Name Points
Can't Eat Just One Defeat Naraxas after she gains 6 stacks of Ravenous in Neltharion's Lair on Mythic difficulty.
Got to Ketchum All Use the Ketchum Tablet to acquire imprints of all the named snails within Neltharion's Lair.
Heroic: Neltharion's Lair Defeat Dargrul in Neltharion's Lair on Heroic difficulty or higher.
Mythic: Neltharion's Lair Defeat Dargrul in Neltharion's Lair on Mythic difficulty.
Neltharion's Lair Defeat Dargrul in Neltharion's Lair.

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Neltharion's Lair
The Earth Warder Neltharion, later known as Deathwing, once called this cavern home. Since his fall, the drogbar that once worshipped the great dragon built their capital within this ancient lair. Now, Dargrul, chieftain of the drogbar, rallies a massive army within these depths. Bolstered by the Hammer of Khaz'goroth, this army will surge from the mountainside if left unchecked, devastating Highmountain and threatening the security of all Azeroth.

Ularogg Cragshaper's unfinished masterpiece, Rokmora, a massive crystal fury constructed to annihilate all who stand against the Underking. The wild magic used to create this behemoth has yet to take hold, imbuing any piece of Rokmora, attached or not, with Ularogg's malevolent will to crush his enemies.

  • Overview - Rokmora sheds Blightshard Skitters as he receives damage. These skitters leave behind Choking Dust when killed, damaging everyone nearby. On Heroic difficulty, Any Blightshard Skitters that are alive when Rokmora uses Shatter are destroyed and inflict damage to the party with Rupturing Skitter. Rokmora also creates Crystalline Ground that damages the party as they move across it.
    • Damage Dealers -
      • Kill Blightshard Skitters before they are destroyed by Shatter.
    • Damage Dealers -
    • Healers -
      • Rokmora inflicts massive damage with Shatter.
    • Healers -
    • Tanks -
      • Face Rokomora away from the party to protect them from Razor Shards.
    • Tanks -
  • Brittle - The crystalline body shatters each time it is struck, creating tiny skitters that attack the party.
    • Blightshard Skitter - Blightshard Skitters form from the broken crystals that fall from Rokmora's body.
      • Choking Dust - The skitter's corpse forms a crystalline gas that fills your lungs, inflicting 162,000 Nature damage every 1 sec.
  • Shatter - Stomps the ground, inflicting 343,000 Physical damage to enemies around caster and crushing all skitters.
    • Rupturing Skitter - When Rokmora smashes the ground, living skitters explode, inflicting 250,000 Nature damage to everyone.
      Damage from the skitter is reduced based on the amount of health it had remaining when it was ruptured.
  • Razor Shards - The giant swings his arm, hurling crystals that inflict 450,000 Nature damage to targets in a cone in front of the boss.
  • Crystalline Ground - Rokmora charges the ground with crystalline energy, causing enemies to suffer 50,000 Nature damage every 0.5 sec while moving. Lasts 10 sec.

Ularogg Cragshaper
Ularogg Cragshaper, an ancient drogbar that has committed his life to the pursuit of power. Through violence and deception, Ularogg rose to become the Underking's trusted advisor. He detests Navarogg for bringing "intruders" into their home and will take pleasure in bringing about their violent end.

  • Overview - Ularogg Cragshaper summons Bellowing Idols that cause Falling Debris to damage the party until destroyed. Throughout the fight, Ularogg hides himself inside a Bellowing Idol during Stance of the Mountain, inflicting increasing damage until the idol hiding Ularogg is destroyed.
    • Damage Dealers -
    • Healers -
    • Tanks -
      • Ularogg inflicts massive damage with his Sunder ability.
  • Stance of the Mountain - Transforms himself into a Bellowing Idol and hides among other identical idols. As long as he remains within this form, the party continuously receives damage from falling debris.
  • Bellow of the Deeps - Summons Bellowing Idols that scream and cause debris to fall onto the party.
    • Bellowing Idols - Idols that cause falling debris to damage the party.
      • Falling Debris - The totems' screams tear at the cave, causing falling debris that inflict 119,000 Physical damage to enemies near the impact.
  • Strike of the Mountain - Summons a pair of stone hands, which move inwards and explode for 728,000 Nature damage on contact.
  • Sunder - Bashes an enemy for 819,500 Nature damage.

Naraxas, mother of monsters, has been worshipped by the drogbar since the Age of Neltharion. Constant sacrifices are made to this creature so she can nurture the generations of horrors the drogbar use against their enemies. One way or another, you must pass through this beast and strike at the Underking before this terror is unleashed on Highmountain.

  • Overview - Naraxas emerges from a deep burrow to feed, drawing players towards her maw with her Spiked Tongue. As the fight progresses, additional drogbar jump into the area and run towards Naraxas as sacrifices, granting her stacks of Ravenous. On Heroic difficulty, the crowd in the stands begins Hurling Rocks, doing continuous damage to the party.
    • Damage Dealers -
      • Kill drogbar before they can be devoured by Naraxas.
      • Avoid standing in pools of Toxic Retch.
    • Healers -
    • Healers -
    • Tanks -
      • If Naraxas is not engaged in melee combat, she damages the entire party with Putrid Skies.
      • Run away from Naraxas when she starts to cast Spiked Tongue.
      • At 20% health, Naraxas goes into a Frenzy.
    • Tanks -
      • If Naraxas is not engaged in melee combat, she damages the entire party with Putrid Skies.
      • Run away from Naraxas when she starts to cast Spiked Tongue.
      • At 20% health, Naraxas goes into a Frenzy.
      • Pools formed by Rancid Maw can be used to reduce the pull strength of Spiked Tongue.
  • Naraxas -
    • Putrid Skies - Spews acid on the entire party when not engaged in melee combat, inflicting 182,000 Nature damage.
    • Rancid Maw - Fires a ball of venom at a random enemy's destination that does 191,450 Nature damage on impact and leaves a pool of Toxic Bile.
      Also, anyone caught within the pool has their movement speed reduced by 50%.
    • Toxic Retch - Retches bile, leaving behind toxic pools that inflict 80,000 Nature damage every 0.5 sec around the boss and inflicting additional 40,705 Nature damage every 1 sec to the party for 5 sec.
    • Spiked Tongue - Naraxas latches onto her target with a spiked tongue and pulls them into her maw, inflicting 350,000 Physical damage every 1 sec for 5 sec. Run away from Naraxas to avoid being eaten. Every time she eats, she gains an additional stack of Ravenous.
      • Ravenous - Every victim Naraxas devours increases her damage by 25%. This effect stacks.
    • Frenzy - Naraxas roars, increasing her attack speed by 20% and the Physical damage she deals by 20%.
  • Wormspeaker Devout - Leaps in from above and rushes towards Naraxas to be eaten.
    • Fanatic's Sacrifice - Offers their flesh to the Mother of Worms. Each drogbar eaten grants Naraxas a stack of Ravenous.
  • Angry Crowd - As the fight progresses, the crowd becomes increasingly hostile.
    • Hurling Rocks - As the crowd above Naraxas becomes more violent, they hurl rocks at the party, inflicting 32,000 Physical damage to random targets every 5 sec.

Dargrul the Underking
Dargrul is the most powerful Underking since the age of Neltharion. Certain that only he has the right to wield the power of Khaz'goroth, Dargul murdered High Chieftain Ulan and seized the artifact from the Highmountain tauren. Now, he uses the Hammer's power to devastate the region and any who oppose him.

  • Overview - Dargrul wields the Hammer of Khaz'goroth to shape earth and fire to strike the party, while summoning fiery minions that pursue random players. On Heroic difficulty, the Molten Charskins no longer use Magma Breaker, but instead increase their speed and damage over time with Rising Inferno. Dargrul now uses Magma Breaker to damage the party each time he moves.
  • Landslide - Slams the ground, causing granite spikes to erupt from the ground in a line, inflicting 546,500 Nature damage and knocking back enemies nearby.
  • Molten Crash - After Landslide, The Underking swings Khaz'goroth and causes the ground to erupt from under his current target, inflicting 728,000 Nature damage.
    Tanks not using their active mitigation suffer an additional 728,000 Nature damage and are knocked back.
  • Magma Sculptor - Summons Molten Charskins that fixate on random targets.
    • Molten Charskin - Summoned by Dargrul during the encounter.
      • Magma Breaker - Every step the Charskin takes shatters the earth, inflicting 22,400 Fire damage to enemies.
      • Burning Hatred - Fixates on a random enemy target.
      • Rising Inferno - The longer the Charskin lives, the more stacks of Rising Inferno it receives increaings its movement speed and damage dealt by 2%.
      • Crystal Cracked - Leading a Charskin into a Crystal Spike stuns the Charskin for 10 sec and increases all damage taken by 100%.
  • Magma Wave - The Underking smashes the ground, periodically inflicting 490,500 Fire damage to targets not in cover, culminating in 1,365,000 Fire damage to all exposed enemies.
    • Lava Geyser - Lava pools erupt through the cracks inflicting 300,000 Fire damage every 1 sec to enemies that enter them.
      • Flame Gout - Fireballs erupt from the lava geyser, inflicting 32,000 Fire damage to random targets every 5 sec.
  • Crystal Spikes - Causes crystal spikes to erupt at the enemy destination that inflict 728,000 Nature damage to nearby targets and knocks them back.
    Once formed, these spikes can be used as cover to protect the party from Magma Wave.
  • Magma Breaker - Every step the chieftain takes shatters the earth, inflicting 22,400 Fire damage to enemies.

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