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Addon - Premade Group Finder
The Premade Group Finder addon makes it easy to scan for groups you are interested in joining in the background.

  • Scan for groups with a matching keyword and attempt to join them.
  • Multiple keyword profiles, allowing you to switch from hunting Legion world bosses to Warlords bosses that drop mounts quickly.
  • Blacklist players, keywords, or entire realms.
  • Multiple notification options for when a group is found. The addon defaults to notifying your guild, so you may want to turn that off.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Instead of having big gaps between expansions and raids, why not introduce a system like Mythic Plus Raids?
Hard to get a sense of the audience for that - is it people who have fully cleared the current tier on Mythic and want more challenge?
If so, that's a pretty tiny group, many of whom sorely appreciate some downtime to relax before they start preparing for the next tier. (WatcherDev)

Game Developer Tweets
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
When you worked on WoW, did you prefer 10 man raiding or 25 man? Do you think they will ever lower 20 mythic down to 10 as the population of the game declines? (I personally much prefer 10 and have been out of the hardcore raiding scene since they removed it.)
For me, they are just different experiences, though I enjoyed both. If I had to choose, I’d say the larger raids.

I started raiding (and tanking!) in WoW on Molten Core, so I will always have a lot of nostalgia for those 40 person raids, though I can’t imagine now how we ever managed to raid 2-3 nights a week. The logistics of it all seem impossible now!

The large raids feel epic. The bosses feel powerful when a few people can die without it being a wipe. It was great to see an army (an army!) assembled against those elementals and dragons. I had never encountered anything like that in gaming. The closest was something like capture the flag with my Boy Scout troop, where we had maybe 20 kids on each team.

But I enjoyed out 10-player forays into Karazhan and ZA as well. We could cut out all the riff raff and just run with a tight group of friends (who were mostly my colleagues from Ensemble). We would progress very quickly without a bunch of drama. But these felt a lot more like dungeon runs than MC and BWL did. I never wanted my guild to move exclusively to 10s. It was more of a palate cleanser.

I have no idea if they will continue to iterate on raid size. I am too out of the loop. While I was there, I tried to do what I could to make sure 25 player raiding felt viable, because the convenience of 10s was always going to push groups in that direction in the absence of any reason to stay large. (Ghostcrawler)

Dark Legacy Comics #598
DLC #598 has been released!

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  1. Generical's Avatar
    That's awesome. I was just looking for a PGF replacement the other night and wondered if it would ever be updated. So nice for searching for groups in the background instead of actively checking over and over.
  1. Logwyn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sociald1077 View Post
    But that is exactly what IS expected for larger raid sizes. One of the reasons that 20 man was chosen for Mythic raids is the ability to represent each class.
    Yet it isn't what happens. I'm looking at the world firsts. They stack badly so why?
  1. shyguybman's Avatar
    wow they finally updated premade group finder, been broken for months
  1. Carnedge's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sociald1077 View Post
    But that is exactly what IS expected for larger raid sizes. One of the reasons that 20 man was chosen for Mythic raids is the ability to represent each class.
    But that's not what happens anyways. Even if you exclude the world first raid team (which stack certain classes and completely leaves out others) you would see that there isn't this mythical class representation that people talk about.

    We currently don't have any rogues or warlocks... yet we progress just fine. The last raid boss that "required" a certain class was Mythic BRF. And even Blizzard stated that doing that was a mistake.

    Also if you were good at elementary level mathematics at all you would know there is no possible way to get every class/spec combo into a 20 man raid team, if it were even needed, which it's not.

    Tl;dr 10man would function just fine. Blizzard just has this idea that 20man feels more epic. When in reality it just means they can make the fights more complicated and harder with 20m vs 10m. That's it. It's not anymore "epic". That's called a cop out.
  1. SinarisMW's Avatar
    I'm uselessly hoping for a come back in old raiding sizes..

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