Week 3 - Maybe We're Prepared?

Blizzard has given us some beta keys to help you prepare for The Legion! This week you will need to earn or already have earned either one of two achievements to enter.

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  1. Elapsed's Avatar
    Good luck everyone, keeping my fingers crossed as I've been entering every way possible to just win a key.
  1. Haladrian's Avatar
    Good luck people
  1. threeks's Avatar
    Just to clarify already having these doesn't work? These aren't like ... boss kills, these are things most people did over a year ago?
  1. nomorepriest's Avatar
    Your website doesn't work too well... I am trying to enter the contest and I do have the explore draenor

  1. threeks's Avatar
    never mind updating my characters got me an entry. you do not need to earn it today, but you might need to update your characters.
  1. nomorepriest's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by threeks View Post
    Yes, but you earned it a year ago, like all the rest of us, not you know .. .today.
    So if you have both achievements than you can't enter the website.. Because that makes sense
  1. mmoc2a259273e0's Avatar
    Fingers crossed! Good luck everyone
  1. Eleccybubb's Avatar
    Is the achievement retroactive. If I have done it on one toon a while ago will it count or do I need to just go beat down Kazzak?
  1. nomorepriest's Avatar
    The rules are very vague...
  1. Eleccybubb's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by nomorepriest View Post
    The rules are very vague...
    What do you mean?
  1. nomorepriest's Avatar
    It says earned... I mean I've earned it already... But seems like I don't qualify... It doesn't mentioned earned between this date and that date
  1. threeks's Avatar
    It allowed me to enter with a character who earned both like a year ago. I did have to force an update before it did though.
  1. Golden Mustang's Avatar
    good luck to all.
  1. MissAnonymous's Avatar
    Good luck, everyone.
  1. Vexenar's Avatar
    Best of luck!
  1. Ruddles20's Avatar
    Good luck all!
  1. Sycharis's Avatar
    This is like the one beta key thing I've wanted to win just because I really, really wanna check out Demon Hunters.

    Also, if it says you haven't done it but you KNOW you have, just hit the update thing. It'll force it to work.
  1. Kikazz's Avatar
    guys it says you havnt done it, hit update, then rfresh the page, if it doesnt work, come back in 5 mins hit update and regresh again.

    took me 2 times to get it to understand i had the achis.
  1. Witchblade77's Avatar
    apparently... just hitting update didn't work. I actualy had to log in on one of my characters before it updated O_O oh well
  1. mmoc44eb5b0013's Avatar
    Is there any way for me to unlink my mmo-champ account from a bnet-acc? My gfs account sticks to my account like a dead bug to a windshield after she had used my computer and I accidentally clicked to log in on battlenet without checking what account was logged in on battle.net....

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