Invasion Points

There are two tiers of Invasion Points that will not only increase in difficulty, but also rewards—and you’ll need to bring along extra help if you want to complete the highest tier.

  • Tier 1 Invasion Points will allow anywhere from 3–10 players within the instance. While you can enter alone, you’ll ideally want to recruit at least two other friends to join you in order to complete the scenario.
  • Tier 2 Invasion Points or Greater Invasion Points, will require a raid to bring down the boss within, but with greater risk, also comes greater reward.


Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
From its stronghold on Argus, the Legion employs a vast array of portals to spread across the cosmos like a plague. Countless worlds have been plundered for resources, their inhabitants forced to serve the Dark Titan or endure a slow, agonizing death.

Unless these worlds can be liberated, the Burning Crusade will consume everything it touches and leave the universe in ashes.

Matron Folnuna
Matron Folnuna destroys worlds by infecting them with her spawn. These vile creatures spread like a plague over the landscape, corrupting and devouring anything in their path.

  • Overview - Matron Folnuna summons forth several types of imps over the course of the encounter that pester her enemies. In addition, when Matron Folnuna reaches 100 Energy she unleashes a Slumbering Gasp that can be avoided. Any players who fail to avoid Slumbering Gasp can be freed from their slumber by inflicting any damage to them.
  • Infected Claws - Inflicts 1,250,000 Nature damage to the current target and increases the damage of Infected Claws by 5% for 20 sec. This effect stacks.
  • Slumbering Gasp - Inflicts 1,500,000 Nature damage to the any target caught within the breath and causes them to fall asleep for 20 sec.
    Players who are asleep can be awoken by inflicting any damage to them.
  • Fel Blast - Fires a bolt of fel energy at a random target inflicting 900,000 Fire damage.
  • Grotesque Spawn - Launches several globs of molten fel that impact the ground nearby inflicting 1,500,000 Fire damage to players within 6 yards of the impact and also summons forth a random imp to serve the caster.
    • Fiery Trickster -
      • Fel Firebolt - Hurls a bolt of fel fire at a random target inflicting 450,000 Fire damage.
    • Felblaze Maniac -
      • Scorching Presence - Surrounds the caster in flames, burning any player who comes too close.
        Burned targets are disoriented and suffer 450,000 Fire damage every sec for 3 sec.

Mistress Alluradel
All those who gaze upon Mistress Alluradel fall under her sinister control. She commands victims of her dominance to inflict gruesome torments upon themselves. A thrall's only hope of escape is death, and Alluradel will not allow that release until their agonized screams have ceased to amuse her.

  • Overview - Mistress Alluradel periodically casts Beguiling Charm, charming all players who are facing her when the cast completes. Bringing a charmed player to 50% health breaks the effect, freeing them from Alluradel's control.
    • Damage Dealers -
    • Healers -
      • Turn away from Mistress Alluradel when she casts Beguiling Charm.
      • Fel Lash inflicts heavy damage to players caught in the cone.
    • Tanks -
      • Turn away from Mistress Alluradel when she casts Beguiling Charm.
      • Take turns tanking Mistress Alluradel to manage the application of Sadist.
  • Beguiling Charm - Mistress Alluradel charms all players who are facing her for 20 sec.
    Dealing sufficient damage to the mind-controlled player will break the effect.
  • Fel Lash - With a snap of her whip Mistress Alluradel creates a wave of fel flame that inflicts 2,000,000 Fire damage to all players in a cone 45 yards long.
  • Heart Breaker - Inflicts 450,000 Shadow damage every 2 sec for 24 sec.
  • Sadist - With each consecutive melee attack against the same target, Mistress Alluradel's attack speed increases by 5%. This effect stacks.

Inquisitor Meto
Inquisitor Meto's mastery over fel magic is rivaled by few in the Legion. Meto uses this power to sow chaos and destruction across the cosmos, leaving countless burning worlds in his wake.

  • Overview - Inquisitor Meto focuses his Reap and Sow abilities on their main threat target while randomly targeting players with Death Field. Inquisitor Meto will periodically summon Seeds of Chaos at random locations.
    • Damage Dealers -
      • Spread out around the boss to mitigate the damage of Death Field.
      • One player should stand in each Seed of Chaos to lessen the damage to the raid.
    • Healers -
      • Players standing in Seeds of Chaos will take damage over time, but will cause the explosion to inflict less damage.
      • Death Field is randomly targeted and will hit a large portion of the raid depending on how well spread out they are.
    • Tanks -
      • Face the boss away from the raid for Sow and Reap.
      • Sow increases the damage from subsequen casts of Sow and Reap.
  • Reap - The caster summons a scythe of pure fel energy to harvest the souls of his enemies. Any players in front of the caster suffer 2,000,000 Fire damage and will take an additional 300,000 Fire damage every 5 sec. for 10 sec.
  • Sow - The caster thrusts a lance of fel energy forward, inflicting 2,000,000 Fire damage to all enemies in a line. Victims of Sow will take an additional 100% damage from Reap and Sow.
  • Seeds of Chaos - The caster summons several Seeds of Chaos nearby that will explode after 15 sec. The damage of the explosion is greater the larger the seed has grown.
    Players can absorb the energy of the orb by standing in it; but will take 200,000 damage per 1 sec. while doing so.
  • Death Field - The caster creates a field of fel energy in a wide cone. Players caught in the field take 1,000,000 Fire damage and an additional 1,000,000 Fire damage over 10 sec.

Occularus feeds on the minds of his enemies, savoring their despair as he sears their flesh. This malevolent creature has devoured worlds, yet his hunger remains insatiable.

  • Overview - Occularus will attack his threat target with Gushing Wounds, Searing Gaze, and Lashes. All the while, Occularus will periodically afflict random enemies with Eye Sores and confound enemy positioning with Phantasms.
    • Damage Dealers -
    • Healers -
      • Phantasms can be avoided, but their movement is deceptive.
      • Eye Sores will decimate your raid if the victims are not healed.
      • Tanks will take more and more damage from Gushing Wounds the longer they continue to tank Occularus.
    • Tanks -
  • Gushing Wound - The caster bites the target, leaving the victim bleeding for Physical damage over 20 sec.
  • Lash - The caster lashes out with their tongue, inflicting 1,000,000 Physical damage to the target. This damage is increased based on the number of Gushing Wounds the victim has.
  • Searing Gaze - The caster focuses their gaze on the target, inflicting 2,000,000 Shadowflame damage. This damage is increased based on the number of Gushing Wounds the victim has.
  • Phantasm - The caster summons orbs of fel energy that will inflict 1,300,000 Fire damage to any player they come in contact with.
  • Eye Sore - The caster launches several eyes that affix their gaze on a random player. Victims suffer 750,000 Fire damage every second for 15 sec.

Sotanathor's legendary strength was forged through countless burning campaigns across the cosmos. A brutal general, this demon commands vast legions that have never known defeat.

  • Overview - Sotanathor uses his great weapon to Cleave his enemies in twain or to send forth Wakes of Destruction at random enemies. Sotanathor will periodically use his powerful voice to Silence all nearby enemies.
  • Silence - The caster unleashes a concentrated burst of sonic energy from their weapon, silencing all enemies within 100 yards for 6 sec.
  • Soul Cleave - Inflicts 8,000,000 Fire damage, divided evenly among all targets within 5 yards of the primary target.
    The primary target is afflicted with Cloven Soul.
    • Cloven Soul - The victim's defenses are weakened, increasing the damage they take by 30% for 30 sec.
      While the victim's soul is cloven, they take 375,000 Fire damage every second.
  • Cavitation - The caster swings their axe, sending forth Wakes of Destruction at random enemies.
    • Wake of Destruction - The Wake of Destruction explodes on contact, inflicting 1,300,000 Shadow damage to all players within 3 yards. Any Latent Energy in the area will be unleashed.
  • Seed of Destruction - The caster chooses 3 targets, causing them to emit 8 Wakes of Destruction after 4 sec.
    • Wake of Destruction - The Wake of Destruction explodes on contact, inflicting 1,300,000 Shadow damage to all players within 3 yards. Any Latent Energy in the area will be unleashed.

Pit Lord Vilemus
Pit Lord Vilemus' brutality is renowned even among the Legion. He delights in setting his foes aflame in fel fire, then laughing at their despair as they beg for the mercy of death.

  • Overview - Pit Lord Vilemus will periodically use his Fel Breath and Stomp to damage the raid. Tanks will need to manage threat in order to survive his Drain ability.
    • Damage Dealers -
      • Spread out to avoid taking unnecessary damage from Fel Breath.
      • Stomp will interrupt any spells being cast and send you flying into the air.
    • Healers -
      • Fel Breath hits many players in a cone and leaves a damage over time effect on any victims.
      • Stomp will interrupt your spellcasting and then launch all players into the air, causing them to take falling damage in addition to the initial damage from the ability.
      • Drain will lower the victim's maximum health in addition to inflicting damage.
    • Tanks -
      • Drain will lower your maximum health in addition to inflicting damage.
  • Drain - The caster channels fel magic through their weapon, inflicting 1,800,000 Fire damage to all players within 8 yards of their target over 6 sec.
    Every time the victim is damaged in this way, they lose 10% of their maximum health for 20 sec.
  • Stomp - The caster stomps the ground, knocking enemies back and interrupting any spellcasting.
  • Fel Breath - The caster exhales fel fire in a wide cone. Players caught in the cone take 1,400,000 Fire damage and an additional 1,000,000 damage over 10 sec.


Invasion Point bosses drop item level 930 loot.

Level Type Slot Name Dropped By Model Viewer
930ClothHead Mesmerizing Soul HoodOccularus
930ClothShoulders Accursed Defiler's MantleOccularus
930ClothChest Robes of Demonic PurposeSotanathor
930ClothWaist Sash of Diabolic PreparationPit Lord Vilemus
930ClothLegs Subjugated Drudge's LeggingsPit Lord Vilemus
930ClothFeet Nefarious Light-Step SlippersInquisitor Meto
930ClothWrists Fel-Absorbant WristbandsKeeper Aedis
930ClothHands Gloves of Grim DirectionSotanathor
930LeatherHead Horned Hood of RetaliationSotanathor
930LeatherShoulders Fel-Spike ShoulderpadsPit Lord Vilemus
930LeatherChest Imp-Overseer's VestOccularus
930LeatherWaist Cinch of Detestable GuileInquisitor Meto
930LeatherLegs Leggings of Heinous ActsSotanathor
930LeatherFeet Vile Drifter's FootpadsInquisitor Meto
930LeatherWrists Bracers of Diabolic FuryPit Lord Vilemus
930LeatherHands Gloves of Barbarous FeatsKeeper Aedis
930MailHead Helm of the Vigilant EyeOccularus
930MailShoulders Shoulderguards of the Despondent MassesInquisitor Meto
930MailChest Enthralling Chain ArmorSotanathor
930MailWaist Waistguard of Devilish DeedsSotanathor
930MailLegs Legguards of Doomed ChattelKeeper Aedis
930MailFeet Sabatons of Ceaseless AssaultPit Lord Vilemus
930MailWrists Poison-Barbed BracersOccularus
930MailHands Fel-Linked CrushersPit Lord Vilemus
930PlateHead Crown of Burning ResolveKeeper Aedis
930PlateShoulders Spaulders of Vile DeterminationSotanathor
930PlateChest Breastplate of Terminal EndPit Lord Vilemus
930PlateWaist Waistguard of Fel MagicsInquisitor Meto
930PlateLegs Gore-Soaked LegplatesSotanathor
930PlateFeet Soul Crushing StompersPit Lord Vilemus
930PlateWrists Tainted Corruptor's VambracesOccularus
930PlateHands Gauntlets of Barbaric CrueltySotanathor
930Blood Relic Scourge of Perverse DesireMistress Alluradel
930Life Relic Essence of the Burgeoning BroodMother Kena
930Shadow Relic Censer of Dark IntentInquisitor Meto
930Iron Relic Spike of Immortal CommandKeeper Aedis
930Fire Relic Fel Mistress' BrandMistress Alluradel
930Arcane Relic Meto's Orb of EntropyInquisitor Meto
930Fel Relic Vilemus' BilePit Lord Vilemus
930Frost Relic Frigid EaringMother Kena
930Holy Relic Occularus' Unblemished LensOccularus
930Storm Relic Sotanathor's Thundring HoofSotanathor

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