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Hotfix Patch Notes - December 21, 2015 , Top 5 Fails #28

Legion - Artifact Weapon Previews
Today we have the Protection Warrior Artifacts Scaleshard and Scale of the Earth-Warder.

Ghostcrawler Tweets
Ghostcrawler still occasionally talks about WoW. Remember that he no longer works for or speaks for Blizzard.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Why do you feel games need to be hard?
I don't think games need to be hard. They need to be satisfying and one way to do that is overcoming a true challenge (OccupyGStreet)

Final Boss - Protection and Fury Warrior
Now that we have seen all of the Warrior Artifacts, let's take a look at two of the specs.

Dark Legacy Comics #518
DLC #518 has been released!

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