Matriarch of the Cinderweb Brood, Beth'tilac and her merciless offspring sate their appetites by sucking the magma and fire from the corpses of elementals. To provide her broodlings with added sustenance, Beth'tilac has woven a network of incendiary webs throughout her lair to trap unsuspecting prey.

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Stage One: The Cinderweb
Beth'tilac retreats to the top of her web at the beginning of the encounter.

Fire Energy
Beth'tilac slowly loses Fire Energy over time. Cinderweb Drones also siphon some of her energy when their own energy is depleted. Whenever Beth'tilac runs out of Fire Energy, she will set herself ablaze, causing Smoldering Devastation.

  • Ember Flare - Intense heat burns enemies near Beth'tilac, inflicting 20000 Fire damage to players at the same level as Beth'tilac.
  • Meteor Burn - Meteors crash down onto the web, inflicting 40000 Fire damage to players within 7 yards of the impact. The meteor also burns a hole in the web through which players may fall.
  • Consume - Beth'tilac consumes Cinderweb Spiderlings, healing Beth'tilac for 10% of her maximum health.
  • Smoldering Devastation - When Beth'tilac's Fire Energy fully depletes, she will set herself ablaze and inflict 400000 Fire damage on all players located at her same level.

Cinderweb Spinner
Cinderweb Spinners dangle from the web above on a filament strand. Using Taunt or a similar ability on a Spinner will cause them to drop to the ground. Once killed, their web filament remains. Players may then interact with the filament and move to the top of the web.

  • Burning Acid - The Cinderweb Spinner spits burning venom at a random player, inflicting 20000 Fire damage.
  • Fiery Web Spin - The Cinderweb Spinner channels a fiery web onto a random player, stunning them for 25 sec.

Cinderweb Drone
These large spiders climb out of caves below the Cinderweb. When their Fire Energy fully depletes, the Cinderweb Drone climbs up to Beth'tilac and siphons Fire Energy from her.
  • Consume - Cinderweb Drones consume a Cinderweb Spiderling, healing itself for 20% of its maximum life, increasing damage dealt by 20%, and increasing movement speed by 20%.
  • Boiling Splatter - The Cinderwb Drone spits burning venom in a 500 yard long 60 degree forward cone, inflicting 63750 Fire damage on any enemy within the area.
  • Burning Acid - The Cinderwb Drone spits Burning Acid at a random player, inflicting 20000 Fire damage.
  • Fixate - The Cinderweb Drone fixates on a random player, ignoring all other targets but decreasing its damage dealt by 75% for 10 sec.

Cinderweb Spiderling
These tiny spiders climb out of caves below the Cinderweb. They instinctively move towards Cinderweb Drones.

  • Seeping Venom - The Cinderweb Spiderling leaps onto a random player within 5 yards, injecting them with venom and inflicting 7500 Fire damage every 2 seconds for 10 sec.

Cinderweb Broodling
These unstable spiders fixate on a random player and cast Volatile Burst when they reach their target.

  • Volatile Burst - Cinderweb Broodlings explode when they reach a player, inflicting 45000 Fire damage to all enemies within 8 yards.

Stage Two: The Frenzy!
After she has performed Smoldering Devastation three times, Beth'tilac enters a frenzy. She lowers herself from the safety of the top of her Cinderweb and no longer calls for aid from her brood.

  • Frenzy - Beth'tilac periodically casts Frenzy, increasing her damage dealt by 5% until the end of the encounter. This effect stacks.
  • The Widow's Kiss - Beth'tilac's deadly kiss boils the blood of her current target, reducing the healing dealt to the target by % every 2 seconds for 20 sec. The kiss also causes the target to inflict increasing Fire damage to their surrounding allies within 10 yards.
  • Ember Flare - Beth'tilac emits a blazing heat, inflicting 20000 Fire damage to enemies on the same level as Beth'tilac.
  • Consume - Beth'tilac consumes Cinderweb Spiderlings, healing Beth'tilac for 10% of her maximum health.

Loot Table
Level Type Spec Slot Name Boss
378ClothSpell DPSChestRobes of Smoldering Devastation Beth'tilac
378FingerPhysical DPSFingerWidow's Kiss Beth'tilac
378LeatherSpell SpiritHandsCindersilk Gloves Beth'tilac
378LeatherSpell SpiritHeadCowl of the Clicking Menace Beth'tilac
378LeatherPhysical DPSLegsCinderweb Leggings Beth'tilac
378MailSpell SpiritLegsThoracic Flame Kilt Beth'tilac
378MailShoulderFlickering Shoulders Beth'tilac
378PlateTankChestCarapace of Imbibed Flame Beth'tilac
378PlateMeleeFeetArachnaflame Treads Beth'tilac
378PlateSpell SpiritShoulderSpaulders of Manifold Eyes Beth'tilac
378ShieldSpell SpiritOff HandWard of the Red Widow Beth'tilac
378StaffSpell DPSTwo-HandFuneral Pyre Beth'tilac
378SwordTankOne-HandMandible of Beth'tilac Beth'tilac
378TrinketTrinketSpidersilk Spindle Beth'tilac
Level Type Spec Slot Name Boss
391ClothSpell DPSChestRobes of Smoldering DevastationHeroic Beth'tilac
391FingerPhysical DPSFingerWidow's KissHeroic Beth'tilac
391JunkCrystallized FirestoneHeroic Beth'tilac
391LeatherSpell SpiritHandsCindersilk GlovesHeroic Beth'tilac
391LeatherSpell SpiritHeadCowl of the Clicking MenaceHeroic Beth'tilac
391LeatherPhysical DPSLegsCinderweb LeggingsHeroic Beth'tilac
391MailSpell SpiritLegsThoracic Flame KiltHeroic Beth'tilac
391MailShoulderFlickering ShouldersHeroic Beth'tilac
391PlateTankChestCarapace of Imbibed FlameHeroic Beth'tilac
391PlateMeleeFeetArachnaflame TreadsHeroic Beth'tilac
391PlateSpell SpiritShoulderSpaulders of Manifold EyesHeroic Beth'tilac
391ShieldSpell SpiritOff HandWard of the Red WidowHeroic Beth'tilac
391StaffSpell DPSTwo-HandFuneral PyreHeroic Beth'tilac
391SwordTankOne-HandMandible of Beth'tilacHeroic Beth'tilac
391TrinketTrinketSpidersilk SpindleHeroic Beth'tilac
Cataclysm RaidHeroic: Beth'tilac
Defeat Beth'tilac in Firelands on Heroic Difficulty.
Cataclysm RaidDeath from Above
Only kill Cinderweb Drones while they are atop the web canopy during the Beth'tilac encounter in Firelands.

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