World Map (Cataclysm)
World Map (WotLK)
Screenshots (Beta)
These screenshots are from late builds of the Beta. Some of the content might be missing but it should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect on live servers!
Lvl NameRewards Objective
49Threat of the WinterfallSlay 15 Winterfall furbolg of any kind near the Frostfire Hot Springs.
49Winterfall FirewaterBring the Empty Firewater Flask to Donova Snowden in Winterspring.
49Falling to CorruptionFind the Winterfall Cauldron at the northern Winterfall camp.
49Mystery GooReport back to Donova Snowden with your findings.
49Winterfall RunnersFind and defeat the Winterfall Runner and take the Winterfall Crate from him.
49High Chief WinterfallSlay High Chief Winterfall.
49The Final PieceBring the Crudely-written Log to Donova Snowden in Winterspring.
49Words of the High ChiefTake the Crudely-written Log to Kelek Skykeeper at Lake Kel'theril.
49The Ruins of Kel'TherilSpeak with the Kaldorei Spirit at Lake Kel'theril in Winterspring.
49Pride of the HighborneSlay 8 Anguished or Suffering Highborne.
49Descendants of the HighborneSpeak with the Quel'dorei Spirit.
49Troubled Spirits of Kel'TherilUse Gormir's Pick to find the four Highborne Relic Fragments.
49Centuries of SufferingSpeak with the Kaldorei Spirit at the center of Lake Kel'theril.
49Legacy of the High ElvesObtain the Memory of Zin-Malor from the spirit of Archmage Maenius.
49Descendants of the High ElvesSpeak with the Sin'dorei Spirit.
49Pain of the Blood ElvesSlay 7 Wretched Spirits or Wretched Spectres at Lake Kel'theril.
49The Curse of Zin-MalorReturn to Kelek Skykeeper at Lake Kel'theril in Winterspring.
49In Pursuit of ShadesPursue and slay the Shade of the Spiritspeaker and obtain any evidence of its master.
49Trailing the SpiritspeakerReport to Nymn at Everlook in Winterspring.
49Speak to SalfaTravel through Timbermaw Hold and exit into Winterspring. Speak with Salfa, who stands guard outside the entrance to Timbermaw Hold.
49Winterfall ActivityCollect 10 Spirit Beads from Winterfall furbolg.
49More Beads for Salfa
49Delivery for DonovaDelivery Salfa's Basket to Donova Snowden in Winterspring.
49Scalding SignsCollect 7 pieces of Suspicious Green Sludge from Scalding Springsurges or Boiling Springbubbles.
49Doin' De E'ko MagicObtain Rimepelt's Heart.
49Hero's Call: Wintersrping!Report to Donova Snowden at Frostfire Hot Springs in Winterspring.
49Warchief's Command: Winterspring!Report to Donova Snowden at Frostfire Hot Springs in Winterspring.
49Winterfall E'koCollect 5 Winterfall E'ko from any Winterfall furbolg in Winterspring.
49Winterfall E'koCollect 3 Winterfall E'ko from any Winterfall furbolg in Winterspring.
49Strange Life ForcesSpeak with Witch Doctor Mau'ari at the Snowden Chalet in Winterspring.
49Wintersrping!Report to Donova Snowden at Frostfire Hot Springs in Winterspring.
49Altered BeastsObtain 5 Mana-Addled Brains from Altered Beasts.
50Hammer TimeSpeak with Deez Rocksnitch.
50Rubble TroubleCollect 6 Prime Rubble Chunks from Frostshard Rumblers.
50Boulder DeliveryDeliver the Boulder-in-a-Box to Lilith the Lithe in Everlook.
50BearzerkerSlay Grolnar the Berserk.
50Turning the EarthUse Tanrir's Overcharged Totem to overload 4 Winterfall Earth Totems.
50Kilram's BoastSpeak with Deez Rocksnitch.
50Chop ChopCollect 10 pieces of Fresh-Cut Frostwood from Frostleaf Treants.
50Tree DeliveryDeliver the Super-Gro Insta-Tree to Kilram at the inn in Everlook.
50Seril's BoastSpeak with Deez Rocksnitch.
50Fresh From The HillsCollect 7 Pieces of Pure Glacier Ice from the cavern in Icethistle Hills.
50Ice DeliveryDeliver the Instant Ice Block to Seril Scourgebane in Everlook.
50Are We There, Yeti?Collect 10 Thick Yeti Furs from Ice Thistle Yeti.
50Echo ThreeFind Echo Three.
50The Perfect HornsObtain Icewhomp's Pristine Horns.
50YetiphobiaScare Legacki with Umi's Mechanical Yeti.
50UrsiusKill Ursius.
50Shy-RotamStorm Shadowhoof at Everlook in Winterspring wants you to defeat Shy-Rotam.
50Frak's Wild Ride
51A Taste for BearKill 15 Shardtooth bears.
51A Little GamyKill 15 Shardtooth Maulers.
51The Owls Have ItSlay 15 Winterspring Owls.
51Screechy KeenSlay 15 Winterspring Screechers.
51A Bird of LegendSlay Hell-Hoot.
51Fresh FrostsabersSlay 15 Frostsabers or Frostsaber Stalkers.
51Pride of the Dinner TableSlay 15 Frostsaber Huntresses or Frostsaber Pride Watchers.
51Shy-RotamSlay Shy-Rotam.
51Starfall VillageSpeak with Wynd Nightchaser at Starfall Village.
51Exterminators at WorkSpeak with Rinno Curtainfire inside the Ban'Thallow Barrow Den.
51Out of Harm's WayRetrieve 5 Starfall Relics from the Ban'Thallow Barrow Den.
51Step Into My BarrowKill 10 Coldlurk Creepers and 5 Coldlurk Burrowers.
51Spray it ForwardBring the Box of Bugkill Fumigators to Remma Curtainfire inside the Ban'Thallow Barrow Den.
51Spray it AgainBring the Box of Bugkill Fumigators to Marcy Curtainfire inside the Ban'Thallow Barrow Den.
51Spray it One More TimeBring the Box of Bugkill Fumigators to Sana Curtainfire in the Ban'Thallow Barrow Den.
51Where There's Smoke, There's Delicious MeatFind Jez Goodgrub at Goodgrub Smoking Pit in Winterspring.
51You Gotta Have EggsObtain 40 Chillwind Eggs.
51The Pursuit of UmbranseReport to Haleh at Beryl Egress in Winterspring.
52[DEPRECATED]Toxic HorrorsCollect 3 Toxic Horror Droplets for Donova Snowden in Winterspring.
53Razor Beak and Antlers PointySlay 12 Owlbeasts in Owl Wing Thicket.
53Chips off the Old BlockSlay 8 Frostmaul Tumblers.
53Damn You, FrostilicusSlay Frostilicus.
53The Owlbeasts' DefenseObtain an Owlbeast Dreamcatcher from Dun Mandarr.
53Magic PrehistoricObtain the Essence of the Claw-Totem, the Essence of the Life-Totem, and the Essence of the Moon-Totem.
53WinterwaterObtain 7 Winterwater from Ice Avatars in Frostwhisper Gorge.
53The Arcane Storm WithinUse the Energized Dreamcatcher to close 5 Arcane Tesseracts within Mazthoril.
53Umbranse's DeliveranceSlay Umbranse the Spiritspeaker.
55Cache of Mau'ariWatch Witch Doctor Mau'ari pull the E'ko from Rimepelt's body.

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