Darkmoon Faire
The Darkmoon Faire is a monthly event that takes place on Darkmoon Isle. You can earn the Come One, Come All! achievement for just showing up and Fairegoer's Feast for trying the foods.

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Getting to the Faire Grounds
  • Each of the major capital cities will have Mystic Mages that give The Darkmoon Faire quest.
  • The mages will teleport you to the Faire entrance for 50 Silver.
  • Completing the quest will reward you with a Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide, which you'll need for later quests.
  • If you are a lower level character, talk to “Dusty” Brandom who will loan you a fast mount.
  • There are portals set up in Elwynn Forest and Mulgore right outside Stormwind and Thunder Bluff that take you to Darkmoon Island.

Darkmoon Prize Tickets
Completing various event activities will award you Darkmoon Prize Tickets, which can be used to purchase rewards. You can acquire a maximum of 281 Tickets per Faire from the following sources:

Darkmoon Faire Quests

Professions (Weekly)

A total of 6 profession quests can be completed each week. There will be 2 quests for your main profession and 4 for your secondary profession. These quests require a minimum skill level of 75. Completing a profession quest will also reward you with +5 Skill Points in the profession the quest was for. Completing six profession quests rewards Faire Favors.

Mini Games (Daily)
Play different games to earn Step Right Up.

Darkmoon Despoiler Quests (Weekly)
The following Darkmoon artifacts can be collected through various PVP and PVE content. You must have a Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide in your bags to be eligible to loot these artifacts.

Turning in Artifacts allows you to earn achievements: Darkmoon Defender, Darkmoon Despoiler, Darkmoon Dungeoneer

Pet Tamers (Daily, Account Wide)
Defeating Jeremy Feasel will reward you with Darkmoon Pet Supplies which contains:

Defeating Christoph VonFeasel will reward you with Greater Darkmoon Pet Supplies:


Faldar Willowshade - Draughts and Tinctures
Sells a variety of potions that increase stats and increase or decrease your size for 1 x Darkmoon Prize Ticket each. These potions do not work at level 110.

Boomie Sparks - Fireworks
You can use these fireworks to earn Taking the Show on the Road.

Scarlet Quartermaster

Barum and Baruma Replica Armor Prizes
These vendors sell replicas of the Dungeon Set 1 and Set 2 armor sets. Each set costs 520 x Darkmoon Prize Ticket





Carl Goodup - Balloon Vendor

Chester - Vestements and Oddities

Level Type Slot Name Cost Model Viewer
1Other Last Deck of Nemelex Xobeh130 × 
1Other Haunting Memento90 × 
100Other Music Roll: Darkmoon Carousel90 × 
1CosmeticChest Nobleman's Coat75 × 
1CosmeticChest Noblewoman's Finery75 × 
1CosmeticLegs Noblewoman's Skirt75 × 
1CosmeticLegs Nobleman's Pantaloons75 × 
1CosmeticFeet Noble's Fancy Boots55 × 

Daenrand Dawncrest - Heirloom Prizes

Level Type Slot Name Cost Model Viewer
85TrinketTrinket Swift Hand of Justice70 × 
85TrinketTrinket Discerning Eye of the Beast70 × 
85Off HandOff Hand Musty Tome of the Lost50 × 
85ClothShoulders Tattered Dreadmist Mantle50 × 
85ClothChest Tattered Dreadmist Robe50 × 
85LeatherShoulders Stained Shadowcraft Spaulders50 × 
85LeatherChest Stained Shadowcraft Tunic50 × 
85LeatherShoulders Preened Ironfeather Shoulders50 × 
85LeatherChest Preened Ironfeather Breastplate50 × 
85MailShoulders Champion Herod's Shoulder50 × 
85MailChest Champion's Deathdealer Breastplate50 × 
85MailShoulders Mystical Pauldrons of Elements50 × 
85MailChest Mystical Vest of Elements50 × 
85PlateShoulders Burnished Pauldrons of Might50 × 
85PlateShoulders Polished Spaulders of Valor50 × 
85PlateChest Polished Breastplate of Valor50 × 
85PlateChest Burnished Breastplate of Might50 × 
85ShieldOff Hand Flamescarred Draconian Deflector50 × 
85ShieldOff Hand Weathered Observer's Shield50 × 
85Two-handed AxeTwo Hand Bloodied Arcanite Reaper75 × 
85BowRanged Charmed Ancient Bone Bow75 × 
85One-handed MaceOne Hand Venerable Mass of McGowan50 × 
85One-handed MaceOne Hand Devout Aurastone Hammer50 × 
85Two-handed MaceTwo Hand Repurposed Lava Dredger75 × 
85One-handed SwordOne Hand Bloodsoaked Skullforge Reaver50 × 
85One-handed SwordOne Hand Venerable Dal'Rend's Sacred Charge50 × 
85StaffTwo Hand Burnished Warden Staff75 × 
85StaffTwo Hand Dignified Headmaster's Charge75 × 
85DaggerOne Hand Balanced Heartseeker50 × 
90Other Ancient Heirloom Armor Casing12 × 
90Other Ancient Heirloom Scabbard14 × 

Lhara - Pet and Mount Prizes

Level Type Name Cost Model Viewer
1Companion Pets Darkmoon Balloon90 × 
1Companion Pets Darkmoon Monkey90 × 
1Companion Pets Darkmoon Turtle90 × 
1Companion Pets Darkmoon Tonk90 × 
1Companion Pets Darkmoon Zeppelin90 × 
1Companion Pets Darkmoon Cub90 × 
1Companion Pets Darkmoon Hatchling90 × 
20Mount Darkmoon Dancing Bear180 × 
20Mount Swift Forest Strider180 × 

Gelvas Grimegate - Souvernir and Toy Prizes

Level Type Name Cost Model Viewer
1Other Darkmoon Top Hat10 × 
1Other Darkmoon Seesaw50 × 
1Junk Darkmoon Whistle90 × 
1Companion Pets Darkmoon Balloon90 × 
20Off Hand Darkmoon Flower1 × 
1Back Cloak of the Darkmoon Faire90 × 
1Two-handed Mace Darkmoon Hammer75 × 
1Miscellaneous Darkmoon "Sword"20 × 
45Bag Darkmoon Storage Box1 × 
1Other Darkmoon "Tiger"1 × 
1Other Darkmoon "Snow Leopard"1 × 
1Other Darkmoon "Nightsaber"1 × 
1Other Darkmoon "Cougar"1 × 
1Other Darkmoon "Dragon"1 × 
1Other Darkmoon "Gryphon"1 × 
1Other Darkmoon "Murloc"1 × 
1Other Darkmoon "Rocket"1 × 
1Other Darkmoon "Wyvern"1 × 


Battle Pets



Transmog and Vanity Items

Darkmoon Faire Trinkets
  • Four different trinkets can be acquired through the Darkmoon Faire.
  • Inscriptionists (Scribes) can purchase Rank 2 and Rank 3 recipes from Professor Thaddeus Paleo.
  • Once all the cards are acquired and a deck is combined, it will reward one of the following trinkets:

Experience and Reputation Buffs

Other Attractions
  • If you enjoy the music of L90ETC, make sure to check them out. They perform every hour on the Darkmoon Boardwalk.
  • You can find the Blight Boar band event off to the side of the faire.
  • If you are looking to blow off some steam and go for a stroll, the Faire has an extensive exotic animal collection in the zoo area.
  • You can enjoy a Pony (I Was Promised a Pony) or Ram ride around the Petting Zoo.
  • After a long day at the Darkmoon Faire, you can access the portal back to your capital city on the Darkmoon Pier.

Deathmatch Pavillion
  • The Deathmatch Pavillion is a free-for-all PvP zone with a special event every 3 hours.
  • Korgol Crushskull will announce the start of the special event, after which a loot chest will appear in the center of the ring. The person who manages to loot it will be rewarded with the Pit Fighter trinket and the Darkmoon Duelist achievement.
  • Winning this event 12 times will reward you with a Master Pit Fighter trinket, as well as the most rare achievement in the event, Darkmoon Dominator.

The Darkmoon Faire has two different race courses with many different achievements to earn. The easier course is called the Real Race and is on the flat ground to the right. The Real Big Race is the longer and mountainous course to the left.


Real Race

Real Big Race

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