Twilight and Luminous Starseeker Giveaway - Round 2
Didn't win a mount and pet bundle in our previous giveaway? Blizzard has your back! They've given us another 8 mount and pet bundles to give away!

The Twilight pet and Luminous Starseeker flying mount are now on the Battle.Net Store for 30 USD / 30 EUR. You can get the mount and pet separately as well.

  • The giveaway is for 8 x Luminous Starseeker mounts and Twilight pets.
  • Four US and Four EU winners will be selected
  • To enter the giveaway, just reply to this post with your favorite thing coming in Patch 7.3!
  • The giveaway will be closed on Sunday at 11:59 PM EST and winners will be chosen randomly.
  • A note will be added to the top of the latest news post when winners have been PMed.

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  1. bigfoot1291's Avatar
    The campaign-esque storyline on argus, loved the intro to WoD
  1. Ozybozzy's Avatar
    I cant wait to see if the netherlight crucible is good or bad addition. Also: Mounts! Having 419 Mounts i cant wait for more mounts to acquire!
    EU Servers
  1. Eleccybubb's Avatar
    Meh sure why not. EU server here.

    Can't pass up free stuff.

    Oh and looking forward to Netherlight Crucible. Being able to offset some shitty relic traits for some decent ones will be quite good.
  1. Ahleu's Avatar
    I'm most excited for the feral changes! -US
  1. Gandhariel's Avatar
    argus and the new lore, Eu server.
  1. roahn the warlock's Avatar
    Uhhhhhhhh, all the mounts. I like me some mounts.
  1. vindsval's Avatar
    US (Oceanic)

    Since this patch is bringing a conclusion to the burning legion, my favourite prospect is to end the placing of green fire and lava everywhere and on everything. Blizz loves their fire, but with the fel they went a tad nuts with it.

    That, and the armoured elekk.
  1. Brocksley's Avatar
    Just argus!! It's exciting.
  1. Psyben's Avatar
    Elemental shaman buffs!
  1. Otaku2040's Avatar
    My favorite part is to finally see what Argus looks like and to finally see the 2 most wanted to see people in WoW history.
  1. akirameru's Avatar
    The Netherlight Crucible

    EU servers
  1. cynsacat's Avatar
    New mounts and/or transmog goodies.

    (US Server)
  1. thebigpahoot's Avatar
    Excited at the opportunity for new mounts! Thanks! (US Server).
  1. jdm237's Avatar
    I'm excited for more story and lore. i play a dreanei so the story is my history. US server.
  1. Jurilol's Avatar
    new stuff to farm^^

    (EU Server)
  1. Sonichellboy's Avatar
    The army of light!
  1. Benno's Avatar
    Seeing Argus!
  1. Freppi's Avatar
    Looking forward to see where the story would lead. - EU
  1. Daxter1945's Avatar
    Turalyon, duh. - US Realm
  1. Pongo's Avatar
    interested in argus

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