Update (11:15 AM EST): The Artifact Calculator has been updated to include total and per rank costs!

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Legion - Artifact Respec Cost
In Legion, you can go back and change the tree you are filling out for your Artifact weapon if you change your mind. While you eventually may be able to fill out the entire tree, doing so will take some time.

The current cost to respec your artifact is however much the next trait or rank would cost you. If your next trait costs 525 Artifact Power, you will need to earn 525 Artifact Power to unlearn and regain the Artifact Power you previously spent.

Legion - Artifact Trait Costs
In Legion, each artifact has a tree of traits you can unlock with multiple ranks per trait for some of the traits. The chart below shows the Artifact Power cost for each rank. Keep in mind that this isn't finalized and values could be placeholders.

The Artifact power cost increases per total ranks you have purchased. For example, if you fill out 3 Artifact powers with a total of 3 ranks each, the next rank or trait will cost you 525 Artifact Power. The same applies if you just filled out 9 Artifact powers with 1 rank each.

Right now the second through 11th ranks have an increase in cost of 25 Artifact Power per rank, but after that it becomes exponentially more expensive.

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Legion - Empowered Ring of the Kirin Tor
The Kirin Tor rings may be returning in Legion! Sminx Glasseye sells the Empowered Ring of the Kirin Tor for 50,000. The vendor currently belongs to the old Kirin Tor faction, so it is possible there will be reputation discounts.

Currently the ring has Intellect, unlike all of the other Legion rings and neck items. It is possible that this is just an oversight and the final ring will have Stamina instead.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Has anyone heard of an official announcement, that gnome hunters will be playable in Legion pre-patch? Google was giving me no answers.
Yep! (Muffinus)

Draenei male's weapons are not scaling properly in Legion alpha. Id post an ingame screenshot, but...
We're on it. Should look better in a coming build. (WarcraftDevs)

World Quests
Re;World Quests. Are there a cap on how many world quests can be up in a zone at any given time in Legion?
If yes, does that mean a profession quest could potentially bump out a non-professional quest?

Prof. quests are deemed lower priority, if one tries to spawn in an occupied spot, it will try to spawn elsewhere (Muffinus)

mythic + dungeons will the be available at launch or delayed like raids?
Current thinking: Mythic dungeons available right away; scaling keystone system unlocks alongside raiding. (WarcraftDevs)

Will Mythic Dungeons and the scaling have matchmaking or must you put groups together yourself?
Just as on live today, players must form groups for Legion Mythics. The Premade Group Finder is great for this. (WarcraftDevs)

Hello sir. Do you know if Sargeras is technically dead? I believe he is, since his spirit was attached to an avatar that was
As of now, we don't know. (Muffinus)

Reputation / Questing
Do these new tapping rules apply just to Legion content, or also to pre-Legion content?
The entire world (Muffinus)

Wait so up to 5 non grouped people can tag 1 mob and get individual exp and loot?
Yes (Muffinus)

I can't post on the forums but wht happens to the grey loot that drops? Will a random be able to steal it from you? -
Everything is personal loot, even the old world. No fighting for greys. (Muffinus)
I assume old-world doesn't have any fancy mob scaling like in Legion though? Just the open tag/personal loot feature?
Correct (Muffinus)

Why don't rares have this HP scaling mechanic anymore? Devs seem to drop it in WOD rares comp to MOP rares.
They should, if they're missing a scaling record, it's a bug (Muffinus)

Ghostcrawler Tweets
Ghostcrawler still occasionally talks about WoW. Remember that he no longer works for or speaks for Blizzard.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Hey Greg, you don't work at Blizzard anymore but you surely have thoughts about Nostalrius and the whole debate?
I've been asked this a lot. I'm not going to pick a side about who is right or wrong because it's probably not that simple (OccupyGStreet)
I definitely feel for the players who lost something. (OccupyGStreet)
But I'm sure Blizzard had good reasons. Maybe they had to protect their IP, because you can lose it if you do not. IDK. (OccupyGStreet)
I think most of you know that one thing Blizzard and I do disagree on is how much you should communicate with players. (OccupyGStreet)
What is your stance if I can ask?
I try to be as transparent with players as I possibly can be. (OccupyGStreet)
Blizzard had a different philosophy, which is fine. I don't begrudge them that. (OccupyGStreet)

Since the Nostalrius thing came up, what is your stance on bringing back vanilla servers officially. Sorry if asked before.
Philosophically, if it was my game, I would think it was cool to try. But that still doesn't make it easy. (OccupyGStreet)
Technical challenges are massive. Players won't accept "We aren't going to fix bugs on some servers." It's always "Just this one?" (OccupyGStreet)

Final Boss - Blood Death Knight Spec Preview
Final Boss is back with a second round of spec previews.

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