Brian Holinka Leaving World of Warcraft Team
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Five years ago, I received a phone call from Blizzard offering me the chance of a lifetime—a position on the World of Warcraft team.

Simply put, this is my favorite game of all time, and working on it these past five years has been a dream come true. I have learned so much from the women and men who make it and everyone who plays it. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work on a game that so many people around the world are so passionate about.

A few weeks ago, I was offered a new opportunity at Blizzard that I’m really excited about. Tomorrow is my last day working on World of Warcraft.

As a longtime player, I couldn't be more excited about what the future has in store for World of Warcraft. In particular, the PvP team remains hard at work on some incredible plans. I fully expect that the best years of World of Warcraft PvP are ahead of us.

Thank you to everyone involved with World of Warcraft, from the development team to the players, for letting me be a part of this game's community. I consider it a great privilege.

Brian Holinka
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  1. FelPlague's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by RelaZ View Post
    There is no other game which provides third person PvP which controls like WoW with a large amount of abilities giving sofisticated CC (and DR system) in a team deathmatch (first to kill all enemies win) setting. Thus this is the best PvP game of its kind, it's obviously been better than now but it's still the best of its kind by a long shot.
    guild wars 2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blehmeh View Post
    As much as I didn't like Holinka, this won't change much and feels more of a publicity move on Blizzards part.

    The issues with PvP and the game as a whole are really with oversimplified class design and the endless RNG grind.
    a publicity move?
    w.h... what?
  1. Gratlim's Avatar
    You killed my fun with casual pvp in this game Holika which ultimatly killed my interrest in WoW and my subscription.
    Thanks for nothing but good luck with the rest of your career.
  1. s0ul's Avatar
    When will they move Celestalon?
  1. Violent's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by FelPlague View Post
    guild wars 2?
    Uh nope, GW2 sucks, just as much as GW1.
  1. Razorice's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by nodq View Post
    Of course, as long as they don't do their job right/good. what do you expect "us" to do? Blizzard should finally get their heads out of their asses and do whats needed for PvP with a team or a guy directly from the pvp/esport scene instead of people handling this stuff who do not have any clue about pvp at all.
    I'm pretty sure that even if Blizzard gets a PVP-Balance genius, majority of the player base will still QQ about the state of the game.
  1. urieliszcze's Avatar
    Pah, they'll just replace it with an even worse fookhead and it will go and poison another game.
  1. RelaZ's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by FelPlague View Post
    guild wars 2?
    No, GW2 PvP is about as deep as a kiddie pool.
  1. Santti's Avatar
    I doubt PvP balance is affected much at all, whoever it is that replaces him.
  1. SL1200's Avatar
    Game needs fresh blood in the development team. Good move on Blizzard's part.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haidaes View Post
    Oh my~
    I think I felt the ripple of the simultaneous popping of sparkly wine corks even here. Some of our constantly grumpy posters are hopefully shutting up now.

    Time to present us with the next scapegoat.
    If he's lead dev of PVP, surely he deserves the responsibility for what he or his team decide to do. That isn't a scapegoat, is it? Even if you say he was unfairly maligned, it is the logical place to situate any blame. I think the issue is more so whom he will be replaced by.

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