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An Interview with the 2017 HCT Summer Champion, Surrender

Patch 7.3 Hotfixes - October 26
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
  • Fixed an issue where Khazaduum could not be slain in Krokuun while the world quest "Holding the Spire" was active.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Invasion Point: Cen’gar from properly appearing on the map.

  • Monk (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
    • Windwalker
      • Damage of all abilities increased by 15%.
      • Vestments of Enveloped Dissonance 2-piece bonus now reduces the cooldown of Rising Sun Kick by 1 second (was 2 seconds).
      • Xuen's Battlegear 4-piece bonus now increases critical strike chance of Rising Sun Kick by 30% when Fists of Fury ends (was 65%).
        • Developers’ notes: These changes, along with adjustments to the same set bonuses that were made in patch 7.3.2, should put the combination of 2- and 4-piece sets in line with our plans for the power of those tiers, and allow us to make the forthcoming Antorus tier competitive and valuable for Monk damage dealers. The spec-wide damage increase is intended to keep all of these adjustments from reducing overall damage output, and we’ve counteracted the changes in PvP with intent to be neutral.

Dungeons and Raids
  • The Deadmines
    • Resolved an issue that could cause "Captain" Cookie's Throw Food from throwing food as intended.
  • The Nighthold

Player versus Player
  • Monk
    • Windwalker
      • PvP template Agility reduced by 14.5%.

Download the 2017 BlizzCon Mobile App Now
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Whether you’re heading to Anaheim for BlizzCon 2017 or joining us with the Virtual Ticket, be sure to download the FREE BlizzCon Mobile app, available now for Android and iOS devices.

BlizzCon Mobile is a fast and easy way to help you make the most of your BlizzCon experience with streaming events and videos, a complete interactive events schedule, hall maps, plus live streams, archived videos, and results from all BlizzCon’s thrilling esports matches.

With BlizzCon Mobile, you can:

Watch Wherever and Whenever
Step right into BlizzCon with the new and improved Watch tab—explore videos and live streams by your favorite game or event type, and unlock all four stages of game and community content with the Virtual Ticket. You can also read news, shop, and craft your schedule without pausing your stream—and if you want to relive some epic moments or watch something you might have missed from another stage, peruse the archives during and after the show for on-demand viewing.

The Watch tab has been reworked this year to feature a variety of live segments streaming simultaneously from the show.

Plan Your Day
Review BlizzCon event details and save them to your personal calendar to make sure you catch them on time. You can sort your schedule by franchise or stage and select favorites. If you’re logged in, your events will sync with the BlizzCon website.

Tune In to All the Esports Action
Worried about missing a moment of the excitement of the tournaments at BlizzCon and during Opening Week? You can now use the BlizzCon Mobile app to keep up with your favorite esports matchups—view brackets, or check out a feed of live and archived events at BlizzCon!

Level Up Your Shopping
With Blink Shopping, anyone attending BlizzCon in person can place orders online before or during the show and pick up your purchases at the Blizzard Gear Store on-site Thursday through Saturday. Instant updates will let you know up-to-date wait times for both Blink Shopping pickup and the regular line, plus notify you of any sold out items. Shop early, shop quickly, and get back to the show!

Chart Your Path
Zoom in on the exhibit hall floor with the BlizzCon map and quickly find an event, meet up with friends, or just figure out where you’d like to go next.

Stay Informed
Receive instant updates and the latest news from the official BlizzCon news feed. With live streams and video archive access to the free and Virtual Ticket streams, you’ll be able to bask in more than 60 hours of gaming entertainment, all delivered directly to your device. Miss an event or want to relive an epic moment? You can access these videos and event recordings on-demand.

BlizzCon 2017 officially begins on Friday, November 3, but make sure to download the new BlizzCon Mobile app in time for opening week, beginning October 26, so you can watch the first esports events and other exciting pre-show content!

Click here to download on iOS

Click here to download on Android

Riddle Me This - Decrypting the Lucid Nightmare
Blizzard shared a look at how the Lucid Nightmare clues were worked though today.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Introduced within Patch 7.3, another series of puzzles from the Mind-Seekers, Azeroth’s enigmatic riddle-makers, put players to the test once more. Tens of thousands of players from around the world banded together to solve the puzzle in an amazing display of teamwork. At the end of their journey, they found themselves in possession of a brand new [Lucid Nightmare] mount to add to their mount collections, along with bragging rights for cracking the code. Congratulations!

In this blog, we’ll be pulling back the curtain, once again, to talk about the designs behind each puzzle and how the community went about solving them.

Spoilers abound! If you wish to solve this riddle yourself, DON’T read on! You have been warned.

Inconspicuous Note #1: Secrets of Ulduar
The Mind-Seekers seem to have a penchant for leaving their notes in obvious places. Maybe they want us to find their treasures? Maybe they feed on our thoughts? That’s probably not important…

What was important was an Inconspicuous Note, sitting on a table in the Curiosities & Moore shop in Dalaran (Broken Isles):

It begins in the 2104059.
With a most pleasing sign.
(These letters will not always rhyme.)

2104059, of course, is an anagram of 2009-04-15, the date of the Ulduar patch notes on the official World of Warcraft site. From there, players combed Ulduar for clues. Observant players discovered a new lever in the XT-002’s room that they could interact with among the piles of scrap. Pulling this lever summons a massive 20x20 grid of Scrapyard Lights on the floor of the room. Interacting with these lights toggles them on and off.

In the Inconspicuous Note, the Mind-Seekers requested a “most pleasing sign.” Many signs and symbols appear in Ulduar, the most prominent being the four symbols of the keepers of Ulduar. Of the four symbols, the most pleasing to the Mind-Seekers is evidently that of Mimiron: a gear. Players needed to draw this symbol of ingenuity with the lights in order to progress.

Inconspicuous Note #2: Mindcraft
1000 years imprisoned.
Surely it weighs on the mind.

This clue refers to the three dragons imprisoned with C’thun in the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. Simply head to AQ40 and make your way to the end of the dungeon where C’thun resides.

There was no way we weren’t doing something in AQ40, and we’ve always wanted to use that space behind the dragons!

Just before C’thun is a side path to the dragons. Behind them, at the top of a stairway, you’ll find an altar with a Mind Larva on it.

Interact with the Mind Larva to insert it into your brain, presenting you with a Jewelcraft-like match three minigame that will project in front of you (and anywhere you look). The key to winning the game, of course, is brains: match five brains in a row to win!

We wanted to put in an easier, more fun puzzle to give your brains a rest. What we didn’t count on was the win condition on this puzzle bring one of the most hotly-debated things in the Secrets Discord channel, even after players had long progressed past it!

Inconspicuous Note #3: The Chair
Deeper than deep.
Awaits your seat.

In the deepest cavern of Deepholm, is a deep fissure to an even deeper place: the Deep Chasm. It won’t look like much at first, but mind your step—you won’t be defying gravity here.

A lonely seat awaits you there, but it’s not just any seat; it’s a chair of insanity!

This was, by far, one of the most fun and meme-filled portions of the search to watch. Well, we had a lot of fun at least!

Sitting on that chair is a strange skull. On the back of the chair is a plaque that reads:

The plaque is old and barely legible. You can only make out fragments of each line of text.

The Secret-Finding community, while nimble with previous riddles, was unable to crack this one for over 48 hours, and with good reason. Not only was the text misleading, but it was also localized completely different in various languages. For example, when English talked of Supremacy, German mentioned of Blackmail, and Traditional Chinese referenced Forests. This made many potential solutions invalid or nonsensical.

In fact, the translation was different because the meaning of the words didn’t matter. The meaning of the word, line breaks and punctuation, and the idea that it was a partial text and that there were blanks to be filled in, were all red herrings. Only the letters mattered, which then formed an anagram.

Developer Note: It was amazing to see the international community come together to break the first part of the riddle. Players in various languages realized that they could extract “is the key” from their text and they would be left over with a set of nonsense letters that was the same in multiple languages. They knew they were on to something!

When “Is the key” is removed, the remaining letters were commonly similar in different languages. In English, they spelled RACKSUM GREEP. A bizarre sounding string of letters, which is actually the name of a new goblin NPC that was added to Ratchet in Patch 7.3.

Players attempting to search for the name on the internet bizarrely found themselves on a WoWhead page for the original version of the Greench, the creature that was altered to create Racksum Greep while keeping his identity a secret. What they did know was that something had changed, and they were hot on the trail of the solution.

RACKSUM GREEP IS THE KEY, or rather specifically, his outfit. He is wearing a rather obscure set of clothing, all low-level tailored gear in various bright colors. To solve this puzzle, players would have to present the skull in the cavern with the only adornment fit for it: Racksum Greep’s mask.

The Shadoweave Mask was once obtained from a quest chain that began in Searing Gorge, but that area has long since been taken over by Dark Iron Steamsmiths, who now drop the Tailoring pattern for it. (You’ll want to put on the mask before entering the fissure). Talking to the Strange Skull while wearing the Shadoweave Mask sounds crazy on paper, but it also summons the next note.

Inconspicuous Note #4: It’s Binary?
Where the shaded delegate may appear.

The ‘shaded delegate’ refers to the Dark Iron Ambassador, a rare spawn that sometimes appears in the Gnomeregan dungeon. Deep within the grinding, gear-filled city, you’ll find a wall with a series of 10 Numeric Consoles, which allow you to enter a digit from 1 to 9. Above these consoles is an Instructions plaque, which reads:

01110111 00100 10010110 10101
11110111 01100 01111111 01000
011010111001011010010110 10111101
11001 00111111 10010 01001001
10000 011010010110100111010110
01011011 11110 11110001 11111
11100000 00010 11111111 01000
10110111 10101 01111111 00001
10101110 11111 00110000 01000

A puzzle in binary? Not so simple. The binary was another red herring, and a very effective one at that. This puzzle also stumped players for over 48 hours, though it didn’t quite hit the insanity level of The Chair.

Here is the solution to the English version of this puzzle (which also works for all other languages, except for Traditional Chinese, which we’ll get to in a moment):

  • The binary is in sets of 8, 5, and 24 digits. 8s and 5s always appear as a pair.
  • For each 8-5 pair, take the sums of the digits in each side, and multiply them together.
    • Ex: 10010110 10101 = 4 and 3, and 4 x 3 = 12.
  • For each 24-digit entry, sum up the digits directly.
    • Ex: 011010111001011010010110 = 13.
  • That gives you the sequence 6 12 14 7 13 18 12 3 13 20 25 3 8 18 7 25 2 13.
  • Put that through a basic Caesar cipher (A=1, B=2, C=3, etc…): F L N G M R L C M T Y C H R G Y B M
  • That gives you abbreviated versions of three pet battle abilities found on Murloc pets: Falling Murloc, Mighty Charge, and Eye Beam.
  • At max level, these abilities do a total of 684, 560, and 1110 damage, giving us our code, 6845601110.
  • The ‘180’ near the end of the instructions tells you to flip it around (as in 180 degrees): 0111065486.
  • And lastly, +1111111111 is simple addition: 1222176597.

Putting 1222176597 into the Numeric Consoles will complete this puzzle.

The localization team was put to the test with this puzzle, as the solution doesn’t work in Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Both localization teams did a great job of coming up with their own puzzle, and the puzzle was first solved in Traditional Chinese! Enterprising players eventually worked the puzzle solution out in non-Chinese languages by working backward from the known solution!

Traditional Chinese is not an alphabetic but an idiographic language, here is the solution:

  • Each is not really a value but the quantity of the binary code 0 and 1.
    • Ex: the first number ‘2’ means 2 zeros and the second ‘3’ means 3 ones, and in this way, 23211 can be converted to 001110010.

  • Convert the binary code gained to hex.
  • Convert the hex to ASCII code.
  • Convert the ASCII codes to the Traditional Chinese characters.
  • The result is the three localized battle pet ability names:
    • Falling Murloc 魚人墜落擊
    • Mighty Charge 全力衝鋒
    • Eye Beam 魔眼光束

Simplified Chinese uses Pinyin to Romanize the Chinese characters into letters. The pet battle abilities, 天降鱼人 强力冲锋 眼棱, become Tianjiangyuren Qianglichongfeng Yanleng. Similar to the English solution, we then removed the vowels and converted the remaining letters into fake binary.

With the correct numbers entered, all the consoles close up and the next note appears.

Inconspicuous Note #5: Nightmare Tumor
Games and toys are left behind.
When you awaken screaming.

This clue directs you to the Emerald Nightmare-affected areas of Val’sharah, where the Night Elves living there were driven from their homes by the Nightmare. In one particular home in Ash’theran, you’ll find a minigame, similar to the Blingtron’s Circuit Design minigame, which has been corrupted by Il’gynoth. The goal of the minigame is to uncross all Il’gynoth’s optic nerves by clicking on his eyeballs to swap them.

Meanwhile, Il’gynoth is reminding you that you are going “mad, mad, mad…”

Inconspicuous Note #6: The Endless Halls
What you seek is buried within.

Secret-seekers, naturally, would seek the Tomb of Secrets (within the Valley of Emperors) in Kun-Lai Summit, wherein secrets are buried. There, you’ll find an urn you can interact with to consume the ashes of an evil sorcerer (seems like a good idea). When you wake up, you will find yourself in an endless maze.

We sought to create a puzzle that couldn’t be completed by just following a guide. Thus, the Endless Halls is randomized based on your player ID, as well as the day of the week. Very few players will ever see the same layout, and coming back the next day will present you with an entirely new challenge.

The Endless Halls is a cruel, uncompromising maze, designed to confuse and disorient at every turn. You start in a nondescript room with foggy exits in the four cardinal directions (N/E/S/W), though some are blocked by rubble. Going in one of these exits will fade the screen to black, then fade back in with you in the connected room.

The goal of the maze is to find 5 colors of orbs (red/blue/green/yellow/purple), and deliver them (carried one at a time) to the 5 matching colors of runes. However, several mechanics make this much more difficult than it may sound.

The maze is arranged on an 8x8 grid of rooms. Each cell has between one and four exits. However, if it would have 4 exits, it’s actually not a single room, but two two-way rooms that occupy the same space, but don’t intersect. These Non-Intersecting Cross rooms are the first major source of confusing discontinuity, and also cannot contain any Orbs or Runes.

The second main source of disorientation is the edges. They loop around, but not directly. Instead, exiting one end of the maze will send you to the other side of the maze, with an additional offset. This makes it very difficult to tell what room you will end up in if you cross the edge of the map. You can, however, reliably backtrack from your new position to your previous position. Many players made frequent use of this backtracking to reliably navigate the maze without getting lost.

In addition, there is one final wrench thrown into the gears: the Teleportation Trap. Within the maze, a single room is the Teleportation Trap. When you enter this room, you are instead secretly teleported to a random room in the maze. Once you’ve identified the Teleportation Trap room, avoid it at all costs!

Once you’ve dropped the fifth orb off at its matching rune, the next exit you travel through will takes you to a golden room with the next Inconspicuous Note.

We learned a ton from how the Endless Halls were experienced by players. Overall, it was an exciting and unexpected part of the series, but a few things could have gone better. By putting the hardest and most involved puzzle at the very end made players trickle through the finish line, depriving the community of the mass celebration moment as everyone who had been working hard on it together completed it at the same time.

Most importantly, the variance in difficulty of different mazes led to some being easily solved by wandering randomly, and some requiring careful mapping to finally solve, leading to frustration for the few with especially challenging mazes. While having individual mazes turned out great, the difficulty variance was just too high. We’ll keep all of this in mind for next round, and thanks for the community suggestions that we add jump scares. Good call!

Inconspicuous Note #7: The Forgotten Crypt
The way is now open.
To the greatest secret never told.
A fitting end to your journey.

The clue here is a reference to a place in the world that has long been a secret to those in the know, but has never been used—the horrendously creepy Forgotten Crypts in Karazhan. In the game since the WoW’s initial launch, exploration-focused players ventured into these crypts for years after each patch, in the hopes of finding some newly-added secret. They were perpetually disappointed—until now.

This time, sitting on top of a pile of bones near the bottom of this huge-but-empty crypt (within The Pit of Criminals) is a chest containing the [Lucid Nightmare].

We hope you enjoyed this breakdown of our riddles in the hunt for the [Lucid Nightmare]. The development team thoroughly enjoyed watching the community’s progress, memes, and far-out suggestions as more than 1000 people somehow managed to talk together in a single voice channel. We hope you had fun, too!

Until next time, the Mind-Seekers bid you farewell.

Your BlizzCon 2017 Community Night Host…and Judges!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
It’s almost time for BlizzCon, which means this year’s Community Night—featuring the Costume, Talent, Art, and Movie contests—is fast approaching. This year, we’re doing something a little different: the Talent Contest will be judged live by a trio of special guests! Here’s who we’ve got in store for Friday night.

Friday Night Host

Chris Hardwick
This year’s Community Night will be hosted by comedian, actor, and Nerdist CEO Chris Hardwick. He also serves as executive producer and host of NBC’s hit game show The Wall and as host and executive producer of the AMC’s highly-rated Talking Dead and Talking with Chris Hardwick. Chris is in the midst of a national standup comedy tour and is stopping by BlizzCon once again to share his hosting talents with the Blizzard community. Catch up with him on Twitter @hardwick.

Talent Contest Judges

Darin De Paul
Darin De Paul voices Reinhardt, Warchief Blackhand, Anub’Arak, and more of your favorite Blizzard characters. He currently co-hosts Darin & Amy Have To Do A Morning Show with Amy Vorpahl. Catch him on Twitter @DarinDePaul.

Jonny Cruz
Jonny Cruz voices Lucio in Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm. He’s working as a producer, actor, and director, practicing improv, and keeping his chill vibes with lots of crystals. Find him on Twitter @JonnyCruzzz.

Panser is a well-known personality in the online gaming community. She’s a talented host and content creator with nearly half a million YouTube subscribers on her World of Warcraft-focused channel, TradeChat. You can find her on Twitter @TradeChat.

Community Night kicks off at 6pm PT on Friday, November 3—watch it LIVE with the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket.

This Week in WoW History
We're taking a look back at old MMO-Champion posts and World of Warcraft news that occurred during this time in previous years.

Guild Services Added
During Cataclysm, guild perks became an important part of the game, which discouraged guilds from changing their names, or moving to new servers and starting over. The solution to this problem was added in 2011, when Blizzard introduced guild services such as Faction Change, Realm Transfer, and Name Change. These services were only available to the Guild Master, making it much easier for guilds to relocate or change factions, while keeping the guild perks, such as achievements, guild level, and the guild bank intact.

Heart of the Aspects and Tyrael’s Charger
Two new mounts were discovered in the PTR game files. The first one was the Chronomatic Dragon, which was a new dragon mount model to be added later as a store mount called the Heart of the Aspects. The second was Tyrael’s Charger, which was a bonus for players who made a 12-month subscription commitment to World of Warcraft through the Annual Pass. This pass also included Beta testing for the new expansion, and a free digital copy of Diablo 3.

Brawler’s Guild Preview
The First Rule of Brawler's Guild, was the new solo content being added in Mists of Pandaria. This scenario would put players in the pit against bosses who tested their skill and gear. Defeating them would allow players to advance through the ranks to fight tougher and tougher opponents at each rank. This content was updated in Warlords of Draenor and Legion, providing new and exciting challenges filled with pop culture references.

Australian Servers Announced
Prior to 2014, Oceanic realms were hosted by servers outside of their region, which caused high latency and poor gameplay. The solution to this was a new data center in Australia, which would host the Oceanic servers, providing much better latency for players from New Zealand and Australia. Kurtis McCathern tweeted “WoW is live in Australia! We’re officially down under.” just a few days after the announcement, indicating that the servers were functional.

Warlords of Draenor TV Spots
A series of TV Spots aired in 2014 to build the excitement for the new WoW expansion, Warlords of Draenor. The four commercials were: Grommash Death Stare, Bond of Iron, Iron Horde, and Conquerors. These new commercials gave us a taste of what we can expect once we travel to Draenor in the new expansion.

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  1. Rekuja's Avatar
    Panser back to host blizzcon... FML really?
  1. Krokar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rekuja View Post
    Panser back to host blizzcon... FML really?
    Love Perc, but damn...There's a reason I stopped watching the wowhead videos.
  1. Mhyroth's Avatar
    The Nighthold
    "Fixed a bug causing the Living Infernal Core to sometimes drop in Raid Finder difficulty."

  1. Grimalkin of Old's Avatar
    They should really reconsider the usefulness of that Panser thing
  1. Arvandor's Avatar
    the endless halls was the reason for me that i stop the search for the mount.

    this was one of the greatest shit that blizzard has ever produced!

    "We’ll keep all of this in mind for next round, and thanks for the community suggestions that we add jump scares. Good call!"

    next round?..

    move your ass to the class design team (they really need any help)and bring back the glory days of world of warcraft!
  1. mmoc778a83792b's Avatar
    I'm happy for Panser that she gets to go back at BlizzCon. I felt like she wasn't brown-nosing, like most interviewers who would say stuff like "woah, what you said was so great and insightful, I'm looking forward to see that in-game" to everything.
    I think we need people like Panser to keep Blizzard a little more honest when they're full of sh!t.
    Especially since we know have to deal more with Alex Afrasiabi. I mean, the guy tried to make up an answer on the fly to a Lore question, and half-way during said ridiculous answer, he went "I have no idea where I'm going with this". Not gonna forget that one anytime soon. Gonna miss Metzen more than ever.
  1. Mendzia's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rekuja View Post
    Panser back to host blizzcon... FML really?
    There is something in her that annoys me so much... looks like i'm not alone in that feeling...

    Quote Originally Posted by Mhyroth View Post
    The Nighthold
    "Fixed a bug causing the Living Infernal Core to sometimes drop in Raid Finder difficulty."

    I wonder if they are going to delete already obtained mounts.
  1. eldric's Avatar
    "Fixed a bug causing the Living Infernal Core to sometimes drop in Raid Finder difficulty."

  1. Druki's Avatar
    Hoping Panser doesn't host the Q&A panel this year. I'm still bummed that I was the only person whose question was chosen for last year's panel who didn't get to ask their question (I was the last one in line among those selected). Instead, she felt the need to ask someone's question who didn't show up as well as her own personal question before the line had ended. And I'm left with nothing to show for it.
  1. thilicen's Avatar
    That fucking thing had a teleport room? Jesus
  1. risingforce's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Druki View Post
    Hoping Panser doesn't host the Q&A panel this year. I'm still bummed that I was the only person whose question was chosen for last year's panel who didn't get to ask their question (I was the last one in line among those selected). Instead, she felt the need to ask someone's question who didn't show up as well as her own personal question before the line had ended. And I'm left with nothing to show for it.
    Druki, that really blows!

    I'm a little surprised how much that annoys me actually but it reminded me likewise how much I did not enjoy Panser at BlizzCon (and I really liked her back in TradeChat before WoWHead). I thought I must be the only person in the multiverse that harbored the shameful dirty secret of not enjoying Panser's BlizzCon performance but I'm kinda relieved to see the opinion is shared but sorry it actually put a dampener on your moment! :/

    Perhaps she's more confident now; let's hope the nerves are past her, she's had more public speaking roles/coaching and that she'll perform more professionally (hey, maybe just let as many fans in the audience participate for a start?) but the professional in me can't help but feel that Blizzard shoehorned her in the first time for the wrong reasons... and worst they've kept her there for the same. *sad face*

    That said, I'm very happy for her success, I mean, she was a fan first and foremost -not saying that's still the case, being a professional in a field you love changes a lot -but she started as a fan. So best of luck, but DAMN, I really hope stuff like what happened to Druki (above) does not repeat because that is infuriating!
  1. Caradnaur's Avatar
    "Fixed a bug causing the Living Infernal Core to sometimes drop in Raid Finder difficulty."
    So this was a BUG? Great job Blizz...
  1. lagmoose's Avatar
    Ugh, I have to wonder if it really was a "bug" or if they got shit from "elite raiders" about "filthy LFR bads" having access to a mount. It didn't hurt anyone for it to have a small chance to drop in there, except those with egos. It's not like it was the Mythic mount...
  1. Wries's Avatar
    As an almost "elitist raider" I still thought it was cool that the mount was dropping in LFR as I know some are going through that dreadful mode just to farm out leggies, and then also having chance on a mount probably sits well.
  1. Daan's Avatar
    So the shorter respawn rates of Poseidus and Poundfist are no bug, but the LFR drop of Living Infernal Core was? Why can the Abyss Worm drop in LFR?
    Btw, I have never seen that green-colored Gul'dan-Mount yet, so an additional chance to get it would have been nice.
  1. Lens Hunter's Avatar
    Panser annoys the hell out of me. Wonder if she will just have her chest out as usual. From my eyes she always just waits for other people to make videos and then just copies the information that gave. Also she thinks Illidan is a bad guy. Her "Refusal of the Gift" reaction video is one of the most cringiest things I've ever seen.
  1. Kanegasi's Avatar
    I used to like Panser. Long time ago. The moment she uploaded a video acting like a child is what killed my interest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIcfAvtoyBs
  1. Mawoon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rekuja View Post
    Panser back to host blizzcon... FML really?
    Yeah. I'm gonna ask my doctor for a new round of chemo, because this squealing attention whore might just give me my cancer back.
  1. Queen of Hamsters's Avatar
    What the hell... Why not allow the mount to drop in LFR? Antorus drops those hound mounts on LFR and ToS drops that worm thing...
  1. Betulioo's Avatar
    I hope some day people will stop complaining about every single thing. Like, even the most little thing, how you guys mannage to live when things dont go as you like?

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