Legion Developer Q&A - Professions
Today was the Legion Professions Q&A! The Q&A next week is PvP with Holinka.

Blood of Sargeras
  • Blood of Sargeras is a measure of how much you are playing the game. It isn't supposed to be a gatherer specific crafting item where everyone else has to struggle to get it.
  • It was added to the beta on gathering nodes first, so gatherers got more of it than anyone else. It isn't supposed to be that way.
  • For players that don't have enough Blood (double crafters) the team is adding additional sources.
  • Crafters will get more crafter specific world quests that are more likely to give you Blood.
  • Gatherers had some of the Blood rewards removed from their world quests to help balance things out.
  • Dungeon bosses also drop Blood, so you will be able to get some from dungeons.
  • There will be a shoulder enchant that allows you to randomly loot Blood from creatures out in the world.
  • The professions that create armor needed lots of Blood to craft things while others like Alchemy and Enchanting didn't really need much. The team balanced this out somewhat.
  • Players that have lots of Blood of Sargeras and nothing to use it on are also a concern.
  • Obliterum is one thing players can spend Blood on, upgrading their crafted gear.
  • Other changes to give players something to spend excess Blood on are coming in the future.
  • Making Blood unbound may seem like a solution to several problems, but it would create new ones.
  • The team doesn't want to allow players to purchase a full set of endgame raid gear with gold, especially with the WoW Token providing a way to purchase gold.
  • If someone has a lot of gold, they can purchase an entire crafted set, but they have to play to earn Blood to upgrade it.
  • The team doesn't want you to have to have a full set of alts to play the game as effectively as possible.
  • If Blood was bound to accounts, the most optimal way to play would be to have lots of characters and do the larger time gated sources that reward Blood of Sargeras and then send it all to your main.
  • Profession alts are fine. You can have a gathering alt that sends materials to your main and that is okay.
  • The team doesn't think that you should have to have a gatherer. Gatherers just have a bonus that allows them to earn some extra Blood at the cost of being able to craft with only one profession.
  • A vendor that allows you to spend extra Blood of Sargeras is one possibility, other ideas are being tossed around as well.

Flavor and Fantasy
  • There is a lot of opportunity to bring more flavor into professions.
  • Rather than learning how to craft an item from a vendor, a quest line sends you to the top of a mountain in Highmountain to meet a Highmountain Tauren. He will send you on a quest to recover his grandfather's blacksmithing hammer from a dungeon. If you do that for him, he will teach you how to make the piece of armor.
  • Other professions will break out learning the crafting process into multiple steps. When you are learning how to make something, you might have to go fire the ingots, press them out, cool them, and actually feel like you are crafting something.
  • Effort was put into making your professions feel like they are fulfilling the fantasy.

  • There are some useful things that Engineers can craft such as the Failure Detection Pylon, especially with Mass Resurrection being removed. It might even start sounding an alarm if your raid is doing really badly.
  • There are lots of toy and utility items like Gunshoes
  • Lots of effort was put into making things that engineers can build for just themselves, such as Reaves.
  • There may be an opportunity to add a mount for Engineers in the future.

Retired Profession Patterns
  • Old profession patterns that were really iconic and are now unobtainable are good candidates for the Black Market Auction House.
  • Smaller less cool items that just happened to be removed are less likely to be added, especially if they don't have a unique appearance.
  • If there is something that was removed, is very cool, and it wouldn't ruin the trophy feeling that old players have from still having it, the BMAH or Darkmoon Faire are good candidates.

Profession Books
  • In Legion there are lots of quests that reward recipes and these quests aren't repeatable.
  • There are books to relearn these recipes if you drop the profession and then pick it up again later.
  • The books won't restore pre-Legion recipes.

Profession Perks
  • There are some cool and useful perks for the professions, but not significant power increases.
  • For example, Leatherworking can create Stonehide Leather Barding.
  • The team doesn't want players to be pushed to certain professions for player power increases. You should play a profession because you enjoy it.

Transmog Sets
  • The team isn't adding profession crafted transmog sets in Patch 7.0, but in a future patch it is likely!

Crafting and Obliterum
  • You will be able to craft item level 815 gear at the start, upgrading it to 850 with Obliterum.
  • The crafted gear will be very desirable before raids open, as it is roughly equal to Normal difficulty raid gear.
  • Crafted gear will still be desirable to players that don't raid higher difficulties, especially as materials become more common and affordable.
  • The Obliterum forge is one way professions will remain useful and interesting beyond Patch 7.0. The max item level upgrade could be increased with future patches.
  • Crafted relics can be turned into Obliterum, pretty much anything crafted can, including flasks and enchants.
  • Crafted relics cannot be upgraded, as Obliterum is used for upgrading armor. Their item level was bumped from 750 to 805.

Catch-Up Mechanics
  • There are no plans for catch-up mechanics for Fishing or Archaeology. There isn't a lot to unlock at 800 for those professions.
  • The petals and nuggets from gathering from nodes when lower skill level from Warlords aren't coming to Legion. They took up extra bag space and aren't needed anymore.
  • There are built in systems that reward you for having higher skill ranks, so you can gather more from one node or craft things with less materials if you have more skill.

  • Randomness in item level of crafted items will be reduced significantly. Crafted gear will have a fixed item level, with a few that might have a random small (maybe +10) item level boost.
  • There is stat rerolling item this time, as there are reasons to craft more items this time.
  • You will have to make lots of items to turn into Obliterum to fully upgrade crafted gear. Doing this means you should get a stat variation that works.

  • There aren't weapon enchants in Legion, as your Artifact weapon already has lots of exciting effects.
  • Runeforging is a Death Knight class thing, not really enchantments, so it is staying.
  • Neck enchants are the interesting enchants in Legion.
  • You can transmog weapon enchants onto your weapon if you are interested in the visuals.

Reagent Bank
  • An account wide reagent bank is something the team might add in the future. No plans right now though.

Fishing Artifact

  • Archaeology was tweaked to give you visual feedback when you are standing on top of the item.
  • No more surveying with the green light many times, just run around near your current location once you hit green.
  • There are less random projects per race in Legion. If you just want to do all of the solves, it will be much faster than it has been in the past.
  • Rare solves aren't randomly given to you in Legion. Instead they are part of an ongoing story quest.
  • Every two weeks you will see a quest appear from your Archaeology trainer in Dalaran, sending you off into the world to complete a quest line that rewards what would have been the rare solve.
  • There aren't plans to smooth out the older expansion archaeology content right now, but it is a topic of discussion.

Gem Chips
  • Gem Chips are a flavor item, used for one craft and are otherwise something to vendor.
  • The color of the Gem Chip gives you information about the next color of the gem you will prospect, so you can prospect cheap stuff until you get the color you want, then swap to more expensive ore.

  • Humanoids and humanoid like demons drop cloth in Legion.
  • Tailors will get more cloth drops, even though there isn't something that visually tells you this.
  • No bigger crafted bags are being added in this expansion. The team wants to see how else they can reward tailors.
  • The Legion Tailoring crafted bag isn't the biggest, but it is pretty cheap.
  • With the addition of the Wardrobe hopefully you won't need as much bag space.

Gathering and Skinning
  • Multiple people can gather from the same node for a few seconds, so no more stealing nodes.
  • Skinning doesn't work like this. It has always been a little different, as you can make your own nodes and you can gather from nodes other people created.
  • There are ways the team can make Skinning better, maybe in a future patch it will be multi-tap.

Profession Skill Level Perks
  • There are no plans right now to give power perks like a higher chance at Warforged when crafting with a higher skill level, but it is possible in the future.
  • Higher skill levels give efficiency gains and maybe minor convenience perks.

  • In Warlords, there were fewer items with gem slots, so some people didn't do Jewelcrafting.
  • You can expect as many sockets as we saw in Warlords and maybe even some more. There will be sockets on some crafted items, so if you are a Jewelcrafter that is making armor, you are making armor with a need for a gem as well.

Gathering Professions
  • The team has considered changing gathering professions to secondary professions several times.
  • There are no plans to do so in Legion, as they made lots of changes already.
  • Making gathering a secondary profession takes away from the fantasy of miners and herbalists, just like the garrison made everyone somewhat self-sufficient for herbs and ore.
  • This doesn't mean they won't do it in the future.

Future Plans
  • Future patches will add more professions content. Scribes make Vantus Runes which will have to be updated, but there will be other new content that gives the team an opportunity to add more profession content.
  • There are no plans for new professions at this time, but maybe in the future. If there is a good opportunity to do so, they will consider it. Send your feedback and ideas!

  • Glyphs that still exist are what used to be Minor Glyphs.
  • Glyphs are consumables, applied to your spell and required again if you remove them and want to apply it again.
  • Scribes will make the Vantus Runes and respec consumables. They have lots of stuff to make, even a Steamy Romance Novel Kit!
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    When today ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Culhag View Post
    When today ?

    Very soontm
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    Hopefully this'll provide us with some well needed insight on Legion professions. They were an absolute joke in WoD.
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    It's at https://www.twitch.tv/warcraft right?

    It's showing a blank screen for me.
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    Why instead of solving the problems with BoS not making them in the first place ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mhyroth View Post
    Why instead of solving the problems with BoS not making them in the first place ?
    They seem to have the answers to their own issues. Players have other issues (BoP) that they will complain about
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    Feels like a Blood of Sargeras Q&A ..... :s
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    Valnoressa hahahaha x)
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    I can say as of current beta build dual crafter is doable. BUT, I'll still be dropping one of mine for gathering simply due to how it's designed. And I'm ok with that in it's current iteration. Professions feel more meaningful in Legion. I actually enjoy the quests so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinyc View Post
    It's at https://www.twitch.tv/warcraft right?

    It's showing a blank screen for me.
    Indeed. /10char
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    Is Lore's job basically "Lemme repeat what you said, this is what you meant to say"?

    Someone needs to sit him down and tell him how ridiculous his hair looks. Or his boss. He looks like he works in a vape shop that also sells "other" stuff for "smoking".
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    This Josh Allen chap is winding me up.
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    Has any1 on beta look if Crafter gear that has been upgraded by Obliterum is still BOE?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aphrel View Post
    Has any1 on beta look if Crafter gear that has been upgraded by Obliterum is still BOE?
    From what it sounds like, Obliterum is BoE then it takes Blood to bind it to an item
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    Very soontm

    When will Then be Now?
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    Load of rubbish about BoS.
    They can be BoA and still earned by playing, which they say themselves.
    They have "concerns" but are refusing to do the one thing which resolves them.
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    Why don't make a gathering system, where it would show all the reagents you have on your character, so you won't need to have a full bank filled with reagents and stuffs. Instead just an screen that says for example: "Blood of Sargeras x10" etc etc.
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    Old profession things that were really iconic and are unobtainable now are good candidates for the Black Market Auction House.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roninwookie View Post
    From what it sounds like, Obliterum is BoE then it takes Blood to bind it to an item
    hmm. on wowhead Obliterum is bop.
    What im rly wondering is, can i craft and upgrade an item on my main then send it to my alts? or sell it to get gold on ah?
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    How does making the blood BoA let you buy a full set of gear with gold from tokens? Don't you still have to uh... play your alts to mail the bloods across your account?

    Moreover, how does making them BoP stop this, exactly? You can buy gold, buy gear from AH, obliterate gear from AH, upgrade gear from AH with Obliterum. It changes exactly NOTHING. And in fact encourages this behavior.

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