report: Fire From the SkyListen to Sully's report.
86SI:7 Report: Hostile NativesListen to Little Lu's report.
86SI:7 Report: Take No Prisoners
Pick one:
Listen to Amber Kearnen's report.
86Scouting Report: Hostile NativesListen to Riko's report.
86Scouting Report: On the Right TrackListen to Kiryn's report.
86What Goes Down, Must Come Up!Use the Goblin Drone Dispenser near the Exposed Root to recover supplies.

NOTE: Each use will require one Cliff Glider Tail.
86MonstrosityCollect sketches of each piece of the ancient statue.
90Thinning The Pack
Kill 8 Windward Tigers or Windward Alphas.
90Sprite Fright
Kill 7 Shadowfae Tricksters.
90The Shoe Is On The Other Foot
Re-steal 14 Stolen Boots.
90Dark Huntress
Kill the Windward Huntress.
90On The Prowl
Kill the Windward Saber.
90Madcap Mayhem
Kill the Shadowfae Madcap.
Collect 5 Tiny Bags of Poop.
90Needle Me Not
Use the honey at the northern clearing in The Arboretum, and then kill the Orchard Needler.
90Weeping Widows
Kill 7 Weeping Widows.
90A Tangled Web
Destroy Widow's Webs to free 5 Sri-La Villagers.
90Serpent's Scale
Collect 25 Serpent's Scale.
86An Unexpected AdvantageRetrieve the missing Water-Damaged Gears and Rusty Locking Bolts from the Hozen Ambushers to the East.
86Helping the CauseCheck in with Bold Karasshi, Amber Kearnen, and Mishka.
86Vessels of the SpiritRecover 8 Spirit Bottles from Shan'ze Spiritclaws in the Ruins of Gan Shi.
86The Wayward DeadUse the Staff of Pei-Zhi to absorb 10 Wayward Ancestors in the Terrace of Ten Thunders.
86Back to NatureThrow Spirit Bottles on the ground in Tideview Thicket to release 8 Beast Spirits.
86To Bridge Earth and SkyProtect Pei-Zhi during his ritual at the Ruins of Gan-Shi.
Pick one:
Confront Shan Jitong and rescue Pei-Zhi at the Seat of the Spirit Waker in the Terrace of Ten Thunders.
86A Humble OfferingGather 10 Tidemist Caps from Tideview Thicket.
86Family HeirloomsCollect 8 Pearlfin Heirlooms from dead Pearlfin Villagers in Moonwater Retreat.
90Lingering Doubt
Use the Sha Attunement Device at the Sha Disturbances in The Widow's Wail. The entrance to The Widow's Wail can be found to the north along the coast, south of Sri-La Village.
90Tiny Treats
Collect 100 Tiny Spider Eyes.
90The Seed of Doubt
Kill the Seed of Doubt.
90Monkey Mischief
Kill 13 Oona hozen.
90The Big Brew-haha
Collect 100 Sri-La Stout.
90Saving the Serpents
Collect 10 Rescued Serpents.
90The Big Kah-Oona
Kill Lord Oona.
Collect 6 Big Bags of Poop.
90The Trainer's Challenge: Ace Longpaw
Speak to Ace Longpaw, then defeat him.
90The Trainer's Challenge: Big Bao
Speak to Big Bao, then defeat him.
90The Trainer's Challenge: Ningna Darkwheel
Speak to Ningna Darkwheel, then defeat her.
90The Trainer's Challenge: Suchi the Sweet
Speak to Suchi the Sweet, then defeat her.
90The Trainer's Challenge: Qua-Ro Whitebrow
Speak to Qua-Ro Whitebrow, then defeat him.
86Welcome WagonsUse Sully's Flaregun to destroy 5 Horde War Wagons.
86The Right Tool For The Job
Pick one:
Use Sully's Flaregun to clear out the barricades and confront Ga'trul at the end of the dock.
86Envoy of the AllianceFind and meet with the leader of Paw'don Village.
86The Cost of WarSlay 15 Sha Haunts and 5 Sha Harbingers in Garrosh'ar Point.
86Pillaging PeonsKill 12 Twinspire Taskmasters or Twinspire Peons.
86Priorities!Collect 6 Applebloom Cider.
86Koukou's RampageKill Koukou.
86Twinspire KeepSlay 15 Horde troops in Twinspire Keep.
86Fractured ForcesSlay Dalgan and Bellandra Felstorm.
86Smoke Before FireUse the Alliance Flare to call in an airstrike on the Pile of Munitions, the Twinspire Demolishers, the Wild Imps, and Xhu'daggab.
86Unfair TradeFree 8 Captive Pandaren Cubs from Twinspire Keep by slaying the demonic eyeballs that watch over them.
86You're Either With Us Or...Attempt to enlist the help of Mayor Honeydew in Honeydew Village.
86Face to Face With ConsequenceKill 20 Sha Haunts and 7 Sha Harbingers.
86Priorities!Find 6 Barrels of Honeybrew in Honeydew Glade.
86Prowler ProblemsDestroy 10 Sha-Infested Prowlers in Honeydew Glade.
86Assault on the AirstripSlay 15 Strongarm troops at Strongarm Airstrip.
86Strongarm TacticsSlay Corporal Jackson Silver, Morgus Grimhatchet, and Master Mechanic Cogswing and Gyro-Engineer Lavenderp.
86ChoppertunityPick up Requisitioned Fireworks Launchers in Strongarm Airstrip, then use them on 12 Strongarm Gyrocopters.
86Unreliable AlliesEncourage 12 Pandaren Volunteers to leave the Strongarm Airstrip.
86The Darkness WithinSlay Captain Doren.
86Nazgrim's Command
Pick one:
Report to General Nazgrim at Strongarm Airstrip in the Jade Forest.
90Onyx To Goodness
86A Good StartKill 4 Hozen Mudflingers, 4 Hozen Skullthumpers, and 3 Hozen Fishcatchers
86Fish FryCollect 12 Mature Carp from Hozu Fishcatchers
90Riding the Skies
Join the Order of the Cloud Serpent.
90Riding the Skies
Join the Order of the Cloud Serpent.
86Priorities!Find 6 Barrels of Honeybrew in Honeydew Glade.
86Scouting Report: The Friend of My EnemyListen to Riko's report.
86Scouting Report: Like Jinyu in a Barrel
Pick one:
Listen to Shokia's report.
86Moving OnSpeak to Fei and travel to Valley of the Four Winds.
90Snack Time
Fish 10 Sugar Minnow from any fresh or salt water in Pandaria.
90Fragments of the Past
Visit archaeology dig sites around Pandaria and use your survey ability to retrieve 6 Serpentrider Relics.
90Just a Flesh Wound
Use Windwool Bandages or Heavy Windwool Bandages to heal 8 Injured Hatchlings at Windward Isle.
90A Feast for the Senses
Collect 5 Fish Cakes.
90The Darkness Around Us
Kill 15 sha invaders.
90Behind the Masks
Collect 8 Masks of Doubt.
90Saving the Sutras
Collect 6 Ancient Sutras.
90Arrows of Fortune
Collect 8 Defender's Arrows.
90Hidden Power
Deliver Ancient Mantras to 6 Yu'lon Guardians or Yu'lon Adepts.
90The Shadow of Doubt
Defeat the Shadow of Doubt.
90Flames of the Void
Fly your War Serpent near Pure Water Springs, then douse 6 Void Flames with the water carried in its mouth.

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