Lord Rhyolith

Rhyolith is one of the most ancient elementals in existence, born from the primordial fires that forged Azeroth itself. He is responsible for the creation of new elementals in the Firelands and still possesses a searing hatred of the titans for what he considers monumental arrogance in relocating him.

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Stage One: Nuisances, Nuisances!
Lord Rhyolith ignores players while his armor is intact, but they can attack his feet to control his movement.

  • Obsidian Armor - Lord Rhyolith awakens encrusted in a thick coat of Obsidian Armor, which reduces all damage he takes by 80%. Lord Rhyolith's Obsidian Armor is reduced by 10% every time he steps on an active volcano. In Heroic Difficulty when Lord Rhyolith steps on an Active Volcano, 10 Liquid Obsidian creatures spawn around him.
    • Liquid Obsidian - The Liquid Obsidian moves towards Lord Rhyolith, and casts Fuse when it reaches him.
      • Fuse - The Liquid Obsidian fuses with Lord Rhyolith, increasing his damage reduction by 1%.
  • Concussive Stomp - Lord Rhyolith smashes the ground, inflicting 35000 Fire damage to all players and knocking away targets within 20 yards. Each stomp creates two to three volcanoes.
  • Volcano - Lord Rhyolith ignites a Volcano, causing it to inflict 12000 Fire damage to 3 players every 2 sec. When struck, the player takes 10% additional Fire damage for 14 sec. This effect stacks up to 20 times. In 25 player raids, the Volcano inflicts damage on 6 players.
  • Crater - Lord Rhyolith creates a crater when he steps on an active volcano. Occasionally, Lord Rhyolith causes streams of lava to flow from a crater. The moving stream of lava inflicts 75000 Fire damage to any player in its path.

    After 10 sec. the stream of lava erupts, inflicting 150,000 Fire damage to any player standing within a lava stream.
  • Thermal Ignition - Lord Rhyolith releases a jet of cinders, inflicting 15000 Fire damage to players within 7 yards and creates either 5 Fragments of Rhyolith or 1 Spark of Rhyolith. In Heroic Difficulty Lord Rhyolith creates 10 Fragments of Rhyolith instead of 5.
    • Fragment of Rhyolith - Fragments of Rhyolith have low health. If not slain within 30 sec, they inflict damage equal to their current health to a random player. In 25 person raids, they deal damage equal to half their current health to a random player.
    • Spark of Rhyolith - Sparks of Rhyolith inflicts 8500 Fire damage to all players within 12 yards.
      • Infernal Rage - Sparks of Rhyolith increase their damage dealt by 10% and damage taken by 10% every 5 seconds. This effect stacks up to 20 times.
  • Drink Magma - If Lord Rhyolith reaches the edge of his plateau, he drinks from the liquid magma and inflicts 35000 Fire damage every second on all players for 4 sec.

Stage Two: Now you will BURN!
When Lord Rhyolith reaches 25% remaining health, his Obsidian armor shatters. He becomes attackable and no longer ignores players.

  • Immolation - Lord Rhyolith's fiery presence inflicts 8000 Fire damage to all players every second.
  • Unleashed Flame - Lord Rhyolith unleashes beams of fire which pursue random players, inflicting 10000 Fire damage to all players within 5 yards of the beam's impact location.

Loot Table
Level Type Spec Slot Name Boss
378BackPhysical DPSBackDreadfire Drape Lord Rhyolith
378ClothHeadFlickering Cowl Lord Rhyolith
378CrossbowPhysical DPSRangedArbalest of Erupting Fury Lord Rhyolith
378LeatherSpell SpiritChestIncendic Chestguard Lord Rhyolith
378LeatherMeleeHeadHood of Rampant Disdain Lord Rhyolith
378MailPhysical DPSChestFlaming Core Chestguard Lord Rhyolith
378MailSpell SpiritWristLava Line Wristbands Lord Rhyolith
378NeckSpell SpiritNeckHeartstone of Rhyolith Lord Rhyolith
378PlateTankFeetCracked Obsidian Stompers Lord Rhyolith
378PlateMeleeHandsFireskin Gauntlets Lord Rhyolith
378PlateSpell SpiritHandsGrips of the Raging Giant Lord Rhyolith
378PlateMeleeWristEarthcrack Bracers Lord Rhyolith
378SwordSpell DPSMain HandVolcanospike Lord Rhyolith
Level Type Spec Slot Name Boss
391BackPhysical DPSBackDreadfire DrapeHeroic Lord Rhyolith
391ClothHeadFlickering CowlHeroic Lord Rhyolith
391CrossbowPhysical DPSRangedArbalest of Erupting FuryHeroic Lord Rhyolith
391JunkCrystallized FirestoneHeroic Lord Rhyolith
391LeatherSpell SpiritChestIncendic ChestguardHeroic Lord Rhyolith
391LeatherMeleeHeadHood of Rampant DisdainHeroic Lord Rhyolith
391MailPhysical DPSChestFlaming Core ChestguardHeroic Lord Rhyolith
391MailSpell SpiritWristLava Line WristbandsHeroic Lord Rhyolith
391NeckSpell SpiritNeckHeartstone of RhyolithHeroic Lord Rhyolith
391PlateTankFeetCracked Obsidian StompersHeroic Lord Rhyolith
391PlateMeleeHandsFireskin GauntletsHeroic Lord Rhyolith
391PlateSpell SpiritHandsGrips of the Raging GiantHeroic Lord Rhyolith
391PlateMeleeWristEarthcrack BracersHeroic Lord Rhyolith
391SwordSpell DPSMain HandVolcanospikeHeroic Lord Rhyolith
Cataclysm RaidHeroic: Lord Rhyolith
Defeat Lord Rhyolith in Firelands on Heroic Difficulty.
Cataclysm RaidNot an Ambi-Turner
Defeat Lord Rhyolith in the Firelands without ever causing him to turn left while his armor is intact.

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