Class Mounts
Check out all of the class mounts on our Class Mounts page! Unlocking these mounts is a reward of the eleven week quest campaign that comes with the patch.

World of Warcraft Class Mounts

Dungeon and Raids
These mounts drop from dungeon bosses, dungeon achievements, raid bosses, or raid achievements.

These mounts have a chance to drop from earning Paragon reputation with the different factions across the Broken Isles. For every 10,000 Reputation earned past Exalted, you’ll receive a new cache. It is unknown at this time if the mounts are 100% drop chance.

These new mounts are purchased from Deathguard Netharian in Orgrimmar, for Horde, or Necrolord Sipe in Stormwind City, for Alliance. All mounts cost 1 Vicious Saddle, which is obtained by completing the Cruel Combatant achievement in Legion Season 3.

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