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Top Standard, Wild, and Heroic Brawl Decks of the Week for May 7

Armory Stats - Legion Flying Achievements
Today we are taking a look at how players are doing at earning achievements required for flying in Legion. The chart below shows the percentage of players that have earned each achievement, with a total of 1.8 million US and EU accounts that were active in the last month.

Flying should come in handy when class mounts become available! If you haven't completed it yet, you can use our Flying Progress Tool to see what you have left!

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Name Points Category
Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One Complete the Broken Isles achievements listed below.
Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two Complete the Broken Isles achievements listed below.
Loremaster of Legion Complete the Legion quest achievements listed below.
Broken Isles Explorer Explore the regions of the Broken Isles.
Broken Isles Diplomat Earn Revered with all of the Broken Isles reputations listed below.
Variety is the Spice of Life Complete 100 different World Quests.
A Glorious Campaign Complete your class Order Campaign.
10Class Hall
Legionfall Commander Earn Revered status with the Armies of Legionfall.
Explore Broken Shore Explore the Broken Shore, revealing the covered areas of the world map.

Raidbots - SimCraft in the Cloud
Our friends over at Raidbots have put together an easy-to-use web-based UI for SimulationCraft that runs on powerful servers. It lets you do lots of comparisons, such as:

  • Stat Weights - Generate weights and Pawn strings for your character
  • Gear Compare - See if that new item is better, check out legendary combinations, and more
  • Talent Compare - Set up various builds and see which is best for different types of fights
  • Relic Compare - Sensing a pattern yet?
  • Top Gear - Find the best combination of gear from your bags.
  • Advanced - run any SimulationCraft input, also works with addons like SimPermut, SimcTrinketComparison
  • All of the features above can export the SimC input so you can run and modify on your own local copy of SimC

If you haven't heard of it, SimulationCraft is an open source program which simulates WoW combat. It's one of many tools used by theorycrafters to figure out optimal rotations, gearing strategies, etc. It's also used to help determine custom stat weights, perform personal gear comparisons and more.

The biggest challenge with SimulationCraft is that it has a learning curve, can require quite a bit of fiddling to get set up the way you want it, and is incredibly hungry for CPU power. Raidbots attempts to make it easier to do the more common tasks and run simulations on powerful servers.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Folks, including myself, are rather puzzled. We were told one thing during Blizzcon, then something that implied the opposite at this Q&A. Some clarification would be appreciated. Many want to know if there's still plans to continue Vol'jin's story, as was hinted at last year.
It was a light-hearted remark. Vol'jin IS dead, but of course there is much more story to tell when it comes to his legacy. (WatcherDev)

Ghostcrawler Tweets
Ghostcrawler occasionally talks about WoW and game design, often providing topics for discussion. Remember that he no longer works for or speaks for Blizzard.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
In the previous expansion, WoW introduced a talent for protection warriors that allowed them to have a DPS build and play as DPS. In your opinion, considering the role dynamics of WoW, what are the biggest downsides (design-wise) to have a tank spec being able to perform with a DPS build and what are some advantages? Do the benefits of that implementation outweigh the costs? Can you think of some other games you know (online or not, RPG or not) where that implementation might work great?
This was Gladiator Stance, right? I didn’t work on that feature and don’t have any context on the intent.

In general, it’s often a question of fairness. Is it okay for one tank spec to be able to do damage while the other tanks cannot? Do you then add the ability for paladins etc. do be able to do DPS in their tank spec? Even if you have to spend a point on the talent, presumably that still gives you a lot more flexibility with regard to gear and other talent points than say a paladin does. We even ran into this problem with Feral druids, which ultimately encouraged us to split the spec into separate melee DPS and tanking trees.

You may recall, around the time of Lich King, we experimented with letting DKs tank with any spec. This was in an era when alts were still relatively challenging to level and gear up, and respecing was painful and expensive (though I still did it every week in (old) Karazhan).

Adding dual-spec pretty much killed the need for this. I have mixed feelings about dual-spec. It definitely gave a lot of flexibility to players, and since the only cost of respecing was hassle, it made sense just to ease that hassle. But I definitely think it made each of our individual characters (not the classes, but the characters themselves) less unique. No longer did I have a Demonology warlock with (for better or worse) max ranks in Demonic Knowledge and Master Conjurer . I just had a warlock who could be whatever he wanted to be at any moment in time depending on the immediate needs of a boss fight or how much I wanted to PvP. Diablo 2 made you commit to your talent trees, and there was something kind of cool about that compared to the unparalleled flexibility of Diablo 3.

I know that may sound like I just want to make life tougher for players, but that’s not really it. I think constraints can be a good thing for the game and ultimately more fun for players. It may just be hard to see that in the short term when it feels like the game is arbitrarily getting in the way of something you want to do. But it may feel like it in the long term when your character is something different from every other character in town. (Source)

Poll - Flying
We now have an idea of how the general population is doing at unlocking flying, but how are you doing?

Dark Legacy Comics #583
DLC #583 has been released!

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  1. Embalmo's Avatar
    We need, nay, deserve, class hall tabards. If this expansion is going to be all about us gathering our class together, we deserve class tabards.
  1. The Oblivion's Avatar
    suramar is the biggest cuck to flying now. such a massive waste of time. all the other zones make sense and feel rewarding as you are leveling anyways. suramar is a total waste, ap is so rich these days what suramar gives EXTREMELY slowly is irrelevant. they need to ditch the suramar achiev or atleast the rep gating.
  1. Blackjack's Avatar
    Raidbots is fantastic, use it multiple times a week to answer all my gear questions. I'm able to do stuff with SimC that wasn't intuitive in the desktop client. Oh ya, and its fast!
  1. Mandible's Avatar
    Legacy my rear ... they just backed down for no good reason. Also would make more than sense to have him come back - considering all the Zandalari who keeps coming back for more ...
  1. Ceylina's Avatar
    Raidbots is horrendously out of date. It is still stating crit as top stat for BM
  1. Blackjack's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ceylina View Post
    Raidbots is horrendously out of date. It is still stating crit as top stat for BM
    Raidbots is an interface to SimC. If you are getting the wrong numbers then talk to the developers that create the hunter simulations that go inside SimCraft.
  1. mmoce213c955fb's Avatar
    Inb4 floods of retards making threads about how WoW has 1.8mil subs and WoD was literally the best thing ever and Legion is a failure.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Ceylina View Post
    Raidbots is horrendously out of date. It is still stating crit as top stat for BM
  1. Dispirit's Avatar
    Enjoyed Ghostcrawlers thoughts in this post. I agree with him in the regards of feeling attachment to my character and the choices I made rather than just switching everything up depending on the fight with no real cost. I'm not a fan of the direction WoW has been going for a while now. The only thing keeping me around is attachment to the world I've grown accustomed to.
  1. khazmodan's Avatar
    1.8 million accounts....that sounds about right and also pretty much agree's with that number.
  1. anonynos's Avatar
    The 1.8 million figure is just the amount of accounts they got data from and at best is a representative sample of actual active accounts.

    The problem with the census data is that it's all volunteer reported data. If you look at the explanations of data on you'll see there's only a couple of data points that are built on good data (100+ snapshots over a 30 day period). From their FAQ:
    "Server X only has 10 people on Horde side! That can't be right, can it?
    No, it most definitely is not right, but it's not WarcraftRealms' fault, either! If you go to that server's page, it will most likely tell you there have been very few submissions in the last 30 days, and as only data from the last 30 days is included in most stats, that is the reason for the seemingly non-existant population. WarcraftRealms relies on submissions from players to keep information accurate, so where those submissions do not exist, sadly the accuracy is also lost."

    So, no you did not just read that there are 1.8 million active accounts. You read that there are 1.8 million accounts that reported data for that report.
  1. Waniou's Avatar
    Would kinda be interesting to see how many people have also completed the achievement for doing each invasion scenario (ie, the achievement that was cut from the criteria for flying)
  1. guardian_titan's Avatar
    In regards to what Ghostcrawler said, how is flexibility a bad thing? I remember when respecing had a cost and we didn't have dual spec. People would instead have multiples of the same class. Now we can have 1 of the class (or 2 if we play both sides). Having 3-4 of a class to play each spec and potentially another one just for PvP causes burn out because every time an expansion hits you realize you have to level that same class 3-4 times. Then with Legion being so class based, you have to do the same class story 3-4 times. Well, 2 if you do 2 DHs. Now we can just have 1-2 of a class and swap quickly for whatever we're doing.

    Today's society demands we be flexible. We can go from our computers to our phones to a tablet in the blink of an eye. Nintendo Switch is a console that can become a handheld which I wouldn't be surprised to see similar functionality with the Playstation and Xbox at some point. Having inflexible toons goes against what our society is moving toward. Inflexibility only makes us feel like we're running into a large immovable rock. We should be allowed to change freely. This isn't the Middle Ages where we get burned at the state just because we state something like the Sun is the center of our solar system.

    There's nothing stopping you currently from picking talents and leaving them forever while having multiple toons of the same class to cover every spec and PvP. Blizzard gave us the option to change more freely. It's like flight. There's nothing stopping you from staying grounded even if there is flying. Meanwhile, removing flight does remove pro-fliers option to fly. Blizzard gave us an OPTION which is by no means required. Nothing is forcing you to change things constantly. You may feel you need to, but you can also decide to just stick with your original choice.

    I honestly can't remember the last time I changed a talent point. When I select one, it often stays until it gets refunded by Blizzard. I do change specs fairly frequently, though. At least I do on my shaman and druid. I don't miss the TBC and WotLK days of respec costs and no dual spec.

    And honestly, I found gladiator warriors insulting. I had a feral druid in TBC and WotLK (still have her actually). I enjoyed being able to swap between bear and cat in the same spec. When that got removed, I was pissed but dealt with it. I was then pissed when Blizzard effectively let warriors do that. If Blizzard wasn't going to let the other tanks do the same thing, then warriors shouldn't have had it to begin with. Do find it a bit irritating that Blizzard has a talent row for druids that lets you play another spec, though. Kind of defeats the point of dual spec. Waiting to see when that talent row gets changed. Why can resto druids just switch into moonkin and DPS when a resto shaman lost many of their DPS abilities with Legion? Blizzard's very inconsistent and it's rather frustrating to put it mildly.
  1. Lightbull's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by guardian_titan View Post
    In regards to what Ghostcrawler said, how is flexibility a bad thing?
    I agree that flexibility/accessibility is great, especially in the current day and age. But I think Ghostcrawler was talking about the value of a specific spec, which can still be great to have today. Maybe not in the talent system, but definitely elsewhere.

    The "gating" that we often see in WoW today helps increase the value of certain things, such as BiS trinkets. The RNG behind getting the trinket you want increases the value of said trinket. If Blizzard suddenly gave us the ability to get the trinket that we wanted really quickly, the value of the item drops. Many high level players are still playing because they don't have optimal gear/trinkets yet, and likely would have burnt out long ago if their gear was easy to obtain. Yes it's frustrating to not be able to get the trinket, but once you finally get the trinket you want it feels amazing. Same could be said about Legendary items.

    In my opinion, having less flexibility increases the longevity of a game. But we still need to have flexibility so that our gameplay doesn't frustrate us every day.

    Also, I think Gladiator Warriors and bear/cat druids in the past were removed for a different reason entirely, game balance. I was still a noob back when Feral Combat was still a thing, but Gladiator Warriors were better than Arms and Fury at the start of the expansion, and had to gut it otherwise there was no reason to play anything other than Protection.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also MMO-C, next time use a larger sample size so that we fool these nerds into thinking the sub numbers went up. :^)
  1. caervek's Avatar
    I can't wait for Gladiator spec to return in 8.0

    It was probably the single biggest success story of WoD, it's just a shame the Legion devs removed it for 7.0 so they didn't have to make as many artifacts >.>
  1. mmocbfa8dc246d's Avatar

    48% player got it.

  1. Kethmil's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shad View Post

    48% player got it.

    People tend to overestimate the commitment to the game of the playerbase. You think "I raid mythic, so most people in the game must do the same. I invest 60 hours a week on the game, so everyone does it.".

    Get your facts together. Most of the people are casuals. They play a couple of hours a week when their children, wife and job allows it and probably dont even know they can get an achievement that allows them to fly.

    If you want to get a measurement of the percentage of "game educated" people has gotten flying, check the polls in this post. 82ish percent of people can fly. 9ish percent cant fly but working on it. 9% are not working on it.

    So 9% of the educated player base are serious enough about not flying to not get the achievement.

    Guess who's derping now?
  1. mmocbfa8dc246d's Avatar
    I guess you because 48% is the real data not a "pool" on a forum

    You welcome derpo
  1. mmocda667d9fcc's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kethmil View Post
    So 9% of the educated player base are serious enough about not flying to not get the achievement.
    That's a pretty bland statement.
    There's also players who just casually got it while doing other things... like me for instance.

    I don't particulary care about flying, but i got it mainly by doing the weekly questline and the AP-WQs... that's it.
  1. Kathranis's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Oblivion View Post
    suramar is the biggest cuck to flying now.
    So I guess that word's officially been overused to the point of no longer having a discernable meaning.
  1. flintloc's Avatar
    yeah after coming back to the game suramar is the only thing in my way of flying almost to 2000/21000 even if there were mobs that gave 1 rep with the nightfallen i would go grind them but the time gating thats still there sucks

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