Legion Panel at PAX West
Blizzard was at PAX to talk about Legion and the next chapter in its evolution. You can watch the panel here. We already got some Patch 7.1 details at Gamescom.

  • Patch 7.1 probably will be on the PTR in the next couple of weeks.
  • Karazhan isn't just an update of the old raid, there are new areas and bosses.
  • The WoW companion app will let you do missions and see world quests on Android and iOS.
  • Trial of Valor has three bosses, fits in between the two previously announced raids, and has some good trinkets.

World of Warcraft Companion App
  • You can see a video overview here.
  • A free World of Warcraft companion app is coming out on Tuesday Android and iOS!
  • You can do missions from your phone, complete them, and get the loot.
  • You can research Order Hall talents.
  • You can manage your champion's equipment.
  • You can train new troops.
  • You can see world quests, rewards, and timers on the app.
  • You can sort and filter the quests.
  • You will need to be logged out of the game to use the app. (Zorbrix)
  • Now we know what the Mobile App Icons in Legion were for!

  • Khadgar was shoring up the defenses of Karazhan last time we were there.
  • When we come back in Patch 7.1, the demons have broken in to Karazhan.
  • You can quest with Khadgar outside of Karazhan to rid the area of Legion influence.
  • Karazhan is slightly more challenging than five player Mythic and is on a weekly lockout, so the team can be very generous with the loot.
  • Karazhan feels like a love letter to five man dungeons, fans will really love it.
  • There is an upside down section, a chess encounter, an Alice in Wonderland section, and all new plays.
  • In Legion, there are more endgame activities other than raiding and PvP, there is something for almost everyone.
  • The team has gone back to old raids in the past and turned them into dungeons, but Karazhan is done differently.
  • In the past, the team has changed the art or added a few new mechanics to a boss, but Karazhan deserves much more.
  • When the team did Karazhan, they wanted to add entire new areas and bosses to the dungeon.
  • There will be a mix of the nostalgia that makes Karazhan feel awesome and a fresh new experience.
  • This isn't an update of the old Karazhan.

Trial of Valor Raid
  • This raid ties up the story of Odyn and Helya.
  • You fought Odyn in a dungeon and bring him down a little bit before the challenge ends.
  • Odyn is brought down a little further in the raid, deems you worthy, sends you to Helheim.
  • In Helheim, you fight Guarm, the three headed dog you see Helheim during questing.
  • You then get to fight Helya!
  • You will play through different parts of Illidan's life and get a continuation of his story in this raid.
  • Trial of Valor fits between the two raids that have already been announced, some good trinkets drop here.

  • You go on the offensive, taking the fight to Elisande and the Legion to deny them the Nightwell.
  • There will be around nine weeks of weekly quests, allowing you to play through more of the story each week.
  • A lot of the content is pretty far along, it will probably be on the PTR in the next couple of weeks.

  • Starting with Garrisons, the team designed new systems for a single expansion, so they don't have to keep bringing the system forward and updating them.
  • This same idea was applied to Artifacts in Legion, so the traits can be baked into the class in the future if they aren't brought into a new expansion.
  • Ogres as a new playable race has come up many times before.
  • The team to use phasing really sparingly. It is a tool to show really powerful story moments, but that is a single player experience in a MMO. The feeling of community and being able to play with friends is important.
  • There is a difference between phasing and sharding. Sharding is used to create multiple copies of zones so that there aren't 5000 players in the same zone.
  • Expect to see the zone scaling technology expanded.
  • The team had to restrain themselves and avoid making everything scale. So far it has worked well!
  • The scaling tech exists, the question is where they should use it and where it fits.
  • The team can't comment on if we have seen the last of Vol'jin.
  • Demon Hunter movement kept triggering checks the game uses for cheating detection during early development, but it has worked out pretty well so far.
  • At one point double jump and glide worked with a mount, so you could double jump on a mount.
  • The team went into Warlords thinking about the story for the next few expansions so that they would flow together well.
  • The zone scaling tech was added fairly late in Legion, there was originally a leveling zone flow.
  • A lot of the Order Hall campaigns are designed as solo scenarios, as they are very narrative focused pieces of content.

Legion Recap
  • The reviews and fan reception has been really positive!
  • Concurrent user numbers are huge, higher than they have been in several years.
  • Demon Hunters didn't feel right for the longest time, but the custom emotes, VO, animations and other work solved that.
  • Coming up with the new Artifacts that weren't previously well know was one of the most fun things during development.
  • The team took the parts of Garrisons that worked and modified them to include in Order Halls.
  • You get a smaller number of important and meaningful Champions. You learn about them and can take them out into the zones with you.
  • Players have asked for more class specific content over the years, so Legion really delivered on the class specific content.
  • This makes playing different classes a different and unique experience.
  • Level scaling allows the team to send you back to areas used when leveling and show new story there, rather than sending you to a small part of the Broken Isles at max level.

Patch 7.0.3 Hotfixes - September 2
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Demon Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • The Havoc Demon Hunter Artifact ability Fury of the Illidari no longer plays an extra spell effect visual from the gold trait Rage of the Illidari without the Rage of the Illidari trait learned.

Druid (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • Healing Touch (Balance and Guardian Druids) healing increased 33% and mana cost increased 100%.
  • Full Moon will now always deal full damage to the primary target. Damage is reduced for secondary targets.

Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • Dead Survival Hunters will now be able to swim in their Eagle Ghost Form.

Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • Spending trait points in the Discipline Priest Artifact will now properly also increase the damage of your Mindbender or Shadowfiend summons.

Shaman (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • The Sharas’dal, Scepter of Tides buff Queen’s Decree is no longer dispellable.

Warlock (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • Soul Harvest should no longer incorrectly aggro all enemies in sight.
  • Demonic Empowerment, Demonwrath, and Thal'kiel's Consumption no longer require line of sight to your pets.

Class Halls
  • Artifact Power gained from class-specific Class Hall Missions have been increased.
  • Priests who have completed the quest "Recruiting More Troops" should now be able to recruit troops from Vicar Eliza.
  • Bubbling Keg in the Monk Class Hall now respawns more quickly.
  • The Swirling Void Potion item from the Priest Class Hall Advancement "Altars of Blessing" now properly provides the Void Infused buff to players.
  • The different areas of the Shaman Class Hall have been united into a single chat channel.

  • Players are able to enter a Random Legion Heroic if they are locked to all Legion Heroic Dungeons.

Neltharion's Lair
  • Ularogg Cragshaper now starts with more energy when he enters combat.

  • Helarjar Soulkeepers will no longer cast Expel Soul.

  • The engineer-only auction house in Dalaran should now be fully functional.
  • Players should no longer be spammed with new recipe notifications during the blacksmithing quest "Ironhorn Leysmithing".

  • Demon Hunter Glide speed is reduced while carrying a battleground flag.
  • Demon Hunter Fel Rush speed is reduced when cast in the air while carrying a battleground flag.

  • The Druid quest “Focusing the Energies” will no longer consume all Blood of Sargeras in your inventory.

  • Players who log out during “The Heart of the Dreadscar” should be able to proceed with the quest when they log back in.
  • For “The New Blood”, players can now loot an additional Tome of Blighted Implements to fulfill the requirement to do so if they already have the Tome of Blighted Implements in their inventory.
  • Fleet Admiral Tethys is now available in the Hall of Shadows to turn in "The Dreadblades", even when Fleet Admiral Tethys is in Stormheim.
  • Warriors who enter the scenario for "The Hunter of Heroes" will now properly advance the quest if they walk into Tideskorn rather than take Aerylia’s ride.
  • Tyrosus will now be waiting in Dalaran correctly for Holy Paladins returning to turn in "The Silver Hand".

  • Players should more reliably receive credit during the quest "Back From The Dead".

  • The Legion has it out for Malfurion in the War of the Ancients quest “Huln’s War – Reinforcements”. They are now sending three times as many wrathguards to stop him from summoning dryad reinforcements.

  • Players are now able to turn in "Blood and Gold" at Yotnar, who is visible after completing the later trials in the quest chain.
  • The Ancient Tideskorn Blade for the quest "To Honor the Fallen" should now drop 100% of the time from Kvaldir vrykul in Helmouth Shallows.

  • Players leading a Withered army after turning in “Feed Thalyssra” should be able to access a chest that was previously inaccessible.

  • Added a new graveyard at the top of Thorim's Peak in Stormheim.
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  1. Chickat's Avatar
    So that means subs are higher than 10m right?
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    Cool so this stream is just useless shit for plebs to listen to, nothing on 7.1
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    It's a little early for a april fools joke, whats up with playing the game on your phone? I would rather have access to my battle.net friends and be able to talk to them.
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    Hey will it be released for EU too ? the app =D
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    That app tho.... I can use it during my night shift too
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    wait..they LITERALLY turned garrisons (order hall) into an app....
  1. ElDoorO's Avatar
    I was wondering when they were going to shove some WoW stuff to a phone app.
    This would have made WoD significantly more bearable had they done it long ago.
    I also imagine a pet battle app and little things like that should be do-able.

    I won't mind at all to be honest.
  1. Eleccybubb's Avatar
    Yay lets reuse 2 bosses we already fought for a raid.
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    They really really need to add pet battles to the phone!!!
  1. grexly75's Avatar
    Wow some of those scenes of Karazhan were certainly trippy, and from that it certainly looks like it is going to be very cool..
  1. Eleccybubb's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by grexly75 View Post
    Wow some of those scenes of Karazhan were certainly trippy, and from that it certainly looks like it is going to be very cool..
    Upside down stuff was pretty sick. FF14 has a similar thing in a dungeon called The Antitower which is awesome. Apparently there is gonna be an Alice in Wonderland style play fight so that will be interesting.
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    Windows phone users get shafted again. GG.
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    Looks like I spoke too soon haha
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    Holy shit I could really use that companion app right now!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greyowl View Post
    Windows phone users get shafted again. GG.
    All two of you might have to switch to Android or iOS one day...

    World Quest timers/rewards sounds great! Missions from phone, meh...whatever.
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    So far so good
  1. Nekosom's Avatar
    Engy-only AH in Dalaran, YAY! It's these kind of perks that had me become an engineer in the first place, good to see it back.

    Quote Originally Posted by Greyowl View Post
    Windows phone users get shafted again. GG.
    You only have yourself to blame there.
  1. Eleccybubb's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by azurrei View Post
    All two of you might have to switch to Android or iOS one day...

    World Quest timers/rewards sounds great! Missions from phone, meh...whatever.
    Missions are fine. Can have the short ones done for you when you get in from work such as AP ones. It really isn't a bad thing.
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    you know maybe at the end of the day I really am just a blizzard fanboy...i love this game
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    Not sure what to think of that app, hopefully I'll be to busy enjoying the hell out of the Kara dungeon.

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