World of Warcraft Tier 20 Armor Sets

Tier 20 armor sets are here! They may look familiar, as many of them are inspired by the Tier 6 armor sets.

Keep in mind that this is an early preview. Sets may be unfinished, missing pieces, and missing colors.

Take a look at them in the modelviewer for the full picture, especially Mythic Druid (keep watching...) and Warlocks (use the Jump Start animation).

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  1. Elfinoria's Avatar
    I love these! Hope to see tier 2 next! Nemesis, Stormrage, Judgement... Good times
  1. Massacher's Avatar
    And where will we be able to get these?
  1. effs's Avatar
    Green/purple malefic set please.
  1. Beet's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Turaska View Post
    Basically every person defending Blizzard over the reused models

    Yeah...that's a negative. I have despised almost all new tier sets artwork since MoP came out. Most tiers have one or two sets I think look good. I end up using the same shit from vanilla and TBC for the most part. So for me I'm fucking thrilled to see this. In fact if they wanted to give up on doing new art and just gave every tier a revamp from previous expansions I'd be fine. The old artists had something different about their art. And obviously many prefer it.

    To call these people fanboys is hilarious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Massacher View Post
    And where will we be able to get these?
    It's tier 20 so next patch in Tomb of Sargeras raids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexeiPavlov View Post
    Do we really need all this "TBC HQ" sets? That's why DH/Monk sets are the best here.
    Funny, the monk one is hilariously ugly. DH looks great though. Blizzard said they were gonna do this ages ago it's no surprise. They can see by transmog data that most players who transmog are using old sets from vanilla thru WotLK and tier 6 in particular is the most used.
  1. Zordrage's Avatar
    some of them look realy bland or outright bad

    the DH one looks like some BDSM stuff on Human should have showed it on a DH but looks realy meh

    the DK one is just Trash.... a walking cann realy...

    the Druid and Monk and rogue is just a Giant WTF realy ?

    all the others seems fine and nice
  1. joltcola1234's Avatar
    I don't mind them updating some of the old armor sets. Tier 6 was an obvious choice, it was a popular tier with all the BC players. Tomb of Sargeras also seems to be following in the foot steps of Black Temple somewhat. That said, I kind of wish there was an alternate way to acquire these and current raid drops remained original.

    As an Alliance Druid, tier 6 isn't my favorite. It was clearly styled for Tauren Druids and not Night Elves. I guess it's fair though, because the current tier is 100% styled for Night Elves and not Tauren.
  1. FishtheFish's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Turaska View Post
    Basically every person defending Blizzard over the reused models

    Wait so we aren't allowed to like these armor sets or this game? Huh guess I missed the
  1. Ilir's Avatar
    People asked for a t6 remake for a long time, it was said at blizzcon that they would do it for 7.2 .... and now people act surprised ?! wtf

    I like the regular priest set, not sure about the mythic version.... I have to see it in game.
  1. Magic Zulu's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Thagrynor View Post
    So ... Tier 20 is just updated Tier 6? Am I seeing the right pictures?
    Thought the same. Mage Set is just a recolored T6
  1. Eggroll's Avatar
    Wtf, just rehashed old tier sets

    Rehashed music, rehashed tier sets, laaaaazy Blizzard.
  1. Ragezero's Avatar
    I do not think 'inspired' is the right word. This is just strait up updated T6 models without any additions.
    Whilst I do like T6, this is a bit of a letdown.
  1. Decisive The Hallowed's Avatar
    The classic BC Tier set re-works for this upcoming Raid looks amazing. Really cool to see these awesome sets updated to look even better. But for Death Knight...ugh. like what the hell is it? Looks like a Rogue set...its all...leathery...wheres the brutal heavy armor?
  1. Hach's Avatar
    Oh, yay... My least favourite druid tier set got an update. Tier 6 looks like hot garbage, even on tauren. This updated look looks marginally better (the mask helps, but that's probably only for Mythic, so I'll never get it, anyhow), but it's still pretty much the worst looking leather set out there.
  1. Cazz17's Avatar
    Saw a tweet or something saying these were "inspired" by Black Temple. Seems like they're pretty much copy-paste replicates.
  1. Millie's Avatar
    Cool, now we get rehashed sets too.

    At least DH and Monk have a couple more nostalgia driven rehash expansions with new sets new sets to look forward for. Sadly DK is on its last legs for the nostalgia fest, WotLK next and they already existed then.
  1. ls-'s Avatar
    Many look unfinished, both models and textures.

    Never understood hype around mage's T6, IMHO, it looks like garbage, and new T20 is quite meh too. DH set is meh, skirts can burn in fire, Pala set is... weird, I don't like that it's soo monochromatic. I'd say that's my biggest issue w/ T20, many sets, e.g. mage, pala tiers, are way too monochromatic, they lack contrast.

    However, I like DK T20, looks good.
  1. Ascoolasyou's Avatar
    why do they still use the human model to display these sets. the human character model so god awful
  1. ls-'s Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ascoolasyou View Post
    why do they still use the human model to display these sets. the human character model so god awful
    Human model is default model, gear is always designed to fit humans perfectly, kinda 1:1 scale, gear for other races is scaled in various ways.
  1. Otaka's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Eggroll View Post
    Wtf, just rehashed old tier sets

    Rehashed music, rehashed tier sets, laaaaazy Blizzard.
    Those mythic versions look nothing like old tier.... what you on about?
  1. Querpo's Avatar
    These are straight out retextures and recolors from the old tier 6 and not even good ones at that, what made them think this would be any good? why not implement the retextures to the old sets instead of making them a new tier? this is just lazy, everything looks the same but with shiny effects except for the Mythic versions, so now people are forced to raid in the hardest difficulty just for something as trivial as new looks for their armor. Not happy at all with this, retextures are great if they replace the older ones, but adding them as a new tier armor is just lazy and horrible.

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