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Spring Balloon Festival
Spring Balloon Festival allows players to take a short balloon ride around a zone.

  • Head to one of the red X markers on the world map to find a balloon.
  • Once there, speak to the pilot and he will let you sign up to ride.
  • Actually taking a ride requires a total of three players, so you will have to wait for more players to show up.
  • The ride will take you elsewhere in the zone and play some dialogue along the way.
  • You may learn useful things such as the traditional greeting in Suramar city:
  • At the end of the ride you are dropped off and the balloon disappears.

Upcoming Mythic Keystone Changes
Patch 7.2.5 is making some changes to Mythic Keystone dungeons.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
One additional change we're making that should hit in the next PTR build, with the goal of providing some extra incentive to run difficulties past the item level cap.

For every Keystone level above 15, you'll have an increasing chance for the final chest to contain additional loot. This chance scales linearly, will roll over past 100%, and accumulates pretty quickly: at level 20, you'll be guaranteed 4 pieces of loot, plus a 5th if you beat the timer.

Patch 7.2.5 PTR - Build 24076 Armor Sets
The PTR build last night added some new Chromie themed armor sets.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Monk (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
Windwalker T20 4pc Bug
Seems to me when you crit with RSK the timer on FoF is not dropping at all. I've stared at the cd timer during sessions with the practice dummies and not once did I see the numbers skip down 2 secs. I even had the combat log opened to see if I was critting with RSK.
This is fixed in a future build, thanks for the report. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

StarCrafts - Season 5 Ep 18: Mineral Line Up
Another episode of StarCrafts has been released!

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  1. Gestopft's Avatar
    I actually laughed out loud at the "Traditional Suramar Greeting" when I did the balloon ride.
  1. Reffan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kamuimac View Post
    this change to PTR is purely to shut up mythic raiders about changes becauce they are the only ones benefiting from anything past mythic 10 - devs are going ful retard mode catering to mythic crybabies just like in WoD :/
    Lul, with gear from ToS you will probably stomp mythic +15 while being a mindless drone. Even now 12-13 isn't rocket science with gear from HC.
  1. Xeenith's Avatar
    I love hom much they worked on those 1 day events nobody want to do... and we see the sorry state of the of the legion domain quests... yay
  1. Socronoss's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sheppo View Post
    No comments about the Mythic+ loot changes? The goals are clearly to get high geared players out of low level mythic+ runs. Making the loot chance scale seems a bit off as it's a nerf no matter how you look at it.

    Another way to deal with this is to keep the loot amounts as they are now, but scale the loot item level with the lowest geared player in the group. If you're low level and being boosted, great. If you're high level and boosting, not so great, but boosts is for bossts, not for gear. For normal non-boost runs it will force high geared people out of low level mythic+ runs.
    Boosting will be a thing of the past after these changes anyway. Why would you boost anyone when you have unlimited keys in your own group? I actually think this is an amazing change, that finally makes pushing higher keys worth more than just bragging rights.

    Problem is: As long as it still is more efficient to do one run at max loot level in the least amount of time (15 by then will be loot max, and should be doable in 20 minutes, while a 20 would probably take the full 35-40 minutes depending on dungeon), people will still be farming lower keys. 2 20-minute 15+ key runs still result in more gear overall than 1 40 minute 20+ key run.
  1. Evilmoo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Xeenith View Post
    I love hom much they worked on those 1 day events nobody want to do... and we see the sorry state of the of the legion domain quests... yay
    so much wasted dev resources and time on the 0 incentive shit events. Ian will boast how they brought "the most content ever" in legion / 7.2 and will point to these fail events.
  1. aeuhe4yxzhds's Avatar
    Been waiting now for 3+ hour in suramar and nobody is coming for the ride. Great job blizzard
  1. LoveLove's Avatar
    Amazing change to m+. Capping the weekly gear reward was way too easy and going over 10(soon 15) had no proper rewards. AP on weekly chest is nothing.
  1. LordKain's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by aeuhe4yxzhds View Post
    Been waiting now for 3+ hour in suramar and nobody is coming for the ride. Great job blizzard
    Next time, instead of exaggerating about the amount of time you waited....try group finder.
  1. Jasper Kazai's Avatar
    Oh, hey, a recolor of armor from 9 years ago. That's cool I guess?
  1. Roudene's Avatar
    Oh so people don't try to make others get a heart attack but greet them when posting it in the general Suramar chat? :P
  1. drbatman's Avatar
    These micro holidays are fucking dog shit, every second of dev time and every other resource put into these is a complete fucking waste.

    7.2 is such a hodgepodge of bullshit, bad story telling/questing, a 100% useless rep, and time gating, mage tower tank fuck ups. The whole thing is a pile of hot trash, and they spend time on shit like ... BALLLOOON DAY !!! give me a break blizz
  1. Dracullus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sulika View Post
    Yup, the entire world should be a bland featureless expanse. All that effort they spend making those mountains and rivers and trees, the weather effects, random NPCs that run around just populating the world without giving any quests or achievements. None of these things provide any reward so why waste time on it!

    Look at the Rift of Aln for the perfect game environment. A featureless characterless void with nothing to distract you from the boss and the loot. No wonder it shot so quickly to be everyones favourite raid environment! If only the whole game world was the same.
    Rift of Aln is far from perfection. If you look up, you will see completely pointless roots of some tree (don't know which one, I'm no expert of lore).

    Also, they wasting time creating textures for bosses. And why they even name it? It should be just cubic box (like from glory alpha times) named Tier1-Boss7 instead of some Xavias (again, no expert of lore). It will be dead anyway, and I'm not, I should get all this shiny texture and cool names.
  1. scubistacy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by schwarzkopf View Post
    Nah... the idea of these flavour events is to do stuff WHILE you are waiting for other things.

    Even the group finder is a problem because there are around 10 of the events.

    So - just ignored it, no harm done. But it is silly that I wanted to participate, but couldn't.
    And I thought the idea of these events is to do something else beside your usual routine. I wish I had the time -.-
  1. schwarzkopf's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by scubistacy View Post
    And I thought the idea of these events is to do something else beside your usual routine.
    Yep, that's why I went and attempted to do it.... and it wouldn't let me participate.

    As someone said above, one can't force others to do this stuff - but it isn't a raid or a battleground, seems reasonable to allow an individual to participate.
  1. Softbottom's Avatar
    Oh cool armor recolors from cata. GG on new armor models blizz. not....
  1. Fabled's Avatar
    I did the Uldum balloon ride, thought it'd be interesting, it's just a 15 second flight from Ramkahen to a side of the mountain, and people kicked out Schmottz so I didn't get to catch anything he would of said. Was very disappointing.
  1. DaGhostDS's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Chrisxor View Post
    Oh cool armor recolors from cata. GG on new armor models blizz. not....
    Wrath, not cata.
  1. Mic_128's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DaGhostDS View Post
    Wrath, not cata.
    Both, actually. The Plate's from Cata, the Leather's from Wrath. Not sure about Cloth or Mail though.
  1. Softbottom's Avatar
    Yea I play a plate class that's why I said plate I assumed the others were reused also.
  1. Draekan's Avatar
    More re-used armour. Fucks sake, wish they'd pack it in.

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