Midsummer Fire Festival
This year, the Midsummer Fire Festival will run from June 21st through July 5th. During this event, players can embrace the hottest season and honor their faction's flames throughout the world, while desecrating the enemy’s bonfires.

Honoring and Desecrating the Flame
Bonfires scattered across Azeroth, Outland, and Draenor can be honored by interacting with the Flame Warden or Flame Keepers in each zone. To Extinguish the opposite faction's bonfire, simply interact with it and complete the quest. Players will be rewarded with Burning Blossom, which is the currency used during this event.

The location of the bonfires can be tracked by installing the Candy Buckets or HandyNotes Midsummer Festival addon.
  • This addon will mark the location of bonfires on your map, and on your minimap when you are close enough.

The Festival Boss: The Frost Lord Ahune
You can queue through the dungeon finder to kill Ahune, who drops a Satchel of Chilled Goods on the first kill of the day - this can contain:

The loot chest that spawns after killing the boss will contain Shards of Ahune, which will start a quest that rewards you with 20x Burning Blossom, and a choice between the Tabard of Summer Skies and the Tabard of Summer Flames.

Additional boss loot:

Quests and Dailies
In the major faction cities, there will be a variety of quests you can start near the festival camps. It is also a great time to take advantage of the hour-long 10% experience buff from Ribbon Dance. Simply click on the Ribbon Pole to acquire the buff.

The following quests can be picked up at the Master Flame Eater or Master Fire Eater.

Completing these quests will unlock the following daily quests which can be completed for a total of x10 Burning Blossom every day.

Stealing the flame from all four major cities affiliated with the opposing faction will allow you to complete the A Thief’s Reward quest.

Most rewards can be purchased at the Midsummer Supplier or Midsummer Merchant in exchange for Burning Blossom.



Transmog and Festival Sets




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