Skorpyron Guide

Loot Table

Level Type Slot Name Model Viewer
855NeckNeck Radiant String of Scorpid Eyes
855TrinketTrinket Animated Exoskeleton
855TrinketTrinket Claw of the Crystalline Scorpid
855ClothWaist Antiquated Highborne Cinch
855ClothHands Scorpid Handler's Gloves
855LeatherHead Vintage Suramar Nobility Hat
855LeatherLegs Gnawed Nightfallen Britches
855MailChest Arcanochitin Hauberk
855MailWrists Stinger Resistant Bracers
855PlateFeet Leystone-Toe Kickers
855PlateWrists Jagged Carapace Wristclamps
855Iron Relic Infused Chitin Fragment
855Arcane Relic Manatoxin Gland
855Storm Relic Chittering Mandible
Level Type Slot Name Model Viewer
870NeckNeck Radiant String of Scorpid Eyes
870TrinketTrinket Animated Exoskeleton
870TrinketTrinket Claw of the Crystalline Scorpid
870ClothWaist Antiquated Highborne Cinch
870ClothHands Scorpid Handler's Gloves
870LeatherHead Vintage Suramar Nobility Hat
870LeatherLegs Gnawed Nightfallen Britches
870MailChest Arcanochitin Hauberk
870MailWrists Stinger Resistant Bracers
870PlateFeet Leystone-Toe Kickers
870PlateWrists Jagged Carapace Wristclamps
870Iron Relic Infused Chitin Fragment
870Arcane Relic Manatoxin Gland
870Storm Relic Chittering Mandible
Level Type Slot Name Model Viewer
885NeckNeck Radiant String of Scorpid Eyes
885TrinketTrinket Animated Exoskeleton
885TrinketTrinket Claw of the Crystalline Scorpid
885ClothWaist Antiquated Highborne Cinch
885ClothHands Scorpid Handler's Gloves
885LeatherHead Vintage Suramar Nobility Hat
885LeatherLegs Gnawed Nightfallen Britches
885MailChest Arcanochitin Hauberk
885MailWrists Stinger Resistant Bracers
885PlateFeet Leystone-Toe Kickers
885PlateWrists Jagged Carapace Wristclamps
885Iron Relic Infused Chitin Fragment
885Arcane Relic Manatoxin Gland
885Storm Relic Chittering Mandible
Level Type Slot Name Model Viewer
900NeckNeck Radiant String of Scorpid Eyes
900TrinketTrinket Animated Exoskeleton
900TrinketTrinket Claw of the Crystalline Scorpid
900ClothWaist Antiquated Highborne Cinch
900ClothHands Scorpid Handler's Gloves
900LeatherHead Vintage Suramar Nobility Hat
900LeatherLegs Gnawed Nightfallen Britches
900MailChest Arcanochitin Hauberk
900MailWrists Stinger Resistant Bracers
900PlateFeet Leystone-Toe Kickers
900PlateWrists Jagged Carapace Wristclamps
900Iron Relic Infused Chitin Fragment
900Arcane Relic Manatoxin Gland
900Storm Relic Chittering Mandible


Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Background and Initial Positioning
  • Skorpyron is the Nightwell-infused guardian of the back entry to the Nighthold.
  • This encounter is a relatively straightforward fight, with add management and burn phases.
  • This fight can optionally be attempted with a third tank to simplify add management at the expense of damage on the boss.
  • Face boss away from raid.

Abilities and Mechanics
  • Call of the Scorpid
    • Approximately every 20 seconds, Skorpyron will summon 5-6 Scorpids from the edge of the room.
    • Scorpids patrol the outside of the encounter area, and will only attack when summoned by this ability or if a raid member gets too close.
    • Scorpids are weak adds, but become much more dangerous over time, so AoE them down quickly.
    • If going with the 3rd tank option, separate the Red Scorpids from the others as it provides an AoE haste buff.
  • Chitinous Exoskeleton
    • This mechanic is phase-like in function and works as a enrage timer that punishes poor dps during his burn phase, Exoskeletal Vulnerability.
    • While stacks of this ability are active, Skorpyron will take decreased damage. Damaging him will remove stacks.
    • When all stacks are removed, he goes into his burn phase, taking extra damage for 15 seconds before gaining Exoskeleton again. Use DPS cooldowns here.
  • Crystalline Shard
    • This ability does raid-wide damage and spawns near a player.
    • Position yourself in close proximity to the shards, as they shield you from Skorpyron’s next ability, Shockwave
  • Shockwave
    • Approximately every minute, Skorpyron will cast this ability, dealing damage and knocking players back precariously close to shrouded Scorpids.
    • Players can avoid this ability by standing behind a shard. A buff will be placed on each player to confirm that they are safe.
  • Focused Blast
    • Approximately every 30 seconds, Skorpyron will face a random target and cast this ability after a 3 second delay, dealing damage and stunning them.
    • Avoid this by moving away when he faces your direction.
  • Arcanoslash
    • This ability targets the main tank with heavy damage in an AoE behind the target. After a set of 3 attacks, the target is affected with Arcane Tether.
    • The main tank must run 10 yards away from the boss when affected with Tether.

Encounter Journal

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Deep within the foundations of the Nighthold, beneath the sea, lie long-forgotten vaults that give access to the Nightwell itself. This monstrous armored scorpid has made its home in one of these vaults. Infused with the power of the Nightwell, and surrounded by a teeming brood, Skorpyron presents a serious complication to an otherwise-promising back entry to the Nighthold.

  • Overview - Skorpyron's lair is a constantly spawning chamber of scorpids that join the battle following Call of the Scorpid, but which also attack if any player strays too close.
  • Scorpid Spawning Ground - Skorpyron resides in an active spawning ground, continually creating Scorpids which inhabit the space throughout the encounter.
    • Crystalline Scorpid -
      • Energy Surge - Sends a shock of arcane magic at a target, inflicting 75,000 Arcane damage and an additional 10,700 Arcane damage every half-second for 3 sec. This effect stacks.
    • Volatile Scorpid -
      • Scorpid Swarm - Causes nearby Scorpids to swarm, increasing haste by 100%.
    • Acidmaw Scorpid -
      • Toxic Chitin - The Scorpid's armor is coated in a heavy toxin, creating pools of Nature damage periodically and upon death.
    • Boon of the Scorpid - The scorpids grow restless, periodically increasing damage done by 5%. This effect stacks.
    • Shrouded - Shrouded in arcane magic, the Scorpids are immune to area of effect spells until entering combat.
  • Shockwave - Expels pent up energy, smashing the ground and creating a shockwave which inflicts 428,500 Nature damage and knocks players back, destroying all Broken Shards. Players may stand behind Broken Shards to avoid Shockwave.
  • Chitinous Exoskeleton - A chitinous exoskeleton of crystals covers the Scorpid, protecting it from damage, decreasing damage taken by 25%. As Skorpyron takes damage the exoskeleton breaks apart, decreasing in potency.
    • Exoskeletal Vulnerability - Breaking the Chitinous Exoskeleton stuns the Scorpid for 15 sec, increasing damage taken by 100%.
    • Crystalline Fragments - Crystalline Fragments break off of Skorpyron, creating a Broken Shard at that location and inflicting 575,000 Arcane damage to all enemies upon impact.
    • Chromatic Exoskeleton - Proximity to the Nightwell infused the Chitinous Exoskeleton, causing it to shift color periodically.
      • Acidic Fragments - Acidic Fragments break off of Skorpyron, creating a Broken Shard at that location and inflicting 125,000 Arcane damage to all enemies upon impact and an additional 90,000 Nature damage to all enemies every second.
        This effect stacks and lasts until Skorpyron's Chromatic Exoskeleton changes.
      • Volatile Fragments - Volatile Fragments break off of Skorpyron, creating a Broken Shard at that location and inflicting 1,000,000 Fire damage to enemies within 8 yards every 3 sec.
        • Volatile Resonance - The resonating properties of the Volatile Fragments protect them from Shockwave, instead pulsing for 1,750,000 Fire damage to targets within 15 yards moments after being struck by Shockwave.
      • Crystalline Fragments - Crystalline Fragments break off of Skorpyron, creating a Broken Shard at that location and inflicting 575,000 Arcane damage to all enemies upon impact.
    • Broken Shard - Standing behind these Broken Shards protect players from Shockwave.
    • Infused Exoskeleton - Regrowing the Exoskeleton infuses it with Nightwell energy, increasing damage done by 10%. This effect stacks.
  • Call of the Scorpid - Lets out a resonating sound throughout the room, calling nearby Scorpids to aid in combat.
  • Arcanoslash - Slashes all targets in a frontal 18 yard hemisphere, inflicting 581,900 Arcane damage. Tank-specialization players are afflicted by Arcane Tethers.
    • Arcane Tether - Targets become tethered near their location, suffering 75,000 Arcane damage every second while within 10 yards of the tether. This effect stacks.
  • Focused Blast - Faces a targeted direction, discharging arcane energy, inflicting 1,125,000 Arcane damage and stunning targets hit for 4 sec, increasing in duration for subsequent hits.


Name Points
Cage Rematch Defeat Skorpyron in The Nighthold on Normal difficulty or higher without any player leaving the center rings.
Mythic: Skorpyron Defeat Skorpyron in The Nighthold on Mythic difficulty.

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