Patch 2.5 Roundup: Meta Changes, New Features, Season 10

PvP Participation has been higher than expected, rating cutoff estimates have been raised.

Due to the transition between 7.1.5 and 7.2, AP rewards in the Mythic+ weekly chest will not begin until next week.

Patch 7.2 Live This Week
Patch 7.2 goes live this week!

Keep in mind that the Tomb of Sargeras will not actually release this week, we've got to take the fight to the Broken Shore first! Here's what you can expect:

Official Notes
The official notes patch notes are here!

Calculators Updated
All of the calculators have been updated to reflect changes coming in Patch 7.2.

New Zone - The Broken Shore
The Legion is invading in Patch 7.2 and we are fighting them on the Broken Shore. This area offers new world quests, a new faction, rare spawns, new items, and more!

New Dungeon - The Cathedral of Eternal Night
In this new dungeon, you'll assist Illidan and Maiev in making sure that the Aegis of Aggramar, one of the five Pillars of Creation, is properly sealed to help protect the Broken Shore against the Legion.

World of Warcraft - The Cathedral of Eternal Night Dungeon Guide

Dungeon Changes
  • The item levels of gear found in Legion Dungeons has been increased.
  • Enemies’ damage and health have been increased for all Heroic and Mythic dungeons, including Mythic Keystone Dungeons.
  • Lower Karazhan and Upper Karazhan have been added to the Random Legion Heroic list in Dungeon Finder.
  • The Arcway and Court of Stars have been added to the Random Legion Heroic list in Dungeon Finder.
  • Mythic Keystone dungeons now award gear up to item level 890 at keystone level 10, and now award gear up to item level 905 in the weekly Challenger’s Chest (at keystone level 10).
  • Artifact Power rewards from both Mythic Keystone dungeons and the weekly Challenger's Chest now continue through keystone level 30.
  • Mythic Keystones can now direct you to Lower Karazhan, Upper Karazhan, and the Cathedral of Eternal Night.
  • Artifact Power rewards for Mythic Keystone dungeons have been adjusted:
    • Longer dungeons, such as Halls of Valor, now award a proportionately higher amount of Artifact Power.
    • Shorter dungeons, such as Maw of Souls, now award a proportionately lower amount of Artifact Power.
    • Artifact Power bonuses have been added to your weekly chest rewards. These increase based on the highest level Mythic Keystone you completed.
    • Some Keystone Affixes have been changed and new Affixes have been added. See the official notes for all of the details.

Class Changes
Patch 7.2 makes changes to many classes, including new Artifact Traits. As always, Icy-Veins has updated class guides!

Class Mounts
Check out all of the class mounts on our Class Mounts page! Unlocking these mounts is a reward of the eleven week quest campaign that comes with the patch.

World of Warcraft Class Mounts

New Mounts
Class mounts aren't the only new mounts coming in the patch! New PvP mounts, reputation mounts, dungeon, and raid mounts are also being added.

Artifact Changes
Patch 7.2 adds new Artifact Traits, new Artifact Knowledge ranks, changes Artifact Trait costs, and more! See our Artifact Changes page for all of the details.

  • Patch 7.2 adds several new traits for players to earn. These are unlocked by a short quest line that varies based on your role.
  • The previous final trait with 20 ranks now just has one rank.
  • Excess Artifact Power in the previous final trait will be refunded.
  • The first new trait you purchase helps to make up for the loss of the old final trait, as it grants 10% damage and 10% Stamina.
  • Each of your 3 rank traits will have another rank unlocked, allowing you to purchase up to a maximum of 4 ranks.
  • A new final trait has been added, this time with 50 ranks.
  • The new final trait is effectively a soft cap, as you will have trouble ever earning enough Artifact Power to max it out.

Order Hall Research
Two new tiers of Order Hall Talents have been added, with a total research cost of 25,000 x Order Resources.

Tier 7
  • New Troop Type - Recruit a new class specific troop type that increases success chance of missions by 30%.
  • Roster of Champions - Increase the number of Champions you can have active at once by 1.

Tier 8
  • Legionfall United - Artifact Power items gained from world quests and missions have a chance to grant double Artifact Power.

Order Hall Campaign
Patch 7.2 continues the Order Hall Campaigns! You can see the new achievements that list the chapters of each part of the new class campaigns on WoWDB.

Flying - Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two
Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two was added in Patch 7.2! According to the latest developer interview, it will probably be a few weeks before anyone has earned it. You won't be able to complete Defender of the Broken Isles until invasions activate a week after the patch releases.

Legion Invasions
The Legion's presence continues to grow in Patch 7.2, with invasions occurring around the Broken Isles.

  • The invasion begins with a zone being under attack. The skybox, world quests, and the NPCs present are changed in some areas, similar to the pre-expansion invasions.
  • The invasion quests are similar to the regular world quests, requiring you to kill NPCs and click objects.
  • After completing all six invasion world quests, you have completed the Assault on Zone quest, allowing you to move to the next stage.
  • Next you are sent to a specific point in the zone to defeat more invaders, with some similar followup quests.
  • After all of these quests are complete, there is a three player invasion scenario that sends you to the Legion ship in the sky.
  • On the ship you defeat various NPCs before defeating the leader and taking down the ship.

Patch 7.2 adds new achievements, including lots of appearance related achievements!

New Spell Animations
Hunters, Death Knights, and Druids are getting a few new spell animations in this patch.

Paragon Reputation System
Patch 7.2 adds additional rewards to Legion factions for players that have already hit exalted and keep earning more reputation.

  • Upon reaching Exalted with any Legion faction, you will receive a new reputation bar that requires 10,000 reputation.
  • For every 10,000 reputation you earn past Exalted, you will receive a reward cache from that faction, possibly containing rare mounts, interesting toys, battle pets, and other rewards.
  • You can earn reputation the same way you always have, with world quests, regular quests, emissary quests, and other sources.
  • Your first reward cache will grant The Reputable achievement.
  • After earning a total of 10 of these caches, you will earn Paragon of the Broken Isles.

Here is a list of the known rewards from each faction:

Pet Battle Dungeon
The first Pet Battle Dungeon has been added in Patch 7.2, providing another weekly challenging pet battle fight.

There are some smaller profession updates in this patch, as well as crafted legendary items. All item level 815 crafted end-game gear will now be crafted at item level 835.

Obliterum and the Obliterum Forge
Patch 7.2 unlocks the Obliterum Forge for everyone at no cost! There is a single intro quest that gives you one free Obliterum as well.

The first application of Obliterum will bring them up to 840, and the Obliterum cap has been increased to iLvl 875.

  • You can now get Artifact Power tokens from Archaeology.
  • New Elite digsites with more challenging mobs have been discovered in the Broken Isles.
  • All enemies summoned by Archaeology can now be killed by multiple nearby players.

  • Nomi can now create Prepared Ingredients as part of his work orders, which can be combined to create up to 10 servings of a random recipe known by the player.



Name Reagents Skill
Glyph of Blood Grip 1 10 30
1 720 745 770
Glyph of Frost Grip 1 10 30
1 720 745 770
Glyph of the Shadow Succubus 1 15 5
1 720 745 770

Crafted Legendary Items
Patch 7.2 adds crafted Legendary Items that are Bind on Equip!

All of them require 65 x Blood of Sargeras, profession specific materials, legendary materials from the above quest line, and a Nethershard Essence (sold by Warmage Kath'leen for 8,000 x Nethershard)

Legendary Profession Quests

Legendary Item Changes
Legendary items are getting some modifications, bad luck protection is becoming spec specific, and you can (somewhat) target slots for legendary items in Patch 7.2!

  • Legion Legendary items now require level 101 (was 110).
  • Patch 7.2 makes legendary drop bad luck protection more spec specific.
  • The system looks at how many legendary items you have that can drop for your spec, so if you switch specs the system will know how many legendary items that work for that spec. If you don't have any for that spec, you will have a higher chance to get one.
  • The crafted legendary items don't count against your legendary bad luck protection.
  • You can target a specific slot for legendary items with the Relinquished tokens from the Broken Shore.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
  • Aggramar’s Stride - Now has an additional 617 Critical Strike (@ ilvl 940) as a third bonus secondary stat. Now grants movement speed equal to 75% of your Haste, Critical Strike, Mastery, or Versatility, whichever is highest.
  • Norgannon’s Foresight - Now triggers after standing still for 6 seconds (was 8 seconds), granting you the ability to cast while moving for 4 seconds (was 5 seconds). Now has a new visual indicating when you gain its ability to cast while moving. Now has an additional 617 Critical Strike (@ ilvl 940) as a third bonus secondary stat.
  • Roots of Shaladrassil - Now has an additional 658 Critical Strike (@ ilvl 940), as a third bonus secondary stat.
  • Sephuz’s Secret - Now always grants 10% increased movement speed and 2% Haste. When triggered, this bonus is increased to the current values of 70% movement speed and 25% Haste. Movement speed bonuses now stack with other movement speed bonuses.

Death Knight

Demon Hunter



  • Belo’vir’s Final Stand - Now has an additional 658 Mastery (@ ilvl 940) as a third bonus secondary stat.
  • Cord of Infinity - Each time Arcane Missiles hits an enemy, the damage of your next Mark of Aluneth is increased by 1%. This effect stacks.
  • Pyrotex Ignition Cloth - Phoenix Flames reduces the remaining cooldown on Combustion by 9 sec, up from 6.

  • Drinking Horn Cover - The duration of Storm, Earth, and Fire is increased by 0.4 seconds (was 0.6 seconds) for every Chi you spend. The duration of Serenity is now extended by 0.3 seconds every time you cast a Chi spender.
  • Ei’thas, Lunar Glides of Eramas - Redesigned. Uplifting Trance increases your Vivify healing by an additional 20% and causes it to heal 1 additional target.
  • Eye of Collidus the Warp-Watcher - Each time Soothing Mist heals, the absorb amount of your next Life Cocoon is increased by 3% (was 1%), stacking up to 50 times (was 100).
  • Hidden Master’s Forbidden Touch - Now also increases Touch of Death’s damage by 40%.
  • Katsuo’s Eclipse - Reduce the cost of Fists of Fury by 1 Chi, down from 2 Chi.
  • March of the Legion - Now has an additional 1068 Mastery (@ ilvl 940) as a third bonus secondary stat. Haste stat reduced slightly.
  • Ovyd’s Winter Wrap - Each time Enveloping Mist heals, its healing bonus has a 50% chance to spread to an injured ally within 30 yds.
  • The Emperor's Capacitor - Chi spenders increase the damage of your next Crackling Jade Lightning by 100% (was 50%) and reduce its cost by 5%, stacking up to 20 times.



  • Insignia of Ravenholdt - Now only works on your single-target combo-point generating attacks.
  • Will of Valeera - Now has an additional 658 Mastery (@ ilvl 940) as a third bonus secondary stat. Haste reduced by 412 and Critical Strike increased by 412.



  • Mannoroth’s Bloodletting Manacles - Now grants Critical Strike and Versatility as extra stats.
  • The Walls Fall - Shield Slam generates an additional 2 Rage and reduces the remaining cooldown of Shield Wall by 4 sec
  • Thundergod’s Vigor - Each enemy you hit with Thunder Clap reduces the remaining cooldown on Demoralizing Shout by 3 sec, up from 1 sec.
  • Timeless Stratagem - Now grants Critical Strike and Versatility as an extra 3rd stat.

PvP Brawls
There are new PvP Brawls coming in this patch! Only three of them have been previewed so far, so we can't be sure if the others will be ready at release.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • PvP Brawl: Gravity Lapse - Every minute, players on the battlefield will find themselves launched into the air, only to gently fall toward the ground once more in a perpetual aerial ballet as they try to accrue enough resources to take the win home for their team
  • PvP Brawl: Southshore vs. Tarren Mill - Originally introduced as a part of the World of Warcraft 10-Year Anniversary event, this Brawl harkens to the early days of WoW PvP with an epic battle between the two towns of Tarren Mill and Southshore
  • PvP Brawl: Warsong Scramble - You can capture your enemy’s flag without your own at base. There are a few more power-ups to the field of battle to stir things up a bit. To win, your team will need to be the first to capture 5 flags
  • PvP Brawl: PvP Brawl: Arathi Blizzard - Not previewed yet.
  • PvP Brawl: Deepwind Dunk - Not previewed yet.
  • PvP Brawl: Temple of Hotmogu - Not previewed yet.
  • PvP Brawl: Packed House - Not previewed yet.

UI Changes
You can see the full list of UI changes in the official notes, but we've highlight some of the more important ones below!

Addons & Friendly Nameplates in Dungeons and Raids
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
With Patch 7.2, we’re disabling the ability for addons to modify the appearance of friendly nameplates while inside dungeon and raid instances.

While, for the most part, we’re impressed with -- and encourage -- the creativity that addon authors bring to the game using the addon API, occasionally an addon goes too far in terms of automating or trivializing elements of gameplay that are meant to be highly challenging. Recently, we’ve become aware of a couple addons that were using visual adjustments to friendly nameplates as a method to automatically coordinate complex positioning requirements. This caused what was intended to be a difficult test of a group’s ability to identify positioning requirements on the fly to instead become a simple matter of following a visual marker.

In order to prevent this from continuing, we’ve had to disable the ability for addons to modify how friendly nameplates appear while inside of dungeon and raid instances. Nothing has changed outside of dungeons and raids – addons will still be able to customize the appearance of friendly nameplates everywhere else (most notably in PvP, where they’re most commonly used in ways we don’t consider problematic).

We also don’t anticipate that addon authors will need to update their code to accommodate this change; customizations should simply stop working once a player zones into a raid, and start working again once they’ve left. However, if you’d like to double-check, this change should now be active in the current 7.2 PTR environment.

Just to reiterate since I'm seeing some confusion:

  • Nothing whatsoever is changed while you are outside of a raid or dungeon
  • When you zone into a raid or dungeon, only your friendly nameplates (if enabled) will be forced to use the standard Blizzard appearance
  • Enemy nameplates can still be modified and customized by addons while in a raid or dungeon
  • Once you zone out of the raid or dungeon, any changes made by an addon will once again apply

Set Appearances Collection
A new tab has been added to the collections pane that lists Tier armor sets and PvP sets.

  • You can filter by PvP/PvE, as well as Collected / Not Collected
  • Different raid difficulties and PvP difficulties are separated
  • You can search for dungeon and boss names to list the sets that have pieces from them.

New Icons
There are lots of new icons in the patch!

New Loading Screens
We got a new loading screen for the Winter Arathi Basin brawl, as well as the Tomb of Sargeras and Cathedral of Eternal Night.

New Music
Some new music was also included with this patch.

The Great Akazamzarak
Mages can pick up The Great Akazamzarak as a champion, but other classes can finally silence him with a new dialogue option. Enjoy, Citizens of Dalaran!

New Tabards
Several new tabards are in this patch, with a Legionfall Tabard for the new faction, as well as new Gladiator's tabards and placeholder Gladiator's tabards.

Misc Changes
There are lots of smaller changes and new strings.

WoWDB Addon Data Collection
Quickly populating the database with new additions is done with the help of many players. The more people that contribute data, the more accurate and quickly we can update the database.

To help out, just click here if you have the Twitch Desktop App already installed.

When you are playing the addon will gather data and save it. When you are done playing, Twitch will see the game close and upload the collected data from the addon.

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